Video 195: Q&A Session #42

QUESTION 2: You are correct in all the scenarios regarding fire-walls, ‘As above, so below’; my question is: why do you think there is not enough fire-soul/energy to build a grid outside the Solar system? Do you think we are too traumatized? Have we been recycled too many times? As you stated: every time we come back here we are lesser in energy than when we first started. Or is Enki just going along with Occam’s Razor (novacula Occami)/Kiss Principle: Keep it simple, stupid/Keep it stupid simple; I notice he does things in a sloppy way… the least amount of energy is his mantra.   

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Questions in this Q&A:

QUESTION 1: I wonder if an OBE-er can now go thru the Grid, which I understand holds back our physical body, but maybe not the second body? Also, Tom Campbell describes having studied our universe “outside of it.” Do you think he is referring to the REAL outside?

QUESTION 2: You are correct in all the scenarios regarding fire-walls, ‘As above, so below’; my question is: why do you think there is not enough fire-soul/energy to build a grid outside the Solar system? Do you think we are too traumatized? Have we been recycled too many times? As you stated: every time we come back here we are lesser in energy than when we first started. Or is Enki just going along with Occam’s Razor (novacula Occami)/Kiss Principle: Keep it simple, stupid/Keep it stupid simple; I notice he does things in a sloppy way… the least amount of energy is his mantra.   

QUESTION 3: Once I had an experience where I was partly moving out of my body. It scared the sh** out of me. I was right back in. I also have a fear of height. Like jumping out of a plane would induce extreme fear in me. I wonder whether people who have out of body experiences have no fear of falling from high places. Could my fear of height prevent me of having an OBE? And could my fear of height prevent me from leaving through a hole in the grid?

QUESTION 4: If Enki’s fire has been removed by the Queen, how is he able to distribute himself as Marduk and all other deities through history? And how on earth does one remove the fire from another entity… such as the case with the Queen and Enki? 

QUESTION 5: You are absolutely correct with the time-loops equating to t.v. re-runs, but, why in this ‘time’ have ‘some’ been allowed to gain knowledge through your works? Do you suppose your true ‘YOU’ has made it through the grid in another time-line and is ‘now’ opening up the flood gates for others to escape as well?

QUESTION 6: Why do you call this primitive bastards Lords? This is what they want!

QUESTION 7: We humans (not just the Global Elite bloodlines) have done some terrible things to each other throughout history. How important is it for us to forgive each other in these times? I suspect that we get most of our attributes and our behavior from The AIF because we have they’re DNA and our repeating what they did to us to ourselves.

QUESTION 8: When the Tiamaat catastrophe occurred The Olympians (AIF) used advanced weapons to strike the planet. What I am stuck or in a little loop about is; how did the species that and his team of scientist genetically manipulated survive? This of course includes the various hominids created by the Vegans and the Namlu’u created by The Queen of the Stars. When was on Tiamaat; did he secretly preserve the DNA of these species in different parts of the solar system? The part of Tiamaat that flew closer to the Sun, did that part have the surviving lifeforms that possibly went underground to survive?

QUESTION 9: Is the current accumulation of the present insanity and chaos and mind overload to do something with suddenly all perspective or viewpoints being present all sudden at once, creating like a big kind of cable mess?

QUESTION 10: Knowing that we must vacate our consciousness from the planet altogether and not risk coming near, will we even be able to see how things unfold on Earth? Would we ever be able to ‘see’ them again? Are our respective higher selves communicating?


  1. Another informative Q&A. It has been years of research to find answers to many of my questions from different sources. Thanks to the WP papers and this new invader series the puzzle pieces are gradually connecting. While watching the series I couldn’t help but thinking of certain characters and story lines that reminded me of the Lord of the Rings. Simon Parks mentioned once that each freemasons and/or Illuminati has a LOTR books on their bookshelves. Are you planning on doing a video to explain the connection if there’s any? I believe Wes wrote in one of the WP papers that the dwarfs are symbolising Sirian warriors. Would the Elves then be the Vulcans? Thanks for the new platform and for your work.

