Video 194: The Timekeepers and the Order of the Greater Universe

Published: November 23, 2019

The only way time can exist in the KHAA/Greater Universe is if it’s artificially created. Each solar system has its own time cycle, and each galaxy has its own time cycle, as well as he galactic clusters—wheels within wheels of time. In this video, we particularly want to concentrate on solar systems, including our own. Time, as perceived in 3-D, whether it’s in our solar system or any other solar system, is created with Orion technology. In “space,” i.e. the KHAA between solar systems and galaxies—the VOID, no time can exist….

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  1. 🌹💙 I got into this new site without any difficulty! (I also saved the live link in my notes for one step access!) I experienced no glitches, no buffering, no waiting! Thank you for going the extra mile for your followers and patrons. Bright Blessings! 🌞🙏

        1. I’m curious to know of how much of Wes’s work are you aware of : WPP, articles, books, interviews ; how and when did you get in touch with his work and if you know any other fellow countryman interested in this kind of information.
          Daca vrei sa raspunzi.. evident. Multumesc !

          1. I speak only on my behalf. Always.
            I have memories. Feelings. Flashes.
            I try to remember more. All if possible.
            I also had some experiences, none of them bad!! but my “believes were shaken”at that time (1996,1997,2000,2009).
            I start reading when I was 5 y old. I had a great library at home thanks to my very intelligent parents who managed to save some books.
            There is a Romanian who did cover to, a certain extend, this ideas : Toni Victor Moldovan. Read that book, too.
            In Feb. 2006 I was able to get in touch with biblioteca pléyade on a daily base (internet) due to the fact that I managed to, somehow, stabilize my life.
            I start intensively educated myself, trusting my own intuition and buying books.
            I was familiarized with David Icke(read his books) , Ra, Seth, HH, Nassim Haramein, all USA channeling (andromeda, ashtar, abraham, pleyades and so on).I did not watch all sessions… but I got the idea.
            Everybody wanted to be from Pleiades..even some Romanians(LOOOL).

            (Do you understand my sense of humor or do I need to explain it to you too? I am in love with my old good roots…you know…Good…very good and old roots.)

            Too many actually.
            I observed how “they” let them!!! all without “teeth in their mouths” and asking money form those who were called “not good enough to be chosen”.Did not like it!

            I highly appreciate loyalty.I hope that you know the meaning of being loyal.One cannot be loyal when he has a thief or mafioso mentality , etc . you do understand this, yes? Loyalty is a high concept, yes?
            I would not let “my own people like beggars if I love them”.
            You, being a Romanian, will do understand exactly what I am trying to tell you.
            “Do not harm/take no shit” : this are men words, right?

            I like Corrado Malanga. I read his work too. He has so big brown eyes!

            Funny enough the name Wes Penre did not draw my attention until the end of 2017.

            All started with a “big English fight” regarding “law of attraction” on some enlighten site.
            Brett Steward video seen before Mister Wes Penre. Pierre Sabak books .

            Suddenly …in front of my tired eyes …I saw his video on this topic.
            I payed attention to the sound of his voice and I start argue with him … like a verdurera (LOL) saying “please do not try to tell me that this actually works”….He couldn´t care less!(LOL).
            ….and I did stop!
            I went on internet : I rapidly saw His Work!!! I was quiet like a thumb!!!
            I start reading WWP like this : level 5,4,3,2,1 (I still have some pages from level 1 to finish)…like “be ready to go”.
            I was looking for something regarding an exit… and boom!
            Then all came rapidly in line.
            I recognize some of his ideas (this is my actual level of understanding…so please bare with me).
            I know that : we live in an electrical universe/the “outside” is dark, quiet, no music, no angels and no fear if you really want out/ you can go out at will/ be aware of what you promise once awake/ indeed you need let go all attachments!/ it is correct no to start arguing with no one once out/it is true about the túnel of light / you have 360 grade vision once in the dark/you do not experience physical pain ..but because I was just hanging out there with no focus ….not knowing …
            I said out loud when heard this and felt the light from my left side(I did not look at it/I have a good impression about me(LOOOLLLOOOL) : “you promised!” Me : “I do not remember what I did promise because you erase my may be you are a liar!”. Big nice space around…felt good.
            And then I came back.
            A lot of people had even greater and bigger experiences then mine!
            Interesting that you wanted to know how…(smiling).
            I would not even dare to ask none of the participants about…how come this and that..and so on…I would try to figure out by my own.
            This means to do not be afraid of the unknown(smiling back to you).

