FAQ: The Light-Tunnel (The “After-Light”)

by Ariel Glad, January 21, 2020

Let’s talk about LIGHT.

We all know that the tunnel of light, which appears for most people after their physical death, is the portal through which all must pass to incarnate back into this world. We all know to stay away from it, if we have set our intention to leave this experiment.

In so much of our research about the afterlife and the nonphysical realms within our construct, we are becoming increasingly aware that the possibility exists for there to be more than one tunnel of light, and we should stay away from those, too. ALL lights, whether they appear as tunnels, vortexes, expansive and all-encompassing (such as filling an entire perceived “space” or room), and Beings themselves, are part of this construct and offer no chance to exit. NONE.

This construct is an interactive feedback system. When a person dies, they are given an experience which is generated based on the resonance or the frequency of their soul. People who resonate with the belief system of Christianity will be given an experience that matches what they believe. Those who are in alignment with an Islamic or Jewish belief system will be given a different experience. For those who hold no belief of a God or have a more agnostic belief resonance, they will likely be given nothing until a thought forms in their “mind” gives the system something to feed back to them. Everyone will eventually be given something which propels them through the recycling mechanism.

What about those whose intention or frequency is in alignment with NOT reincarnating? Yes, those, too will be given an experience, and they, too, will be presented with a LIGHT. This is a different light, however, and it is or appears to be a separate path into the system which bypasses the well-known “tunnel of light”. This light appears as a different color. Based on our research, and the personal experience of one who has encountered two separate lights (when the first light failed to do its job), this other light option appears to be a portal into the “advanced” area of the afterlife. We spoke of those advanced humans who had completed their tasks on Earth to such a degree that a choice is given in the afterlife to stay within the inner sanctum of the nonphysical realms to become a teacher or a guide. For those no longer wishing to reincarnate, they moved along a different path with a different light, and this light appears to be Golden in color, in comparison to the White light that is common.

A personal experience was told to us by someone who was experiencing a fragile state of health, at the time. Although, it was unclear to the person whether they were experiencing a near-death or simply a spontaneous out of body experience, the scenario they encountered offered proof of these two lights. This person found themselves standing outside a stone temple with very large doors. After realizing that the doors would not open, this person pried them open with their hands and stepped inside. Once inside, they found themselves in a room which was flooded with brilliant White light. They immediately were overcome with feelings of joy and happiness, and these feelings were being emitted from the light. Being aware of how this system works, this person rejected these feelings as being a manipulation of some kind. Immediately, they were propelled into an adjacent room that was suffused with light of a different color, a Golden light. This light brought about feelings of only love. However, this feeling of love was so intense and overpowering that the person became very uncomfortable and declared, “This is not real. This is fake.” The person was pushed out of the room, back outside to the entry to the temple, and the doors slammed shut. The person immediately regained their consciousness and “woke up”.  The system had rejected them because they had rejected both of the light offerings.

This experience occurred a few years ago, and while we found it interesting, we did not have any reference for different lights appearing in the afterlife to confirm this. Recently, however, we have had the good fortune to become aware of two different groups of remote viewers and out of body researchers who have dedicated a portion of their work to figuring out the reincarnation process and what we may encounter after we die.

In the work of the remote viewers, the existence of different lights or tunnels of light were experienced. In fact, these remote viewers experienced (at least) more than three different lights. Some lights were of the notorious love and happy vibes, while others were clearly of a more negative impression. I think it is safe to say that no matter what our frequency, whether advanced and spiritually passionate, or of a much more negatively aligned state, there is a light to match the frequency of our soul or the state of our being, no matter who we are and what we believe. It seems that after death, we really do get sorted into an appropriate level of travel through the system, much like boarding a train to your appropriate destination. Something to think about, perhaps. For your own research of this team of remote viewers, you can view their sessions on the afterlife and “light”, by clicking on this link: http://signallinie.info/die-lichtfalle/#session_02 (it’s in German, but if you use Chrome or Brave, a box will pop up when you enter the page, asking if you want it translated. Click yes and the entire page will be translated into surprisingly good English).

