America’s Strike on Iran

by Wes Penre, January 3, 2020

Many of us might have heard by now that Trump and his cohorts struck against Iran as retaliation against Iran for having supposedly attacked a U.S. embassy in Iraq. U.S. military, in the process, supposedly killed an Iranian General in the process. Iran is now pissed off and, in return, promise a retaliation against the U.S. Feel free to discuss this subject under this category.

Without having read the latest news on it this morning, this is my take on it:

This whole drama is of course another story filled with lies, half-truths, and deception to steer the masses in a predetermined direction. Some suggest that this is the first step toward a WW 3, which of course is not impossible. They need a motive to go to war, and this could be a perfect motive. Or there could be another reason for these events. People in the alternative media have talked about Iran as being the conduit for the next world war for at least a decade now, and here we are…

Regardless, this is the thing; if they want a WW 3, they will get a WW 3. If they don’t want a WW 3, it won’t happen. There is nothing we can do about it, and the initial intention with these strikes is to create fear in the mass consciousness, so we can focus and unite on a common main timeline that lead toward the goals of the Overlords and the Controllers (Global Elite). This happened most recently with 911. So, be careful not to emotionally attach to these events with fear. In fact, don’t get emotionally involved at all, if you can help it. Instead, be the Observer, without getting attached to it. We don’t want to join the mass reactive mind on these guys’ mutual timeline.

IF there will be a WW 3, and it will affect us in a negative way, we’ll just deal with it then. Absolutely no need for panic or fear–that’s exactly what they want from us. It’s time for the Overlords to have a New Year’s giant party, celebrating the new decade, where our soul energy is the main dish, apparently.

Thus, most important at the moment: we need to keep ourselves outside this intended merging timeline, which is based on fear. The Elite needs us on mutual ground. We want to stay unattached to all global events and only act as Observers, like if we saw Earth from outside as a subject of study.

(This post may be updated as new information surfaces).

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  1. If I hadn’t read this post I wouldn’t have any idea about this strike. Choosing any world news to read, assimilate or follow or NOT is a responsibility (IMO) to OneSelf as well as in service to the greater whole. Every choice is individual so I pay no ‘senses attention’ and continue holding the ALL in ONE Light and Love, The Truth that remains, regardless of what ‘is’ happening. Thanks Wes

    1. Yes, best way to approach this.
      I do the same and refuse to cocreate our own jail and destruction.
      As much as I can recognize the programs designed to control us. Some are hard to ignore however.

  2. 🌹💙 I first heard of this from Wes and Ariel’s announcement, as the Forum is usually my first check of the day! Hey, maybe there’s a possibility of Wes & Ariel having a “Headline Of the Day,” everyday in the Forum—something pivotal—short & sweet with a quick analysis, & what the implication is just for us! 🤔. Just a thought. Bright Blessings to all. 🌞🙏.

      1. 🌹💙 That’s totally okay Wes! Maybe consider your thoughts every now and then, when a headline such as this is crucial—maybe just a couple of paragraphs! We do hang on every word & take you and Ariel’s advice & knowledge at heart! 🌞🙏.

      2. I don’t either and didn’t know about this til just now lol now I understand the astrological energy this week omg. Poor Iran. Trump will be sorry. Iran has been around a lot longer than America and was waging war when Europeans didn’t even know how to walk yet.

        I’m glad I”m disconnected I’m happy in my bubble.

  3. I’m thankful to have found people like Wes Penre, Bill Cooper, John Todd and a few others whose research has allowed the average person the ability to educate him/herself about this matrix.

    The world is a stage so let’s see how this plays out. One thing I’m aware of is that on Jan 12th, 2020 Pluto and Saturn make a conjunction which is very rare and has been used as a date in the past to start wars/conflicts. As above so below is the axiom they live by right? Negative implications including stock market calamity may occur also. My 2 cents is with Senate impeachment trials hearings set for that week Trump will begin the war officially so that he can remain President using the powers granted to him in the war powers act, E.O. 13224 passed by Bush2, and state of emergency act. If needed he can remain President indefinitely as long as the country is declared under a state of emergency.

    A hobby of mine is watching movies for the purpose of seeing if I can decode a hidden message/Easter egg. I was able to predict the date of a major disaster by watching Hereafter by Clint Eastwood.when it was released Nov 2010. In fact, my comment and thread on you-tube were removed after I told a private account holder “The Duke of Emerald” (Clint Eastwood?) how I was able to predict the date when he sent me a private reply/question. The scene in the movie was removed from the dvd when it came out and replaced with another. They pulled the movie from theaters in Japan also. I’m talking about the Tsunami that hit Japan 3/11/11. The time on Big Ben (London=Rothschild home residence and time was clearly 3:11 on the clock which is actually a date. Also the movie started with a tsunami. The book in the movie is called Hereafter by Aquarius publishing ironically a lot t

    Long story short, in Revenge of the Fallen-Transformers 2- there is a very long battle scene that takes place in Chicago and Trump tower is destroyed. We’ll see. The Simpsons also show Trump in a coffin and a female President taking over after the US has basically gone bankrupt.

    1. The USA Inc has been officially bankrupt since 1933. As well, EVERY SINGLE president since that time has invoked the Emergency War Measures protocols which suspends the Constitution as well as any Law. Legal is not the same as lawful…Search Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars….its the political culmination of what Wes & Ariel talk about in all their publications and videos.

  4. Yeah, to add to the movie easter eggs, I remember in Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Palpatines speech (main bad guy) where he states “Reorganize the the senate to the first galactic empire).