            I really enjoy what Mister Penre decide to share with us all!!!

            Multumesc si iti doresc o viata frumoasa oriunde ai decis sa traiesti.!
            Iti aduci aminte povestea lui Fat Frumos si prietenul lui Greuceanu?Greuceanu avea o iubita …asa era povestea.Cand aveam cinci ani eu eram iubita lui Greuceanu cu floare rosie in feresatra ( ras si zambet – ca nu am emoticon).Avem multe povesti cu talc…

  2. Glad to be on independent site, I wonder how with technology we have no more time anymore to live out our passions. Feels like we have been stolen by time

  3. Now I only hope everyone will comment here in one place 😊 But I’m fine with checking it at both places. Double fun.

  4. So pleased you have your own website Wes and Ariel. I’ve been thinking for a while that You Tube had lost its heart and it’s home

    1. Thank you, grandalph 🙂 YouTube is undergoing a transformation. We want to get out of there before we are forced to get out. This way, we control our exit. We are very pleased with this site, too.

  5. Congratulations Wes and Ariel on launching your very own website. I am happy that you have found an alternative to YouTube, besides Freedom Tube. Now, you can freely share metaphysical and other thoughts and knowledge without fear of being censored for not being ‘politically correct’. Again congratulations!

    1. Thank you, Sarge256! It feels very good to be able to write and say whatever we want! I didn’t realize how confining it actually was until I no longer had to pay attention to the words I was using! Ha! What a breath of fresh air 🙂

  6. Wes and Ariel, are you going to adjust the comment time stamps so that they reflect the correct time of the postings as opposed to showing 5 hours ahead?

  7. Hi Ariel & Wes,

    Congratulation on your new site! Thank you for taking the time to create the videos and share the information. I like to present some questions from watching this video.

    Around 8:36 minutes of your video you express: the mother goddess/ queen sprinkled her soul energy as spirit in us, when she created us, and to see if that would make any difference in how we evolve. Se wanted seed creator gods with more empathy & compassion.” ………………… “The experiment was hijacked”……

    So in this construct, it is like comparing a woman that is given birth to a child, just like the queen to Namluu/humans. Then the mother freely hands over her new born to a demented person, in full knowing the person will inflict tremendous pain on the child, as she allows and accepts her child be tortured, raped, mutilated, and killed while she watches.

    Wouldn’t you agree that is our responsibility as a parent/parents to protect our children at all cost! As we have seen, a mother will go to any lengths to protect her child and at any cost, even it means to break rules and even the loss of her own life. My question are as follows:

    1) How could the queen/mother that has given the humans her soul energy allow such atrocity on her own creation?
    It was described in video, her motives where to create more compassionate humans?

    2) How does her own behavior/choices reflect to who she truly is by not protecting her own creation?

    3) Where is her compassion towards her own creation?

    3a) What is she teaching her children and the universe with her choices and actions?

    I have memories and its been confirmed very clearly, that ONLY in this construct we are introduce and been given to operate under the “free will” choice. but the rest of the universe operates from “freedom”! Even if we were to bring freewill in the equation, a true mother wouldn’t care about any rules of the game when it come to protecting her children!

    Take a look at our current world. We feel & see the lack of compassion in our own people that are in prison system. Every prisoner has the same story and experience. Lack of compassion and love!

