Video 198: What If…

The only thing that remains of us of this connection to Her, which can never be changed, is our eternal core essence which She gave to us. It is what is inside of us, and it is our ONLY connection to Her. How do we reach Her inside of us? We have to dig through the layers that have been intentionally built upon Her/us. We have to tunnel through all the dark and ugly parts of ourselves that we have built on top of  Her that we think are our true nature but are not. They are the abused and reactive parts of us through which we are operating in this prison.

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  1. Sooo grateful to you Wes and Ariel! Such supreme work !, you guys make my life so bearable each week! You bring Her to me ! And open neurons in my brain! That alone gives me such joy!, that’s what you guys are Joygivers!

  2. 🌹💙 Awesome comments! Wes & Ariel—great job! One of your best videos and one of the best in the miniSeries thus far! I’m very moved and inspired—thank you both for the revitalization your great work gives us! Bright Blessings to all. 🌞🙏.

  3. I want to Thank You!for all your work you did until now!I can’t imagine how many hours,maybe years you had to search the info and filter it through your inner guidance system to put the puzzle pieces togheter.
    But this video especially ,through your honesty,kindness, wisedom and love,went straight to my hart!Your words were so compassionate,it was like You wanted us to know the depths of your Heart and transmite a message of Love and strenghten our hearts:”Hey Brothers and Sisters,do not be afraid,you are of pure essence!Hold on,don’t let go and trust yourself!because The Queen(Source) does!I feel you!

    1. Well, there were / are other ways to come to the path you are on now. They tell it a bit differently but it all comes down to the same thing. The Spiritual Satanists know that Enki is their lord and that they can free themself. (are their own gods)
      I will quote a part of their discussions:

      Fallen Angels Are Corrupted From Sumerian Sages Of Enki

      The ancient seven sages of Sumeria who were under the direction of Enki, the Apkallus who taught mankind the knowledge of spirituality and civilization. Were the actual “Fallen Angels” who came down to earth from heaven in later Jewish rewritings:

      “Apkallus were said to have taught antediluvian sciences to humanity and so, too, were the Watchers. As one scholar concludes, however: “The Jewish authors often inverted the Mesopotamian intellectual traditions with the intention of showing the superiority of their own cultural foundations. [thus]… the antediluvian sages, the Mesopotamian Apkallus, were demonised as the “sons of God” and appear as the Watchers…illegitimate teachers of humankind before the flood.”[1]

      Enki was also called:
      “The serpent Lord was Enki, but in parts of Chaldea he had been called Shaitan…”[2]

      So that is where the concept of Satan and the fallen angels is corrupted from. Enki and the Apkallus. In Sumerian writings they are also called: “The fifty who went with Enki from heaven to earth.” And “The fifty Annunaki of Eridu.” Which is Enki’s city in ancient Sumeria. Note the 50 is symbolic of the fifty petals of the chakra’s of which the ancient Sanskrit alphabet relates to. This is also the serpent energy and the chakra’s. From Heaven to earth from the crown chakra to the root chakra. The city is the Purusha or the cosmic man as well its symbol of the entire being the energy bodies and the physical body.

      The early tales of Genesis are stolen and corrupted from the Sumerian’s. Enki created Adamu with the red clay of the Apsu and breathes the breath of life into him. Later the Jews stated Yahweh creates Adam with the red dust of the earth and breathes the breath of life into him. They then place Enki in the role as the Devil instead. So they can butt in with their own evil agenda. The original sin they inserted in the Garden of Edin a Sumerian term for the abode of the Gods. Is that of Daath in Hebrew which means the sexual union of the male and female chakra’s [Adamu and Eva] which is done by the serpent energy which Enki symbolizes. The Magnum Opus.

      The Tree in the Sumerian Garden of Edin is the Mish or Gish Gana tree of life the symbol of Enki. Of which the waters of the Apsu flowed thought the serpent life force.

