Mark and Lynna Cummings Interviewing Wes Penre

Reposted by Wes Penre, Feb. 7, 2019
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The Cummings: Can you tell our viewers what got you interested in researching and finding out about our ancient past and just who is in control of this earth?

Wes Penre: Well, it started already in my childhood. I was growing up at the time when the Vietnam War was raging, and I couldn’t understand why people want to kill each other. There were many other things I didn’t understand, either, and it sparked my interest to find out more—particularly when I grew older. In the late 1980s, I incidentally got ahold of William Bramley’s book, “The Gods of Eden”, David Icke’s “And the Truth Shall Set You Free”, and Zecharia Sitchin’s “The 12th Planet”. They talked about the Anunnaki and how our true history has been altered and hidden from us. After reading these books, things started making more sense, and I began my own research. In 1998, I bought my first computer, and the first thing I did was to launch a website that is still up and running. It’s called Illuminati News. It’s a huge database—mainly about the Shadow Government, aka the “Illuminati,” but it developed into also including information about extraterrestrials. However, I wanted to share my research with the world, and I had to start from the beginning. In order to understand the ET agenda, we first need to understand how this planet is run by a small Elite of human hybrids, who are appointed by an extraterrestrial force that has controlled this 3D reality for many thousands of years. Although I was aware of some of the ancient texts at the time I worked on Illuminati News, I realized that I had to release what I’d learned in steps, or no one would be able to see the bigger picture. To answer your question more directly—one thing led to another. I followed the trail, encountered some dead ends, went back and started over, etc., until the bigger picture started to unfold.

The Cummings: Who is the AIF and how do they affect our human family?

Wes Penre: The AIF is my own term and stand for “Alien Invader Force.” They are basically the same extraterrestrial force that the Sumerian texts talk about. There, they were called the Anunnaki. I wanted to change that term because when people hear the name Anunnaki, most of them think about Sitchin’s work. I’m grateful to Sitchin for having brought these old Sumerian gods to the table and made many people aware of these ancient Sumerian texts. However, I do not agree with Sitchin’s interpretation of the texts—it’s misleading. The more I researched these texts and the Enuma Elish (the Babylonian Creation Story), I started questioning much of what Sitchin and others had concluded.  What Sitchin, and most other researchers and translators of the texts excluded from the interpretations of the translations was to use syncretism. There are lots of gods mentioned in the texts, so it looks like our planet was crowded with them. However, when you cross-check the names of these gods with each other, an interesting picture starts to emerge. What you’ll find is that all these names—and many of them are not names, but titles—are basically referring to the same four-five different gods. You will find that all these perhaps hundred different names appearing in the old texts can be narrowed down to four-five beings. This becomes even more evident if we start comparing other texts, too, such as the Vedic texts and Norse mythology, etc. When we have established who these few gods, mentioned in the texts, really are, a totally new perspective on our ancient past will emerge. This doesn’t mean there weren’t more of them here on the planet in the past, but only these few are actually mentioned in the texts by name or title.

These few main gods, and other “lesser” gods who followed them here, are influencing virtually everything in our lives. What they have done is to control our perceptions of reality. I’ve concluded that everything that we perceive as our reality is false! In order to see things the way they really are, we need to turn everything upside down and inside out. In this 3D Matrix, everything is inverted and reversed. Not until we realize this can we progress past a certain point. If we don’t get this insight, we’re going to go around in circles, trying to find out what is wrong with our world, but it will not lead us anywhere past that certain point.

The Cummings: Can you speak about what you mean when you say that we come from a feminine universe?

