Gnosis Part 1: An Introduction to Gnosis

Written by Ariel Glad, May 12, 2020

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Gnosis means “esoteric knowledge of spiritual truth held by the ancient Gnostics to be essential to salvation” (Merriam-Webster) and is the knowledge from the heart.

In the year 1945, an Arab peasant (Muhammed Ali) discovered an earthenware jar that measured approximately six feet in height. He broke the jar to discover what was inside and found that it contained a collection of 13 books or codices written on papyrus and bound in leather.

Included in these books were several Gospels. The word Gospel refers to the life and teachings of Christ. Our current iteration of the Holy Bible includes four main canonical Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Each of these is attributed to four of the followers or disciples of a man named Jesus, who after receiving the gift of Divine (Holy) Spirit within him, gave to them messages concerning the spiritual nature of themselves, the construction of their world, who rules it, and how to get out of it.

Although recently recovered in 1945, these Gospels and the information contained within them have been known for a very long time. We do not know why these Gospels were excluded from the formation of the Holy Bible, but we can all draw our own conclusions about that as we learn more about what is in them. They include, but are not limited to, the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Philip, The Gospel of Truth, and the Gospel of the Egyptians. Together with approximately 52 texts containing scripture and poetry, this collection of writings is now known as the Nag Hammadi Codices.

After hearing about this discovery, a Dutch theologian named Gilles Quispel traveled to Egypt to see them in person. The Codices were being kept in the Coptic Museum in Cairo. Quispel was thrilled to be able to photograph the first of these texts which allowed him to begin translating them. These texts were written in the Coptic language of Egypt that was used during the 2nd century, or around 300 C.E. What he discovered was that these texts were full of references to a living Jesus. He was beyond ecstatic to see evidence of human history together with Jesus and what seemed to be messages for us. The first thing he read on these texts was, “These are the secret words that the living Jesus spoke.”

According to the text, Jesus encouraged a man named Thomas to examine himself so that he may know who he really is and realize that he and Jesus are the same. In other words, the spirit that was within Jesus was the same spirit that was within Thomas. Therefore, Jesus called him a brother or twin. This does not mean physical siblings, but rather spiritual siblings, due to their spiritual essence having come from the same origin. We will revisit the words we associate with Mother, Father, daughter, son, etc. as we move along in this series. This is very important to understand relationships between dimensions and aspects of Divinity and Creation as we demonstrate how these messages were given in a way that people of their time could relate (and this still continues today).

We will be proposing the real meaning behind these words from a spiritual perspective and not an Earthly, physical perspective. We, who call ourselves the original human soul group, or the Namlu’u, are also possessors of a Divine Spirit within, and we all come from the same origin or “birth”. As we have been saying throughout all our publications, not all of humans on Earth embody a Spirit. At least to us, these Gospels and scriptures explain the reason.

While the texts clearly describe an interaction between Thomas and a spiritual teacher, the author of the Gospel of Thomas is unknown. No one knows exactly who wrote it. The four canonical gospels and the Gospels of Thomas and of Philip (found at Nag Hammadi) were given their names sometime in the second century. Scholars of the New Testament generally agree that none of the gospels were written by people who had ever actually met Jesus of Nazareth during his lifetime. Most think that names were assigned to the Gospels that were associated with famous individuals in the earliest church. The name of the person who supposedly wrote the Gospel of Thomas is given in the first lines of the text as “didymos Judas Thomas.” The word “didymos” is Greek for twin and the word “thomas” is Aramaic for twin. The individual’s name was Judas, and his nickname “the twin” is given in two languages. The canonical gospels mention a man named Thomas and John calls him Didymos Thomas. There are also several individuals named Judas mentioned in the canonical gospels in addition to Judas called Iscariot. Even if we do not know, for sure, who the authors of the Gospels were, it does not make their messages any less credible. So, to argue or debate whether the information is true, a forgery, made-up hearsay, or Divine inspiration is something that can only be determined by the reader. Such is true for the Bible, and such is true for these omitted texts.

