Video 217: Current “Health Crisis” and What to Do Part 1 (The Outbreak)


Our intention was to continue publishing our two ongoing miniseries—the one about our Construct and the other one about the gods/goddesses and their titles. However, we have decided to put both of those on hold for a while, in order to prioritize the current global “health crisis.” When we’re finished with this health crisis series, we will post the rest of the two other miniseries, plus regular videos.  

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  1. Thank you, Wes & Ariel. Very clear explanation about the CV ‘plan-demic’. I’m looking forward to the following video

  2. Thanks. My brain is like a war zone with battling between old programs and awaken cells. I now know who will be strongest, and I’m ready to turn every stone. Bring the next on 👍🏻👋🏻❤️

  3. another brilliant presentation ! I’m going to try to translate it in Spanish….Will let you know wheen done…

    1. Vimeo is only marginally better than gootube when it comes to censoring ideas inimical to the Cult. Actually, gootube has refrained from censoring Icke’s videos so far which I find interesting.

      1. @gallinazo1, another clue to Icke being a controlled opp but yet good source of info? Or maybe they(Icke’s team) play with youtube’s algorithms quite well to overcome censure – ?

  4. Hi Wes and Ariel,

    Very happy that you have put your other projects on the back burner for the moment. This is a turning point in human history. If the psychopaths pull off this scam, it’s game, set, match for the human race. So focusing on this scam is of critical importance.

    I am a retired chemist and have been studying the fake virus since it appeared on the radar screen. I got suckered for maybe two weeks (as I did with 9/11) until my mind started to use some critical thinking. I did think it was an escaped bioweapon from the level 4 biolab for a short time. But then moved on to the fake virus conclusion. David Icke has the best all around synopsis of this operation, but one should subscribe to Jon Rappoport’s blog site. Jon is also doing great work.

    Jon has done great work as well as an investigative reporter dating back to the 1980’s on the fake HIV virus causing AIDS. HIV is probably not an exosome as it is a retrovirus, but it is quite harmless. AIDS is not caused by a virus but rather mega toxicity of the body by such things as taking antibiotics by the handful and poppers.

    The best summary of Jon’s development of the fake COVID-19 can be found on:

    Icke was a little slow on the uptake that the virus was fake which I found a little frustrating, but I can understand with his audience and critics that he wanted to be 100% sure.

    Probably the best and most up to date Icke video where he puts it all together like a giant jigsaw puzzle is with Brian Rose at the London Real talk show. Gootube pulled it immediately. It was up on Vimeo for a day, but they just pulled it also this morning. As the old WWII saying goes, you take the most flake when you are over the target. I find it more convenient to listen to these interviews than watch them anyway, and I automatically convert the videos to mp3. You can still get the audio, which is over 2 hours, on:

    I had an interesting experience yesterday. My wife was meeting with a friend who is a “progressive,” and we live in a city in Latin America which is partially locked down. The conversation drifted to the virus, and I commented that it was fake. This friend knew that I was a chemist and might have some interesting insights. But she reacted like I had dropped the proverbial turd in the punchbowl. Or like a Transylvanian woman who runs into Count Dracula in a graveyard at midnight with no large crucifix handy. She said that if I continued in this direction, she was going to leave. I find this strange. I could comprehend it if I had come out with some outrageous racial smear or insulted a member of their Pantheon like Obama (though their epithets about Trump, whom I also dislike, are colorful), but what’s the deal with the WOKE people about exposing the fake virus? I would be curious to get other people’s take on this. I am 73 years old and have known a lot of John Birchers, and evangelical zionists, and Trotskyists, but I think I can safely say that the group most immured to entertaining any concept that is foreign to them, with minds like bear traps, is the WOKE fake progressives of 2020.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, Wes and Arial.

    1. You insulted that persons intelligence weather you meant to or not being of no importance. On a subconscious level can you imagine how dumb one would feel if they suddenly had to confront the fact that they’ve been duped all of their life and that their own blind stupidly was to blame. Its too big a pill to swallow and quite frankly its an identity changer.
      Most of us reading this sort of material have already come to grips with being limited morons in meat sacs and this internal epiphany of idiocy has actually made us well…. wise. Wow!!!