Wes Penre: In this Matrix, we have been taught that God is masculine, and in the spiritual community, the Universe is either masculine, neuter, or masculine/feminine—in the latter case, people often put the masculine as senior to the feminine. However, it’s the Feminine that gives birth—not the masculine. The Universe started out as being purely feminine, and not until much later, a division of the feminine and masculine energies was established to make things a little more interesting. But that doesn’t take away from that the Universe is still, and will always be, feminine. Before the Greater Universe, outside the Matrix, was created by Source (whom I call the Divine Feminine, the Mother Goddess, or the Goddess), She didn’t know very much about Her own potentials—She was alone. So, She divided Herself into smaller units, with each smaller unit developing its own personality, based on its experiences. The Goddess wanted to experience all aspects of Herself and all Her potentials. The best way to do this was to create separate units of Herself and give these units freewill to experience whatever they wanted to. Without freewill, the experiences would be limited. These individual units of consciousness are what we call “souls.” This is a simplified explanation, and I go into this much more in the Wes Penre Papers.

We can also see the feminine origins when it comes to childbirth here on Earth. Hundred percent of all embryos—whether they’re human or animal—start out as female. Only later in their development will they change gender, if the child turns out to be male.

The Cummings: Was Jesus an incarnation of Thoth and why should we even be wary of the message of the Christ?

Wes Penre: The partner that I currently work with and I have done research on Thoth, also called Hermes and Mercury in the old texts. Thoth is the younger son of, the Sumerian god—Marduk being the older of the two. Thoth has incarnated on Earth many times—something he wrote about in “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth.” These tablets are still available to read today, and the translations can be downloaded for free on the Internet. In these tablets, he tells us that he was also Noah and Enoch, but he was also other historical persons, according to our research. His purpose has been to spiritually enlighten mankind and to help building and tearing down civilizations. As my partner and I have cross-referenced and used syncretism to compare, we have come to the conclusion that Thoth also incarnated as Imhotep and Jesus, to name just two. We made a video series about this, posted on our YouTube channel.

There is much for us to learn from the teachings of Jesus, but as you know, Thoth is referring to a Father God, which would be, and he never mentions the Mother Goddess at all. He also doesn’t tell us how to exit the Matrix—only how to come to his Father in “Heaven.” This Father is of course his own father, The Heaven he is talking about is still within the Matrix. So, my suggestion is to read the tablets, but to keep this in mind. We can learn a lot from Thoth’s messages, but we need to understand that it has nothing to do with leaving the Matrix.

The Cummings: Does it not lead us to ascending and going to heaven? What could possibly be wrong about calling on the Father?

Wes Penre: As implied in previous answer; when we pray to the Father or to God, we are giving our energy and power away to this being, who feeds on our energy. The AIF are soul vampires—they have no creative energy of their own anymore, so they need to steal it from us to survive. The Heaven that presents is just a collective thought-form that we humans have created in our minds, being manipulated into doing so by the AIF. We must never underestimate the Power of Thought—that’s how we create. This thought-form can appear very real—just as real as this world, but it’s still a deception.

The Cummings: How does the Orion Queen Nin / Khan-Enlil story line up with that of Anu, Antu and those names of the Annunaki? Or they one and the same?

Wes Penre: Yes, they are one and the same. If we read the Sumerian texts, the Enuma Elish, and the Vedic texts, which are the main ancient texts I researched for the Wes Penre Papers, we see that the Goddess is frequently mentioned, but because the current extraterrestrial regime is run by males, they want to create a false picture of a male/masculine God as being above all other deities, so therefore, they have diminished the importance of the Goddess. Queen Nin would be the equivalent to Antu in your question. Anu would be Khan En.lil (which is his real title—Khan means King). What is important is that the word Anu in Orion language means “Heaven,” which refers to the Orion Empire—Anu is originally not referring to a person but a location. Therefore, I never use the word Anu to represent the King of Orion—I use Khan En.lil, which is the correct title. At this point, I also need to mention that when doing my research for the papers, I also was in contact with a few beings from outside our Matrix. I mention this in many places elsewhere, and these connections have been very beneficial in order to get the bigger picture. Particularly one of these beings I have known for seven years, so I dare say that this being is genuine.

The Cummings: Can you give us a brief summary on humankind’s origin and what do we have to do in order to escape this prison planet?