From the Gospel of Thomas:

“That which you have within you will save you if you bring it forth from yourselves. If you do not bring forth that which you have within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you. This heaven will pass away and the one above it will pass away. The dead are not alive. The living will not die.”

The messages that were written in these texts became a huge problem for the Church. It provided evidence that contradicted the teachings of the Church, and these messages come with a guarantee that whoever will read them/hear them, will receive a spark to their Spirit which, IF THEY CHOOSE, will ignite and wake up what has been asleep inside us for a very long time.

We are the Living. We are those who possess an aspect of spiritual nature which cannot die. The church wanted people to feel and be obligated to the Church for salvation in a way that benefited the establishment of religious institutions, not for Spiritual development, but for power and wealth. Churches were often the power behind many monarchies throughout history and Churches were the ultimate authority for many, many years. They cherry-picked what they wanted to include in the Bible that would accomplish their intentions, however, the texts that were recovered at Nag Hammadi clearly state that humankind can only, and will save itself. The earliest students who studied this information were absolutely opposed to organized religion and often were forced to study in secret to avoid prosecution or even death. Those early teachers sought to expose the establishment of these organized Churches of Religion as false teachings and extensions of the Archontic rulership on EArth.

This information is meant to reveal an unknown dimension within us. It is meant to help us remember who we are and where we come from. It is information that has been cleverly disguised in movies, books, poetry, songs, philosophy, psychology, and many other messages from those whose spark was ignited which compelled them to share it. The list is too long to include, but we are confident that once you begin to understand the message, you will find that message all around you, just as we have.

Those who seek to achieve or have experienced an awakening of this Spirit which puts them on the path of Gnosis, are called Gnostics. Many Gnostics, armed with the knowledge that has been given to them, which they understood, sought to ignite the Spirit of other humans so that they, too, might gain their Gnosis (understanding through the heart) and leave this realm. Much of this information has been disseminated throughout humankind in many different ways and by many people which, according to what we have learned, is one potential result from an awakened Spirit; an irresistible compulsion to “pay it forward”. 

One thing to keep in mind is that one person’s Gnosis is not necessarily another person’s Gnosis. Personal interpretation is the key to understanding and this is gained through the heart, and not the mind. A profound KNOWING will take up residence within you and there will be no doubt or question about whether or not you have received that which is intended to awaken you from your sleep.

Not everyone here (Earth or elsewhere for that matter) is capable of awakening a Spirit within them because not every human here contains that direct aspect of Divine Spirit, and they never will. This is also described in detail throughout these ancient writings. It is just the way this matrix is constructed. Nothing we do will change that. We cannot give Spirit to others and we cannot force others to be our “twin”.  If you are Spirit, you will KNOW it when you read and study about yourself through the multitude of messages meant to connect with that part of you. The Gnostic Gospels are only some of these. We also, now, understand that the information contained in the Wes Penre Papers is also intended to do the same, albeit in a slightly different fashion. This was what we discovered when we began to study the Gnostic texts and started to see this story of human Spirit hidden everywhere.

People tell it in their own way, using imagination to explain and describe concepts and understanding that transcends the barriers of language. We, as humans, do not have the words for some of what is described and understood, and so instead we get narratives, allegories, and metaphors that resemble the Matrix Trilogy, The Lord of the Rings, Grimms’ Fairytales, and the Orion Conflict. All of it is relevant and all of it is symbolic of a truth that is contained within which, when awakened, will be seen and understood. There are many versions of this story and one does not make another any less valid, important, or true.  

It is one thing to gain knowledge for knowledge’s sake, but it is something else entirely to combine knowledge with wisdom and achieve Gnosis (understanding from the heart). One cannot be fully attained in wholeness without the other. The “marriage” of these two aspects will produce the “offspring” or the result known as and described as Gnosis. It is a full creation or “conception” that takes place and emanates from within every Spiritual being.