The out of body researchers, Jonathan Dilas and Shiva Suraya, have also done a good job at trying to create a model for how the afterlife process works. What we found most interesting in their work is that Shiva has experienced what she has described as the “holes” to get out of the matrix. These holes were not part of the light-traps or tunnels, but appeared in the “area” immediately after death. To her, they appeared as inky, black puddles or pools that one could jump into (through?). While she was unable to pass through these black holes, she did witness someone who did.

In this construct, in which we know everything is inverted, it makes all the sense that the path to get out of here will not be one of Light, but one of blackness. Haven’t we all been made to be afraid of the dark? Darkness within this construct is symbolic of shadow and the unknown. Fear is attached to darkness and those things we cannot see. For the reasons we have suggested in this article and many more that you are free to discover on your own, we strongly encourage everyone who has the intention to leave this experiment to reject anything in the afterlife that appears as Light and instead, look for the absence of light, overcome your fear of the unknown, and be prepared to go through what will appear to be a black hole of darkness. Don’t be discouraged that you cannot perceive (“see”) anything outside of or through this hole. Remember, it is only black because the frequency of this construct limits us to not being able to perceive the Greater Universe. Once we exit through a hole in the grid, we will. Once we enter the KHAA or the Greater Universe, we will be able to perceive it, until then, all we can perceive will be this matrix and its traps of light. 


  1. Thank you wes… i hope i can email you.. i wanted to have an advice.. i am a victim of scam.. greed take over my intuition.. i know i need to face this.mess on my own but a good advice will surely help me.. thanks..

  2. “This construct is an interactive feedback system”. Or as Franklin D. Roosevelt is quoted as saying “We have nothing to fear accept fear itself”. Remember Reality accepts, it doesn’t tempt. It allows, it doesn’t demand. Trust your intuition. Once we have separated from the physical, our ties with the physical no longer apply. Anything that draws you to make a decision based on your physical attractions and affections is a reflection of your past and can only lead you back. Trust Life and Love on.
    Paul Simon once wrote “a man get’s tied up to the ground, he gives the world it’s saddest sound”. Accept, Allow and Let Go.

  3. Thanks, Wes and Ariel. Those “inky black puddles” are very useful data. Of course one might wonder what sort of “less black” environment surrounds them and sets them off. I am age 73 and have absolutely no desire to be recycled, especially as it appears the planet is going rapidly into a lock down mode, so I hope to exit into the KHAA successfully this time. When I was a teenager, I used to run white water rapids in a canoe, and one had to “read the water” and make instant correct decisions. This reminds me of it. But I think the first rule is don’t dawdle about, waste time and be distracted. Find the hole in the grid and go through it as fast as possible.

    The idea that a hole in the grid would appear as a black body makes a lot of sense to me as a physical scientist. No energy from the KHAA can enter the Matrix through the hole so it appears to be utterly black.

    1. We would suggest that in etheric form, we can see the Grid as being somewhat fuzzy, so that would be the reason for the contrast between the darkness (blackness) of the whole and the dim light from the Grid.

    2. My sister and I have been reading, looking for a way off of this world/dimension for years. Mr Penre has been the only author who made sense and we resonated with him so much. I will admit that losing my grip on the hope for a happy afterlife vis the White Light was hard to do. But, I had issues with the whole memory loss thing and to be honest, the descriptions of many writers concerning what life was like after physical death seemed to be rather boring. And..heading back into the reincarnation mincemeat grinder..no..no..no.
      I want out of the 4%. I came here to help. I have done what I can. I am 68 years old. I feel like I am marking time until Ican go home. My focus is to find the holes in the grid and boogie on out and hopefully taking my sister with me. We are twins. It is manageable.