Wes Penre: I will try to summarize this to the best of my ability—there is a lot to this that people need to know, so for more information, see my papers at

The Orion Empire is the vastest empire in the Universe. This is where the Queen resides—She is the direct manifestation of the Divine Feminine/Source, unlike the God of the Bible, who PRETENDS to be the manifestation of the Divine. She is the one who creates universes, including the one we live in, which is a universe of freewill. Long ago, from our linear time perspective, She came up with the idea to create an experiment that had never been done before. The Greater Universe—the KHAA—is full of creator “gods,” who are basically star beings who have evolved to a point where they can go out and create worlds, stars, and galaxies for other star beings to experience in—it’s all about expansion.

However, there are still wars and conflicts in the KHAA, and the Queen wanted to create a soul group that was stationary on a planet of Her choice. This soul group was going to be placed in a relatively harsh environment to see if they could “graduate” from this environment with more love and compassion than they had when they were placed there. Against common beliefs—star beings are usually not evolving on planets (although it happens), but on, or inside, the stars—thus, “star” beings. Just because we perceive ourselves living on a planet, it doesn’t mean all other star beings do.

There were certain things that were unique for the above-mentioned soul group She put on the particular planet She chose—they were equipped with a wide range of emotions, which is something the star races in the KHAA don’t possess. These emotions were meant to assist us in getting a greater understanding of things, seen from a whole range of perspectives. Moreover, when the soul group was created, they were already creator gods—they didn’t need to evolve in that sense. They were also “royal,” meaning that they were direct soul splinters of the Queen Herself—they were Her soul children, as it were. The purpose with the experiment was to create more loving, compassionate and empathic creator gods. When they passed the tests, they were designed to go out and create in the KHAA right away. And there was no death! These beings were supposed to do it in “one go.”

These beings were us—the human soul group.

We were placed on a big planet in this solar system called Tiamaat (some call it Maldek), and it was located between today’s Mars and Jupiter. The Experiment went very well—it seemed to be a success. However, the solar system was invaded by an armada of a Sirian star race that, under a peace treaty with Orion way back in time, had become part of Orion’s Defense Force. They considered Earth being their planet, given to them as part of a small sector of the galaxy, generally called Sector 9, and they didn’t agree with that the Queen had populated “their” planet. It is a complicated story that is told in greater details in the Wes Penre Papers. I will convey it here in a very compressed version.

The Queen had split Her own Spirit to inhabit Tiamaat, and although the creation and geoengineering of the planet was originally supposed to be done by Helpers; a star race from Vega, in cooperation with the Queen’s oldest son,, who would be the Chief genetic engineer of all the species on Tiamaat. However, the Queen changed Her mind in the last minute and gave the task to Her younger son, Prince En.lil, also known as, when using syncretism, Prince Ninurta. She replaced because of his selfish pride and arrogance, which was not appropriate for someone in charge of the Human Experiment. was still allowed to help out, but not as the Chief Engineer—Ninurta got that position. Much of this story can be read in the ancient texts, and much of it is conveyed in the Enuma Elish.

This made very bitter and jealous of his younger brother, but for a long time, he kept it to himself. However, when he saw that the Sirians were very upset with that the Queen had used a planet within their sector for Her experiment,, who at that time was working in the solar system, took advantage of this. When the Sirians returned to Orion, feeling overstepped, also temporarily returned to Orion and talked to them, and because he himself was very bitter, too, he planned a rebellion against his mother and his brother, who was also here in our solar system together with the Vegans. also travelled to other star systems within the Orion Empire, and with his glib tongue and high intelligence, he managed to get a lot of followers. He wanted to overthrow his mother and take Her place as the King of Orion. This was all done in secret. It was the beginning of Lucifer’s Rebellion, where is Lucifer.

