Gnosis Part 4: Sophia

By Ariel Glad, May 21, 2020

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My spiritual eyes are opened, and I know in my heart who I am. I am not deceived by false teachings. My Spirit is awake and knows the truth.

In continuation of our explanation of the Aeons, let us briefly recap so that we all may understand better the concept of our Spiritual home.

Within the Fullness of Divine Creation, which is our Spiritual home, the Source of All emanated qualities of Itself that were to be used for Creation. As Source came to know more about Itself, what emanated from that center point of awareness can be compared to ripples in water. Each of these ripples were areas or the raw fabric for creation within these ripples. Each area emphasized specific qualities that would determine what should be created within each area. These qualities are known as the Aeons.

I will use a metaphor to describe this but understand this is not a literal interpretation. The understanding of how this exists is a concept, rather than a defined, detailed description with words.

We can think of each area as a raw and unformed ball of clay. Everything created from that ball of clay will be formed from and with the qualities (Aeons) that are in that ball of clay. As Wes wrote in the previous articles, there is some dispute as to how many “balls of clay”, or how many divisions of the Aeons, there are. This is not important to understand the concept. The concept is what we feel is important to understand. How you visualize it, understand it in your own mind, and come to know it, will be up to you.

Within these areas of creation are powers or aspects/qualities of the Source of All that naturally and harmoniously work together. They compliment each other and help the other to achieve creation when in perfect balance. All things exist within the Source of All in a state of perfection and balance.

As Source came to know Itself in more detail and defined qualities, It eventually discovered an aspect of Itself which would be at the root or foundation for all this rippling and defining, or dissecting Itself, and that was emanated as “will” or “desire to know” (Thelètos) and “the wisdom to understand” (Sophia). This is why this Aeon is considered the “last”. In a cyclical kind of movement, Source had discovered the motivation to know Itself as the awareness that It did NOT know Itself, and the paradox had been formed. This has often been portrayed as a circle, loop, serpent eating its own tail, etc.

Here is where we come to what is commonly called “The Fall of Sophia”.

AS SOON AS THIS WAS REALIZED BY SOURCE, Source emanated a quality of Itself that “did not know”. The desire to know and the wisdom to understand became a contradiction to the Fullness because it indicated that there were aspects of Source that It did NOT know about Itself.

As with all the other emanations, ripples, or areas of creation, this brought about a new area in which creation could happen according to the qualities that gave birth to it. However, this area of creation was new and different than all the ones that were “above” it. All the ones above it were existing in a state of perfection, and this one was unique because it included the quality of imperfection; something not known.

In order for Source to adequately explore the unknown or the unpredictable, this area of creation is kept separate from the Fullness so that it can remain in a state of unknown, or a state of ignorance. Should it be allowed to join the Fullness of Creation, the qualities of unknown would cease to exist, and it would be perfected.

As we dissect this specific event and formation of a new area of creation, let us understand the qualities that created it.

Sophia is not a person. Sophia is an aspect of Source, Itself. It is the Aeon or emanation that is associated with Wisdom, or the ability to learn and gain knowledge, and then to understand that knowledge in a way that is beneficial for expansion and growth. Well, the very concept of this implies and demands that, in order to gain knowledge, one must not already possess that knowledge, doesn’t it? This is why the collaborating aspect of Sophia is Desire (Thelètos). In order for Sophia to exist in Wisdom, It must attain knowledge. In order to attain that knowledge, it must have a Desire to seek out that knowledge.

THIS IS NOT A MISTAKE, and this is not an error in creation. This was neither an accident nor a “fall”. Just as all the other Aeons are perfect, as contradictory as it may seem, this Aeon is also perfect in Its imperfection because it allows the Source of All to truly explore and know everything, including the notion of NOT knowing everything.

However, in order to fully explore and examine “NOT knowing Itself”, Source was hidden within this area of creation. This area of creation does not LACK Source, because ultimately everything IS Source! What happened, instead, was that the Light of the Spirit of Source was plunged into darkness, so that all which is created within this area of darkness must, using the Desire to Seek it out (Thelètos), paired with the innate ability to understand how this may be beneficial to the growth and expansion of Source (Wisdom), may achieve a perfected state of being and be returned to the Fullness of Creation. This unique area of creation that exists within darkness has been given the name Demiurge, the Construct, the Matrix, etc. This is where our part of the story is introduced.

