VIDEO 220 (no longer posted)

This video has been removed from our platforms. It contained information on the v-rus when the situation was fairly new, and we think that some of the conclusions we made at the time might not be valid.


  1. Wes and Ariel, I can’t cook, I can’t freeze things for further usage(eating) I’ve been to the hospital because of certain issues and my neighborhood gossips about me. I have DID. You said in the beginning that it would be different for everyone, just what kind of results can I achieve to my local universe when everyone around me thinks I’m crazy?

    1. The first thing is to ignore what they think. Create, in your mind first, what YOU want to create. Your thoughts and intentions create your reality, one step at the time. All people in the world affect each other locally and on a distance with their thoughts and intentions–good or bad. So do you and I. One person can create a difference in their own inner universe as well as in the universe we project outwards.

      1. 🌹💙 Well said Wes, I totally agree! Two quotes come to mind: “Your thoughts matter because they are matter.” And: “You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want.” Bright Blessings! 🌞🙏.

        1. Barbelo Trad Witch I have heard this often, but I can tell you i’ve gotten much that I don’t recall focusing on at all…just sayin’

          1. Cuz its subconscious possibly…also its very hard for us to truly see ourselves from INSIDE our belief systems….

      2. @Wes Penre, thoughts+emotions+intention+attention create and shape this physical simulation

      3. David Icke has stated repeatedly that the best thing that ever happened to him was the immense ridicule he faced from every direction. He had been the most popular sports announcer at the time on BBC TV, and most of the UK would recognize him on the street and taunt him. He says it was the best thing that every happened to him, because after he recovered, he never gave a flying fig what the majority of the mind controlled sheep thought, particularly those who he now refers to as the WOKE fascists.

        1. Not really Sir😊He developed a fairly severe form of rheumatoid arthritis…He is an empath.He passed through but he paid the price of a “cruel humanity”.

          1. He developed the rheumatoid arthritis at a very early age and had to retire from professional football I believe at 21. He then went into journalism and eventually “rose” to BBC TV sports. He came out with his “unorthodox” ideas after he left the BBC but was still well known to the public.

            1. Thank you for the details.The immense ridicule he faced made it even more severe(self devaluation).I like mister Icke😊I know about him and his books since 2006.So …I would like to add that I know what does mean living under dictatorship.I just hope that you and your beloved will not experience this.I really enjoy the information provided her and all comments.I do!

  2. Many will label me as insane for thinking tgis virus is a hoax.. but i dont care .. thank you wes and ariel for showing us the truth.. icluding icke and to others risking their lives just to show us the truth ..

  3. Dear Wes, thanks for this very informative video series! You are just so great in analyzing and writing, always such a pleasure to read your articles!
    One question, if I get the vaccine and die from it, wouldn’t that be a good thing? I just could go through the grid. The earlier I die, the quicker I am home in Orion and am able to find a solution for this mess on earth with the queen! Because as long as you live here, you feed the matrix with your energy. I am so sick of that. I dont want to feed a satanic system any longer. Why should I proactive fight for freedom and free will in a matrix, which bases on enslavement? Freedom in a prison? This is not even possible. Just let us end this game real quick and kick those A.I.F. asses in the KHAA! I dont want to do suicide, of course not, but I just thought, that dying isn’t such a bad thing in these times, – if you know the truth about this matrix and how to exit.

    1. Beyond 3D, my study indicates that THE VACCINE will contain nanobots that are small enough to go through the blood brain barrier and lodge in millions of strategic points in your brain. These bots will communicate directly with AI quantum computers via 5G and will have the capability to alter your perceptions, thoughts, and behavior. This is Ray Kurzweil’s wet dream who is the head of Google’s (DO EVIL) R&D. The psychopathic minions of our Overlords are using the virus distraction and lockdown to vastly accelerate the rollout of 5G transmitters. This is no coincidence. It is an integral part of the fake plandemic.

      The flaw in your “plan,” in my opinion is that you:
      1) Probably will not die from the vaccine immediately. The Overlords are not so stupid as to have too high an immediate mortality rate from it. Rather just make you sicker, so you will need more vaccines and toxic drugs to “counteract” the effects.
      2) The vaccine may alter your ability to think to the point that when you do die, you will go into the Annunaki recycling tunnel with great enthusiasm.

      Wes and Ariel write without caveats – do not take the vaccine. I agree with this totally. However, it will certainly become mandatory with the BS “herd immunity” argument which is totally non-sensical. I will do my best to avoid the vaccine. Hopefully I can bribe my way out of it for a while. If that fails, I intend to leave the physical body prior to being vaccinated. I had a lot of experience with firearms in my youth, and the only question in my mind is whether to kill myself, or go down taking some of those mindless f**ks with me. I really do not care at all about my “personal karma” at this point. Then go through a hole in the grid ASAP with no distractions.

