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1) Beyond 2012 – A Handbook for the New Era • website and PDF

2) Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind — A Roadmap to the Singularity and Beyond  • website and PDF

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  1. Códigos Da Vinci- 01
    Mona lisa-0
    Criador Infinito-1
    Mutiuniverso-0+1= 1. 10,100,1000….
    8-chave fechada do Universo
    33-chave aberta do Universo = consciência cristica
    Autoretraro de Da Vinci- Criador Infinito
    Mona lisa-Joana darc, Lucrécia Borgia, jJudas Iscariotes, Aristóteles…

  2. Wes, such an incredible job you guys did with “Article 9”. To me, you’re back at the top of your game, like when I first encountered the WPPs and original interviews & the two e-books. I passed it on to my friends. I was critical of you in that long letter (now is up to 35 pages, and growing…) I recently sent you about my discovery of Source Truth and what it’s like to advance as a Source Player…which you probably didn’t read. No problem, I didn’t expect you would. It’s actually written for my own benefit. I would like to know what you think of it though. I sent it also to David Icke and Michael Tsarion. – Sidney

    1. @minskyboy, [it’s more of a note to myself]
      are you sure, you may fall for the trap of idols, trap of idolizing, idol trap ? I also saw @Wes Penre as the one who must be the main person to answer all of my questions and to see all of my comments. Recently, i innerstood that it was kinda weird, and i asked “why do i only focus on Wes Penre himself” ? For me, there should be no idols…because it’s more a collective effort, even if someone you adore intellectually is a leader/community founder…

  3. Are there still transcripts to all the videos? I ask because I haven’t been able to find transcripts for a good while now; I’d much rather read than listen – I absorb better that way.

    1. The transcripts for the videos since we started this blog are located immediately underneath each video. You will see a PDF icon with a text saying “Download” beneath it. Click there.

      The transcripts to the older videos that we transferred from YouTube when we left that channel can be found here: .

      If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to ask…

      1. @Wes, you do however you need. Though i think you could have kept all those videos on youtube at least for the people who are new to your work and the topics you touch on. So they can find your and @Ariel’s works through youtube.
        And if you won’t return to youtube, then those videos could just be there as an archive of your work. Few may get deleted by youtube, while majority will stay anyway.
        Also, keeping them on youtube will make some people engaged in this type of research. Because there are so few of researchers in this field of reincarnation system+spirituality, who are active on youtube or who share their work there.

        Or it has to do with DeepFakes, AIs that create youtube content, and how voice information gets manipulated?
        ( )

        1. @Robin Obinray ~ We didn’t decide to leave Youtube for fear of having content deleted. We left because we disagreed with the terms of service. Why should we continue to patronize a business whose business practices go against our values and the community we want to support and build? We never had a video deleted. It was never about that. We’ve grown, as far as our reach, since leaving YT interestingly enough. It’s never been about being the biggest or most popular. In fact, this kind of information has always been ridiculed and discredited. It’s pretty much guaranteed. We’ve never had any illusions of granduer regarding this. If people are searching, and our information is something that will benefit them, they will find it. We trust the process because we’ve seen it work in our own lives. It also doesn’t help to have only partial information available because a lot of context and dot-connecting gets lost when all the information isn’t there. Wes and I have done a lot of dot-connecting to try and show how we have reached the conclusions that we have and people won’t be able to follow our own conclusions if there are pieces missing. We like our site, here. It’s what works for us, right now. We’ve tried to make this information available in several different ways for anyone who wants it, but we won’t be returning to YT. We really aren’t “video makers”, anyway. lol We both prefer to write and we like having a place to do that. It feels better this way.

        2. Yes, I understand your perspective on that. The main reason we left YT was because we did not want to support a platform or be part of a platform that started censor free speech like YT started doing big time by the time we left. We weren’t personally threatened–it was more a principle.

      2. hello. your new transcription format on the site is not available to all non-English speakers. very big loss. many people prefer the read version because then the imagination works. Maybe you will think about making the addition of transcription more accessible to more of us breaking your knowledge?

      3. Hello Wes, i hope you are doing great, and I hope you do get notifications for this thread..i would like to access the Singularity roadmap pdf but there seems to be a problem with the link. Kindly assist with a working link. Looking closely at the things happening in the world lately i would assume the world is well on our way heading towards it,.. and I would like to be prepared.
        Kindly assist.

        I also want to thank you for everything you’ve done for the human race even if most of them have no clue.. will keep learning and sharing this great reveal.. Thank you Wes.
        Regards ‘

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