WE are the hidden aspects of Source that are exploring this realm of creation in order to discover who we are (Source) by using our Desire to attain Knowledge (Thelètos) and our Wisdom (Sophia). When our Spirit (or connection to that part of us that IS Source) wakes up within us, we immediately “remember” why we came here, and we begin to immediately experience and unquenchable thirst for Knowledge. This is the Desire. We then begin the process of trying to understand it, make sense of it, and figure out what it all means. This is the Sophia. Together they produce Gnosis.

In order to have this process work in the way it is supposed to, this separate and unique area of creation in which Source remains hidden from Itself still needs to maintain Its connection to the Fullness of Creation. An area exists that is both part of the Fullness and part of the Darkness. It is through this connection that we have passed through, as aspects of Source, to enter into this creation, and we must pass back through this area to return. This area has been called The Middle or The Midst by some Gnostics. This has also been called the Eighth and Ninth Heaven by other Gnostics, and the Orion Empire in the Wes Penre Papers. It is the “passage” into the Pleroma, the ALL that Is, and our Spiritual Home. No one may return to the Pleroma that has not regained their Spiritual perfection. Notice that I wrote “regained” and not achieved. This is the state of being at which we existed before entering here.

The Aeon Sophia resides in this “Midst,” in order to provide these aspects of Source/Spirit to this area of creation. She is both IN and OUT of the Fullness or the Pleroma so that She may provide the necessary Spirits that come from Source (which is She, just as We are aspects of Source) to participate here. To distinguish between this outer aspect of Sophia and the aspect that is still in the Pleroma, this outer aspect has been named Zoë Sophia. She must remain in this station or position until all aspects of Spirit have been retrieved and may return back to Source when this task is completed. This was illustrated and referred to as The Experiment in the Wes Penre Papers, in which aspects of Source through the Divine Feminine entered here to participate.

This area of creation WILL be completed and finished and ended. It was not designed to last forever by Its very nature of existence. Ignorance, by design, can never go on indefinitely in beings who are motivated to learn. Gradually, Ignorance will be replaced just by experience alone; UNLESS something prevents that from happening which cause the participants lose their motivation.

Something IS happening to make that Ignorance continue and linger on and on and on…

There are overseers to all the areas of creation to observe the magnificent creations that are generated within their own areas of creation. These overseers are “formed” out of the qualities in the area they oversee. They act as participants for Source to explore these various levels and attributes of creation. So, too, this unique area of Unknown creation, or Ignorance, has overseers, who are made or created with the qualities that form this area. What formed out of the “clay” or fabric of creation for this area was an overseer who is the manifestation of Wisdom and Desire, but because this area of creation exists in Ignorance or Darkness, the combination of these two aspects of Source exist in a state of imbalance or what we have come to know as POLARITY/OPPOSITION rather than collaboration or balance, which is what is needed in order to attain perfection.

In simple terms, a creation manifested that is the embodiment of Source NOT knowing that there is a Source. Ignorance. Therefore, all of what “He” creates does not know Source. Everything that is created within this Matrix is made by “Him”. The overseer who was given charge over the Demiurge/Matrix is called by many names. The Gnostics called it Yaldabaoth. The Wes Penre papers called it and Lucifer. The Bible calls it Jehovah/YHWH.

The reason I am writing “Him” in quotation marks is to call attention to that this overseer is neither only male nor female, but BOTH. He is androgynous and he is capable of presenting himself as with only masculine or only feminine or both qualities. He is mostly given the male pronoun to distinguish him from the Divine Feminine aspect of Source, but there are many times where he is representing the feminine archetype. Just like all Aeons above him, he also possess qualities or powers to “reproduce” (“masculine and feminine”) and emanate Aeons, but to distinguish this creation from the Spiritual home of the perfected Aeons, they are given the name ARCHON, and we will use this word as well. This will be explained in detail through this series.

Sophia carries a heavy burden to remain in her position of both IN and OUT of her Home in order to keep the connection open for us to return. There is such faith in us to return home! There has been help for us coming here in order to motivate us to complete this process. They KNOW how dark it is. They KNOW how difficult it has become. We ARE being helped as much as possible, but there is a self-responsibility that we must be willing to participate in regarding the process of returning home. Now, do you understand why no one in a spaceship will come to get us? Now, do you understand why this matrix has not just been destroyed already? The way home is NOT on a spaceship. Where we come from, things like spaceships do not exist! WE come from a spiritual realm where we cannot imagine the beauty and perfection that exists. Guess what? That is ALSO within each of us! It is through WAKING UP to this knowledge and understanding it that you touch base with that Source that is in you and you finally KNOW who you are and what you came here to do.

