By Wes Penre, March 27, 2020

Ariel and I have heard every now and then that it’s important not to take Ibuprofen/Advil while the Corona virus is sweeping across the world. Today, however, I heard from one of my Facebook friends, who knows a doctor (MD) working with COVID-19 infected patients a lot up in the Pacific Northwest.

This MD has noticed that people who die from pneumonia due to the virus in great majority have one thing is common–THEY HAVE IBUPROFEN IN THEIR SYSTEM! For some reason, when Ibuprofen interacts with the virus, it can apparently cause fatal lung damage/pneumonia, according to this doctor. There are other sources who have indicated the same thing. The doctor, in this case, has seen great evidence of this deadly combination in his practice. He even suggests that the risk of death in combination with the virus increases tenfold. We have also heard that aspirin can have a similar fatal effect.

So folks, stay away from Ibuprofen/Advil and aspirin to be safe and possibly avoid pneumonia and death, in case you get the virus. Tylenol is apparently fine to take, however…

Remain positive and find ways to decrease anxiety and panic. There is no better tool to increase the immune system than staying positive and act as an observer rather than an actor in this drama!

UPDATE: If you have been advised by your doctor to take aspirin for a heart condition, for instance, or ibuprofen for a medial condition, please contact your doctor before you stop taking it. They might want to switch you to something else…


  1. 🌹💙 My Nephrologist has warned me in the past—before this “stupid vrus” came to life—to stay away from Ibuprofen with any kidney problems or kidney disease; to rely on Tylenol whenever possible! Thanks for the added advice Wes and Ariel. Bright Blessings! 🌞🙏.

    1. not only ibuprofen you should not take any NSAIDS except acetaminophene in this condition .you may land up to kidney failure.

  2. Yes! I am aware of this. I would avoid both NSAIDS. Ibuprofen with all its trade names. Please talk to your doctor first if you are taking Aspirin therapy for your heart before quitting. You may need to switch to another medication.

  3. This probably also applies to aspirin as they both act similarly with the prostaglandin endocrine system. A strong case is being made that most of the deaths from the Spanish Flu of 1918 were due to the overuse of aspirin. Bayer’s patent had recently expired and it had become dirt cheap.

    1. If you are taking prescribed medicine, do NOT stop taking them without consulting your doctor!! Do not stop any medicine that your doctor has prescribed for you!!!

      1. Thanks Ariel. I should have worded my post better to say that’ll discuss with my doctor for an alternative to NSAIDs before stopping or changing meds.

        Thanks to you and Wes for this reminder about Ibuprofen. I actually stocked up on this medicine but now it looks like I’ll be putting them away for a while lol!

    2. @A Yes, but you need to talk to your doctor about that first before you stop taking them. He/she might be able to prescribe something else that is much safer while the virus is spread around.

    1. More important:: do not take any thing offered to you by any quack who is reciting retarded & regurgitated recommendations

  4. Thanks for the tip.

    Two years ago I had an internal bleeding which caused me to lose more than 6 liters of blood. I fainted and was taken to the hospital where they stitched the tear in my small intestine. During my recovery my internist told me that I absolutely couldn’t use Ibuprofen as a painkiller because it turned out that males can’t handle this very well. Women would suffer much less because of their different hormone composition.

    Now I see a relationship with Covid-19, more males than females seem to die after being infected with Covid-19 and I suspect that many patients have used Ibuprofen.

    Could that be the reason why more men than women die after being infected with this coronavirus? Because, according to my internist, Ibuprofen causes much more serious complications in males than in females?

    That doctor’s advice was to only take Paracetamol, or Tylenol as it is called in the US, as a painkiller.

  5. I rarely use pain meds, but if I do, naproxen(Aleve) is my go to. Does anyone know if that falls in the safe or unsafe category?

    1. no medicine should be taken without consultation to any doctor .drugs are double edged sword .
      about naproxen it is a kind of immunosuppressive drug in simple can search on pubmed for better information.

  6. Thanks for the heads up Wes and Ariel! I’ve been taking Diclofenac the last month for a strained ligament in my ankle. Sometimes I take a couple extra ibuprofen if other body parts ache too. Trying to ween off them lately as long as the pain is bearable. Thankfully I have a vacation or staycation it seems now scheduled next week. 👍

  7. Thank you wes for the heads up….I have had crohns disease for 20 years and I am on humira which was prescribed by my doctor. I never take any pain medicine at all…..interesting connection between ibprofen and corona virus.

