Video 25: The Slow Boil of the Singularity

Published: June 20, 2018

Can you see how learning about narcissism is a first step in being able to discern how what might feel good and right on a surface level can be used to hurt us on a deeper level? The AIF are mimics. Narcissists are mimics. How do we get sucked into the tunnel of light in the BLA where we have been told by researchers and experiencers there exists incredible Divine love? This is a mimic; a copy of what already exists in the Universe that resonates with us on a soul level, and we are deceived. How do we get attached to narcissists? In the same way, their ability to mimic genuine human soul energy (emotions) is to such a great extent that what we feel from them resonates on a soul level as another human being, when they are considerably less than. This is how the trap works, and it has worked for thousands of years. If you believe that the Singularity will have big neon sign posts warning you to turn away or offer your resistance, this would be something to reconsider…

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