      1. Wow I am a twin tóo. Identical ..but I have tried to get my sister to take this seriously but even though she is open to alot of stuff she still doesn’t seem to take this seriously and makes fun of me for watching it..which makes me kinda sad that she will pbly end up getting stuck here forever like most everybody else I know .Anyways I was really GLAD when I read that you and your twin sister both are planning to escape through the grid and reunite on the other side!! I hope it happens cuz I really wish my twin would do the same thing I hate to think of her being stuck here cuz I feel like I will be losing part of myself in a sense if that happens

        1. Thank you for your lovely response and I too wish that your sister could get on the same page as you. If my sister and I could not relax and talk about all that we are reading, I would be in dreadful shape. Still, each Spirit/Soul must make up their own mind. You can pass on the knowledge but each must walk their own road. Good Luck Yolanda and lets hope we can meet on the other side of the Grid and compare Earth notes.

  4. When I had my experience, I saw a tunnel snaking towards me, I absolutely rejected it, this world, and any afterlifes. I wanted the Universe….I felt like I turned around, away from thier offer…and then was in the Universe, near stars, nebulae, and at first a dark backdrop. Then the darkness went away in the backdrop of space and it was all beautiful lights and colors! At that moment, I had no memory of this world, and I was going to head to Orion. Then suddenly, I found myself in my body.
    I take two warnings out of that experience. One, keep all memories of this world and lives you led here, say specifically, you ARE heard….and think of the KHAA, not Universe. I suspect the Universe was not the Khaa, and I was brought back to realize this and let others know. Thank you Wes and Ariel, together many of us will find the best route of here!

    1. Thank You. So good to know…As Wes says, focus and head out through the holes in the Grid. Lots of things/visions/people will try to distract you. Pay No Mind and head to the KHAA through the first hole you see. Focus and keep your control tight. Hugs everyone..Be Kind to all here, we are all trapped.

  5. advanced humans who had completed their tasks on Earth to such a degree that a choice is given in the afterlife to stay within the inner sanctum of the nonphysical realms to become a teacher or a guide. For those no longer wishing to reincarnate, they moved along a different path with a different light, and this light appears to be Golden in color, in comparison to the White light that is common.

    If I understand this right aren’t they still under and controlled by ENKI? Also, once in that state of the nonphysical realms as a teacher or a guide they can never come back into a physical body again?

    1. Yes, they are still under the control of the Overlords. I don’t know if they ever can come back to a physical body, but it doesn’t seem they do. After all, they consider themselves having “graduated.” I guess it would be equivalent to a high school kid going back to third grade or something…

      1. How free are they once they are “graduated.”. sounds like they are stuck always being a teacher or a guide. does not sound pleasant. You would still have to experience all the crap again but guiding someone else through it and it would be never ending. being truly free would be creating your haven and experiencing beauty and sharing wonderful creations. there can never be peace here in this matrix as the controlling overloads would starve.

        1. @Alex – they are not free. They only know what they know. They see this as helping humanity and it resonates with the stage in their own development they have achieved. It would seem like a very good thing to them and they are happy to be given this new job. It’s like a promotion.

          1. We have all these channeled teachers such as Ramtha, Jesus , Abraham hicks, bashar, ect.. Why not one of them tell us about Enkis slave trap. if they love humanity like they say they should be telling us to escape. I would love to ask one of these channelers these questions and hear their response.

            1. Alex, actually Barbara Marciniak who purportedly channels some renegade Pleiadeans from 2 million years in our future does deal with this issue and has coined the phrase the “Anunnaki Recycling Center,” and that one should try to escape it. But to the best of my knowledge, and I certainly have not listened to even most of her public channeling, she is rather short on viable details of how to do it other than to focus strongly prior to ones death where one would like to go. I never heard her refer to the grid.

              1. Nope,, Barbara has never referred to the Grid and probably never will. The Pleiadians have openly stated that their teacher is En.ki himself, and that they report to him, where after he evaluates their performance, and he is a tough teacher, they’ve said. En.ki has no wish for us to go through the Grid.

