Different Types of Co-dependencies

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I understand that this might not be for everybody, but I also understand that it’s important for others (including me). The reason I think it’s important is because we are so accustomed to act and react from what we call our “personality,” which is just a false self (see Video 201). We are so used to being who we perceive we are that we don’t even recognize how we’re hurting ourselves and others around us (unwittingly). Therefore, in order to heal not only ourselves but also help others heal (by healing ourselves and be of support to others), we also affect the mass consciousness positively, as well as those we interact with.

On Discord today, we discussed codependency, and I promised to post something here, so people can recognize their own primary “type” and look into it, in order to heal. It’s been a HUGE eye-opener for Ariel and me, and we hope it will be for you, as well 

First, here’s a link to Sam Vaknin, who presents the different codependent types. You might recognize yourself in more than one, but which is the DOMINANT one?


If you find yourself being counter-dependent, here is an EXCELLENT book, which also helps you heal:


Also, Sam is bringing up counter-dependency, codependency, and dependency on his channel, as well, and the dynamic between the different types (see video at the top of this post).

I would suggest checking out Sam Vaknin in general. He knows what he’s talking about.

If you fall into the general codependency category, this is most probably the book for you to start with:


Both these books can be downloaded on amazon as Kindle books, as well.

Codependency in general is always associated with CPTSD (Complicated PTSD with flashbacks), so this is a very good book on the subject:


Also listen to Richard Grannon–excellent stuff: www.youtube.com/user/SPARTANLIFECOACH . He also has a free course that is great: “Stop Emotional Flashbacks” Course. Type in the following URL, and there will be a popup where you can download the course: spartanlifecoach.com/ 

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