  8. I was thinking about something today while at work today. While this escape the matrix through a hole in the grid concept is new to us readers of the WPP it isn’t to those in the know boat- high level illuminati types who have been reincarnating over and over but choosing to stay on earth like the ascended masters did.
    If the number of these people reincarnating back without amnesia has been increasing could that be an explanation for how society seems to have become so desensitized to sex, violence, vulgarity and dark in general?

    We went from Ricky and Lucy not being able to be seen in bed together (they each had to have one foot on the ground if both were on the bed) to anything goes practically now. A total destruction of morality more or less. The “do what thou will” philosophy of Crowley. Also, I recall the same week David Rockefeller died the movie “Boss Baby” came out. No coincidence I’m sure. Hollywood always has a knack for timing movie releases with themes that match current events in the world. These movies are made a year or two in advance after all. Freemasonry which is predominately Jewish controls the studios.

    Also, child geniuses that graduate college at 14. Reincarnated without amnesia more than likely? Sir Francis Bacon/St.Germain and whatever other names he has had in the past comes to mind or Stewie from Family guy as an example. How does that work-do they have an adult mind in a child’s body? Is it possible to have an adult mind set while having to learn to speak, walk, and do all the things babies have to go through? Until a baby understands a language they can’t really think critically can they? Does the infant need to be coerced or helped along by someone aware of it’s previous lives and who they were before? Just curious if you can explain how that works thanks if you can offer insight.

    1. Kevin, you bring up an interesting theory in the last paragraph. My guess is that if a soul reincarnates into a Satanic or Luciferian bloodline family, the child would be raised by “aware” parents who would train it in their occult ways. If the soul is NOT of such a bloodline, they will have the usual hardships of humanity as per their contract with the soul recycling team. So yes, the person may exhibit genius at an early age and bring wondrous enlightenment to humanity (like Nicola Tesla), but will suffer somehow. Bloodline families suffer through their ritual abuse, which is normalized from birth. That is, they don’t know that SRA, enslavement, Earth pillage, and so on is morally wrong—in fact, they believe that their birthright is to be The Controllers. For example, how else could someone like Bill Gates push his mandatory vaxx+microchip agenda if he didn’t believe to the core that he has a right to control humanity? These bloodline families and their cohorts believe that humans are less than animals, and they call us “The Dead.”

      This is kind of a side issue to your questions, but the other category is souls who incarnate with the standard mind-wipe but later in life make a conscious covenant into a cult or bloodline family to achieve fame, power, wealth, and all the other usual perks. These are high-level politicians and top entertainers, who were just “normal” folks that surely “signed up” for their good gig. We hear it all the time, straight from their mouths. Beyonce, for example, said she knows she was not a good singer or dancer until, after Destiny’s Child broke up, she suddenly rose to the top of the music scene with her “super-powers” (her words). Or read the story of how Bill Clinton was asked to run for the presidency (by a female Satanic mind-control expert now turned whistleblower). Bill said the only problem was that Hillary had left him “because of my trysts” (his extra-marital affairs). The woman went to Hillary and “invited” her (wink, wink) to become the world’s most powerful woman at Bill’s side. Or consider this: How did two generations of the Bush family end up in the white house and governor of Florida? Is it because of their amazing leadership skills and care and compassion? Absolutely not: They are in a bloodline family.

      As to your initial question about the number of “clear” souls reincarnating as a possible explanation for the desensitization to sex, etc, I think you’re right on. As the forces of hegemony (Satanists and Luciferians) make their “good gigs” more and more visually appealing and psychologically entraining, more people line up to get the perks, which means making a deal with the devil, so to speak. These people must then toe the line of their occult masters, who demand blood sacrifice, human/animal/Earth suffering, enslavement, pedophilia/BDSM, and trans-humanism. These evil masters have been willing to slowly roll out their agenda, but as you say, things are moving very rapidly because most people have entertained themselves into a lull and lost their spirituality and sovereignty. Just look at how compliant (desensitized) people have become since 9/11 after losing massive civil liberties. (And don’t get me started with the current “plannedemic.”)