                1. What are your thoughts on Ashayana Deane and the guardians. I could not get to far with her teachings as its very complex but the little I did get looks like nothing more then Enki Ascension program. I know Kerry Cassidy is big on her teachings and Kerry has said that leaving this matrix you end up under another system of control with another master. There is no way I believe she could know that to be true. I almost think something has some control on her helping Enki in the long run.

                  1. Ashayana Deane is getting what is called “data dumps,” just like the guy who calls himself “The Galactic Historian.” Similar stories, in a way. Data dump just means “someone” is dumping information into the channeler (although Deane doesn’t call herself channeler). It’s from within the Matrix. Interesting, too, that Deane was abducted as a child (military, I would suggest). So was Michael Lee Hill, and many others of these front people, whom so many people listen to. They are all distractions, put in place on purpose. It doesn’t mean that the messengers are bad people, but what they’re receiving is deceptive.

                2. I did not realize they say they report to ea. I thought they were being subversive. I am only on their first book so far.glad you said something.

                  1. No problem. All channeled entities I know of come from within the Matrix and are related to En.ki’s agenda in one way or another, whether they themselves are aware of it or not. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t listen to them because there is good information there, as well, but we need to use discernment when we take in the info

                1. No, the Pleiadians acknowledge that EA/En.ki is just the creator of mankind (homo sapiens). Prime Creator is what Ariel and I call the Divine Feminine (All That Is), although they don’t acknowledge the feminine part, EXCEPT in one place, either in the “Earth” book or “Bringers of the Dawn.” There, they talk about the Goddess, although briefly.

            2. Many of the channeled entities are “advanced humans” who have managed to “ascend” from the 3d existence. They don’t know much more than we “physical” humans do. They think they’re on the right path. In En.ki’s universe, there is a spiritual hierarchy with a need-to-know basis.

            3. Because they work for En.ki, unbeknownst to them. It’s not that these channeled “advanced humans” are necessarily evil–they just do their job, being teachers from another density, thinking they’re doing a good thing (except the Jesus of the Bible, who is based on the character of Thoth, En.ki’s son).

            4. Ramtha did warn of this trap, one of the reasons I started reading Wes Penre papers, he discussed it at an event I attended and has a cd on it as well. Doesn’t go into as much detail as Wes Penre and Ariel, I would also think Yeshua would have taught on this but would have been removed from the teachings or unavailable for us “lay” people.. not familiar with Bashar amd haven’t studied much of Abraham Hicks. I don’t go to retreats or listen to much channeled material anymore.. Ramtha made it clear to stay away from the light and be careful what entities that appear to you… stated go to the void, discussed the grid as well..

              1. I am very interested in what Ramtha said about the VOID and the Grid. Is there anywhere I can find that information, or if not, is there a way you could send the CD file to me? Perhaps via WeTransfer.com ?

            5. They either don’t know or r manipulating us too. Kryon I feel is blatantly manipulative. “Why would you want to leave, the party is just starting” …

              Bashar too in my opinion… Tho I know Wes likes him…

              And I’ve heard marcinac evade questions the Ps don’t want to answer too and they did so by condescending to the person asking the question and treating them like they were stupid for asking.

      2. Ich denke auch Adamus Saint Germain von Crimson Circle, er ist ein aufgestiegener Meister, dient Enki, ohne es vielleicht zu wissen. Habe jahrelang seine Channelings gelesen. Hatte immer mehr das Gefühl, dass hier etwas verschwiegen wird. Kennen Sie den Crimson Circle?

    2. @Alex – I would not say it is impossible – just unlikely. To be physically “human” is considered the bottom rung on the ladder of spiritual growth (according to the way this “school” is designed), and so it seems unlikely that anyone would WANT to incarnate if they didn’t have to. Why go backwards, in other words? I’m not saying I agree with this, but this seems to be how it is set up.

  6. I have to wholeheartedly thank you Wes, and all those who were involved in bringing this valuable information to us all. “The good wolf” was certainly well fed here by these caring people!