When everything was planned, returned to Tiamaat and continued overseeing the Human Experiment, waiting for the Sirians and the other rebels to strike against our solar system. Ninurta, who is in charge of the Orion Defense Army, the so-called MIKH-MAKH, had a skeleton crew of soldiers in the solar system at the time, but no one had expected an organized strike from rebels of his own Army. Suddenly, a huge armada of rebels attacked the solar system with the intention to put the Experiment to an end. Huge battles were fought, but Ninurta’s skeleton crew was hopelessly outnumbered. Ninurta asked for help from his stepfather, Khan En.lil (also known as Anu), but he was busy elsewhere and couldn’t get there in time. Marduk,’s son, who was a part of the invader force, said to the other rebels that if he destroyed Tiamaat, he wanted to be elevated to become their king and the Commander of the military force. The rebels accepted. So, Marduk nuked the planet to the extent that it blew up in thousands of pieces, and all life on the planet died. The catastrophe was so enormous that it also hit Mars, which was a secondary part of the Human Experiment. Mars’ atmosphere disappeared, and the “Red Planet” became desolate, as well. The story of the destruction of Tiamaat and the story around it is told in the Enuma Elish, Tablet 1.

Ninurta managed to save a few Vegans and humans but had to retreat. The survivors escaped through the stargate of Saturn and returned to Orion, while the rest of the souls—both humans and Vegans–were kept here in captivity, including you and me. Our solar system was now in ruins. When Ninurta’s refugees had escaped, Marduk closed the Saturn stargate, which leads directly into the heart of Orion, and quarantined the solar system so that no one could leave or get in without AIF permission. The Ra Material talks about the Council of Saturn—the Zendar Council—and Thoth wrote about the Guardians in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. These are the gatekeepers between our closed construct and the universe beyond.

But was not satisfied. He wanted to invade Orion, too, so he could become the Lord of the Universe. Thus, he gathered his rebels once again and stormed into Orion. However, this time, Ninurta was prepared. A war in Orion followed, and Ninurta and his MIKH-MAKH defense army defeated the rebels and threw them out of Heaven (Orion), and they were not allowed to return. This is also in the Bible, where Satan was cast out of Heaven. However, the Bible does not distinguish between Satan and Lucifer.

After he was cast out, fled to the Pleiades, where he still has an outpost.

After having licked his wounds, returned to our solar system and decided to continue the Human Experiment, but on his premises. He was educated by the Queen Herself in the past, so he knew genetic engineering, and he knew how to geoengineer a planet. Tiamaat was completely destroyed and has since then become our asteroid belt. However, a chunk of the planet had been slingshot out of orbit, and this piece of our primordial world was big enough to geoengineer, so he chose to continue the experiment in freewill on this relatively big rock that would eventually become Earth. Another title for is Ea, as in Ea-rth.

So, used Orion technology to build our new world. It was in many ways a smaller copy of Tiamaat, which was mainly a water world, just like Earth is now. In Genesis 1, it says that God separated the upper waters from the lower waters and put up the Firmament as a separator. The lower waters are our oceans, and the upper waters are the waters that exist above the Firmament. In addition, he also put up an electromagnetic grid, which was necessary to keep the waters separated. This is the Grid I’ve been writing and talking about in my research. At this moment, my partner and I are researching more precisely how Heaven and Earth were created by God (, and we are getting close. Once we have this figured out, we will share it on YouTube and probably in an article, as well.

We live in an electric universe, and nothing is what it seems—the Sun, the Moon, the stars, and the galaxies we see in the sky, are not real—they are just simulations and imitations of what is existing for real outside of our Matrix. Thus, what we see in the sky as being our Universe is not real, other than as projected focal points within our own atmosphere. This might shock many people, and many probably won’t believe it, but we are working on providing evidence for this. The “physical” world created—including all life here—is just a bad “copy/projection” that imitates what is really out there. Not even the planets in the solar system that NASA has been showing us, are real. They are just 3D images (animated gifs, if we compare it with computer technology).

When and his team had set up Earth to become inhabited, having created the illusion, and had had the captured human soul group incarnate into this illusion, he also introduced death, reincarnation, and amnesia, so we couldn’t easily figure out that this world is not real. He was pleased. In his narcissistic pride and with his self-image of being grandiose, he thought he could prove to his mother and brother that they had made a mistake—they should have chosen HIM to oversee the Human Experiment to begin with, instead of choosing his brother. He wanted to prove that he could create his own extension or version of the original Experiment and have the human soul group graduate in an even tougher environment than the original one.

