Video 182: How to Safely Exit Through the Grid

When it comes to meeting “dead relatives and friends,” as well as feeling this intense love coming out of the tunnel, we simply need to use self-discipline and not pay attention to it. We sometimes hear from our visitors that they are uncertain whether they can resist such intense love or meeting dead relatives, who probably in nine times out of ten are not relatives but thought forms, by the way.

Transcript to the video


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  1. Hello – I watched a few NDE say that when they left their body and before the light appeared an entity embracing them and hugging them (I think this is a violation of free will) if this happens while Im trying to focus on the grid, it is OK to say “get away from me!”

  2. Thank you for your response. Some NDE’s say that they find themselves in the Void. Would that be above the 7th heaven? I suppose when we die if we end up there automatically we wouldnt see a grid, correct?

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