      Despite “heroes” such as Wes, Icke, Corbett, and Ole, I see little hope for humanity at this point. They are simply too mind controlled, gullible, and dumbed down. Anyone who reincarnates in the near future will have a snowball’s chance in hell (quite literally) of escaping from the coming total dystopia for thousands and maybe hundreds of thousands of years. I am 73 and see this as my last chance to escape.

        1. It makes my anger boil when people say ‘stay safe’ which implies imminent, horrendous danger. I don’t take kindly to that suddenly ubiquitous, mis-used term!

      1. I think about that too. Being passive and feeling powerless is what they want. There’s a lot of gun owners now. Will they stand up for their rights or bow to submission.
        I can retire next year and I knew this time would come where the economy would probably collapse from the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies and exponentially increasing debt. I was hoping it was later than sooner so I could enjoy a few years of peace and relaxation. Also get healthier physically and mentally. If I want to collect my pension that I’ve worked my butt off for the last 30-31 years I’ll have to be part of the beast system no doubt. The timing of this sucks.
        My brother is a lieutenant in the Sheriff’s dept but I don’t talk to him much. I can’t imagine he agrees with this whole scenario very much but they follow orders. When push comes to shove..and it will if the economy stays closed much longer…there will be chaos. I’m curious how this will play out.

        I found myself thinking yesterday “how would I react if I had no job, no money, and was hungry?” Being told I can’t do what I want. I consider myself a survivor and plan out scenarios in my head in advance.of what I would do. Sometimes I wonder if Enki, Satan whoever you want to call him isn’t putting thoughts in my head of kill or be killed. Taking away my freedom and basically taking away my life with a vaccine when I committed no crime is obviously wrong. Is it worth killing for? In my head I said- Yes, but not the innocent just those who deserve it.

        1. Dear Kevin, thanks a lot for sharing your thought with us! I can totally understand your feelings. And I am very sorry, that you may cannot even enjoy your retirement now. I really hope for you… We are in crazy times, but good for us, who know the truth. I try to tell more and more open hearted people about the truth and exiting the matrix. Every namluu soul that comes back home is so precious! This is my life task now (besides working on the trauma and your inner wisdom), as I see no other anymore, which make any sense and are not only feeding the ego.. This is so sad, this experiment could have been much bettter for all of us..

      2. @el Gallinazo As do I at age 66. When people are in public dressed in their clownish Halloween costumes as surgeons ready to make the first cut – and are dead serious – it’s obvious a good percentage have truly lost discernment skills. And it’s only going to get worse…and worse…

      3. Dear El Gallizano,

        thanks for your comment, I appreciate! Very well said. Are you also at the wes penre forum?
        you are right, maybe you get different sicknesses through which life gets even harder with the vaccine. This is def. a good additional reason to not get it. With the other point you made I am a little bit unsure.
        I feel like there is nothing, that can put an awoken spirit to sleep again, if not the spirit itself or the avatar itself. So maybe they can read your mind though the vaccine, but I dont think they can change or alter your mind to that point, that the spirit gets paralyzed again and you forget about your inner workings again! Of course the nanobots are maybe able to prevent your death, so your not even able to die at will anymore – but I dont think there will be enough nanobots in these vaccines to make you immortal immediately. I think they will need to come up with nanorobot organs at first and most important: with the cloud. They also need your consent to do so. So this is not a direct danger in my eyes.
        But all of these are guesses and you are totally right, that you better take not the risk and do anything to not get vaccinated. I also thought to better let kill myself or something, before they come up with the cloud etc… If you have no other choice than suicide to prevent them from making you immortal, then suicide is the only option and in my eyes it is no “breach of contract” anymore, because then they already have breached the contact to the maximum!

        best wishes to you! Stay strong !!! 🙂
        p.s.: I absolutely agree with your statement, that you see no hope for the human race anymore and that the next decades are the best and maybe last chance for exiting the matrix…

      4. Great Post! In the time you have left in the simulation/Patrix you might work on liberating yourself from fear, terror, panic, etc. Wes has said a few times the challenge with suicide is that it is so traumatizing to the real self that it lowers your frequency considerably as you are leaving your meat sack behind, which may make it impossible for you to remember all the great stuff you’ve learned.
        It is your reaction the Archons/Overlords/AIF feed on. If you can find the frequencies of Peace and Joy while still in the Patrix, then your exit from the Grid into the Khaa will be graceful and full of opportunities. The Overlords can’t actually force you into the Singularity, you have to consent/agree, use your free will to choose Peace and Freedom.
        Wes has also said that En.Ki would rather let those of us who can graduate to escape, instead of having us around to contaminate the Singularity.
        Self Love is a good baseline to start with on shifting frequencies. You are not at War with the Overlords. You are just part of a crop they continually harvest. Their war is with Orion and ultimately with themselves. “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.” –A Course in Miracles.
        What you fill yourself with is what you have to give to others. May your Peace be my Peace..

    2. If we look at the history of Bill Gates’ vaccination program, many many people have become infertile, others have been paralyzed, and SOME of them have died. I presume that the deaths were not intended but an “acceptable loss.” If you get the vaccine, you will probably not die–only a certain percentage have died so far.