      The Seven sages of Enki are the seven chakra’s as well and the Apsu of Enki is the body and soul the energy bodies the nadis the energy pathways that flow with the cosmic waters of the life force. The seven sages wear the symbolic fish imagery to show this. The fish is another way of showing the energy of the life force. Enki taught Mankind the Magnum Opus so they could ascend and become perfected and immortal like the Gods. This is what the enemy considers the original sin. They want spiritually helpless slave Goyim to serve them as God.

      The Yezidhi’s were part of the ancient Sumerian civilization and they still worship Enki as his ancient name of Satan. They also state they came from ancient India there are words in their language which only appear elsewhere in the Sanskrit Veda’s the original Vedic Sanskrit. And they have stated their God is known as Murrugan in India who also has the serpent and peacock we can also note: (and more)
      I have no account there, First because i don’t want to be involved with spells and stuff like that.
      Second: Their rule to become a member is to accept Satan as your only god and some other weird demands
      Third: I have doubts about who else they adore

      1. Krots:
        I had always heard that sumerian was an isolette language so to speak. Thank for sharing their cultural connection to ancient india. That helped me put a piece of the puzzle together!!

      2. Thank you for the information. I came across a channeler on youtube that claims Lucifer and Satan are not the bad guys. We have been brainwashed to think so. And then, I realized that he is channeling Sirian.
        “The fish is another way of showing the energy of the life force.” – I wonder if Jesus fish has connection to this or not.

        1. The thing is — we’ll just never truly know the truth about most anything until we pass through to the other side. There are just too many different versions, different ways of telling (or not telling) our human story, and too many who want to give the braggart’s, or the victor’s, supposed spin. I want, and we certainly do deserve, the TRUTH and nothing but the full, entire truth of Earth’s and mankind’s complete histories.
          We all know there are both good and very bad events in our history, so what’s the ever-present constant, continuous dark veil still kept in place for? Why?! We humans need a level playing field now so we can get done, as a collective, what needs to be done! We need to get fully on it and consciously create, together, either an entirely new world, or together decide to make one big break through the grid as a huge collective. Together, in solidarity, in unison. Holding hands. Briskly headed through the grid, arms/hands linked enmass. I actually was briefly shown humanity’s linked arms/hands crisscrossing entire Earth in marvelous solidarity, and this was shown 2-3 yrs ago. Very emotional, in turn, hugely powerful… let’s show them what we can and will do! No more control– no cameras, surveillence, mountains of ‘manmade laws’, no courts, cops, restructured schools, smaller, ONLY, no parasitic agencies – ‘healthcare’, ‘insurance companies’… and so very muchmore. Natural Law will prevail as will the basic goodness within every human. Nature, pure unadulterated, natural, organic, biologic nature and natural humans will flourish. Nothing artificial, fake, imitation is ever allowed. All natural life will be restored to vital health, harmony, healing, gratitude, abundance, intergrity, honor, mindfulness, respect, revererence for all life — human, all animal, sea life, trees, all vegetation, air, water and all not mentioned. The pendulum has swung (currently) to destruction, corruption, decay, the debasement of all that was good; inversion. NOW is The Time to stand tall and come back to goodness, purity, upliftment, beauty, NATURE and for us to learn word Majick (to create Beauty) they have stolen and corrupted in order to enslave and destroy all that’s Good. We have been invaded yet we CAN and WILL get goodness back and WILL slip out of this reality.

  4. I shall continue to feed both vvolves letting neither beast fatten nor suffer from neglect. When i exit and shed the artificial soul my personality will be a paragon of perfection.
    I think this was what she had in mind by design. Creator goddesses with the ability to incorporate multiple modes of feeling and expressions.
    In dealing with the black wolf now one can use her experiences later to create good from what might seem at first glance to have been bad.
    – thank for nothing and for everything aif😝

    1. “Both”…hm…Big smile. And “Yes” for the world in which we live…as I am the only one responsable for my defence( if I am attacked I have the right to defend myself like She did) ,right?Dancing with the wolves but not in a Brad Pitt style.(LOL).