Because of the way freewill works, and because of the way this Experiment was set up to begin with, the Orion Council concluded that this should be allowed. It was unfortunate that the Experiment had taken this turn, which was not planned, but just because things didn’t go as expected, it didn’t mean that the Experiment was over. It’s continuing up to this day.

However, there was one stipulation; HAD TO let souls evolve, and when they graduate, they need to be sent back to Orion—he needs to let us leave his Matrix., in his pride, agreed to this, thinking it would be an easy task. He wanted to show his family that they were wrong, and that he’d been right all the time. If they’d listened to him from the beginning, the Rebellion would never had taken place—that’s how he probably thought. An close enough narrative on Lucifer’s Rebellion can be found in the Urantia Book, by the way.

But things didn’t go as well as had predicted. He started “loving” his creation—homo sapiens sapiens and homo sapiens before that—as a narcissist would, i.e. as extensions of himself. If we progress and succeed, it’s not because of us, in his opinion, but because he,, is succeeding. It’s all about him. We are just objects or tools to him, but he loves his objects and tools as he selfishly “loves” himself—as a delusional prideful, grandiose Overlord.

This new “love” for humanity didn’t go over well with Marduk. He is’s oldest son, and his father paid very little attention to him and his suggestions, needs, and wishes. He became jealous of us humans and started rebelling against his father. Because both and Marduk were incarnated in human bodies in Sumerian and Babylonian times, their conflict escalated here on Earth. Wars broke out between’s clan and Marduk’s clan, and history almost repeated itself. Both sides used nuclear weapons and destroyed large parts of the planet—regions that up to this day are radioactive areas and deserts.

These wars ended with that Marduk became in charge of Earth—he became the Lord of this World, a.k.a. Satan. became the Lord of Heaven. wants souls to evolve, while Marduk wants souls to de-evolve. Thus, we have the conflict between God/ and Marduk/Satan up to this day.

As I mentioned, was supposed to send graduated souls back to Orion, so we can start becoming creator gods in the KHAA (if we want to—we have the freewill choice to do whatever we wish). However, because of all these family issues between him and his oldest son, almost no one—if any—has graduated thus far, so no souls were sent back in a long time. then got pressure on him to show results, so he sent some souls back that were in a terrible shape because of all the trauma that they, as humans, had been subjected to here on Earth. Now, has received an ultimatum to have the entire human soul group graduated “immediately.” He can’t do that, so he’s shot himself in the foot, and he is quite desperate. He is concerned about the consequences of what has happened here on Earth—he’s afraid that he will be put on trial for crimes against humanity. On the other side of the coin, Marduk, who doesn’t have an agreement with Orion, is doing what he can to traumatize and manipulate the human soul group so they can’t evolve. In other words, we humans are stuck in the middle of a cosmic family feud, and we are’s and Marduk’s pawn.

Over time, has tried to enlighten mankind in different ways, but without telling the entire truth. If he would, he’s afraid humanity would revolt or panic. Therefore, he’s done it in increments. He’s sent his youngest son, Thoth, to incarnate here on Earth several times, bringing wisdom to humankind. Thoth also taught humans how to farm and how to build civilizations. But since the second millennium BC, when Marduk took over as the Lord of Earth, he has done what he can to destroy what his father, via his son, has tried to build up.

There is only one exit from this Matrix that I am aware of that is relatively simple and practical. But I’d like to go into this in more details later in this interview.

The Cummings: How do we escape from the coming Singularity?

Wes Penre: This is a good point to present the solution. As I mentioned, there is only one way that I know of to escape the Singularity—we must leave this Matrix. If we don’t, there is no practical way not to become part of the AI and Singularity Agenda. It will get to us, sooner or later. This world is surrounded by an electromagnetic Grid that, until recently, has been very intact and virtually impossible to penetrate—even after we’ve left our bodies. However, over the last 30-40 years, holes have opened up in the Grid, which makes it possible for us, as souls after we die, to pass through the Grid via these holes. This will take us out of the Matrix and reconnect us with the KHAA, which the AIF has kept us isolated from. How to exit the Matrix through the damaged Grid is told about in details in my articles number 2 and number 5 on my blog, The Grid is to a large degree powered with our own soul energy, which the AIF has stolen from us, so we are basically keeping ourselves trapped, unbeknownst to us. Recently, because many people have spiritually woken up and increased their soul vibration, it has created holes in the Grid. Some of the holes are also created because of a space war that is going on outside the Matrix, in our real solar system. Some of the weapons used have created these holes.

