VIDEO 218 (no longer posted)

This video has been removed from our platforms. It contained information on the v-rus when the situation was fairly new, and we think that some of the conclusions we made at the time might not be valid.


  1. Dear Mister Penre, Wes😊 : I cannot open the video.It is for the first time.I could download the content.Please do not be upset with my comment.I know how hard you and Ariel work.I just wanted to let you know.Have a beautiful day : you and the community that follow your ideas!

    1. These are the machine kings in the other levels of matrix realities or astray realms.

  2. Thank you both for another clarifying video. As I almost always read the transcript to better remember, I missed the section about the St. Louis doctor calling fellow colleagues to action. This was only in the video. Could you please consider to include the section in the transcript too?

    1. Yes, plus the fact the doctor pointed out, being that no one is dying from pneumonia anymore, or heart disease. It’s all covered by CV 19.

        1. Yes, it’s important for the EL-ite to do everything they can to make those whom they are dependent on (the hospitals in this case) silent. Money is a good motivator. The number you mention are correct–thus, the fight over these ventilators. The hospital gets $39,000 for EACH patient they put on ventilator. This, in itself, is terrible, but it is getting even worse when we hear emergency doctors coming out saying that putting people on ventilators make them worse and potentially speeds up their death. Why? Because what they see is not normal “viral pneumonia,” but rather something that looks like high altitude respiratory failure. Why? Because of the influence of 60GHz 5G, which creates exactly those symptoms.

  3. I have no clue with new website. I really get your work and both of you are angels. Not tech savvy at all. All on my phone so please give instructions. Am embarrassed. You and Ariel can visit and help me anytime ! I’ve never commented but I’ve studied your work. Thank you so much for how to exit the Matrix. I practice every night. You both are amazing.

  4. Wes & Ariel,
    I don’t understand if we already have nanoboots in our bodies why are they pushing for the vaccine that has the same.

    Do you think gold, silver will have a place in new NWO? I know cryptocurrency will be a new thing but gold was always the standard.
    Thank you,

    1. @Anonymous, they want to subsequently shift the blame from themselves onto humanity. They have been implanting nanochips during alien abductions hundreds of years ago, or even before.
      If we consent to injection of nanobots into us, they can shift the blame. But if it’s human-made technology, they(AIF/archons) might be never seen as those who to truly blame.
      They use social engineering to make humans(through spirited humans) accept and start action.

    2. Sorry to chime in as this wasn’t addressed to me but I’ll give my two cents anyhow… -TPTB try to make bible prophecy fulfilled as much as they can. From what I can tell they know the Bible better than most Christians.

      You may be familiar with this verse…

      It should go much higher using common sense but that doesn’t mean it will. However, with that said a coin dealer I visit every so often just bought 3,000 oz of silver. Just an FYI.

      Another interesting tidbit of info. A nice old lady I visit a couple times a week for work let it be known her husband is a Mason and there’s nothing on the calendar in their lodge after 2021. 2022 is still blank. I don’t know how far in advance they usually keep their calendar schedule but I thought I’d pass that along.

      1. Both cuz its cuter that way. 🤓 This virus 5g combo-move is said to limit oxygen and ones ability to breath.
        Onions or other oxidizing eatables are always a healthy option.
        What’s the downside of that save having some bad breath?
        Gimme a big kiss!!!! 😂

    1. Two big questions: How many of us will refuse to cooperate? If enough of us say no will we all be put down, or will their system fail? Seeing that it is so far successful in China, things don’t look good, BUT, Now we are talking about the WORLD.

      IN the End, We are all going to Die. Frankly that’s looking like a good option as this world is a pile of crap! So figure out your game plan, before they do it for you. And MOSTLY, Uncover all your beliefs about an afterlife and Demand your freedom upon entering it, Or even better KNOW That you ARE A FREE BEING and BE FREE.