      It’s not a good thing to create more children in the world because it feeds the system, so one would think Gates’ infertility program is a good thing, and in a twisted way it is, in this sense, but it’s the intentions behind it, and that it’s done without people’s consent that’s disturbing. Plus, the terrible side effects on people in the 3rd world countries. He wants to give us the same vaccines, so we can expect the same side effects. Also, they want to inject nanobots together with these vaccines, so they can track us better.

      The reason we need freedom of speech and freedom of press is because if we don’t have them, we can’t inform people about what’s going on.

      1. Dear Wes, thanks for your comment! As I already said above, you are right, maybe you “only” get different sicknesses through the vaccine, so life gets even harder to live. Death would be a salvation and I guess they wont be that merciful to us. This is def. a good additional reason to not get it- as well as the other reasons you listed – of course!! It was just a thought about dying itself. Of course we should not permit this enslavement and the disregard of the human free will! It is really heartbreaking to see, how people really believe that Bill gates and co do GOOD for the human race, have their best interests in mind, when in reality they are all trying to destory them in a very vicious way. It is really a tough time, it always was, but now it gets even harder.. 🙁

      2. Hi, Wes. May I ask a question?

        Your thoughts create your reality. Then Bill Gates is like the greatest master of the LOA. Apparently, he’s got the universevon on his side. Then how can he push his eugenistic agenda and get away with it? Why doesn’t he attract the vibrational match to his ill intentions? You attract your vibrational match. Isn’t that how this universe works?

        1. Bill Gates is just a puppet, used by the Overlords and the Global EL-ite. They set their intentions and act upon them, while humans do very little to stop them. Therefore, the can move forward with their agenda. While doing so, they are also distracting humanity to look in other directions, which most humans fall for. This universe is not judgmental. You can intend very vicious things or you can intend something very positive. Any of the two can manifest. So, the Manipulators DO attract their vibrational match, which is to use vaccines for ill purposes, for instance. If that’s the vibration they send out, that’s what they manifest, unless their are counter-intentions that are stronger.

          1. Wes, thank you for your reply. You must be busy. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. 🙂

  4. @Wes Penre, Wes, can i re-upload your video about The Big Bang, The Creation(Absolute Self theory) on my channel?
    I liked that video a lot, but you deleted it off youtube. It was amazing reference material.

    1. @Robin Not sure which video you are referring to, to be honest. The only videos we’ve deleted, from what I remember, is one about Mars, and two about the soul splitting. The two latter ones were immature and were replaced with videos that were better researched, and the Mars video was also incomplete. If you use (or .org…can’t recall) and use my email address,, you can send me the video you’re referring to, and I can give you a personal answer if it’s okay to upload it…

        1. There is a corruption in the wordpress template, so you can only see the latest few videos on the VIDEO page. Please go to SITE MAP and scroll down. There all the videos are listed. I need to get hold of whomever designed the template to get it fixed because I don’t know CSS computer programming. Or I need to find someone who is good at that…

  5. to everyone talking about suicide , dying, killing, exiting… you guys gotta think of a better way. dont fear over fear. at the end of the day you have to trust that if you want a better future you DO have the power to make it happen. theres a lot of energy of defeat people are feeling right now. feel it but remember in the blink of an eye life can be right again. if you dont get this power of miracles here, how you gonna realize it in the khaa?

    1. Hey! 🙂 I am not talking about suicide (btw I am not talking about suicide at all, but only about the realization that a sudden death would not be a problem for us right now..), because of depression, fear or the feeling of beeing defeated. I feel more powerful than ever and this is why I want to leave the matrix to not feed this evil system any longer but to help orion instead. I just know, that we have individually only 4% power left here, if any – additional there is this mass counciousness of the totally manipulated human race.. They are creating our reality! I am not optimistic – but in no way I am pessimistic as well. I am just realistic and neutral. You have to know, when there is not much more hope left – hope is one of the main energies, which keep people attached to the matrix; they hope for a better world, they hope to see their loved ones again, they hope for a happy end. Hope gives the AIF a lot of tasty energy, nomnonnom :))) You need to realize, and Wes already stressed it out many times, that this earth cannot be saved, as it was an illusion already from the beginning, because of enki! It is enkis world, it is his matrix, it is his game. And I am just realistic, when I say, that you cannot win this game, that you cannot solve a problem on the same level as the problem was created. This was something Wes also pointed out often. So death (exiting) would be a big gift right now for us all actually, but a big problem for them (they know we will kick their asses once we have 100% of our power back!). Thats why I think we Namluu Souls may not die as soon as we may wish.. Of course we Namluss have the power to create a better future. And I do my best to help with that through trauma workings, mediating, service to others and so on.. But for now we need to keep our eyes open, cause the singularity may kill us all spiritually, if we not stay realistic and lose ourselves in pointless hopes of creating a better world inside the matrix.. this is a contradiction in itself in my opinion. 🙂
      I def. agree with your statement to stay positive right now and to not lose yourself in depression or something! I hope I was able to communicate that depression or fear is NOT the source of my wish to hope for a soon death/exiting – even though this breaks my heart on another level, because also I have hoped for a better future, a better world, and a super fair, harmonic cosmos and wonderful lovely togetherness with a dreamlike future from the beginnig of my life…
      Lots of love to you and all the best wishes 🙂 may we stay strong!