      That’s it in a nutshell. To suggest these ideas is an attack on a person’s intelligence.

      Just curious: did you continue pressing the issue or did the progressive and peturbed person leave admist anger?

  5. The body is at war with itself from birth to death. That is how our bodies were made. This is well understood in science. So what are we being fed. Is it a lie. If you expel exosomes from your body they will be mixed with all sorts of bacteria and waste. If I had pneumonia and excreted this from deep within my lungs then it would contain bacteria and exosomes so technically speaking this mucous would contain a virus that is being fed by the bacteria, as bacteria carry’s the oxygen to feed it and keep it alive. Does this mucous if directly breathed in by another person infect them too? Now throughout the world there are many labs that mix all sorts of dna together, under the guise of world health. In the Vietnam war America sprayed crops with agent orange, this is still causing defects in the population still. Andrew Wakefield, a disgraced British professor found a link with autism and a defective vaccine that the British government dumped on the population. These were all made in labs. This science can only be learnt through the establishment. It is based upon theory and hypothesis. Royal Rife a researcher in America in the 1930s who invented powerful microscopes and found under certain conditions pathogens could be destroyed by vibration, another word for frequency waves. Therefore it is proven that the body reacts to distorted electrical frequencies. Our world is full of these, particularly in the last 100 years or so. We have all been subjected to these throughout the world. Chemicals in our atmosphere, our food, our water. Nitrates in water are a disaster for our gut health. If you dig deep you will find the scientific evidence in a case study in New Zealand. We all want clean cheap water, food etc. We have acquiesced to all of this, we have agreed to it by free will. Who do you think taught us how to grow wheat? How about the invention of the wheel? How about the invention of a virus. If you follow Wes and Ariel work then the answer is there. Does talking about this strike fear in your heart. Guess what happens when you resonate in fear, your bodily frequency’s tunes into what? Do you fear death, some would say no. But if a big old grizzly bear pounced on you I’m sure your underpants wouldn’t be clean. Our bodies have been made to survive a ltd time. By agreeing albeit through science or just plain dumbness we are all players in this game. Our bodies have changed more in the last 100 years or so than ever . This new age is already here, it is happening now. Yesterdayi is now, tomorrow is now. As Ariel and Wes say your intention counts for everything. They have told you how to leave, I’m focussing on that as much as I can, my spirit is aware of it, I tell it everyday. I’m not saying you should, you have millions of choices. I write this from my heart, and boy is it hurting to see men and women in this hysteria. The human dynamic is in real stress, when you make bread you can over need it or overflour it . Either way you can still get something that resembles bread. With all my heartfelt love, andrew

  6. The evidence to back Wes and Ariels video can be found on world if you look really hard

  7. Hi Wes,
    In regards to the Global meditation to call in 5D Earth, which raised the Shumann resonance of Earth, this is alarming to me.
    Here is the article;

    1. Yikes! It all sounds so lovely doesn’t it? I remember being so in love with the Pleiadians when B Marciniacks books first appeared. Had to laugh when they mentioned about the ringing in the ears being a sign of higher frequencies. Yea, no joke. So sad.

  8. Member when peeps took iodine in the cold war to guard against radiation poisoning from those slippery koshnick sluts in the soviet union?? With everything David icke is saying about 5g toxifying cells and creating viruses I’m wondering about old iodine again.
    Could it block the 5g electro-magnetic radiation??

    1. @Shelob check out Tony Pantelleresco he has tons of info and remedies. He believes 5g is old news. He thinks 6g is what’s really being implemented. This is the frequency that will allow them to see through walls and scan you to determine your temperature, etc.

    2. I can see people walking around with tin foil suits in the future complete with hats. It was a joke about conspiracy theorist back then…now not so much. The tin man from Wizard of Oz was ahead of his time. Does tin foil block cell phone signals if layered several times?

