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By Wes Penre, March 1, 2020

Because none of us has participated in any of the Global Elite secret meetings, we don’t know exactly how this so-called pandemic is going to progress. Even if the virus is not going to have as catastrophic effects as “authorities” imply, the EL-ite can use this as a fear-mongering tactic to introduce other parts of their Agenda, such as strangling the world trade and crash the world economy (Problem-Reaction-Solution). This could be a way to get rid of fiat money and usher in cryptocurrency on a global scale, among other things. But we don’t know; we can only observe and draw conclusions as we go along.

One thing is quite obvious, though; the bio-labs all over the world, experimenting with viruses, are not doing it to help humanity in any way; they do it for the sake of biological warfare. Hence, we think it’s a good idea to look at this virus as a bio-weapon.

It’s very important that we don’t get overpowered by fear or feel panicked over this. It’s imperative that we stay calm through the process! Only then can we make rational decisions how to proceed. Fear and panic can be our worst enemy right now, leading us to make bad decisions.

We are CryptoViewing’s Patrons, and yesterday they sent out a list of useful downloadable PDF files on how to protect ourselves and how to prepare. It’s better to take precautions, even if nothing bad might happen, than to be unprepared if it does. Therefore, we suggest everybody download these files onto their computers; at least, you will have them if/when you need them.

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  1. At first, due to the very few cases and the massive amount of media coverage it received I figured covid-19 was just another hoax to extract money (5 trillion transferred out of the stock markets so far) from the little people to the big fish again. For 11 years now it’s been one fear mongering headline after another and the dip created gets bought back immediately by those in the know. The numbers released seem insignificant to the greater population but perhaps that’s by design. Boiling the frog. I’ve always thought 20/20 would be the year the “vision” of the Elitist would be perfect. Seems 20/30 is more like it. A big change is around the corner though and I think we all feel it .

    Bitcoin dropped by 12% keeping pace with overall markets. The same people behind central banks are behind Bitcoin no doubt in my mind. They didn’t want to show any reason to hold bitcoin as a store of value in case of a crash. It rarely trades along with the market on any given day but last week it did.

  2. Dear Ariel and Wes, Thank you for sharing this with the community. I live in a city and don’t have the means to accumulate this much resources to get prepared. I just go with the flow, be aware, and focus on my work and my loved ones around me. I think most of the world population is in a similar position. Unfortunately most of the world population doesn’t read your website but listens to media. For the rest of us our awareness is the antidote that prevents us not to succumb into panic and fear. Helps a bit.

    Simon Parkes in his February 1, Connecting Consciousness YouTube Q&A also said that the Corona virus is a bio-weapon developed in an American laboratory and the patent is owed by Surco (I’m not sure of the right spelling). Surco is a multinational technological agency that has a lot of military contract from the US government. Surco also runs all the traffic lights in London U.K. along with some of the telephone exchanges etc. Simon P. has also posted a many long pages of the Corona virus’ patent on his website. In his February 23 Q&A Simon P. provides much info regarding this issues. In it, he further explains why he and now more doctors believe that corona virus is a bio-weapon. Apparently the original purpose was to undermine China’s growing economic power but now it spreads worldwide.

    Knowing all the shenanigans of the Elite, this is all not surprising. The worst and best that can happen is we can leave the grid before we thought we would. These things we’ll continue until Enki, Marduk etc. achieve their final goals.

    1. Yes, I believe Simon Parkes is correct. I haven’t looked into this deeply enough and haven’t studied the patent Simon is talking about, but I’m certainly not surprised. And according to Bloomberg (Dem.), Trump fired the pandemic staff two years ago.

      1. I didn’t know that Trump did that and I don’t suppose inefficient budget planning was his real reason. Any epidemic of this magnitude, if it is man made and planned, has to be organised sometime before the launch date. Not to have pandemic staff to mitigate the effects of the pandemic would be one important puzzle of that plan.

        Alex Collier mentioned once that one of the inner Earth Societies helped to organise and spread the black plague back in the 14th century. I’m not sure if he said Agartha or some other.

        It is obvious that human life has no value for the powers of Earth. On the other hand they know there’s no such a thing as death and anyone who dies can be reincarnated within a short period of time.

        One of the questions that Simon answered and was interesting to me is the connection between 5G and Covid-19. Apparently the Chinese are so desperate that they want to turn on the 5G to the highest levels hoping that would change the human cellular structure and perhaps make it more resilient against the virus. He added however this could be a nice cover up for death caused by 5G and could be blamed on Covid-19.

        1. I would suggest a Bernie Trower video on 5 G, it can only be a weapon towards our body. Each cell can only handle 2.4 gauss what comes out of the wall sockets is 50 hz so the electrical war on us started many years ago on purpose. The 5 G is the greatest hoax upon humanity next to the religious one. Also Dr, Katherine Horton of Stop 007 channel, she is in Switzerland had worked for Cern but she will tell you what the 5 G is doing to the Swiss so much so she says do not come to tour you will get very sick. 5 g there is like running a turkey shoot as you are targeted everywhere.

          1. I struggled with EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity) two years ago and at that time I did some research on 5G. Dr Horton’s name sounds familiar and I may came across with her material. I think I heard about the Swiss from Simon Parkes too.

            Yes, 5 G is not a solution to mutate the virus: Mark 18:42.
            2020 02 01 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes

            1. Thank you for the link. I used to have severe EM sensitivity until i purchased an E-tag from a company in Texas. They make many kinds, for pets too. I only have phone # 1-800-964-4303. Get yourself some Peace. I was at a stage where driving down the highway used to give me great headaches and muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders. Since the E tag the strongest one they have I can travel again. Peace be with Thee.