    2. You sound ignorant and weak. You probably haven’t lost any family members to any wars. They fought to protect the freedom we have and paid the ultimate price. Albeit banker wars. . We are all supposed to have freedom. When the government oppresses the people-the people have the right to let them know how they feel. Once voting became rigged it doesn’t matter anymore. The candidates are nothing more than the lesser of two evils. There will be a 2nd revolution and the ruling elite probably will get their way by “conquest or by consent” as Herr Kissinger says.

      Since Wes likes to quote Freemasons and Rosicrucians here’s one from Thomas Jefferson. “All Tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for good men to stand by and do not thing.”
      Or Teddy Roosevelt: “In politics nothing happens by chance, when it happens you can bet it was planned that way”. Even Mark Twain “founder and member of Bohemian Grove said “If you read the newspaper you’re uninformed and if you do you’re misinformed. Same for all media. All they do is lie, cheat and steal and we say ok? Would you raise your kids that way?

      Those who say “I’ll just wait to die and let them do what they will do. Nothing will change anyhow. The grid will open and I’ll float away to eternal happiness.” If you have kids they will be inheriting the future you’re escaping from and it won’t be pretty I’m afraid. I’m not afraid although anger is the product of fear. I’m fed up with an oligarchy that is on steroids.

      1. “When the government oppresses the people-the people have the right to let them know how they feel.”

        Cool quotes. In the above i would amend that out of date statement to adhere to murphys law of what can go wrong will go wrong..

        “If you dont like the rules, change them, if you cant change the rules….. Ignore them.

      2. Interesting thoughts, Kevin
        Can you be more specific about what you are identifying as “ignorant or weak”?
        Your speculation about not losing someone to war seems very personal for you. Which war do you think our ancestors fought in so “we” could be free?
        War is a very primitive solution no matter what it is applied to. The rationalizations that soldiers have to be told or tell themselves in order to murder others because they were ordered to is a shadow compared to the mass hypnosis of a country by the War Machine in order to get their citizens to murder in the name of the State.
        I’m old fashion, so if you vote for war or order war, then you should go to war so you can realize what your vote meant, get down and dirty with the troops so you can take in their suffering, fear and needless sacrifice personally, then weigh the Cost of War if you survive.
        I’m not sure you are familiar with Wes’ material. War, fear, anger, terror is all food for the overlords. There can be no peace in the world until there is peace within the people.
        The War Matrix is a set of frequencies unto itself, unfortunately when participants of those frequencies exit them if they aren’t in a body bag, then they carry around the PTSD and CPTSD which often turns their humanity into insanity.
        Thank you for sharing your insights.

        1. Sorry, I did not see this reply until today Bruce. Your comments are appreciated and well thought out so I will respond by saying my comment was about IntentionsRGood saying not to fear over fear and that talk about killing/suicide/dying is feeding the Overlords. I took it a little too personal perhaps but while I agree with the sentiment reality is a different beast.

          Having the power to do miracles. Please show me how that’s done (miracles) or ever has been done. (Without Black Magic) Anyone can say nice things like don’t fear or worry-raise your vibration etc. That is ignorant and weak so far as making the change you want to see happen, imo.

          Doing nothing does not change anything but doing nothing is sometimes the best thing to do. The only example I can think of off the top of my head is a pitching change in baseball. Sometimes you just should stay with the hot hand and ignore pitch counts or stats. That’s a game though not a real life situation with lasting impact.

          In these crucial times doing nothing is like joining the enemy. We are divided as a country with so many nationalities and religions that we are ripe for a takeover. I’m talking the US I know there are many international readers here. We have few true “patriots” that exist that are willing to do what needs to be done which is kick the psychopaths out of this country like has been done so many times in the past. In 1948 Truman made the U.S. the first vote to give them their own recognized state. They have since gained a foothold and have infiltrated all levels of power. Our allegiance to Israel’s political Zionist is the reason terrorism is so prevalent today all over the world. They always blame someone else for their acts and come to the rescue with solutions providing laws, increased budgets, war profiteering etc.

          The world is-the way the world is because minions have always done what the overlords wanted by fighting their wars. In the early days, being a soldier was the only employment available if you wanted to survive (irony) Today we have a choice to get a job or join the military. At least freewill is offered.