Humanity was born from the branch of Divinity that has the ability to contribute wisdom. However, an emanation of creation came into being that lacked the necessary Knowledge to become a full and whole creation. In other words, it was an unfertilized egg. It was a half-creation. It was a half-movement, which is often given the label of Demi-Urge. If you are not familiar with this word, you will be very soon in our series. It was a creation that was lacking crucial and important aspects of Divine creation.

Wisdom cannot be attained where knowledge is not present. In the realm in which we live, we exist in a state of ignorance due to a lack of knowledge (Wisdom’s counterpart or consort is Knowledge). When these aspects of Divinity are conveyed through messages in a way that relates to current understanding or culture at the time, we often find these two aspects referred to as a Queen and King, Bride and Groom, Marriage, Marital Chamber and Conception. Are you seeing a bigger picture?

The Gnostics describe this union and conception or combined efforts of Divine Qualities (Aeons) which add to creation as syzygy.

“An integrated syzygy would produce harmonious results, but if one acted without the other, the result was an act of darkness and ignorance.”

This realm in which we currently live is one of ignorance. Very much effort has been spent to hide and sequester the information that would ignite the spark of Divine Spirit within humanity, and contrary to the idea that truth cannot be found in this realm, it has been here for all of us to find for our entire existence. The manipulation is extraordinarily strong here, but if one person can find it, then all can find it. It just takes a little effort and work. Nothing is given without first being asked. This means we must choose to seek it out.

Rarely, due to the ignorance we exist within, an injection or insertion of knowledge is given to humanity in order to ignite this process and wake up humanity so that they may leave this realm and return to the state of being from which they came. The life and messages of an aspect of Divine inspiration or emanation referred to as Christ is one of those injections. You may be thinking, “I thought Jesus was Thoth!” Yes and No. We will explain the comparison and contradiction in this series so that you may see what we see.

The “messengers” that we read about in ancient times have also come in pairs. Just as the Divine Heavenly Realms have sent to us a messenger to spark our Spirit, so too have the dark forces sent us a messenger with darker or lower versions of knowledge. How can we distinguish between them?

One path encourages an awakening of the Spirit within and an internal reflection of the inherent power of that human Spirit. It is an inward contemplation and internal process. The other path requires an external and outward projection of Spirit through the use of invocations, alchemy, sexual energy, and prayer.

We think it will be obvious as we go along, if it is not already, which path is beneficial to the human Spirit and which is not. Many people go off track by the insertion of this external path of information, thinking they have found the “secret keys” to existence and Divinity through the use of what they think is magic or supernatural ability. However, we do not need tools, prayers, alchemy, or rituals. What is encoded and embedded into our being is more powerful than anything these false impressions or illusions of spirit can give us. To put it bluntly, we don’t need them. All these things were introduced to prove to those who do not contain Spirit the false impression that they do. It’s the different between using external forces and internal force. Those who do not embody Spirit must rely on and use external forces to feel a connection to something more powerful than them, and in return giving them the feeling of power, while all we need is ourselves.

We are already very powerful and if we allow ourselves to reconnect to that Spiritual core of our being, we will rediscover what power really feels like and we will realize that we have had it all along. This is what we are not supposed to discover. When we rediscover our own power and gain Gnosis, anything that would try to keep us hidden from ourselves is no match to us. When we can learn to better distinguish between the information that is given to encourage and demonstrate internal awareness vs. external forces, we can then attain the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff. Thoth has muddied the waters of Divine truth, and this will become profoundly evident, not only in these ancient texts found in Nag Hammadi, but also in the Bible, as well. Both Christ’s and Thoth’s messages for humanity are given in both.

Up to this point in our research, we have thrown the baby out with the bathwater in many instances, such as discarding any information as being tainted if it comes from the son(s) of This was an error, but at the same time very helpful in gaining our own Gnosis. Thoth is’s “son” and so is Christ (in a way), and this has all been explained for us in this research we are currently doing. In our last newsletter, although we were referring to a different topic, we suggested how beneficial it may be to be able to hold multiple perspectives at the same time. This is what we have found ourselves needing to do as we research our own story. The ability to understand that something isn’t this OR that, but rather BOTH and more is going to be helpful.