The Cummings: What is it and when can we expect to see its effect on humanity?

Wes Penre: The Singularity is what logically would be Marduk’s Agenda. This Matrix is based on duality, where there are two opposites represented in almost everything. Examples are, black and white, good and evil, cold and hot. In the same manner, and Marduk are part of this duality, as well, where is portraying himself as the benevolent God, and Marduk would be his adversary, i.e. Satan. Both want to prove that they have control over humanity, but they are opposed to each other. Marduk is now working on destroying our biological bodies and instead make us into cyborgs and eventually into complete machines—the Borgs from Star Trek come to mind. He wants to create a hive society, where humans become immortal, and the entire human soul group will be connected to a Super-Mind or Super-“Computer”. The cells that build up our bodies will be replaced with nanobots, which are artificial cells, so to speak. These can easily be replaced if something happens, but with nanobots taking over our current cell functions, it means the body will never die. Eventually, it will learn to replicate nano-sized “cells” in our bodies, keeping us in a constant bodily state of a healthy 25-30-year-old biological body. If worse comes to worse—for example after an accident—where let’s say an organ is destroyed beyond repair, it will be a piece of cake to replace this organ, even it it’s the heart, pancreas, or liver. The goal is to create immortal humans, who will never die. This is not a conspiracy theory—I wrote a book about the Singularity that I put on my blog, and it can be downloaded there. It gives you the information—most of it is coming from the horse’s mouth—the Singularity Prophets in Silicon Valley, like Ray Kurzweil, and scientists working for the Secret Establishment, such as Michio Kaku. Elon Musk is also in on this agenda, regardless of what people think.

The entire Singularity agenda, based on nano-technology and artificial intelligence, sounds very enticing on the surface, until we look at the bigger picture. Our souls will be connected into a hive-mind that will be controlled by the same “gods” that are controlling us now, but with one difference—we will be much easier to control. Now, we still have freewill, and we are individuated. Because of that, we can be difficult to control. In the Singularity, all minds will be connected and become One Mind, so in order to control all, they can address the entire hive-mind at once, manipulate it, and get the job done. Belonging to a hive-mind also means that we all will be able to read each other’s minds—this Super-Mind will function as a huge database, where all human knowledge will be accessible to anybody—including the AIF, of course. It’s like a huge Internet for the mind. And ironically enough—the Internet, WiFi, and now 5G, were created, with instructions from the AIF, to introduce mankind to the idea of a Singularity. It was also created in order to learn how we humans behave in different situations (social media), what we, on a collective level, are most interested in, how we think, and who each individual is. All this is preparation for the Singularity, which is planned to be in place in 2045. However, we are in the middle of the Singularity already—it’s just not been finalized yet. It needs to be done incrementally, with assistance from technology (cell phones, video games, the Internet, 5G, etc.). We humans are currently transferring our consciousness into a new virtual reality, which is completely technological. The world we live in is so threatening and creates such anxiety in most people that we escape into our smartphones instead. What people don’t understand is that we disconnect from our current reality more and more and attach our minds to the technology we’re using on a daily basis. This is all per design.

The new humanity will thus decrease its vibration instead of increasing it, and we will enter the realm of technology where the gods dwell—I call it the Machine Kingdom, a term coined by Barbara Marciniak’s “Pleiadians,” who, btw, are running’s errands—they even admit to that themselves. Once we’re stuck in their lower density, there is no escape from the Matrix—we can’t leave our bodies because there will be no death. We will all be connected into a Super-Container, and that’s where our souls will remain. What we see now is a division; the majority of mankind is de-evolving into the Singularity, while a minority is evolving. The gap between the two is getting wider and wider. This is why it’s so difficult for awakening people to interact with the general population these days—we vibrate on completely different frequencies.