    1. Ha! We discuss this often, yes! I’ll let Wes comment on the similarities if he wants, but it is no surprise to me that secret societies may have these books on their shelves. An article about the comparisons would be a good idea! Many works of literature, television, and even movies contain elements of our history. I think it’s very likely that a few authors felt compelled to tell it, in their own way. 🙂

      1. Great Q and A Its answered many of the queries roaming around my head.,including the dropping of artificial soul fires after we exit.The sense of loss/ abandonment we all have is huge so we need to keep feeling and transforming the fears that arise.Many thanks Wes and Ariel for such great helpful information. Bug hugs to all if you
        Sue yaT

    2. I’ve made a note of that, Margareta! I’d like to write an article on our new blog, comparing Tolkien and Tiamaat. Tolkien knew A LOT. He had studied the ancient texts, and as a Roman Catholic, I’m not surprised if he also had access to some of the Vatican Library… Thanks for the tip! 🙂

      1. Victory over YT at helms deep does not belong to you wes penre, horsemaster.
        “You are the lesser son of greater science. ”
        Thats my favorite sauromon quote describing the differences between the numanorian race (aragorn), and the bloodlines of enki’s second species of homo sapiens. (Thaoden)
        Please write the tolkien article. It would be so sweet!!

  2. I am sad for the namluus soul who are left behind and experience coma.. i want to save them and i forgot i am one of them.. how sad and painful…

    1. Hi Bela! It’s because we haven’t released all episodes of the miniseries yet. The Namlu’u souls in coma were you and me and everybody else here. We were in coma for a long time (also mentioned in the RA Material). When we woke up, the new Construct was already created, and we were lured into taking Homo sapiens bodies.

  3. I am so glad you have your own video site now! I did sign up over at the Freedom site but this is much better. I’m Julia; StelmaDesigns on youtube. I was so shocked to hear I may be among the very few you say who will try to exit the grid at body death. It’s a tall order. It sort of feels like we have a job to do to help the rest of humanity? I mean if we choose that? It’s a very humbling thought. I feel so small and this situation is very huge. I know it’s just a depiction, but the beings in your videos all seem so powerful and full of light. I don’t mean this in a negative way at all, but sort of “fantastical”? Who does all this artwork and is it of the beings they are portraying or did you just borrow the images to fit? Thank you!

    1. I have had some of these beings described to me, so I looked on the Internet for pictures that kind of fits that image. I was surprised to find some quite good ones. “Someone” out there must have subconscious memories of how these beings looked like. And of course, many of them are depicted in the ancient texts/pictrographs. I also had help from a couple of people to scout for pictures after I’d described what I wanted. They got the idea :). So, it’s been a joint effort.

      Many of these “fantasy beings” we’ve read about in fairy-tales and seen in movies are actually based on real beings. Some of the artists probably know that, and for others, they just subconsciously remember…

  4. I like this place more than social freedom platform(please do not take this statement as a reproach or complaint).Works fine and faster and it can be seen easier from a smartphone. Yesterday I re-read the article related to alien invasion posted on 07th of Feb. 2019 on the Wes Penre´s blog. Gave me even more insides related to nano-travel, KHAA and how one perceives sizes(very nice brief summary on humankind´s origin and how to get out from here!).Indeed we live in an electrical universe.Personally I would like to understand better the difference between the Firmament and the electromagnetic grid and how come that the souls would accept that artificial nanobody(I thought that this would feel like unacceptable/ rejected graft!).I had a very big smile when I heard in this video that we “must forgive” ourselves (yep…it seems that a part of us failed to escape and forgive ourselves helps ). It is also stated that somehow “we are a small group”. Unbelievabel!I mean I know that this is also true. Thank you Wes@Ariel for your generosity in sharing “your points of view/ your “story”.