When we presented the Big Picture Series, this was the direction we were following, as many large puzzle pieces were fitting together, but we were ultimately afraid to be wrong. So, we ended it prematurely. We have found ourselves coming back to that previous series, however, over and over as we continue to learn more and realize that we didn’t understand everything in the way we understand it, now. Everything happens in perfect “timing” when we allow ourselves to trust the process. What we have been able to confirm to ourselves is that we were not wrong, we were on the right path, and it was necessary for us to learn more and grow in our own awareness and awakening before we continued. We are no longer afraid to deliver our conclusions to those who feel drawn to listen or read.

In conclusion to this introduction, we would like to make some points very clear for you to understand as we move forward –

Gnostics are not priests and do not belong to a priesthood class.

Gnostics are merely receivers of a Divine message.

Gnostism is NOT a religion.

It is the creation of wisdom within each individual when knowledge is combined with understanding from the heart.

This is very important, so we will repeat it.

Gnositism IS NOT A RELIGION. It is an internal balance that an individual gains when their Spirit has been awakened through the process of combining knowledge with wisdom.

One person’s path to Gnosis will be different than another’s. No two people can ever gain Gnosis in the same way. The Gnosis that Wes achieves will not be the same Gnosis that Ariel achieves, and together as we offer you these things for your own consideration, ours will not be the same as yours. We only want to be a spark. The rest will be something that ignites within you as you allow the process to unfold.

Gnostism is a doorway that you choose to step through and into a deeper understanding of who you are, where you are, and what to do about it. The only choice is to step through the doorway. After that, if you choose to allow it, it will flow, expand, and come to you in a way that is appropriate to you.

NO RITUALS, PRAYERS, WORSHIP, INVOCATIONS, MANTRAS, MEDITATIONS, OR EXERCISES are required. All that is required is to think and pass this information through your heart, so to speak. If meditation helps you do that, then do that, but it is certainly not a requirement. Neither Wes nor Ariel engages in practices of ANY kind, and it has had no effect on our ability to understand this. You must do what intuitively feels right for you.

Gnostism has been adopted by certain sects and organizations over time who have been drawn to Thoth’s messages or external forces and developed or nurtured cults of various kinds. Helena Blavatsky and her Theosophical Society is an example of this. The Freemasonic organization, Ordo Templi Orientis, Tantric sex practitioners, Alchemy practices and all versions of Luciferianism are other examples of how Gnostism has been co-opted and taken down the Hermetic path due to the insertion of Thoth’s material practices and instructions. This does not mean that all the information that Thoth gives is untrue! On the contrary, it is true, but we don’t need it, and it takes us off the path that will get us out of here.

Hermeticism is about this Earthly realm. Gnosticism is about the Spiritual realm. How you choose to move and direct your own growth is your choice.

“When Sophia let a drop of light fall, it floated on the water. Immediately a human being appeared, being androgynous. She molded that drop first as a female body. Afterward she molded it, with the body, in the likeness of the mother who appeared … An androgynous human being was conceived…Eve is the first virgin who gave birth without a man. She is the one who functioned as her own midwife.”

“…And these are the ones who are taken captive by the chief creator according to their destinies, and thus they were locked in the prisons of the fashioned bodies until the consummation of the age.”

from the Gnostic text, “On the Origin of the World

Does this quote from one of the Gnostic scriptures remind you of another story? It should.

*edited on 12/14/2020 ~ At the time that I wrote this article, I had a different understanding of Gnosis and a different interpretation of the information contained within the Nag Hammadi texts. Some of the conclusions I have presented in this article are no longer valid to me in the same context they were when this article was written. The Gnostic material (and the WPP) was only a necessary steppingstone on a much longer path and journey into learning who I am. I believe that growth only comes from learning, and my intention is to keep learning and keep growing. Thank you for reading. ~ Ariel

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  1. Thanks for sharing Wes and Ariel. This information resonates with me and helps with my understanding of spiritual knowledge. For me discernment has always been key. Great work! I am looking forward to balance of the series. By the way, I have read the WPP over the years and some of the books, I have read twice. I referred to the other books as needed, but when your video series came along on the web, they really changed things for the better. The videos, newsletters and articles, etc. added to the learning experience I am having.