          I’ve seen good people go to jail for trying to upset the Apple cart. A good Air Force veteran acquaintance sentenced to 23 years on lies and perjury from the FBI. When’s the last time any guilty person was sentenced to 23 years for white collar crime let alone for a 1st offense. He was innocent not profiting a dime. The real crooks walked. My dad’s brother was shot dead while parachuting over Germany in WW2. A cousin was Voted #1 in Naval Warfare Training by his peers and has trained thousands in govt , universities and private citizens how to protect themselves in everyday life. 13 years in special ops and offered the job to body guard Zuckerberg when Facebook first went public but he declined as it was 24/7 and he had a family. He got out of the military and does private security now. His dad, my uncle was best friends with the man who built the Luxor, Excalibur and Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. They worked in the casino business as partners for a long time until a falling out upon his retirement and raw deal. I wish I could have picked his brain but too late now.

          I joined without telling my family at 18 but didn’t pass the physical as I needed to have a surgery first they said. I was at the airport ready for N.Carolina. As it turns out, I got a job with a different kind of army and that was 30 years ago. Working for a fortune 100 corporation has changed quite a bit as technology has improved. Every second of my day I’m on GPS and accountable for every thing I do. I even get folllowed without pre-warning from time to time. All you can do is give them no reason to pay attention to you. Stay off the radar. After an official warning for insubordination that’s what I do.

          I read all or most of the papers when they came out. When Wes said he was done but might do a few individual topic papers I stopped following his progress. Just recently I saw the Facebook page and from there I saw he had these videos. I know a lot has been forgotten from what I read but I was an avid movie goer -not for the actors or entertainment but for the storylines and agendas the CIA is putting out. Wes’ papers were helpful in discerning the hidden meaning of many plots. Some blatant others more hidden.

          One thing I question is why Wes is being given insider info. He has gained the respect of the puppet masters with his research and they know he is not just regurgitating what they tell him but offering seemingly honest conclusions and discernment with it.

          As long as they get out what they want to say I’m guessing they are pleased perhaps. They do have to tell us what they are going to do before they do it after all. All the syncretism videos are part of the NWO plan of showing all religions being of the same origin. The many gods are actually the ONE. I don’t let my childhood indoctrination of Christianity blind me from trying to see the truth for what it is. It was hard and stubbornness is a trait I have, but learning about all religions helps form a better perspective.
          A few conclusions mainly being that sun worship was the first religion and man has tried to play god through his intellect and knowledge since the beginning of our time here. Gen 3:22 Religion is a control mechanism. The Bible teaches wisdom but also shows a jealous, vengeful and murderous god as well as one who preached a message of love and forgiveness. (Yet he couldn’t forgive Eve for eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil?

          To live forever in the KHAA- that’s a long time. Is it a curse to never die spiritually?
          That’s something to think about also.

    3. Thank you for your amazing comment. There are sub-matrices within the Patrix. I refer to them as trances and the Patrix as the meta-trance.

      The Fear Matrix (frequency, trance) is like Overlords Soup Kitchen 101. For a long time I thought all I had to do was put my attention on higher frequency states like love, peace, joy, etc. This was in error though, because as long as we are “wrapped” in an artificial soul, the mind is directly affected by this. The mind is where the “reaction” occurs. So, in order to transcend the “reaction”, you have to increase your discernment. This is a fancy way of saying allow your awareness to awaken to the part of yourself that either reacts or stays in reaction. If you haven’t done this yet then you are only aware of the reaction after the fact and the toll it puts on the mind, emotions, body, etc.

      Once you can become aware in real-time or at least know yourself well enough that you haven’t been able to eliminate certain reactions, then you can choose your state, instead of being stimulated by some “outside force” that triggers your reaction(s).

      When I am able to catch the reaction in real time, I practice a technique that I created,”Nihilize”. I grow quiet, usually close my eyes and observe the trance/illusion within myself that I’m either reacting to or predicting may occur momentarily. One aspect of the Patrix is duality. This is caused by separating the parts of any whole (two sides of a coin) and presenting them as if they were separate and opposite, thus causing the basic reaction of having to agree with one or the other. But of course that is just the foundation of the trance. Trances can be more complicated than that, except that the solution uncomplicates all of them. Let’s say I’m driving somewhere to pickup dinner and in spite of all my excellent planning to do it at the most perfect time, there is an abnormal amount of traffic and I’m stuck in it. This is a real example by the way. For most of my life I’ve talked to traffic as if it could hear me speaking outloud. Driving through traffic was a perpetual reaction for me, even if I wasn’t the driver. Now, however, I can “Nihilize”. When you bring both “separated” parts of a whole back together you get to discover the “reality” or “truth” of that “thing”. It was NOTHING all the time. The opposite parts cancel each other out. So, in place of the reaction I remember “There is no traffic” “There are no cars” “This is all Nothing” (don’t close your eyes if you are driving), then I see with my eyes close (not in traffic) Nothing and what fills the space of the potential or occurring reaction is peace.

      We live in a simulation/Patrix which isn’t designed for us, but for the creators of the Patrix. The easiest way to remember none of this is real is to ask this question: “Can I exit the Patrix in my human body?” To this day I believe Wes has been very consistent and said “No” You can’t take something that is nothing into the Khaa.