The ultimate agenda is to use us humans as foot soldier in a war against Orion, from where the AIF hopes to become the rulers of the Universe. I am not sure if is still in on that agenda or not, or if he wants to stick letting humanity evolve, but Marduk is definitely in on it. As one of my extraterrestrial sources put it, “he who is in charge of the nano-world is in charge of the Universe.” But what does that really mean?

The entire Singularity is based on nano-technology—nano meaning “a billionth.” In our case, it has to do with size. When built this world, he super-imposed it. We call it the macro world, while the atomic world is the micro world. This is not entirely correct because atoms only exist within the Matrix. In the KHAA, we create with imagination-intention-thought, which lead to manifestation. Think Q in Star Trek—that’s how it works.

In the KHAA, everything is nano-sized—everything outside this Matrix is the nano-world, i.e. approximately a billion times smaller. However, everything is relative, so if you would go into the KHAA today, you would not experience yourself smaller than you are now, but technically, you would be.

Now, you might begin to understand why the Elite are using nano-technology to create our New Brave World—they are terraforming everything; not only humans. They are also putting nanobots in trees, plants, animals, and all the rest of it. When the Singularity is in place, we have become nano-sized and will not even notice it; and so will the rest of this “reality.” So, why would they want to do that?

The NEED to do it because they are planning on invading Orion, which exists in the nano-world—the KHAA. For us humans to work as foot soldiers for the AIF, we also need to be nano-size to be able to enter the KHAA. We will become cannon fodder for the gods! And as such, we will most likely be annihilated in the process. Humanity is so dumbed down that they have no clue what is coming, and very few people are interested in finding out. Time is getting tight, and as it stands right now, it’s a matter of working on ourselves–individual by individual–to exit this Matrix. We need to gain knowledge, so we know what we’ve trapped ourselves in and how to get out. The more we work on ourselves, our knowledge, and our intuition and insights, the more we influence people in our environment, which might wake more people up. We can’t force anybody else to see this. We can try to educate others, but if they are not interested, there is nothing we can do. They have freewill, just as we do, and we can’t inflict on that—it won’t work. We need to save what can be saved from this Experiment.

 The Cummings: Explain why you believe that we need to get rid of attachments in order to escape this matrix?

Wes Penre: For more information on this, I STRONGLY advise the listener or reader to read my articles 2 and 5 on my blog, which I gave the address to earlier.

In summary, we have more or less two choices when we die—we go into the Tunnel of Light, or we exit the Matrix through the Grid. If we choose the former, we will be recycled back to Earth again and start a new life in a new body, with full amnesia, which is not recommended—particularly not under the circumstances I’ve talked about. We would have to start all over again to figure things out, which is not a guarantee that we will. If we go through the Grid, we are free for the first time in perhaps hundreds of thousands of years and many, many incarnations.

Here is the difficult part of the solution; in order to exit the Matrix, we need to get rid of ALL attachments to this world, be it loved ones, relatives, friends, pets, or objects—whatever it can be. If we have anything that will hold us back from exiting, we will most probably not be able to leave. A great example is if your loved one dies before you and knows nothing about the Grid or refuses to believe it. Then, let’s say it’s your turn to die, so you leave your body with the intention to exit through the Grid. However, suddenly your loved one shows up in the astral and tells you to come with him or her through the tunnel, so you can be together again in the afterlife. If you’re not able to resist, you’re trapped again. Related to this example, the “person” you meet in the astral is most likely NOT your loved one—it’s more trickery.

I want to emphasize, because it’s important, that when you die and leave your body, look “up,” with your dead body as a reference point, and you’ll see the Grid. Spot a hole and immediately go there. NEVER let anything or anybody distract you! Not even if the being you meet is your so-called Spirit Guide, or some other apparent friendly being—ignore and continue. This is a chance in a million to get out of here—don’t lose this opportunity.

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