    4)How would you explain the queen/mother for not choosing to intervene to protect her children?

    5) How are the humans/future creator god (described in video) are to learn compassion when they have never been compassionately!? IE: Humans in the prison system. (what they went through as a child and the consequences of torture and madness)

    6) Where were their mother to protect them? Where is the humans creator/ queen/ mother, to protect her creation?

    7) How is she taking responsibility for her own lack of compassion & love on her own creation!?

    Just how we view/feel certain humans shouldn’t be allowed to procreate, well, wouldn’t you say that about the queen also? Coming from a high consciousness being (Queen/Mother) I have more expectation………..

    You can’t create and not be responsible for your creation! There will be chaos as we are witnessing on earth humans. total reflection of the queen…..

    There is massive lack and abandonment issues with humanity, wonder where it comes from???? If she is whom you say she is, she is responsible to make her creation right! I and also everyone must summon her to her creation to make right! Starting with Enki.

    8) Why hasn’t this been done?

    Ariel and Wes, I fully understand and honor your journey as you shared information your perspective very generously. However, I would like to hear your perspective on these questions! I know some are duplicates questions. I felt to keep them on because of its energy content.

    To share, in this construct, I met with a Queen BEing truly feared by humans. She has been forced hijacked & brought into this Earth realm construct to be used against humanity. Upon meeting the queen, she was willing to do anything to protect her off springs. She felt more of a mother than…………… Well you know! I was humbled and honored to meet with her!

    Again, Thank you for all your efforts & time!

    1. If you don’t mind, I’ll answer from my perspective until Wes has time to add his own. What great questions!
      1) This atrocity was not the plan when we were created. The takeover of this construct and the manipulation that has since occurred was unexpected. A battle was fought to protect us and our original planet, and those who were our defenders lost that battle.
      2) She did try to protect us. She even fought for us, Herself. As mentioned in the previous answer – they lost. We were the “spoils” of that battle and those of us who did not escape were locked into a new/different construct.
      3) You’ll have to meet with Her and discern that for yourself.
      3a) Speaking ONLY for myself, I have learned about compassion and love, here. I have also known others who grow, daily, with their compassion and ability to express love. To say that it doesn’t exist would be an incorrect generalization. All is not lost here. I think it depends on how you want to use this situation. We can succumb to it and allow it to poison our soul, or we can use it to grow. It’s a choice. If the test was to see if we can overcome harsh conditions to grow in compassion, wouldn’t this still be applicable to our current situation? Yes, it’s harder than it should have been, but how strong are we?
      4) I would not even attempt to explain Her motives or Her actions. She is not a human and I can only relate to our situation as a human. Time passes differently outside of here than it does in here. For what has been millennia to us may have only been days or hours to them. We won’t know until we get out of here and gain that new perspective.
      5) Again, I can only speak for myself, but I have experienced compassion during my lifetime here. My own mother has been an exemplary role model for me. There have been others, as well. I simply do not feel about my time here the way you are describing.
      6) This question seems rhetorical. I cannot speculate on Her position or whereabouts.
      7) & 8) Again, these questions seem rhetorical, and I appreciate the feelings you are expressing, but we have no way of answering these types of questions. The way humans treat each other on this planet is no reflection of Her, but rather more of a reflection of US, in my opinion. We ALL have the choice to treat each other with compassion and love, yet we do not. Who is to blame for that? Her or Us? Are we MADE to treat each other with cruelty? Are we forced to accept the control systems on our planet? No, we have allowed them to take hold and plant roots to the point that now we are really in a pickle. SHE didn’t do that. We accepted our own shackles. We could have disagreed with all of this from the very beginning and it would have all been over. Yet, we are still here…

      You are free to place your expectations on whomever you want. It is not my (or our) obligation to convince you of what to feel or think. No one should do that, anyway. You have a right to feel and think whatever you want and come to whatever conclusions you make. You are not alone in how you feel about our situation. I just happen to view things differently, based on what I have learned. My experiences have been very different than yours, and I can only make my own conclusions from those. There have been moments when I have felt the way you express in your comments and questions. I think most of us when learning about our real situation, have to grapple with the anger of not understanding. Some of these questions we can ponder and discuss, but some of them will have no answers, at least while we are here. How we each decide to deal with that reality will be up to the individual.