    2. Last Lion : one more thought : the “second wolf” – in my opinion – is the immune system.Defensive😊You need an immune system.Your body needs this in case of some unexpected invasion(viruses/bacteria/etc😊).If your defense is week you pass out in shock(septic shock/see terminal diseases).So yep…feed both but “neither beast fatten”.😊

      1. Anamarie
        Good point about the physical well being. I was thinking more along the lines of self defense. I guess thats my trauma. Being so nice and naive that people sense this and take advantage of what they perceive as weakness. Much like the namlaus. I dont want to get run over again because i tend to be so nice. Maybe else where i can be finally be myself but not here, not just now.

        1. 😊Physical body/ social body and so on…One can read a word/an idea on all levels.😊Thank you for your attention.

          1. Anamaria:
            brad pitt?? Kevin costner is sad you didnt give him credit for his classic.
            That man tries so hard.

            1. Let’s see : I am addressing you like you Are The Last Lion 😊 and I am telling you that I am whispering since I was 5 y old…”Shields Up!Stay with Me!Stay with Me”😊 Sounds familiar?I am so grateful to be Here😊.

  5. I just want to say your recent article, FAQ: Fears Going Through the Grid,was as direct and simple as it was clarifying and revealing,as TRUTH is!No sugaring,no empty words,Bullseye!It seems,at least that is my perception,that Both of You,got your Spark more Brighter!I was in doubt/fear,but I now can see it,sometimes I let myself distracted.But your videos and articles carry your vibration(hiher love) and this is spread to the readers.Thank you

  6. Thank you Wes and Ariel. Your ‘what if’s cleared up my biggest questions. This video resonates with me so deeply.The SEXIST BIBLE needs to be Exposed for The Evil it is!

    1. 😊Looking at your basket …just wanting to share a thought with you : isn’t somehow funny that all priests are basically “men in dresses”?Including buddhists.

  7. Wes i am in pins and needles! Everytime a video comes and i get to see the next video from the mini series I’m like i can’t wait for the next vid! Keep it going Wes!

  8. What an amazing, accurate, revealing video, thank you people! It helped me a lot, very eye-opening !

  9. Thank you Wes and Ariel for this enlightening video,I feel her inside like liquid velvet,always encouraging.We cannot let her down.So chin up and remember who we are,despite all adversity and also remember not all are like us,give thanks for our existence as a part of her.Big hugs to you all.

  10. Well said and done from your knowledge and wisdom. Have been following your teachings for several years and I’m always Grateful and blown away. So very Thankful I Felt your Honest flow from the depth of my Being. JOY OF MY LIFE IS IN THE KNOWING OF YOUR TEACHINGS

  11. Hi Wes, I don’t know where this person gets this info from maybe you can shed some light on this.
    Orion is a Matriachical dominated matrix with female spider and reptoid queens at the top (Wes even revealed some of this in one of his latest videos).

    They operate as a hive mind.

    MAKH Warriors were sent here to overthrow Enki and claim earth in the name of the queen of orion, but that agenda has failed because we have woken up to deeper truth of our true origins tied outside this universe.

    1. I know who this person is. He’s apparently on a mission to discredit me/us. I have communicated with him and listened to a few videos. It’s not so much that he is of another “opinion” than we are, but he is intentionally lying about me/us, and he knows it. But that’s his problem. I don’t feel invested in what he thinks about me and for whatever purpose he’s decided to lie about me. Only he knows…

      1. Could Orion be remote viewed? There has to be some really important targets that can shed even more light on on all of this. Also, there was a video called ENKI Speaks- Insane Spirit session on the LEAK PROJECT I cant believe the voice was really Enki. And all the info Rex knows you would think he would of asked some really important questions to him (if its really him.) I know there is still very important missing pieces to all this and Rv just might be able to pull out a lot more. Also, We have no Idea just who else is out there that is trust worthy and knows valuable information that has not yet been revealed for certain reasons. I wonder if DMT could safely bring back trust worthy information as well. If so, all of this data should be collected and straight to the point and categorized. Also, I may have some vocal profiling done on this guy to see this guys true intentions. To mess with human souls and misdirect is the worst crime to do in these times we live. No better then Enki and his minions. thanks for being here