  7. Excellent information wes and Ariel.

    I wish l could just leave .
    I don’t really want to bear anymore.
    I am dying both physically and mentally though my age around 20.
    I don’t feel any attraction to this life.
    I feel very lone .
    I can’t love ,feel compassion, sympathy.
    Guess I am just like them.
    Honestly l don’t know how someone can be compassionate.
    And l m not the only one people like me dont know how to live or die .we can’t show or we do have any compassion
    You may not like us
    We are self centered person ,but we dont have choice never did.
    People like me can’t be helped we are beyond repair.
    This is the people only plateform l can tell.
    Normal people can’t distinguish us because we hide everything.
    Many people won’t find this they will ultimately suicide the only fate.
    One day l will do it and I already planned it.
    At the end none of it matters .

    1. There is a huge difference between a person being narcissistic and depressed with this world. The controllers of this matrix intentionally beat humanity down to make you feel this way. They do NOT have your wonderful DNA and they are doing everything they can to make you hate what you are. Don’t buy it. This world is hard but you are a light worker here to do a job and you CANNOT turn on yourself. Humanity needs your compassion and so does Mother Earth❤️

    2. There is supposedly a mental disorder they r talking about now where feelings e shut off….And they say they have a med that helps it…..I might want to ask dr….but also…check out that remote viewing link that is in comments of last q and a vedeo….what u r describing also correlated with what they describe as a soul and what is left of it after the aif have finally drained it SO MUCH… That only a shell of it is left at end……I wonder … If there is a repair process available…I don’t see why not…sounds like a good energy healer might be able to give u the !metaphysical equivalent of a blood transfusion????

      Any thoughts from anyone else on tjis? Makes sense to me….

  8. Hi Wes and Ariel, Thank you for this great information. Is there a way to get detailed information about the KHAA and how it functions. Are there people that have exited that have shared this details to us that you know? I think a great deal of humans will really embrace exiting this construct if they can get adequate information about the KHAA other than the 96% vast experience. Is the KHAA designed like this construct( i think so, since En.Ki is a copy master)? Do we have nations, tribes, governments, sex, money, family, etc in the KHAA? I would appreciate if you can paint a picture of the KHAA so well that we can create videos, documentaries etc about it and share to the world.

  9. Once gain I am amazed of the beauty and clearity of the article!wow!It seems to me you increased the pace,also you put the information in a way that there is no room for interpretation,doubt.
    That being said,I remember a testimony of someone who was dead for 12 hours?,or something like that,and he found himself at the gates of heaven!he did not enter ,because he did not think he was worthy and was reluctant.he turned just for a moment and when he looked again,the Heaven was actually Hell!This is an example of the inversion on Earth Matrix.he also talked about LUck(locky)as a fallen angel,usurper.
    No heaven,no hell for me!but i mentioned this story as en example that everything is inverted and we are tought to fear what can bring us liberation(i.e.darkness,unkown),it is not like that we know something!!:))

  10. and then an angel came and told him to look again,and this time he could see the heaven for what really was:hell

  11. Hi Wes and Ariel, three off-topic questions:

    1) Have you every dealt in your writings with the early Gnostics who wrote the scrolls discovered in 1945 in Nag Hammadi, Egypt, which have been dated to probably the 3rd century ME? I don’t recall it in the 5 levels. In the broadest outlines, they seem to mirror your research with the Demiurge being Enki and the Archons the AIF.

    2) Are you familiar with Elisa E., the recovering MK Ultra total mind control slave who has written two books, Our Life Beyond MKULTRA, books 1 & 2, as well as several net interviews, the best so far I’ve listened to were two 2 hour interviews on the Sage of Quay site accompanied by the fearless Elana Freeland? Her books are available in Kindle/Amazon for $5 each. In her descriptions of the horrors which she underwent since infancy to split her mind into compartmentalized personalities and fragments, she lists a hierarchy of perps, the bottom level she calls handlers, middle management, “controllers,” and the highest level. “Programmers.” Programmers are incredibly evil non-human multidimensionals who can shape shift at will in physical form. They are in total control of the “project.” In the second book she details two very strange encounters with a MD she refers to as Lucifer. I find her presentation in her interviews very intelligent, authentic, and credible, and I would be gobsmacked if it were a fictional account masquerading as factual autobiography.