  2. This resonates, because information that is important is often found in the middle of alot of distractions. The Bible has two words that is the sum of the book, and your research : Know Thyself. That is the hardest thing you can ever do, and is the key to everything. I see the road you are going down! I am enjoying your view, and hope others contributions can be utilized, not only old writings. Thank you for this, and your work on getting the information out!

    1. Hi Whitefyredragon, please could you tell me where it says ‘Know thyself’ in the Bible? I’ve searched but haven’t been able to locate it. Thanks!

      1. The term “Know Thyself” is attributed to Plato, who had this inscribed over the door at his school. This school was extremely difficult to enter, I think there was some period of study and discipline required to enter. Not sure if Wes Penre thought it was biblical, but the basic concept is definitely the intent of many scriptures.

        1. @D Mehew ~ “The term ‘Know Thyself’ is attributed to Plato, who had this inscribed over the door at his school. This school was extremely difficult to enter, I think there was some period of study and discipline required to enter. Not sure if Wes Penre thought it was biblical, but the basic concept is definitely the intent of many scriptures.”

          I wrote this particular article, so I’ll be happy to explain why I attributed this maxim to Socrates. We only know what Socrates said by what Plato wrote in his dialogues, from what I understand. Since Plato attributed it to Socrates, so did I. No, I do not consider Know Thyself( γνῶθι σεαυτόν) to be Biblical in context. Not at all.

  3. HI Wes & Ariel, thank you so much for the work that you share with us. I really needed to read this and I am looking forward to your future articles.

  4. There is another movie about this thread “The great tribulation” is a Christian movie. don’t focus in the religious stuff but just pay attention in depth what they really means.

  5. This resonates so strongly and has left me waiting excitedly for your next installment. Each new facet of your research feels like the unfolding of a beautiful flower blossoming. There is no voyage as beautiful as the wonderous discovery of new knowledge.

    1. Thank you for the feedback, J.T Cosmo 🙂 We have been extremely excited to share this, to put it mildly! For me, it feels like the most important thing I have ever learned in my life.

  6. Wes & Ariel,this article is well written,easy to read and comprehend.This is BEAUTIFUL!This is THE WISEDOM OF THE HART!I knew this from Times immemorial…
    As an injection of Truth occurs,so is the confusion…after all this is the realm of both Good &Evil,God&Devil,realm of duality.
    But the TRUTH of the HEART does not know two,IT IS ONE!
    “This heaven will pass away and the one above it will pass away. The dead are not alive. The living will not die.”
    Thank YOU,Brother & Sister!

    I would love to see a video on ORION&SIRIUS,!

      1. Yes,Wes!It is enough for me!All I need to know! 🙂
        “Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be.” Bhagavad Gita

  7. ThIs one and “What IF?!”,teared me apart!these words were like rain in desert…the soil of my being waited for them and assimilated them immediately.that happens with Truth, the Heart recognizes It!my fav!
    Once again,Gratitude&blessings to both of you,W&A!!!

      1. It is my great joy,opportunity and blessing to have met You(your work)!
        Eternal GRATITUDE!

  8. Awesome work Wes and Ariel! Looking forward to the continuation. Having grown up in a christian home, discernment has always been key for me. It was something I simply had to develop and break the god-factor that kept me behind. For me personally, I realized from a very early stage in my journey that there is simply not one truth but lots of different truths and when taking in new information or same information from a different POV, that it really only takes shape when you combine wisdom with knowledge. I will “isolate” new knowledge. I would realize that I now know this and slowly incorporate that which resonates and positively contributes to my journey. I have often left aspects of knowledge behind, only for it to resurface in my reality at a later stage, usually at the exact right time!! One example that comes to mind is some of David Icke’s work. Read about all his work, but it was not what my spirit needed at the time. Then found your WPP and an explosion went off in my mind, now some of Icke’s work it coming to me again and I now understand it better or know how to apply the spirit aspect to his work.