      So, “Nihilizing” brings peace (to me at least) and quietens the mind (the incubator for reactions). It is a form of self-love. If your goal is to exit the Patrix, then you might want to do as much math about that now as you can. If you kill yourself or someone else in an attempt to exit the Patrix, what you actually do is attract archons/overlords and they feed off of all that lower frequency traumatic energy. They use that energy to strengthen the Patrix, which you wish to escape. Simpler math might be, that the amount of Loosh you generate for the AIF is so strong they probably vacuum you right up with the tunnel of light. You still have to choose but in your lowered frequency state, your self-awareness may be diminished to the degree and your post death reaction might be strong enough that anything that takes that feeling away you will agree too.

      Wes has been consistent in his message to use the time you have to raise your frequency, let go of your emotional patrix attachments, discover how to reduce or eliminate the soul-sucking impact of the Patrix and its minions. As you do this, perhaps as Wes & Ariel have chosen to do, you can be an example to others as well.

      Thank you for your comments!

      1. This is such an excellent comment, Bruce. There is nothing I can add or subtract from that. I hope many people read this!

    1. Can’t either. Maybe they’re being over run??? Tried all links, says this page is unavailable.

  6. Hi Wes,
    There is a lot in this video that is questionable information, but between 7 and 16 minutes where she speaks about CV being an A.I. Virus deliberately released in order to inject us with vaccines containing nanobots that programs the brain to take over the body is very interesting.

  7. Maybe khan enlil could start another flood and fudge up the living library again so we won’t have to worry about all this anymore.
    I love that bird

  8. Maybe khan enlil could start another flood and fudge up the living library again so we won’t have to worry about all this anymore. I’ll ask then queen what he’s doing this weekend.
    I love that bird.

  9. Wes please answer this question. In your article you stated that nanobots replace the biological cells and that make you immortal and are also nanobots connect to 5G. But what about the nanobots that they already give you through food water and air(chemtrails)? Will that not prevent from dying. Why do they even need vaccines?

    1. My hypothesis is that the nanobots most people already have in their system through chemtrails and food, etc. fill, or will fill a certain function in the Singularity, but these bots are not all they need to insert into us. Some nanotechnology can only be injected directly into the blood steam via a vaccine, for example. On top of that, they also need to insert a brain implant (Elon Musk), and who knows what else ,before the human body system is fully adapt to entering into the new era of the Singularity–the Age of Aquarius.

      1. Elon Musk reminds me of the Suprieme Rockefeller paper you wrote. He fits the mold of that character somewhat doesn’t he? Low level satellites, ties to Air Force through Space -Ex. He even looks a little like him. I wonder if he drinks mono-atomic gold smoothies. Also George Sor-os is a bond holder in Tesla. Big Red flag. Every time people bet against his company they wind up getting burned. He is top of the food chain. Have you considered doing a write up on him?

        Also did you see Dr.Strange? What did you think? A lot of WPP topics in that one.

    2. It is important to remember, however scary the simulation is, you arrived here by agreement. You may regret that agreement or were tricked into it so to speak, but what you can take away from that is to be present with any agreements you make moving forward. If an offer is mapped out to seem like “I have no choice.”, that is a trance, it is not real. Do not fear death, that is the greatest illusion of all. The singularity is about trying to prevent you from dying so that you may be exploited indefinitely. It is easy to fantasize on all you could learn and awaken in yourself if you were immortal here in the simulation, but that is only a wonderful fantasy when you still suspect the prospect of your death is inescapable (some when down the road). But what if the prospect of perpetual life in the Patrix was normal…would you pray for death, or try to find a way to die so you could stop the soul recycling, enter the Khaa, etc?
      In my personal opinion the simplest way to navigate what you might experience as very complex circumstances is to ask yourself at any decision moment “Will this get me outside the Patrix and into the Khaa sooner than later? If not, why should I engage or care or react to what is before me?”
      Wes has spent more hours than I can imagine developing his learning/perspective/information. Perspective is essential. Make no more uninformed choices, do not react yourself into bondage or the singularity.
      With regard to nanobots, I seem to remember Wes or perhaps I learned this somewhere else – that they are currently dormant in most of us. It is possible that because of the Galactic Law of Free Will you have to accept the vaccine in order to activate the nanobots.
      So much more to say on these topics, but I won’t write a screenplay this time.

  10. Here is the video where they talk about removing God gene via vaccines:

  11. Hi, I’ve not been around much lately but I’ve been an avid listener and reader of Wes and Ariel’s material long enough to appreciate the basics they teach.I’ll just mention that briefly then reply to your outrage(?). The essence of their material is 1. Don’t buy into the singularity in all the different ways that might occur (a vaccine?). and 2. Upon death of this “life”, do not go into the tunnel of light, seek an exit from the simulation known as Earth through a hole in the damaged grid that has been our prison-trap for hundreds of thousands of Earth Years. Once you exit the grid after death you are approaching the Khaa. You want to get far enough away from this solar system that the transmission of the grid from Saturn has no impact on you. Wes often suggests intending to go to Orion where are soul group is greeted as royalty. I’m sure I left something out, but I was trying to give a simple synopsis.