    1. Your comment reminded me of the YouTube post by BrainStation channel “It happens in every 100 years”. Their video is about major epidemics that have been occurring in human history and wipe out a large amount of the population.

      1. Hi, Margareta. it is 100 times worse now with bio engineering designer tags. But nature has the answer.

  3. Make sure you get Essential Oil called Thieves Oil Blend. It stopped the Bubonic plague. It’s story is fascinating and as usual the Elite killed the originators and got rich from this recipe. It has a frequency that can effectively keep clear all viruses 28 inches past and around your body. At least my blend of the recipe does this. Cancer in our body vibes at 45 as does many other diseases…so Essential oils can raise vibes and the Thieves Blend is about 85 -92 according to the quality. Keeps you safe and your home. And mist spray the pets as they are getting sick too or put a cloth collar with some oils on it. We do have what we need if wise enough in usage..

    1. Thank you Deborah. I forgot to mention that Simon also mentioned essential oils (cinnamon I recall), Vitamin C, and something else that I can’t remember.

      1. Hi, Cinnamon oil is in the Thieves Blend but also know to make orange zest you can freeze it has very high vit C bioflavinoids when there is nothing else. Oil of orange to sterilize hands and other surfaces. Colloidal Silver in all forms will aid tremendously. There are lists of nutraceuticals that overcome viruses and homeopathics, traditional Chinese medicines, Ayurvedic all have natural antibiotics that work for bacterial and viral conditions. There is ozone therapy or generators to purify the air or just purifiers good enough to rid the virus size. C60 Carbon 60 a product that is amazing to keep you healthy through this. My list is huge but I have been working on honing to the best of the best for a long time..If you get this virus be aggressive with cure. Pneumonia always comes back in a milder form until it grows within you right back to green phlegm..means viral, yellow phlegm is bacterial stage.Clear phlegm get rid of asap as it is the medium for bacterial/viral growth. I will freely share if you want to know more or have any questions.

        1. Thank you that’s helpful. I Googled the Thieves Blend and got the recipe. I will add the rest of your suggestions to my list.

    1. Dear Ahnah, there was a big expose in 2010 about what those meetings were about especially how and when and where the corona virus was to be released and who would be blamed. The patriots name was Bill Ryan, a great truther and great video in detail. We have been told and warned because it is the rules of the patrix we just have to be aware the info is there and have open mind. But better to concentrate in the now with your own Spirit. Peace be with thee.

  4. It’s my opinion, as of right now, that this ‘virus’ is nothing more than another false flag; a hyped up, fear mongering hoax that controllers are using to wrangle panicked populations into their Big Brother agendas. How successful they’ll be depends on mankind. I’m out.

    1. Jeanette F. channel posted a video from a 2010 exposure by Bill Ryan on an insider’s account of the meeting of the Wuhan incident to be. We were warned.

        1. Guys like Steve Jackson know in advance of what’s to come. Wes this game has been around since 1980’s. I’m sure you’ve seen it. Any thoughts? Like the movie “Knowing” with Nicolas Cage.

          1. That’s how they operate. They tell us their plans in advance in form of movies and literature. Then, they feel they have done their job informing us. If we don’t “get the message” and do something about it, they consider that being our fault.

            1. So very right , they play the tacit consent on multiple levels simultaneously. Been watching this for over 50 years from both sides…3d and 4D.

  5. Hi all, I was reading the articles on John Rappoports blog, Nomorefakenews, and he makes some very interesting points. I highly recommend reading some of his blog posts. Also, I refuse to be panicked or fearful of this so called virus. I was researching and found that in addition to using MMS if you get sick, high dose vitamin C IVs are now the treatment being used to good effect in China and it is all but being suppressed by the main stream media. I found a Dr Levy that used liposomal C in high doses for virus, because it doesn’t have the bowel issues regular vitamin C does orally and it was as effective if not more so, that IV-C. The protocol is to work up to 6000 to 12000mg in divided doses each day of ascorbic acid as preventative and if you get sick, up that dose. Now taking liposomal C will allow you to mega dose even more easily and it is all completely safe. Now, granted no one knows for sure because this is a new virus, ( or is it??) But seeing as how China is using IV C and having good results there is no reason to not try it. It is very effective for cytokine storm, flu and other virus and pneumonia among other things. Here is a great youtube video that has a lot of good information. Be sure to click on his update above the comment section as well. So, no fear!

    1. Unfortunately without adding in the 5 G factor that is extreme in hospital settings we will never get the data collected correctly. Even nurses are having hard time breathing once they get in to work. It is not the mask preventing but the 5 G increasing the same symptoms as if you are infected. Lots of evidence on this. Bernie Trower and ANTHONY STEELE channels are experts retired military whistle blowers on this technology. Remember 20,000 satelites placed in the atmosphere is cooking us too.

        1. I highly recommend April2/20 title Emergency 5G Corona virus Hearing. The ITNJ Judicial Commission convened an emergency hearing for evidence to be turned over globally. Top experts such as Robert David Steele, Mark Steele and others in the enquiry of Weaponization of the Biosphere. Eye opening testimony needs to go viral to prevent deaths and panic globally as the internet etc globally will go dark for three days or so. Stay inside for your own protection as the Cabal is being taken down 100% with other things too. Only good news to come so hold up your Peace it will be worth it to cruise the storm.

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