IMPORTANT! Vimeo has deleted all our videos without any notice! Some of the videos on are Vimeo videos that we embedded, so I need to reupload those to our blog, which will take a while. Censorship!

So, if you try to watch a certain video on our blog that doesn’t work, please instead watch it/them on FreedomTube, where they are available. You need an account there, just like you need an account for YouTube. Here is where you sign up:

Our FreedomTube channel is here:

Sorry for the inconvenience!


  1. Vimeo is part of the Cult. If people around the globe wise up to the scam, the Cult has a serious problem. It will do, as Count Draghi, former head of the ECB would phrase it, “whatever it takes,” to keep the truth from circulating widely.

  2. Hello Wes, I signed up for Freedom YouTube but I can’t find your articles. Under which group are you in?

  3. Disregard my previous request, I found Wes Penre Production by clicking on FreedomTube on the top menu. The list of creators listed on the left and there you are:)

  4. We have never had any freedom and this is just the indication that they can do what they want and at any time they wish. What best can we hope for in this construct?
    Stay safe 🙂

    1. To be able to navigate through this from an observer’s view and without fear. To still find joy by doing things we appreciate the time we have left here…

  5. Wow! This place is getting to where fighting for any exit is getting easier to face as the disgust of this entire construct is grown large enough to replace any and all fears with purpose and determination to find something new!!!!

  6. The David Icke video is still up at Vimeo fwiw but why? I think they want it out there tbh. They want fear for the overlords to feed off…Loosh for the AIG. I have a sister who’s a high school math teacher ex-Aerospace engineer who’s been waking up the last couple years. I remember going through all those stages of accepting the truth about who runs this show.

    She has more time to watch the latest videos from the usual alt media sites and sends them to me every now and then. She and my other sister both are collaborating sending each other text and videos. It’s fun to watch. Been here done that. I just assume there’s nothing these people talk about they don’t want us to know. In my life nothing’s really changed except as of today I have to start wearing a mask to work…And I can’t go to the gym after work still. I feel sorry for those that lost their livelihood that’s unacceptable. How long until the people rise up or will they?

    Imagine 2 months ago if somebody showed you a video taken today of your hometown and saw everyone wearing mask, no traffic on the highways at rush hour (if you live in an urban area), schools empty in the middle of the day. You would guess it much be far in the future not 2 months away.

    Some guys were on to Gates 10 years ago apparently:

  7. there are books on amazon that talk about and advocate satanism and even mention ritual sacrifice which are allowed to be sold there. but books that present the science and research on vaccines or chemtrails are banned. even with Icke on, youtube… the guy talks about shapeshifting reptilians, pedos, satanism, elites murdering kids and the videos are permitted. but he talks frankly, backed up by facts about electromagnetism causing health problems and he is banned. these absurd inconsistencies should be enough to wake people up about what censorship really is… its not about the degree of evil or people making outrageous claims, if censorship was uniform, like set rules such as no pornography, no racism etc. you might understand it, but when it is TOPICAL and selective, stopping people from making their own mind up you see the fascism for what it is.

  8. Hi people I knew this censorship was coming several years ago and took the action of downloading and printing ALL the WP information including videos and transcripts along with others meaningful information presented on the net. Yes a bit of an overkill however I will have much to fall back on to read if and when the cretins shut all the awake people down. I suggest you all do the same even if its only the information that resonates with you — stay happy.

    1. @wombat, so either to print out or local hard drive backup? Or you can also backup WP’s videos on other platforms like

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