Video 156: Life Choices

We also get asked quite a bit about practicing and trying to achieve out of body exploration or OBEs. If you feel that this is something you want and need as part of your own spiritual growth and learning, then go for it! Is this something you must do in order to graduate or become a more advanced spiritual being? No, absolutely not. Becoming proficient at OBEs can be very difficult and not everyone is able to achieve success at this. It is certainly not necessary for our own development, but it is also not harmful. Again, it is a personal choice and you must do what you feel comfortable doing.

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  1. Wes: thanks for this video. H

    is this similar or different to aleister Crowley’s thou art will?

    (c Fetal cell tissue and other things that I won’t list here have made their way into the modern food chain for quite some time now in relation to your cheeseburger example. maybe you meant it as just a caloric thing kind of like having extra desert, why not?

    I believe the millennial version of thou art will is Live Your Truth, no matter what.

    In my opinion, you crave what you feed and what you do the most of can create an addictive cycle and so it will feel good even if it is actually not feeling good. I’d say this is part of the mass confusion and fragmented trauma structure we walk around with.

    Bit confused thisby video, it’s different from your other content because this sounds more like
    New age platitudes to me. I am a long time listener and patreon and will continue to be. I say the above with all due respect.

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