  12. I liked the music at the end of the video…….is that woman at the
    End of the video the queen or someone from orion?
    Can’t wait for the next video
    Great work and great job on these videos wes and ariel

  13. Tales continue…
    We are tired of the story of the Queen and her ambitious sons.
    Aha,another trawler or Sirius agent-is not it?
    You have 8,000 followers, I think half is confused.
    Everything in this world is fake and full of lies.
    Universe is a smart machine,thats all.

  14. I keep getting errors during attempts to play the video. Screen goes black and denoted at the bottom of the black screen is “Video can not be decoded”. Bummer

      1. Yes still getting an error. After a few minutes, several attempts and at a different spot each time, the screen goes black and in white letters at the bottom the screen it says This video failed to encode. Not sure if it is my windows 10 pc or not.

        1. I have Win 10, too, and Ariel is running on Win 8.1 (which both her and I actually prefer. Who would have thought. I didn’t like it at all when it came out). What browser do you use? If I were you, I would try another browser. It works for everybody else, apparently–or at least, we haven’t had any other comments or emails about it.

          1. Okay thank you for address in any case. Will try another, using MS Edge now. Will try chrome or explorer. I feel this is a must see for me now. 😉

            1. The problem is indeed the browser(I had the same issue only I used a chromium varient, which is a different layout-engine). From what I can tell, chrome uses a different decoder than most other browser. For example I cant watch steams on twitch(stream site for games) with Opera(the browser I use mainly) but i can watch them on chrome, same as with these video’s and rarely videos on youtube. MS Edge will be updated to use a chromium based engine in 2020, maybe it will solve the problem for you and you can switch back to Edge if you want.

              I hoped this still hepled you and helps others with the same problem.

  15. Thanks for the great video, these things help me get through the daily grind of the patrix and give me hope for better times ahead. I’m looking forward to the videos in the second construct series.

  16. Wes and Ariel: Love the FAQs, short films, videos, newsletters. All these different formats, it’s really incredible what you are doing.
    I have quite a few times come across information of questions that I’ve asked in the past 😉
    I realize this means you have to repeat yourself.
    you do take it as an opportunity to explain things in different ways, so that’s helpful too. Appreciated.

  17. “What If”. What a great title for a list of “What If”! So much to consider about the subject. But not so hard to take on board if being ‘fair dindikum’ (honest) with oneself as to one’s true intentions. If one is genuinely honest with oneself in wanting to feed the good “Wolf” and starve the bad “Wolf” , then surely the rest will take care of itself. Thank you Wes and Ariel for such an informative and thought provoking subject.

  18. “What If”. What a great title for a list of “What If”! So much to consider about the subject. But not so hard to take on board if being ‘fair dindikum’ (honest) with oneself as to one’s true intentions. If one is genuinely honest with oneself in wanting to feed the good “Wolf” and starve the bad “Wolf” , then surely the rest will take care of itself. Thank you Wes and Ariel for such in informative and thought provoking subject.

      1. Thank you so much for the Krishnamurti quote Wes. I read ‘At the feet of the master’ many years ago now being in my late seventies. I must be honest in saying that although I found it heartwarming reading, the core message sailed over my head somewhat. However, the core message must have filtered through gradually, due to where I am now in my thinking and approach to myself and others including the fauna and flora etc.

        1. Yes, that’s how it works, doesn’t it? We read certain material and understand it one way. Then, when we come back to it, perhaps a few years later, it’s like it’s the first time we read it. This only means we are progressing, so it’s a very good thing.

  19. Thank You Ariel and Wes for putting out one of the most important videos I might have seen in my life. 😀

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