  5. probably the best way to deal with the censorship is to stop talking about the cv/5g link and just keep bringing the science behind the health effects of 5g… when you think about it what is more important… proving a link to cv or just getting 5g stopped period? probably they will find a way of censoring it too, but the truth is enough people can see and know the obvious without having to talk about it. talking simply in an open debate about the science and research is probably the best way forward. the other thing is, the truly relevant issue with cv testing is not proving EMR caused it but to show that exosomes are really the “virus”… stress, fear, toxins (remember Lombardy, Wuhan and the city in iran are some of the most polluted cities in the world) also cause the release of exosomes. don’t play into their hands!

  6. This video was very important at this point in our time. I watched the David icke video that was censored by youtube about cv and the 5g link. I have worked in healthcare for the past 15 years, and I am seeing it all up close and personal. Great video Wes and ariel. Censorship and ignorance is spreading faster than cv . I will follow your work where ever you go. I like all the videos here and on freedomtube. I use breathing exercises such as gigong for optimal health.

  7. Yes this is all playing out as Wes has indicated before in previous work concerning us all to be home and working entirely on the internet and eventually earning our money from the internet. This is their big move folks!

    1. I forgot to add:I always thought how bizarre that was and how they would be able to do that all at once and here we are. That “mon-ey” we earn from the internet of course will be digital currency based on our credits so on and so forth….wow

  8. Hi Wes and Ariel,

    Excellent video and I am quite happy that you are onto the scam after a shaky start and also put your other video projects on the back burner for this global fascist takedown of humanity. I have to confess that I bought into the bioweapon theory for a week or two before I realized that it was a total scam and fraud, an imaginary virus, perpetuated on a scale that even dwarfs the fraud of the 9/11 inside job.

    I do want to make one possible correction, and this is about pinning the so-called Spanish Flu of 1918 on the widespread roll out of radar. As of 1918, radar was still only in the minds of a few electrical engineers, and as far as I can research, it saw no roll out whatsoever until the mid to late 1930’s. I trust you picked this up from David Icke’s April 6 London Real interview, which IMO was superlative. Unfortunately, this appears to be a rare instance where Icke did not vet this claim properly. I bring it up as there is nothing our Overlords and their minions like more than when we come out with provably incorrect data. I wish I could pass this on to Icke also, as I am a huge fan of his, but have no way to reach him directly.

    I also researched the possibility that radio might have been a causative factor, but the first commercial rollout of radio started in 1920. Use prior to then was minor and sporadic and limited to Morse code.

    I have seen a very interesting article that pins a large part of the problem of the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 on the use of aspirin in enormous dosages. Bayer held the original patent and it expired around the globe shortly before 1918. Prior to then it had been quite expensive, but generic companies picked up on it immediately, hoping to make a big killing, and it looks like they succeeded beyond their expectations. Aspirin became dirt cheap shortly after the expiration of the Bayer patent, and it was often used during the 1918 epidemic in dosages as much as 50 times the current maximum recommend dosage. In our examination of EMF poisoning, we should not overlook the poisoning with their toxic drugs of Big Pharma, which has been going on for well over a century.

    1. Thank you! I will look into aspirin. For some reason, in the back of my head, I think I’ve heard that mentioned, too…

    2. Dr. Thomas Cowan about Covid19 and 5G

      10 mins
Viruses in the body are sick cell DNA/RNA (& proteins) excretions/toxins (exosomes), not the cause of the problem. Spanish flu – wireless telegraphy, WW2 – radar, 60s – satellites in the Van Allen belt, now it’s 5G – 20K radiation emitting satellites. At all these electromagnetic events there were disease outbreaks. Now we have added aluminium & other toxic metals (& DNA/RNA) in vaccines & chemtrails also acting as receivers in our bodies to help destroy our natural body processes.

  9. Wes, your story about the Dean Koontz book reminds me of the book of the jewish writer Marcus Eli Ravage, where he wrote how the jews gave birth to Jesus and changed (partially or whole) our original pagan souls for the jewish one and how they opposed Christianity on the pagan people in Europe. He wrote this already in the 1920’s and it was published in The Century Magazine in January 1928.

    The link are only the pages of the things I have described above”

    But i have a question for you. The jewish god, Jahweh / Yahweh / YHWH. The god that the jews are waiting for and if i understand their believe, if YHWH comes back, they hope that he will destroy the other gods.

    Who is YHWH in the Enki story?

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