VIDEO 219 (no longer posted)

This video has been removed from our platforms. It contained information on the v-rus when the situation was fairly new, and we think that some of the conclusions we made at the time might not be valid.


    1. Ya brilliant!! A.I not what we think? Cool, can’t wait to hear what then!
      Let’s say we go through the grid and head for orion. How long will it be before the invasion of cyborg humans attack? I wouldn’t want to do battle with my ex-wife again. Thats why I want to leave earth. To get away from these crazy ppl.
      What a weird and strange irony that would be. Even though we escaped through the grid we still can’t outrun our past as it comes back again to bite us in the ass. I know orion will win but still…… Weird and creepy.

      The convid acronym was cool
      So was Hitler’s haircut. I hate hair around my ears too.

      1. Why are you using my name as your user name? The above comment is obviously not from me (Wes). Can you please change your user name to something else because this only creates confusion for people who are reading the comments.

  1. When I migrated to the UK to study I was asked to take a TB test and include that in my documents for visa processing. I was also required to show it to the customs officers if they asked for it.

  2. The other day, Trudeau in Canada has said the same “This will be the new normal until the vaccine is developed” mark: 0:55

    Reading the YouTube comments you can tell that Canadians are not buying it but don’t know how to push back. They can only express their resistance in comments. The ones that are paying attention and aware are against the lockdown (perhaps even 18 months forecasted by Trudeau), they’re in opposition to the vaccine, somewhat aware of the role of Bill and his friends, want freedom to be restored and so on. These people are the ones that are paying attention as to what’s happening but no one can put their finger on the real agenda.

    Only the dog walkers that are walking regularly and chat like ships that pass in the night. I’ve been observing people in my neighbourhood and building behaving paranoid. It’s like they were brainwashed overnight. Many of them don’t even want to say ‘hi’ any more to avoid conversation. Half o my my neighbours are hardly even moving out from their homes or don’t even. They order food in. Out of ignorance and fear they became volunteers to this madness. They’re not realizing that they’re putting the finishing touch of breaking down human relations and laying the building blocks to the dismal future.

    1. In the Netherlands our prime minister says the same thing. They all say it. The New normal. Keep your distance blah blah.
      The elite keep the people at home so that they can roll out their 5G system and finally have the death buttion in hands.
      But in many countries, also where i live, people are already setting fire to those masts.
      If the government is denying a conspiracy story than RUN!

      The elites played the Deathcard. And they never did it before, so a lot of people are still in shock. Beloved ones who can die, they can’t handlle that and can’t see it clear anymore.

      The social distance of 1.5 meter is because facial recognition will be easier in the future.

      I hope the people are waking up in time, so that we can stop this bullshit what is happening.
      The government showed that they are our biggest enemies, so everything is allowed to stop them in my eyes.

      In the Netherland they say (government) that they want that we install an App on our Smartphones, so they can see if you’ve been eligible with someone with CV19. Than they give us a part freedom back.
      The behavior of the elite can work against them in the near future, because people, who have nothing to lose anymore are able to do all the things that are necessary to prevent this and then I leave it to your imagination about which things they could do.

  3. I feel neither El-on nor Billy boy, amongst others, are human though they mask themselves as such.
    Also, James Casbolt was telling truth.

  4. I will only accept their vaccine if they accept my bullet. Fair trade.
    I know huge numbers of Americans who feel EXACTLY the same way.
    I promise you that this will NOT be the new normal.
    If this does not end on April 30th when we were promised, I promise YOU there will be a
    C_ i_ v_ i_ l_ W_ A_ R. Gates and his ilk will get close up views of UL approval stickers for Outdoor Commercial lighting fixtures for a few milliseconds (until his vision gets very blurry due to to lack of oxygen). Someone said he has armed guards. How ever many he has, I can assure you it is not enough. I have a 16 month old grandson, and I will gladly die so that he may live. It is not even a question that needs to be asked. And I am very sure there are at the very least a million just like me. Make of this what you will.
    But know that ALL peaceful efforts will be pursued first. And I MEAN ALL.

    1. I’m kind of old so can’t participate, but I’ll make the sandwiches and soup:)

    2. That cuz you asked the wrong question. Why die to protect something that is dead already? Tell you grand son what you know but don’t fight these guys you’d be entering into an a****** contest you cannot win.