    To your comment (some of what I will write here is going to be in my own comment to the video).
    1st Ariel and Wes are not conspiracy nutters. In fact, I’m even surprised Wes is giving this so much attention, but I’m sure he has good reason. Wes’ platform isn’t really about current affairs unless they relate to the grand scheme of the Human Soul Group History Arc.

    I appreciate your opinion and experiences that you do NOT think this virus is a hoax or not real. Even if in your experience is horrifically real, some of Wes’ info is about how this real or not real virus is being used abd exploited by the elite on a global level. If you are of the mind that main stream media knows the truth and reports information about our world accurately this probably isn’t the channel for you. With every video, Wes always begins with the very beautiful music and the disclaimer basically stating “This is what Ariel and I have found in our research, but don’t take our word for it do your own research”

    I watched some of the David Icke segments on LondonReal. The most recent was mostly about how he sees the “shelter in place” as house arrest, and denial of an opportunity to work as another egregious front to our civil liberties. He’s not mad because the Lizard People are coming, he’s upset because of what many people who are willing to do to protest and require governments to stop the oppressive actions. I’ve live in an urban city in Texas, and we’ve been on lockdown for 3-4 weeks now I think, but only less than a week ago they started requiring citizens to wear masks when they were in public. Does that make sense? You can go to the grocery store, buy liquor, see your doctor and a few other things or even go to work if you are deemed an essential service or essential worker, BUT you do this for a month with no masks, then you have to wear masks…None of our local, state or national governments are that dumb.

    Sounds like I had my own rant. Seriously, I appreciate your own experience and research. You have come to a specific conclusion about the “reality” of the Virus. The challenge with that is that you might feed into a great deal of misinformation since your premise is that the virus is real and anything that is said through authorities or MSM must be true. I’m not accusing you of that because you havn’t given enough information to suggest that one way or the other.

    Last thought. I don’t care about the virus. I’m not interested in living my last weeks/months/years of this life living in fear. Fear is a reaction. There are many reactions and the “conspiracy” you refer to uses humanity’s collective perception (and individual) to focus on that which is most likely to cause the herd to react. The spiritual aspect of Wes’ material (there is a massive library of his material btw) is to awaken to this false world and mature to a point in your awareness that you can exit it as soon as possible on your terms.

    There are many platforms/channels where your comments would be appropriate/;accurate. Now I’m just speaking for myself. I want to experience peace and freedom above all else. I have found that identifying my reactions and using a few techniques to slowly stop being reactive at all improves the quality of my life regarding peace and freedom. It doesn’t really matter who is “right” or “wrong” about this current global health crisis. What matters is a simple question: “Are you going to play your game (if you have one or understand the reference) or are you going to stay plugged into the feartrix that most of humanity gives most of their attention to everyday?

    Wes gives all the information he thinks is essential to a topic You seized upon a small part of that message and had a reaction to it, but did you hear or do you remember how he emphasized the importance of not living in fear or projecting it into your local environment? Do you agree with that type of thinking or does it seem absurd to you?

    And, please forgive me for suggesting this isn’t forum for you, perhaps I was reacting a bit myself. I have no doubt that Wes and Ariel will always welcome you even if you disagree.

    Peace TS

  12. @3:52 Wes is talking about managing our fear and stress. Here is my basic approach to this. When we lose our center emotionally through reaction we enter a trance. That trance is defined by the topic we’ve reacted to out of fear. Anything outside the reaction at that point doesn’t exist anymore (like tunnel vision). Ever been with someone you care about, and they are reacting in fear to something that isn’t a threat to them except in their mind? And how hard it is to give them your reassurance they are safe? That is because you are not in their trance the way you are actually coming across. You are actually interfering with their reaction, and so they have to apply even more obsessive focus to maintain the trance/reaction they are unaware of having. The technique I use to release or rise above the trances is emotional detachment. I don’t mean disassociation, I still have the emotions, but I detach my focus and frame from the trance I’m causing in order to exit it and in order to live without it moving forward.

    @7:25 Wes begins talking about Breathing Exercises – I’ve not looked at his links,yet, but I’ve recently come across a man and his content that is quite interesting. His name is Wim Hof, and he has had scientists and doctors alike evaluate him while he was doing some of these extraordinary things. The one that is easy to remember is that just through breathing he can maintain his skin temperature while submerged in freezing icy water. More importantly he discusses how you can shift your body from acidic to alkaline in 20 minutes just through proper breathing techniques.

    @9:55 Wes mentions building support groups and alternatives for main stream platforms. My online friends and I have been speaking daily for over 8 years on an older VOIP called TeamSpeak A more modern version of this is called discord. The last one I might mention – I am unaware if they are censoring or not: Twitch .