We will let you digest this article and ponder over it to allow you to form your own concept of this in your being until it becomes a KNOWING. For some of you, this has already inspired you to contemplate the Gnostic texts on your own. This is GREAT! One question has been asked about how to know what is truth and what is deception, because the texts contain both. Just as we have been given help, we have also been given diversions. Our next article will be a slight and brief diversion to illustrate to you exactly how to tell the difference so that you may know for yourself without relying on anyone to tell you. After that has been written, we will continue with explaining the nature of the Demiurge and this matrix. 

We can NEVER make this area a perfect creation because it exists in a state of disharmony (suffering) and ignorance (darkness). It is not our purpose to change this area of creation, it is our purpose to perfect ourselves and therefore come OUT of this area of creation and return to our Spiritual home. (This was referred to as “graduation from the Experiment” in the Wes Penre Papers and the Penre/Glad videos and articles.) Because of the nature of its very design, which is darkness or ignorance, it will continue to expand and grow with the qualities that it was created from and continue to become darker and darker, more ignorant, and more difficult, the longer it is allowed to continue. This area of creation was never going to be allowed to continue. It was always intended to end.


The Secret Gospel of John (long version) (different interpretations)

The Tripartite Tractate

The Sophia of Jesus Christ

The Wes Penre Papers

*edited on 12/14/2020 ~ At the time that I wrote this article, I had a different understanding of Sophia. Some of the conclusions I have presented in this article are no longer valid to me in the same context they were when this article was written. The Gnostic material (and the WPP) was only a necessary steppingstone on a much longer path and journey into learning who I am. I believe that growth only comes from learning, and my intention is to keep learning and keep growing. Thank you for reading. ~ Ariel

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  1. Your recent post on Gnosis part 4 is in complete accord with all I have been led to comprehend since starting my journey to understand why we are here (beginning at age 13 in Dallas the weekend of the JFK assassination when after Ruby killed Oswald, I recall thinking how convenient that was) – even three years ago, I would have had trouble understanding some of what you explain, but I’ve been led to read and study in the perfect sequence those authors and teachers of ascension that align perfectly with what you are saying. I’m new to the Wes Penre work, but I feel right at home. Thanks for all you do to help those of us who are thirsting to know who we are, where we came from, where we’re going and why we’re here. Saying my gratitudes daily has changed my life. We owe teachers like you more than we can ever repay.

    1. Dear Ben! It feels like to me that many people are ready for this material now. We’ve noticed a great response altogether on this series. And for sure, people NEED to be ready for the Gnostic texts, or they won’t make sense. We are very encouraged every time someone says, “I get it!” People need to wake up…NOW! Things are changing rapidly in the Matrix. —Wes

  2. @Ben Thurman – You owe us nothing. We aren’t teachers. We are the same as you. I’m thrilled that you feel at home with this information 🙂

  3. Mind blowing… so in order for us to escape in the matrix is work on our inner self? How about the grid?

  4. You made me cry…of Joy!Thank you!
    Remembering who We are(waking up from The Dream),would you still judge the unreal-unaware character think not!You would only be judging Yourself!(don’t condemn,judge anyone,even En.Ki!

  5. Wow,wow,wow, all that was in my heart put down on paper..!! So many have told me wrongly that this world is my home but inside I knew it was not. Thanks is not enough to you Wes and Ariel ,much love

  6. A common question would be, where does this place Theosophy? Since it’s related to Sophia and the occult. Most things expressed in spi-ritual teachings are of occult nature, the hidden, or suppressed.

    My interpretation of the Divine Feminine is that she is beyond the physical realities, according to what I’ve read from Wes. I did not know he would claim it was Sophia. Which New Agers claim is the spirit of Earth. Or mother nature. Perhaps – oh perhaps they are confusing Ea with Sophia. Wes, you did say that they share a similar story. My view on these occult sects of knowledge is, no, they know what they are doing, and they add disinformation. It’s always been going on.

    1. There are basically two different kind of teachings (if we really boil it down). One is what comes directly from Spirit (Gnostic Texts) and those that only pertain to the soul as being the highest aspect of oneself (which is false). The latter are the Hermetic teachings, which come from Thoth and the Overlords (more about that in our next article). It’s not that the Hermetic teachings are right out lies, but they are twisting the spiritual messages we’ve received a few times since the beginning of Womankind (humanity) because they want us to look at it from THEIR perspective. And when we do, it does not wake Spirit up. Only the soul will be tickled to search knowledge, and if we’re taught that Soul is the highest aspect, we can’t leave the Construct because we are still living in ignorance. The Sumerian texts, Enuma Elish, the Vedas, Norse myth, and so on and on, are all from a Hermetic/Demiurgic perspective. This will be even more obvious if you keep following our series.