      1. Does that really matter Anonymous — the end result is going to be the same only one method quicker than the other plus the individuals 3d integrity is still intact using the quicker method — different perspectives you know 🙂

    3. Have you looked at the number of people who are waking up? Gate’s does not stand a chance of getting his plan approved. I was shocked (and happy) at how many want to string him him. People DO need to take a stand for the little ones who can’t defend themselves. Today is ALWAYS a good day to die, Especially for a valid cause. Their worst nightmare is a group of us who have NO FEAR of death, whatsoever. I also learned that Trump still intends to have Bobby Kennedy Jr.assemble and head up a panel to investigate vaccines. He was simply pacifying Gate to allow him to get his foot and his leg into his mouth all the way up to his knee. And he has done that wonderfully, the pin-headed jerk! Anyone who believes Bill Gates to be intelligent is sorely mistaken. Gates is a 100% blood drinking, baby killing, Luciferian Butt-wipe. We should give hm to the Indians – his polio vaccine caused almost 500,000 children to get vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis. He said it wa snot the vaccine, but since they stopped using his vaccine the cases of poliomyelitis dropped by 95% almost immediately! A whole lot parent want to KILL HIM NOW! I say we put him on a plane right now.
      Just because we know that Earth is a lost cause (and IT SURELY IS, since it is a creation of Enki, Marduk and the gang), it does not mean we just give up and sit this thing out. On the contrary, the more who wake up (at least part of the way) and the more trouble we are to the “managers” of this prison system, the better off we all are when it comes time to escape this dung heap. They have a large group of “employees” living on the moon who do the grunt work for them. I estimate it is about 200 million of them. I suspect it is about 25 million Giants (Nephilim) and the rest are little Grays, 10% with brains, and the rest are “meat-bots.” I counted 57 large domed cities in the Clementine high resolution composite images. That has to be their workforce. I also know that the rings of Saturn are used as some type of energy transmission system. They aren’t just there as decorations. I can plainly see craft from 10km up to as long as 50 km going to and from the ring system and the sun. And they also stop by the backside of the moon on occasion (for some reason). They perform some type of maintenance on the rings. They guy who originally discovered them was Norman Bergrun, author of The Ringmakers of Saturn. After I read that book I spent the last of my saving on a damned big telescope (it cost more than my car). My biggest surprise is the number of craft around the moon. Hundreds of them can be seen with a large enough telescope. This is one hell of a HIGH TECH prison system and it is about to get FAR WORSE for all of us if we let them get 60 GHz 5G installed everywhere (it is actually 56 to 64 GHz). I don’t fully understand it yet, but they can somehow use it to modify oxygen molecules that we breath in, and in turn these “charged” molecules somehow signal either viruses or nanobots, or both inside of our bodies to get them to do something. I am just finishing the design for a dirt cheap 60 GHz signal detector we can mass produce for about $4 or $5 each and pass them out so people can identify the 5G Cells operating in the 60 GHz band, They have to know which cells to target. It it a small tuned 5mm wave guide with a crystal detector, an Opamp, a 3 volt button cell battery and a small LED, Aim it, push the single button on it, and if the LED lights, you have a 60GHz signal source. And “Let the Target Practice Begin!” Maintenance is going to get VERY expensive for the telecom companies. Someone asked me about satellites – 60 GHz can’t get through the atmosphere (too much air in the way). It is SHORT RANGE only. The 60GHz 5G may even have something to do with the current CV Plandemic, but I am not sure what.

      So I recommend that everyone DO SOMETHING – even if it is just to complain to supposed “Authorities” (who probably have little or no authority to do anything, especially if they are blood drinkers).

    4. you got it the people of this country need to understand that we are due to be terminated , unless we get them first i will give my life so the people i love have a chance, you are correct there are millions of warriors in are country willing to fight for the bill of rights

  5. I feel like i dropped onto an alternate universe…. stuff is being blatantly pushed out, its identical to the bibles warnings and the only peopl that have a problem with it are still just us “conspiracy nuts”??????

    I just saw a dear friend tell all of us that if we were anti vax we are anti human so get out of her life.