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Anonymous! And this whole gnostic concept is so much easier to comprehend after having the knowledge from the WPP to compare with. They are basically the same thing but conveyed from a slightly different perspective. Adding the gnostic texts on top of that makes us not only understanding Spirit but also waking Spirit up. And that’s exactly the message in the Gnostic texts. –Wes

  9. Thank you for this Wes and Ariel,hit the spot right away and my heart is soaring,despite all the fear and gloom around me.So looking forward to what is coming next.

  10. “They” did a good work trying to take away our powers.As you said,CHRIST is not what I beleived it was ,just in One,but THE CHRIST SPIRIT in many!So,the church(religions) made us believe that we are separate fom GOD(SOURCE,QUEEN…)

    1. Yes. And there was more than one “Christ.” The Thoth version is still valid (the Hermetic version of the texts), but there was/is a real one, too, who doesn’t require any worship–the one who gave us the real gnosis. Of course, that was suppressed and distorted by the orthodox Christian Church.

      1. As you emphasized in many ocasions,the rulers of this world IMITATE the ORIGINAL,so …Yes,THE ORIGINAL EXISTS!

      2. Seth said the whole Christ thing was an elobarate play put on but many individuals using the avatar as a costume

        Christ Michael from the urantia book? I know you love them urantia book terms like satania

  11. So good, so direct, so right on spot.I completely agree with the idea that Hermeticism is about this EAarthly realm and Gnosticism is about the Spiritual realm.Only this statement and would suffice.
    I feel so good.I am eagerly looking forward for what will come.
    I deeply enjoyed it.
    Embrace you both and big thank you for your passion and determination and generosity to share the knowledge // your insights.Takes courage.It is a tremendous work.🌹

    1. Thank you, anamaria! So glad you’re drawn to this! Yes, it’s difficult to convey these gnostic messages in a comprehensive way, but it’s super important, in our opinion. Without this spiritual knowledge, we’re still not understanding the full picture…


  12. The way I see it…Gnosis is not a “finish line”, as in, “Oh! Now I have reached the pinacle of my journey!” No.

    Gnosis is putting yourself on a new “starting line”, so to speak, as in the journey has just begun and now you have a new tool in your toolkit through which to learn. You begin to learn in a new way, and there will never be an end to learning.

  13. Wes& Ariel,
    Do you think it would be possible to share a link to Gilles Quispel work?

    Do you use Nag Hammadi by James Robinson? Or which translation of Nag Hammadi are you using in your research?
    Thank you.

  14. Wes and Ariel, your research, knowledge, openness and kind-heart to share all you’ve learned is deeply inspiring. Thank you so much!! ….. on a side note, physical realm, and though the video below does not pertain to this article on Gnosis (I wasn’t sure where to post it) it is deemed as valuable in removing/inactivating nano-bots, if in fact the protocol works. The device is meant to scramble the electro-magnetic frequencies of the nano programs in our bodies, making them inactive. Are you familiar with this, Wes/Ariel?
    Thanks again, for your caring and love….

  15. “This information is meant to reveal an unknown dimension within us. It is meant to help us remember who we are and where we come from”.. I hope this is true.. I still do not have that inner knowing that I am a Namlu’u. I am not too creative but am very emotional, maybe I am Lyran? I just don’t know. So this is all very interesting to me and I want to wake up that Spirit inside, that part I know I have..

    One question – once I read that the mother of the brothers that found the Nag Hammadi, burned some of the manuscripts.. is there anymore to that story? how much was burned, what they were about?

    Thanks for sharing all this with us, like others I will be following the series very closely 🙂

    1. @dreamer – Don’t worry about what you are, just take care of *who you are right now*. This isn’t an inner knowing about being some ancient race of primitive human or ET group (which aren’t exactly what they’ve been portrayed to be, at least not all of them). All that stuff has *nothing* to do with it.