    3) You mention Robert Monroe in connection with the “grid.” What was the title of the book in which he deals with this? By the way, there is considerable evidence that he was CIA. What is your opinion of this?

  12. Well done miss ariel. New and thought provoking ideas. I loved it thx. Although all that jibberish in the Tibetan Book of the Dead does speak about lots of different kinds of colored Lights it’s very wordy and extremely hard to follow.

    I’m reminded of a song from the Disney movie Moana where a giant crab is singing about this light situation the crab (aif minion) goes on to sing these words:

    ” yeah fish are dumb dumb dumb they chase Anything That Glitters yum fish dinners and here they come come come to the brightest Thing That shimmers- ha! -beginners. You look like free food and I like seafood yeah! !!”
    Disney is creepy. So’s that scar/enki song in the lion king, yikes

      1. Also bowie’s labyrinth is a MUST SEE regarding this.there are more than one scenes in that where heroine has to realize something is a nice illusion in order to achieve her objective

        1. Yes, the Labyrinth is an excellent movie if we want to know how the brain is affected by MK ULTRA. The entire labyrinth they are walking through is the brain/mind, which is compartmentalized.

      2. Interestingly the Aztec or was it Inca deity Viracocha (Bhuddist Virochana) was known as the Foaming man of the sea. His image represented as a crab. I have no doubt this was a manifestation of En ki

      1. Nemo I believe is another thoth epitate. You hear people all the time say I Found Jesus the title of that movie is Finding Nemo

  13. Omg now that’s some interesting new info!!!
    Reminds me a little of c.s. Lewis’s pools that went to other worlds although these r black and yep who was think to jump into a black pool!!! Omfg.

    Also have Roberts Seth admits to being a guide and pretending to be whatever the person needed to see. For their good of course.

  14. I had a dream ,afew months ago(2years),I jumped,fell from a pitch black,dark room into a black pool!at first i was afraid,but when i was in the pool,the darkness turned into light an the water was so nice.when i got out there were so many(people?,did not see their faces) around me, cheering,like i was supposed to do that.I don’t know?it is just my subconscious mind?

    1. Could be. When we dream, we often contact our sub- and unconscious minds. We also are out of body when we’re dreaming, so it could be an interaction with your subconscious and the astral.

  15. Calogero Grifasi’s work. He is a past life regression hypnotist from Italy. He has posted hundreds of regression sessions on youtube that deal with the matrix and the entities that are interfering with us. The content is mind blowing and I feel really gets to the heart of what’s going on here on this prison planet.
    The following sessions will introduce you to his work:

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mh5cGA7RgM& (Entity masquerades as Jesus to entrap souls upon death)

    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXAnbS494zM& (Reptilian entities interfering with us during and AFTER our lifes on earth)

    3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HFOecADZeM& (Alien technology, religious figures,etc)

    You can find more of his sessions here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7TV_5F9jTxD4YkJs8a31gkSLA90-k2Q0 and here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVa6C3f8uuzTUPhG6ICJDWr5XNaluFuD_ (these 2 are his english channels, he has other channels with translation in french,german,spanish,polish,romanian,russian,portuguese,etc)

    This was sent to me and thought it would be a good share.

      1. this first video is amazing. The entity tells the unaware soul that because he was bad, he has to go back and try again. And as a personal favor to him, they will delete his memory (and so his faults) and make him “pure” again so he can really prove how “smart” he is and that way he can go to heaven next time. The soul even asked “but jesus never said to reincarnate???” and the entity says “yes but you were bad during your life so now you do have to go back and do it again.”

        1. he knows about the matrix.
          he’s got this girl interfering with a soul being recycled, and showing the soul how to leave “this false universe.”

      2. You guys are welcome as we are all in this together. When we link to others we can gather information from all over to see the bigger picture. We don’t know everything but imagine what those in multiple countries that do research on these same subjects could share if we come together.