    Omg guys… im not doing well with this today….

    1. Fiery K Take heart. Many, many of us out there just like you. People are really scared of this invisible enemy. I’m trying to wish them well and let the whole thing go. I find it helpful to get away from media on a regular basis. Meditation also helps and going outside. Hang in there, much love.

    2. Notice the inversion in her remarks. If your anti vac your anti human. Nothing could be further from the truth

    3. my brother an some of my friends said something simillar to me(that is somethimg wrong with me) when I tried to show them some evidence that not all of what they see and hear may be true!…I tried… I cannot do it anymore!…Peace!

      1. Right. Don’t waste your energy on those who don’t want to listen. Just leave it with them. Concentrate on people you might meet who DO want to listen.

      2. Stand your ground and don’t waste your time with morons-Stay focused with Wes and followers-Search for new friends that will be there for you in the future- Friendly a stranger!

        1. Thanks,man!I only did it because i saw how scared they were.But they fiercely defend the System!

    4. We just have to let others have their opinions. Best is not to waste our time and energy on them. If they wake up one day, we’ll be there for them.

      1. That is correct!they know my p.o.v.,so I will let them come ,if they ever will want to!Thanks!

    5. Fiery, download the inserts for the MMR vaccination and highlight a few of wonderful ingredients and give it to her. My favorites are Aluminum, Mercury, Formaldehyde, Monosodium glutamate (MSG), Squalene, Gelatin, Polysorbate 80 and aborted fetal tissue. I thought they said they didn’t use Mercury any longer but it is STILL listed as an ingredient. And here is their justification for using aborted fetal tissue: “Several common vaccines are made by growing the necessary viruses in fetal embryo fibroblast cells. These cells originally came from tissue obtained from two fetuses that were legally and electively aborted in the early 1960s.” So basically they are artificially growing cells from an aborted baby from 1960. Is that supposed to make us feel better? Don’t look for any test results for efficacy – THEY DO NOT EXIST. We have to take their word for it. In the not too distant future she will learn the truth. WE ALL WILL. Meanwhile, Next Week I will have a gift for all of you. Free of Charge. You will like it. I will cheer you up.

  6. Heard today that Kansas is tracking people’s whereabouts via their phones. Wonder how many other states are doing this. Leaving my phone home from now on. Looking forward to the next video. Thanks Wes.

  7. Yes yes yes yes yes frodo. I will not do that again. You remembered your name but not that you do not belong to it. Fine 🙄

  8. But don’t also we who are believing it in this whole vaccination=enslavement making it real? Like somebody else said ‘Mandela effect’ in motion. Wondering what other people think.

    Also how do we make a donation without becoming a patron? How do we make one time donation?

    1. @Lia I’ve been thinking the same thing, on the other hand I think it matters that we know what’s going on. Lately am feeling saturated with information and just not listening to many truthers anymore, not because they’re wrong but because my system just doesn’t seem to want any more. I’m meditating more. Practicing focus and accessing no-time dimensions.

      I’m also interested in a one time donation. Hope Wes sees this. All the best to you.

    2. I know what you mean, but if no one exposes this, the EL-ite can do what they please. By making people aware, we can collectively decide for this not to happen and refuse to participate.

      Thanks for your willingness to donate! Please use It’s under Per Sewen.

  9. Hi Wes!

    So two things. Are you familiar with the Domain (alien interview with Matilda Macelroy). Old Empire vs Domain?

    Secondly, there is a way to ensure one does not have to become vaccinated. This is the right of self determination; forming a new nation and having full ambassadorial immunity. We MUST unite as a species in order to save ourselves. I would love to offer you an honorary member of the Dominion of Melchizedek offering immunity and protection.

    Let’s create an entire earth of permaculture and self sustaining micronations together!!

  10. it is unfortunate that people have trusted the people in Government.

    After my 3rd eye awakening and heart awakening in 2000 which came in the form of a life review ie/I realized that the eyes and ears are useless without an open mind and unfettered heart!!

    It was embarrassing to realize what ie/I was ignoring happening right in front of me.

    We should be researching and asking more questions.

    Perhaps it is time for a class action law suit!!

    ie/I am writing an affidavit and need some assistance!!

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