      It’s about knowing that you have an open heart that allows you to understand the world you live in, that this is not your “home”, that you have the awareness that something else exists beyond this realm, and you intend to leave this construct behind when it’s appropriate for you to do so.

      The rest DOES NOT MATTER. It really doesn’t.

      Being a “this” or “that” does not make you any more or less capable of opening your heart and learning to listen to it. I have no idea – nothing at all – about anything other than this current life I am living. Furthermore, to know anything other than this life right now is of absolutely no use to me. Would it change what I think? How I act? What I do? Nope. So, why bother with it?

      There is no doubt that you “have it”. You would not be drawn to this material and our community if you did not. If you did not have this part of yourself already awakened, you would not be on this quest. 🙂

      As for the burning of some of the books…
      “When he returned to his home in al-Qasr, Muhammad ‘Ali dumped the books and loose papyrus leaves on the straw piled on the ground next to the oven. Muhammad’s mother, ‘Umm-Ahmad, admits that she burned much of the papyrus in the oven along with the straw she used to kindle the fire.”

      He was illiterate his entire life and didn’t know what he had found. His mother, also, didn’t know what it was. We don’t know what was burned, unfortunately. I wish I knew…

      In this documentary, you can see/hear an interview with him and he talks about finding them and his mother burning them. I don’t know what year this was filmed, and I don’t know if he’s still alive. He speaks at 23:14, and then again a little more after that.

      1. thanks for your words of wisdom and insight Ariel 🙂 means a lot…

        watching the video – he admits his mom “burned a lot of those old papers”.. very sad 🙁

        1. What some may find particularly interesting is the fact that no angel or spirit being manifested to stop the burning of the texts (papyrus). To me, this looks possibly like the “gatekeepers” didn’t want this information out. It would prove useful to humanities awakening. Just a thought. If not, why wasn’t this action stopped?

  16. Is it Real that jesus was not killed but another one who looked like him ,i read it in the Quran

    1. The entire Jesus story will become much clearer in upcoming articles. It needs to be put in context. It’s a much bigger story than is told in the New Testament of the Bible. So, please keep an eye on this blog and read our articles in the order they are released 🙂 . That will be the best way to approach our material…Thanks for your question and curiosity, btw! We very much appreciate that!!

      1. My pleasure , thanks you for all the work you have done with Ariel to help us see the truth ❤️

    2. Such is written in several accounts of his life. The intent was to communicate his message of love at a time when humanity was “deeply ignorant and capable of great harm” as Gina Lake – “Channeling Jesus” relates.

  17. Hello Wes and Ariel. I have read all of your papers and videos and I am extremely thankful to you for giving me the tools for discernement. During and after reading your material, I went trough a period of mourning for I had to shed all those false beliefs. I actually only recently came back to your sites because I realised the extent of their importance to me, for this material has become the foundation I decided to build from. I never really had a fear of dying but since I have read the Papers, I have been grappelling with the fear of being forced into singularity against my will. That and a certain fear of a painful death are what I working trough these days. They seem to have layers. As I resolve one aspect, I am faced to another, until I get to bottom.

    I had come to the realisation that I am the only one who truly has power of how I interpret events in my life (to make a long sory short). This information is a means to further my desire to connect to my ”higher self” and to continue forward toward my goal of exiting.

    1. I love this post!!! Thanks for sharing, SophieM! You are going through what many, many spirited humans are going through. When you mourned, some call it the Dark Night of the Soul. That’s something we need to go through. You came out of it, and here you are again. Well done! Interesting that you mention “to further my DESIRE to connect…” That’s a Gnostic term for thirst for knowledge and gnosis, and to find our way back to Home–the Spiritual Realm. Please continue reading this article series. I think you will get a LOT out of them…

      1. Thank you for your time and enthousiastic reply! I very much look forward to these articles!

    2. Hi SofieM. Mourning period oh yes me too. It’s like the brain need some time to rewire while all the cells in the body adapt to a new “world”. It’s such a powerful proces. I returned too and here we are 😊 Thank you for sharing

      1. I just noticed your message. It seems that many people go or have gone through a similar period after having read the WPP material. As ”almost intolerable” as it was for me to realise and to have my intuitions confirmed, it was and still is a process in which I have changed many beliefs and I am constantly adjusting. You are welcome !

