Video 16: Narcissists and Nemesis or Benefactor

Published: June 8, 2018

How do we create our reality? We do it with our thoughts and our intentions. Intentions are simply thoughts to which we have attached our will. Beyond this frequency that we are currently living within, the Universe experiences creation through thought. Isn’t that the first act of creation? Thought? NOTHING is created without first thinking about it. The same thing applies to this existence. The rule-set for this Universe is a constant. We exist within a Universe that is created with certain limits, rules, and possibilities. For example, one of the rules of this Universe is the Law of Attraction. A common misconception that has risen in the New Age teachings is a distortion of this Law. The misconception is that if we only think positive thoughts we will attract positively-oriented people and situations into our lives. This notion is false because the Law of Attraction is based on soul frequency, which exists as the authentic YOU. We attract people and circumstances to our life based on the frequency at which our soul is resonating. This is constantly fluctuating, going up and down, based on what we are thinking of ourselves. While, there may be some of us who are in a constant state of elevated frequency, only thinking thoughts of love, compassion, and understanding, most of us bounce between joy and sadness while hitting all points in between….

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