  16. Just want to clarify, these “inky black puddles” are they “in the area” like randomly in the sky or actually woven into the grid? I know no one really knows but I would hate to spot a black puddle and end up in some wormhole I wasnt expecting that didnt lead to the KHAA.
    Someone who is a remote viewer did tell of his experience seeing the holes and was remote viewing one night and inspecting the area and all of a sudden someone grabbed him from behind and said where do you think you are going? And he then remembered waking up and having a terrible headache and was mind wiped but later remembered what had happened. I am thinking though, once you drop your body, we will have different rules, what do you think?

    1. Yes, the remote viewer you mention was of course not dead and still connected with the body and material world. We don’t really need to worry about whether we go through this or that hole–it’s the thought and the intention that counts. If you feel ready to leave this construct, set a very clear intention to go through the Grid. You will spot the Grid and your intention and your thought does the rest. This universe is thought-responsive. Here, in this dense reality, we travel in cars and airplanes to go places. No need for that in the non-physical realms. You go where you think yourself. A very good way to leave this Matrix would be to think something along the lines, “I am going through the Grid to connect with the absolute highest aspect of me possible.” That will take you to your destination.

  17. One last question. You mention that in some instances, a discarnate soul is recycled immediately after the recent body has expired. This soul goes through a tunnel as well, but in these cases, the tunnel just leads back to Earth again, and the soul is shot into a new body—she has no choice in the matter. Can you comment on this re attempting to exit the grid?

    1. What you are referring to is for those who are still quite ignorant (living in darkness), meaning they have yet to walk the spiritual path. If you are already aware of the Grid and want to exit through it, the Tunnel/Light does not apply to you. You already know not to go there. Instead, you put your full intention to exit through the Grid and think yourself through a hole. The Universe, once you’ve left your body, is highly thought-responsive, and you will notice that you will immediately go to where you think yourself (nano-travel). So, here is a suggestion: when you die, think something like this: “I am going through the Grid right now and I will go to the absolute highest aspect of me possible.” That will take you to your destination.

  18. Thank you for this useful web! I have read many various opinions on this light trap topic and your version looks most logical to me so far. There are many sayings that the escape is not that easy, that you for example must follow various cryptic instructions like understand tibetian book of the dead, release yourself from any desire like a buddhist, meditate thousands of hours, raise vibrations, align chakras, reionize electrons and other bs. How do you think that these sayings get formed? Im a pretty lazy person so I probably wouldnt bother with these silly practices anyways but it still makes me wonder how do people get to such obscure conclusions. Keep up the good work!

  19. I wish I had found this information years ago. I am telepathic and when my mom passed away a few years ago, I called my teacher and together we comforted her and tried to encourage her to go into the light, she was very upset and distraught. I am so mad at myself now. She lived such an incredulous life, full of trauma. And now there is no doubt they stripped her of her fire and threw her back in. I know this sounds ridiculous. But is there anyway of finding her now, wherever she is and whatever new narrative they have given her?

    1. It’s not a ridiculous question at all. This is how I see it, based on my own conclusions:

      No, you can’t find her now. In your mind, she is dead and has passed on. In her mind, however, she is reborn (reincarnated), I would suppose.

      Try to take on the perspective that everything you experience is happening inside YOUR mind–even your relationship with your mother. You are making your own decisions and experiencing your own reality inside of YOU, and you are making your own progress. The same thing goes for your mother. She is experiencing what is inside HER mind, and to that you don’t have access–it’s her mind and her experiences and her progress. Nothing of this is ultimately real, except how real we make it in our own minds…and we tend to make things quite real. IOW, you need to experience what you experience, and your mom needs to do the same. She will be okay.

      I understand how you feel, but please don’t blame yourself and feel guilty for what happened. How would you have known? It’s not so much what we are doing or not doing–it’s more the intention behind. And your intention was to help. What else could you have done in that situation with the knowledge you had? Try not to be hard on yourself. This is not the first time she reincarnates. She’ll be okay.

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