  18. OMG I wondered where you had gone. So I listened to this first pdf (chrome extension Read Aloud a Text to Speech Reader). You probably explain at some point the focus was here now, so I take full responsibility for missing you (Ariel and Wes). Great material. I probably have more than 1 question, but here is the one I can remember. I’ve not been a Christian since I was about 13 years old. And that was about a 6 month journey. The best memory of that time was getting my first kiss on a hayride for the christian teens.
    I have been a student of the Old Testament though, as a consequence of Sitchen’s work. The NT mostly reads like a brochure for “I love Jesus” IMO.
    So the question: Beyond the ancient history element of the Bible and a few other Easter eggs, I’ve not valued it as something significant in exiting the Patrix. I love the Gnosticism material BTW. In this PDF, are you suggesting that the Bible might have been more helpful to humanity/exit-the-Patrix if it wasn’t so redacted? I probably had a better question but I’m so excited you and Ariel didn’t disappear (I kept looking in the video section), that I’ll have to regain my peace to remember them.
    Thank you both as always and your team for making this all available to us.

    1. You’re very welcome, Bruce. Please keep reading, it’s getting better and better, and we’re far from finished 🙂

      The Bible doesn’t really tell us how to exit, but the more we understand of this reality and beyond, the Bible makes more and more sense. The problem with both the OT and NT (or one of the problems) is that the Highest Aspect of us is portrayed as being the soul–even when they use the term “Spirit.” The “salvation” in the Bible is leading us right into the arms of the Demiurge. The Gnostic texts bring us home and explain our purpose with being here in the first place.

      1. Wes, I’m not meaning to be divisive, but the Bible may very well contain clues to escape this reality. There is what Jewish scholars and researchers term “the Bible Code”, a computer matrix within the text which surfaces as a sort of crossword affair of words which are related within a certain topic, time period, or historic person. The author of the book “The Bible Code, Michael Drosnin, hired an Israeli mathematician, Eliyahu Rips to formulate a computer program which could sift through the Old and New Testaments for certain codewords which were randomly selected. The result was staggering – and it worked only with the Bible and no other books, i.e. Moby Dick, Tale of Two Cities, etc. Literary works which could not be manipulated. The Bible is a computer program – could this mean it is somehow linked to the essence of what we experience as our “Matrix”? Is it a product of an higher intelligence that is of artificial origin, relating to the Archons that Jesus and the Essenes warned about?

  19. Gnosis; as ingrained familiarity. The AHA moments. And personal experience. Jimi Hendrix, “Are you experienced?”

    I always quote that when I come to the point of my truth needing you to experience it to fully understand, or innerstand. You can explain away all day, and share your experience, but one needs to have it themselves to really Know.

    This Is The Reason Why we Need to share with people who Get It. I was on a quest to share truth, and on that mission you realize that not everyone is likeminded, likehearted. Don’t waste your precious time waking the dead. Find those likeminded, likehearted.

    I have pondered about darkness being redeemed. If we all together form an example, which we do on a personal basis, it will overwhelm the darkness and they will seek to change. I have literally spoken to someone who came from a different reality who said he came here to change and he mentioned the purification process. Love thy neighbor. I have made friends out of enemies. Spread love, but protect yourself.

    Much love, get experienced, Feel, Know, Breathe, No Fears. The Divine Feminine told me to Never Worry. And to Honor Thyself.

    When you Know Thyself you gain confidence and nobody’s opinion matters anymore, unless it resonates with you and it’s to help. You are your own universe at that point and you don’t need very much stimulation. You can be at peace in your sovereign space.

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