Video 103: The Orion Family Feud Part 3: Marduk

In the distant past, both Marduk and were incarnated on Earth. This might still be the case, but it’s our understanding that hasn’t (or has only rarely) been incarnated on our planet over the last few thousand years. Marduk has, however! Around 2400 BC, he became the Lord of the Earth, whom we know as Satan. According to ancient texts, this is when he was granted this title. At that time, the AIF left humanity more or less in the hands of Marduk after a long and violent battle between’s team and those who supported Marduk. By the same token, when Marduk became Lord of the Earth, he also inherited the title as, which literally means “Lord of the Earth.” Therefore, when we hear the title thrown around, we could actually be talking about Marduk under that title.

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