    @17:08 Wes speaks of people waking up and the mass purchase of weapons. He also speaks of the potential for Civil War. You have Free Will. According to Wes, that is one of the very few Laws of the Khaa. For myself, I do my very best to channel my Free Will through a state of Peace. Civil War is exactly the type of event the Archons and Overlords feed off of. i’m not saying I wouldn’t mind an end to the greed and control of the very very few at the expense of the rest of the 8 Billion on the planet. The alternative possibility to Wes’ comment about how the government think we are dumb is that they have predictive models on our individual and group reactions to their Tyranny Experiments. Consider the material about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. What if the government claims that one of the symptoms of not having the vaccine is an irrational authority, that the patient/victim is suffering from delusions, extreme bouts of anger, which then could lead into projections or more misinformation about how by the time the unvaccinated patient hits the streets there is a 95% chance he’s abused his/her spouse and children. They have even made it a mental disorder Oppositional Defiant Disorder. I can just hear the PSA now “Do you know someone with ODD. They are suffering unnecessarily, so please report them, so they can get the proper treatment from Bill and Melinda gates Foundation for Turning Humans into Zombies.” Anyway, I’m not trying to talk anyone out of anything. You will follow your frequency regardless of someone else’s words.and ideas.

    As always, thank you, Wes and Ariel and everyone else that makes this content possible. This was an excellent video!!

    1. So nice to see your views again Bruce — Youalways did bring a good amount of well formated opinions to the conversation at hand — agree with most of what you have written here — went through the situation “Ever been with someone you care about, and they are reacting in fear to something that isn’t a threat to them except in their mind? And how hard it is to give them your reassurance they are safe? ” this morning and found it very difficult to bring clarity and peace back to the person so much part of my life. Thankyou Bruce and thankyou Wes for the video.

      1. Thank you for your kinds words, please feel free to push back on what you don’t agree on I might learn something new!!

  13. Interesting Icke never talks about political Zionism. Dead on and a great listen but when I saw London News interview Alex Jones who is a Zionist still a-hole I realize London News is just another propaganda feat mongering site. Icke never offers a solution or organizes a grass roots movement to combat TPTB. I rarely trust people who have worked for the media in any on air capacity. Most athletes, especially nowadays, know what’s expected of them when they sign the big contract or get corporate endorsements. It’s a business after all and they’re just pawns in the game.

    The man I became acquainted with and followed for 5 years as he battled the beast in court ultimately being sentenced to 23 years in prison on complete lies-perjury by FBI agents and Merrill Lynch representatives told us the next market collapse will be caused by Duetsche Bank’s derivative exposure and commercial real estate collapse. It will take a little longer for the business forced out of business to cause defaults in MBS and CDO’s but it will happen. This move to online shopping being the only option for buying consumer goods will destroy the smaller brick and mortar stores. Big fish eats little fish as superconglomerates like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Target will prosper. This guy told us if the 2008 collapse the Friday before it all happened. Earnings season kicked off with the banks and they all missed huge starting a 30% decline in 30 days.

    I miss his insight as he was the only true source of truth I could rely on.

    1. I’ve also heard the next collapse will start with Duetsche Bank, which will be bigger than 2008. I agree with you on Icke. I think his role is advise the population with most truths, but to offer no solutions and to try and make the population angry, make us respond with angry energy.
      People who speak the real truth and try to expose what is really happening are either killed or imprisoned.

      1. I agree Jack. You see “banned video“ on the Title and think you’re watching something you are not supposed to know. I’ve had comments disappear on You tube and half my playlist removed because someone doesn’t want it to be seen. The real freedom fighters are killed indeed. Bill Cooper was one of the best.

  14. I recall a section in one of Robert Monroe’s books, where he encountered a man who had committed suicide….the spirit of this man was doing quite well,with no regrets,etc…and his own father had accepted his choice….
    If we are eternal beings aware of our origins and eternal nature,then the body of any incarnation is analogous to a material interface-suit,and may be kept or abandoned,according to our sovereign will and choice…
    All this with the proviso that we act with calm intention,and NOT with fear…
    We must be in connection with our own Higher Selves,to determine the choice about continuing the present incarnation
    Our Higher Self is the arbiter in each case,not some outside rule or “ruler”
    I see my physical vehicle this way…and the vehicles of other beings,also in the same way…
    Let each decide for themself,only,and not legislate or try to ‘warn” others with their own opinions…
    The Higher Self’s path is unique and sovereign for each being
    Thank you Wes and Ariel for your years of meticulous work…I have read much of the Wes Penre Papers,and benefitted,gratefully…
    May you both be Blessed!

  15. Just read “The Invisible Rainbow”, by Arthur Firstenberg, if you think that 5G, and all earlier versions of EMF pollution, have not harmfully affected the health of the entire planet, including inducing similar “flu-like” symptoms, weakening immune systems, and toxifying the biosphere.
    There is more at play here than the chemical paradigm of life.

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