      1. Sharine, thank you for your thoughtful and supportive reply. Sometimes I feel like there’s no one else to talk to about these things. Glad to see there are others out there’s. It looks like balboa island in the background. Enjoy the beach not a bad place to be on lock down. Plandemic indeed! And Wes, my Zerohedge account was banned last night apparently. Truth is being censored big time right now. Twitter seems to have slowed down too. At least on my feed. I got saw the email about Vimeo…😡

        1. Kevin, we need to keep the conversation going even if we are a seemingly small group at this moment. I think that is changing; specifically, there is a widening split between people based in fear and technology as the solution and those based in love and organic solutions. It’s like we’re choosing our operating systems, and if true, it remains to be seen how that plays out on a physical plane as well as in our spiritual development. BTW, the photo was taken in Michigan but I am in California!

          1. I agree! We choose what we want to believe and accept as truth. What keeps us (as in humanity) separate and not uniting as one is our view of reality and what we find important in life make this life livable. Yeah me too. OC.

        2. FB group called “Michiganders against Excessive Quarantine,” has been taken down. I only joined FB to be able to connect with people in my state. While it was up, many of my comments were restricted/not posted. Anyway, deleted my account. Wishing I could get rid of smart phone, but I use it as a hot spot for internet. These phones are tracking devices. Arrrrgh!!!

          1. Hi Going Clear: This is SharineWonders! The page didn’t let me sign in to WordPress, ugh.

            Anyway, I made a little pouch for my phone using Faraday fabric/tape. It’s not perfect (I fold over the open top then lay the phone down to “seal” the pouch, so it probably leaks a bit of radiation) but I think it is effective in mitigating tracking.

            I bought a sheet of the fabric online (very reasonably priced), and it comes with a sample of the Faraday tape, but I went ahead and purchased a roll. I have been leaving my phone at home (in the pouch) a lot when I’m out and about, and definitely no longer carry it while jogging or biking. If I have to take the phone with me, I keep it in the pouch and close it with a rubber band! Haha!

            I also used the fabric & tape to seal up our router (this was recommended). Now I’m considering covering the “smart” meter.

            Doing what I can, at least until they switch on the Five-Gee. I see the black wiring EVERYWHERE since the start of May😡🤬😱.

            Stand strong. We must be spiritual (and physical) warriors now more than ever.

  9. Hi wes, have you heard the lacerta interview whom she claimed she was a reptilian? The info seem so similar to your papers.. thanks

    1. Yes, I’ve read it. I can’t say for sure, but I tend to believe she is one of the underground “reptoids” I wrote about in the Wes Penre Papers. They were here before homo sapiens, created by and forced underground. I think it’s authentic.

      1. But shes using the lizard asterism as her name. Maybe she got stuck here. She was old if i recall and an officer to boot. Id totally have inter species sex with her.

  10. I have watched, but not finished, the “Travelers” series. Both Ibuprofen and Paracetamol are used as painkillers. In S2/E5 it’s even recommended to a child!
    It’s so obvious how film are used to push different agenda’s…

  11. More about “Travelers”, Serie2:Episode5 & 6 – episodes about a very rapidly spreading virus. Interesting watch these times.

    Few examples:
    – Paracetamol and Ibuprofen are recommended in combination as painkillers and to reduce fever – even to a baby.
    – First the virus is expected to kill 70,000 people worldwide, but are still considered very dangerous. At the same time they say it’s worse than SARS. Later on it’s pronounced to kill almost a third of the population.
    – The virus is used to decrease the population.
    – Vaccination is mandatory, but seems uneffective.
    – Symptoms are as covid19 but also redness and bleading around the eyes.
    – Infection rate is predicted to be over 40%.
    – Shanghai and Berlin are severly hit.
    – Incubation period is 10 days.
    – “The virus is designed to keep the infected alive as long as possible, to help the spread and make the authorities think that it’s not as serious as it really is. So, when people start to really die, it’s too late”.
    – Panic in health clinics and hospitals… etc
    – The cure is found and distributed…

    There’s probably few true informations in these two episodes, and a lot of doubtful and false info. I’m aware that this is of no surprise for many, but to me it’s still interesting to see how “they” try to program our thoughts and feelings…

    Said by one who very rarely watch movies and series 😌😊

    1. Yep, in the mental health profession, this is called “gaslighting” and is commonly used by narcissists and psychopaths. That’s what the authorities are doing. It creates confusion, which is also what we’re seeing all around the world.

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