Video 98: The Orion Family Feud Part 1: The Archangels

We encourage all our viewers and readers to step back and try to hold an objective perspective on this information and remember that everything in the Universe does not necessarily work the same as it does here. We encourage everyone to have an open mind and resist being reactive. Afterall, we are caught in the middle of a cosmic family drama, and in order to understand how we got here, where we are going, and what to do about it, we need to look at the different sides involved in this drama and what might have happened to create this situation we find ourselves stuck in. Afterall, there is always more than one perspective to any story, and we often find ourselves only concerned with the human perspective and what was done to us, rather than trying to understand what really happened. If we can understand what happened, we can have a broader perspective that will expand our awareness much more, which we feel is always beneficial to our own spiritual maturity.

Transcript to the video


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