      1. In all seriousness, There should be some kind of protective clothing people can wear that blocks 5G from penetrating the skin right? That would be something worth looking into. The governments will probably try to ban whatever that would be I’m sure. I always thought they were going to use our cell phones to “chip” since they can track it our GPS that way as well. An actual implanted chip wouldn’t get received by the general public at all since we’ve been expecting that and no one wants that I’m sure. For your pet maybe but in our bodies no way. Now it looks like the decision may have to be made sooner than later.

        1. iodine or chemicals wont do squat. you cant block or shield soething that high. you have to transform the frequency

          1. How does one transform a frequency or dissolve it. Soul vibration and secrete space magic? I don’t know those.

            Darn!! Guess I’ll just eats onions then and hope for high 02.
            Plus I can breath my nasty breath at close distances on the social distance ppl wearing masks.
            Loves onions red, white yellow they are a seriously under rated food.

  9. I an quite sure that the COVID-19 particle is a beneficial human exosome response to bodily insult as Dr. Andrew Kaufman indicates. I also support David Icke’s warning that our Overlords will resort to using 60 GHz 5G radiation to essentially suffocate us in place which results on autopsy as lung damage. However, I am not totally sold on the idea that **all** viruses are exosomes and cannot cause pathology and contagion with people with weak immune systems. I remember the very “successful” “measles” parties that mothers would organize in the 1950s to get it over with and give their kids life time immunity. Not all things are binary, yes or no, on or off. That said, our Overlords use the virus concept to terrify the population and as an excuse to inject toxins into children and weaken them physically and mentally for life. When is über psychopath Bill Gates going to pull out his nanochip vaccine from the drawer where it has been sitting in for years, which will save us all?/s

    1. Yes LC that 50% is our enemy they will defend their system no matter how hard we try to wake them up

      1. @Anonymous, unless you metaphysically/intentionally/imaginationaly re-program them to defend our values😅
        You just need to know “how to do it”

    2. @LC videos about coronavirus are only important during the hype imo.

      NPCs are lesser narcissistic than demonically-operated/reptilian-djinn NPCs, that’s for sure.
      And if you don’t know, my theory goes, r-djinns are 3,5-5D cyborg entities possessing and operating some of the NPCs to manipulate us, smaller-god entities.
      This video hinted me to my understanding about r-djinns:

      And you can fight narcissism if you know how to (intuitively) use your attitude/methodology+law of attraction+imagination+curiousity+emotions to bring up attention to yourself and problems you care about and concentrate your thinking on.
      These videos might be helpful:

      If NPCs are empty shells, you can program them and fill them up with a specific set of values. It can be narcissism or leaning towards absense of it.

      Some of us, whether they realize it or not, might be “wrestling”(ideologically) with reptilian djinns in re-programming NPCs for our needs.

  10. This is great information Wes. I graduated from Nursing school in 1974 and have always known that viruses are dead, do not fly through the air, and do not survive for hours/days on surfaces. These are such blatant lies that are being presented and uninformed people are eating it up. Of course they’ve been programmed for years by global catastrophy and pandemic movies. There does seem to be a more severe strain of this thing that robs people of the ability to process o2. It’s a dry cough and severe shortness of breath. This young doctor explains it well. I recall hearing of this when news first came out of Wuhan. Also check out Andreas Kalcker, a chemist? researcher. He feels there are different strains more active in some countries than others. He has an excellent video on his website on how to make your own CDS, which is a better version of MMS.
    Looking forward to your next video.

  11. …Why are comments shuffled as if randomly? Is it a thing with wordpress? Who can explain this?
    Is it divided into per 2 replies smh?

  12. we’re seeing mandela effect in motion… the majority of the world who have bought into it are actually in their own separate reality and for them it is all true

    1. @intentionsRgood what are you saying? That we vested our consciousness into believing that this whole things is real for us? But in reality it’s not?

      If yes, then how do you pull the consciousness out of it?

    1. Wes penre look up the interview Kerry Cassidy did with Cyrus Parsa YouTube interview at project Camelot he is saying this is AI agenda invisible force the cv olease watch his two videos he did with kerrK Cassidy ..I know you been talking about this evil AI agenda for years . it’s truly interesting information must see.

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