  5. This will not escalate to a world war as neither Russian nor China will enter the battle overtly, though they will both aid Iran covertly, particularly Russia with its vast intelligence network including its satellites.
    For further details behind this reasoning, I would suggest one check out military analyst The Saker on this subject since the assassination of Soleimani.

    1. It is good to see that the word assassination is not used here as media seems to call it for own agendas.
      They never called drone strikes assassinations, except in this case.
      Since I only go from what I am told, don’t look at msm, still something I noticed. A good choice of words here.

  6. A new year and new goals for the Globalist to check off the checklist. They’re not wasting any time as things are off to a fast start. Iran still has control of their own central bank. In Muslim countries usury is forbidden . That means only through war can the Rothschild banking cartel take over Iran’s money supply.
    Crypto currencies seem to be moving higher as Jan.12th closes in. Could be a head fake but it also could be for real this time. Q4 earnings begin next Tuesday 1/14/20 as JPM and other major banks will also be reporting that same week. Eventually Deutsche Bank’s derivative exposure will be the cause for the next downturn/crash(?) or so a well informed person I’m acquainted with stated recently.
    He told our group the Friday before the 2008 collapse happened what was going to come the following month. 1) SP 500 drops 30% in 30 days 2) Oil would be $80 barrel from $140 3)Gas would be 1.80/gallon from $4.40. 4) Don’t buy copper as an investment (dropped 50% in 30 days).
    20:20 why is that considered perfect vision? Could it be the plan for “global domination” through monetary control will be achieved? Permit me to issue a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws. A new basket of currencies interdependent of each other and backed by gold ($) will be the future. How that affects block chain and crypto’s I’m not sure. So far the move to implementing them as a normal payment option is still non existent but this year should see improvement as China vowed to push block chain forward.
    Many have seen Ricky Gervais’ opening monologue last Sunday as he belittled top Hollywood brass and actors with no holds barred abandon. He kept saying I don’t care it’s the last one (as in Golden Globes or his last one hosting? WW3 May start soon just like Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mannzini planned back in 1870. Pitting political Zionism vs Islam to usher in Luciferian doctrine (Enkiism) and destroy Christianity staging a war that will exhaust every country physically, spiritually and financially. Washington DC, Rome and London will be the World Headquarters for Military, Spirituality, and Finance respectively. Hard to argue their plan was not for real.
    I wonder Wes, if your “contacts” have given you any insight to their “Endgame”. I remember one of them told you silver would go parabolic once it hit it’s atomic number (47) and sure as heck it did. George Soros made a killing off that. Someone in his camp? I also noticed that statement was removed from the Supreme Rockefeller ebook in which it was written. They never like to leave fingerprints do they? I appreciate everything you’ve done for us over the years!

    1. Kevin G, if anything the monetary system could change from debt based system to asset based system. I would not pay attention to assumptions. Nobody knows what is really going on.

      1. This is a reply from someone who does know. Name withheld on purpose. Serving 23 years in prison for a white collar crime he was framed for. Sally Yates had the SEC/FBI give perjured testimony against him and denied his thousands of pages of evidence from being admitted on his behalf. Finally, FBI agents followed him in the restroom during a break in the trial and threatened his family’s lives if he proceeded. Wes do you know who Brian Kanarek is?

        « Reply #123 on: June 08, 2018, 09:37:04 AM »

        6.07.2018, Thursday

        How deep does this river run?

        Remember Brian Kanarek of Palm Desert, California? He was the member from the Gordon Group that I fired and subsequently cancelled his Wattle Holdings shares. Brian was George Soros’ right hand man. To hear Brian tell it, George followed his lead on the short sell of $10 billion worth of pound sterling during the UK currency crisis in 1991 that netted them $1 billion dollars.

        Who is George Soros?

        George is one of the world’s top thirty richest currency manipulators who was convicted in France in 2002 of insider trading. He has stated that it is his mission to save America from the “evil” influences of free market capitalism. He puts his short selling gains behind a host of far-left causes such as; abortion, unrestricted immigration, government funded media and reduction of America.

        George is the individual solely responsible for organizing a secret three day meeting that took place at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, D.C., the week after Trump’s stunning victory. The meeting brought together three of the wealthiest-largest liberal dark money organizations in the country; The ‘Women Donors Network’, the ‘Solidaire Network’, and the ‘Democracy Alliance’.

        Mega-rich liberal Democrats, such as environmentalist Tom Steyer and Philanthropist Donald Sussman, helped to fund the ‘Democracy Alliance’. Since 2005, the Alliance has given more than $500 million to far-left organization like Black Lives Matter and the immigration group ‘United We Dream’. But no one has devoted as much money to Democratic candidates and liberal causes as George Soros, who contributed tens of billions of dollars.

        The meeting would launch what would be called “The Resistance”. The press would be barred from the meeting. Soros presented a plan to merge the three major donor groups into a powerful new fund specifically aimed at undermining President Trump’s agenda. He would label it the “Emergent Fund”.

        God Bless and Godspeed to you and yours,

  7. I am slowly getting to a point where I am disengaging from the chaos news. Seems like daily ‘they’ are whacking away at us from 100s of different directions, and my mind is getting overwhelmed and kind of bored with it all. My brain feels sore. I’ve had difficulty letting go of the notion the world can get better; that I can help improve the human condition. Been around long enough now to see that’s not happening.

    I’ve prepared as much as possible, am concentrating on caring for those I can be helpful to, spend more time alone, meditating, and getting outside more, although the chemtrails can still send me into a spin:( Love to all and especially Wes & Ariel. Thank you for all you do.

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