Video 28: Emotions are a Gift

Published: June 22, 2018

Can you feel when someone is angry with you even if they say or do nothing? Can you feel when someone is happy just by being in the same room with them? This is extra-sensory. You are feeling the energy or the vibration of this person. Self-help author Peter McWilliams is credited with the saying, “Emotion is Energy in Motion.” This would mean that our emotions and our thoughts have vibration. To say that something is a “lower” vibration or a “higher” vibration shouldn’t be misunderstood to mean that some emotions are good, and some are bad. In the context of this article, lower and higher just simply means which end of the spectrum they land in. When we say that we feel “low”, we all understand what that means. It means that we feel sad. Therefore, sad emotion could be interpreted to be on the low end of the spectrum. Likewise, when we feel “upbeat”, it is understood to mean happy. It is no coincidence that we define our emotions according to where we feel they exist within a frequency spectrum…

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