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  1. I can find no place to unsubscribe, please unsubscribe me. I have been mulling over the 5th point in your book, How could someone respectful of the queen of orion, be so disrespectful concerning the lifeblood function, inherited from her, that a woman sheds each month; a design that must have been put in place to satisfy blood sacrifice rituals, and off-world markets et al, since ancient times. Your site has documented witness accounts of the atrocities concerning this. The mere thought of what you said men and women should do disgusts me, Have you too had text added that is not your own? Humanity has been usurped by these invaders already. Their females spend their entire life totally absorbed in personal pursuits while avoiding continuous sexual advances of their males, while males are engrossed in chasing women to copulate and the rest of the time engaging in physical contact sports.They do not have offspring- they are a hive society, And then to quote some channeled Set(h) on the subject of menus blood copulation, channeling, which you advised before not to do, “oh in some places various acts are acceptable, while in other places they are totally rejected” , Such patriarchal exploitation of creation is what degraded Human society in the first place. Haven’t you read the book of enoch where the pleides, seven sisters, daughters of the queen are included in the places he toured, thus enki’s domain too? The life is in the blood, which means it is for creating life not pleasuring consensual erotic pleasures to have your own personal cultist parasitic feeding? encouraging such will lead to ever greater deplorable acts. This has me wondering if the orions are actually the nommos, with wide gaped teeth beings who have been documented as having taken over many star systems and are really here to extinguish humanity, maybe it was they who infected society with their vrill, who have an insatiable taste for human flesh, as recorded in an image online with the vampire killer, salvador dali. Have you too been duped, like eve? Maybe we have all been duped in order to continue our miserable imprisonment. sherrykayrohan

    1. You can manage your subscriptions through your wordpress account. If you are getting notifications via email for this blog, then in the address line at the top of the email where you see “wespenrevideos” there will be an “unsubscribe” option directly to the right of it.

    2. After having read your comment, I believe you have not read the material correctly, or you haven’t read enough of it. It sounds to me you have misunderstood much of what I wrote, or you haven’t read the Wes Penre Papers and listened to enough videos. For instance, the “daughters” of the Queen; does the information from the Book of Enoch come from inside or outside the Matrix? And the hardship women here are experiencing, including menstruation cycles and blood rituals/sacrifice, is that inside or outside the Matrix?

      What seems to be the case is a confusion between the Matrix and the KHAA/Greater Universe and the difference between the two. About channeling; you’re thinking in black and white. There are more colors on the palette.

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