Video 135: THE BIGGER PICTURE SERIES Part 3: Where does the Story REALLY Begin?

How do you imagine God? What does the creator look like to you? We, as humans, can’t help visualizing concepts in our minds. When we are told the story of Santa Claus, we all can conjure up an image of this red-suited jolly man. Where does this image come from? Did we just create it out of the void of our minds? While, this is certainly possible, it would mean that different people would have different interpretations of the concept and therefore imagine a different image. No, for most of the things we visualize in our minds, we have been given or TOLD who or what that concept is with more or less detail depending on how clearly the one telling the story wants us to visualize the idea being given. By doing this, most of us hold the same visual concept of an idea. Also, by holding a very strong visual of a concept we strengthen the thought of it. It is no longer an abstract concept, but rather a definitive and clear concept to which we give FORM.

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