      1. Hi Ariel,

        Thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions.
        I find your answer to question #3 very fascinating; have you met her personally?

  8. Thank you Ariel and Wes to make your material available on different sites. I like the simplicity as well. As for YouTube I always sensed that creators were given only window of opportunity to freely express themselves. I enjoyed your new video and learned some more. Thank you.

      1. Oh really. 🙂 I didn’t realise the Swedish similarity. Margareta was my Mother’s favourite flower and it is the Hungarian pronunciation of Margarita.

        1. Yes, it’s as Swedish as can be :). In Swedish it’s pronounced Margaraeta, i.e. the last e is pronounced like in exit (to use a word we’re often repeating here LOL).

          1. Interesting, thanks. Indeed we often mention the word exit around here 🙂
            In the Hungarian Margareta the exit ‘e’ has an apostrophe and pronounces as the first letter of the the English alphabet ‘A’.
            Speaking of languages and the Hobbit (An unexpected journey) there is a scene when Lord Elrond translates the ancient dwarf map to Thorin under the moonlight. For a moment they show the ancient dwarf symbols as the they appear one by one forming a text.
            I recognised strong similarities between the ancient dwarf and the the ancient Hungarian alphabet, the Norse Scandavian runes, and the Viking hieroglyphics. (Perhaps there are more but I didn’t research further) The symbols don’t always represent the same letter but looking at these ancient symbols and runes all of these groups at some point in time may spoke the same language.
            I’ve also noticed that the Elvish writing is quite different and it looks more elegant and sophisticated than the others I have mentioned.

            1. Margaretta,
              Tolkien made up a lot of those symbols and created his own languages. Some more complete and complex than others. And yes elvish was high speech of the first race on middle ea. rth so he intended it to look and sound more eloquent.
              Ill wager my left nut that all letters in all languages are symbols meant to convey secrete meaning. The aif gave humanity language for a reason. Word’s spell. They are as much magic as hey are meaningless.

  9. i’m still trying to figure this out too.. my like button isn’t working.. some popup screen flashes for half a second and thats it. could be my broswer (Brave)

    1. That was meant to be a reply to someone else LOL.. anyway I do love the new site. just figuring out the little things.. here is another one: is there any way to edit a comment after posting? 😉

      1. @dreamer I wish!! There is a plugin that would allow that, but when I tried to install it, it told me that if I do that, they will disable the “Follow” button. We have WordPress Businness Plan, which only allows 3 plugins, from what it seems, and all these three plugins (apps) are used for us to be able to upload videos 🙁 . That’s a bummer, IMO. I was trying to bypass this yesterday and spent quite some time on it, but to no avail.

    2. @dreamer I am using Brave, as well, and I notice that sometimes it doesn’t work. What I do then is to click the Reply button on a random comment, and there is a blue W on the right side (for WordPress). Click that, cancel the random reply without writing anything, and try the Like button again. Usually, it starts working then–at least for me. I get the popup, as well before I do that.

      1. I figured this one out Wes. I had to follow first.. then it worked! I thought I had already followed but that was before I created an ‘account’, so once I did it again it was fine.

      1. There’s some kind of glitch with the Like function, including me. It seems like first, you need to click the “Follow” button at the bottom of the page, and if you’ve done that, click “Reply” to a random post and then click the “W” (WordPress) icon to the right of the reply. Then cancel the reply (unless you intended to reply to it). After that, the Like function works for me for the rest of the day.

        If someone knows an easier way to make it work, please write a comment. Does everybody have problems with LIKE?

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