    1. You’re welcome, anamaria. The great majority of humankind will enthusiastically accept the Singularity. They are sold immortality and intelligence, and most people are addicted to digital devices. We are already to a greater degree than we think in the Singularity.

  5. Wes,
    It sounds like I may be the only one who has had problems with the videos on your new What I experienced was your voice on video 194 Timekeepers cutting out every couple of words. Every time this happened I would miss the word and have to go back to make sure I caught what you were saying. When I went back several seconds it was clear. It happened so many times I ended up going over to to listen. I did not have a problem on that site. Also the video 195 Q&A rebooted four times while watching but no burping :). I wonder why I am having this problem when everyone else apparently can view the videos without a problem?

  6. Wes, as I watched the ending, I could instantly feel the trauma by everyone on Tiamaat as they were killed by this heartless demonic alien invaders. The Queen and Ninurta were all taken off guard by the encroaching asteroid ships. As in their ways, a slow moving coup with bad intentions.

    So my take a ways is this…there will be another massive invasion when humanity ends by the Orions and time is on their side. Debriefing will take quite a long time. Thank you ❤

  7. 🌹💙 I think more people are enjoying this platform more, and having an easier go than with freedom-tube. But it’s always good to have a backup! I’m impressed with the stats—the number of people who have checked this medium thus far! Bright Blessings! 🌞🙏

  8. Wes and ariel,

    Just wanted to say that this site is great I’ve been diving deep into your research for some time now. The data has brought forth so many new perspectives into my core being thank you guys for that higher perspective. Favor always my friends.

    1. Hey Wes and Ariel, i love the idea of putting your research and work in 2 places. (Freedom tube) and wespenrevideos

      Greetings from minnesota,
      Thank you for all you do for your great research.
      DREW Bauman

  9. First of all thanks for everything-for your contribution to the fake and real distinction…
    Sigmund Freud said; ” If you question the meaning and purpose of life, you will get sick “.
    That’s why the whole world doesn’t question.
    I don’t think the known beings who call themselves Gods are stronger than us.
    We’re not victims, because we’re the bad people of the galaxy-we created this prison.
    We cannot overcome astrological influence, forces of nature, fictional karma, etc.
    As Wes Penre once said, we’re just a holographic simulation and no demand from us in this game.

  10. How big is this hole in the grid. is it easy to find? or do we have to worry about hitting this thing. Also, how do you know that if we make it through the grid we don’t become slaves to another being all over again. thanks

    1. The holes (plural) in the Grid are of different sizes. All you need to do is to spot the Grid “above” you (in relation to your dead body) and think yourself through it, without being distracted by ANYTHING that might or might not happen around you in the astral. Just GO.

      I have a fairly good idea of how the KHAA/Greater Universe is constructed. This is very much also because of my 5-6 years daily interaction with a star being from Orion, who is currently incarnated here. It’s the real deal. After all these years, I came to know this being pretty well, and I know he’s not deceptive. The KHAA is not a new trap–it’s the REAL Universe. What we’re living in now is a false Construct, where nearly everything is inverted (see our previous videos and the wes penre papers at

      1. I got a feeling this white light gets close enough its like a very powerful feel good drug beyond anything we can imagine, and once upon you the ability to resist is almost impossible . Before I fall a sleep every night I See the grid and picture a large hole and as fast as possible through to the other side. Since reading your work before falling a sleep at night I have had some very strange off the wall things happen to me, some things so bizarre at first gave me a little anxiety. I had woke at 420am in the morning and went back to sleep and woke up to only find it to be 315am (WTH) in the morning, I kind of blew it off then the second week it happened again exactly 315 again then seeing 1111 for two days in a row non stop through out the day and night to the point it gave me some anxiety and made me feel I’m losing my mind. thank you for your work. it hits you right in the gut as if we already know this some how.

        1. Very interesting experiences, Alex! It seems to me that you are increasing your consciousness pretty rapidly. The time abnormality is particularly interesting. Time, as we know it, is just an agreed upon illusion, which makes what you’ve experienced possible. Thanks for sharing.

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