      Theosophy is not necessarily wrong, but it’s still from the Overlords (the Demiurge’s) perspective, so we are still being deceived into ascending within’s/Yaldabaoth’s System. Who are the Ascended Masters? Well, we’ll get to that, too, in upcoming articles… Good thinking, btw.

    2. @Rhyme and Reason – Thoth presents a worldly knowledge to the people. He sells them magic, which are really Natural Laws of this Universe (worldly). These things do work and we can use them, but most people who do think they are connected with something “supernatural” when it is really themselves all along. Alchemy/Elementals are worldly knowledge. Manipulation of energy is worldly knowledge. Spells, “keys”, invocations, incantations, methods and practices that follow an order and rule-set, and secret handshakes (lol just kidding, but not really) all come from him, it seems. If it’s occult (hidden), and it’s presented as such – it’s Thoth. He likes to lure people in with the promise of secret “keys”, when it’s all just Natural Law, anyway. It’s the foundation of nearly ALL religions, from what I can see. If there is an organization, religion, cult, society, fraternity, whatever… the “guy” laying the foundation for each of those is usually Thoth. He seems to like theatrics, pagentry, and spectacle. My next article will introduce you to Thoth, and show you his “style”. He’s quite a showman, in my opinion. lol

      1. Ariel, I wonder what is the “key maker” in the movie Matrix actually means. Since you mentioned “keys” here, I wonder if Neo actually being lured by Oracle to look for the key maker without knowing “why” as well?

      2. Thank you Wes and Ariel. I love you both. Wes has been a proper father figure to me for years, he’s been very supportive, meanwhile we have never met each other and have never spoken up until now.

        I speak too soon sometimes! Because when I ask something, Wes usually has an entire study prepared and ready to post already! AHA!

        Anyway, thanks for all of this, I am grateful.

        1. Again, super, super love. I got an ear-chime, right ear, when you both sent me these messages, means positivity and caring vibrations. I wanted to share that, personal thing with you. Public, not private, but hey.

          1. I feel the same way as you do about Wes.As a Father but also as a Brother.
            I also found Ariel….ohh…Beloved Sister and Mother! 2 beutiful people! LOVE YOU BOTH!

        2. Thank you, Rhyme & Reason. And you asking asking questions just before we release the information is to me just a sign that you are ready to ponder that exact information–it’s your next step and it’s our next step, as well. 🙂

  7. I felt Like I was already home! This article triggered an ”inner voyage” that lead me to a place I felt that I had finally arrived to, my destination. I felt joy and extreme relief. I have yet to read this again so I can fully understand, retrace my steps and understand how to return. Wow, all this from whithin! I am amazed!
    I again want to thank you both Wes and Ariel for your generosity and the sharing all of discoveries with all who are interested. I have always felt like a salmon, swimming against the currant and it has been quite a jouney, but it seems that this article has given me a glimpse of what awaits and I am eager to explore more.

    1. Even your name, Sophie (Sophia) implies Wisdom 🙂 . Your experience and insights are exactly what we are hoping for! At any time through you reading our articles, if you feel drawn to it, it’s helpful to also read the original Gnostic texts that we refer to at the end of each article to get the fullest possible picture. Ariel and I have used the following translations in general (with a few exceptions) in our research: .

      Regarding getting out of here; what I wrote in the Wes Penre Papers and in articles after that about the Grid is still valid. However, the Gnostic texts, IMO, give a bigger understanding of what that entails. That will be discussed later in our article series.

      1. To be honest, I have started to read the ” Tripartite Tractate”. It was difficult for me as I felt much resentment towards such narcisism(that is how I interpreted this text: Enki’s self love). I had stoped reading because I figured that if I feel this, it means I definitely have to work this out. So i intend to start reading ” The Apocyphon of John” next.
        By the way, I have always loved my name. It is a grat reminder of the wisdom I ( and all of us ) have whithin.

    2. @SophieM – Do you want to know what came out of my mouth a few weeks ago when Wes was reading some of this to me? “FINALLY!!!!!” lol It was like a BELL rang inside of me and I finally knew who I was. I wanted to cry. I felt such a feeling of release that I can’t describe it. After that, a peace and calm has entered me and just sat down. I want ALL of you to feel this and gain this “knowing” for yourselves! I’m so thrilled that some of you are!

      1. 😊Yes…a feeling of release and somehow as if a weight was lifted from within me. Keep writing!Thank you both.

      2. Ariel, I have to admit that I was a little embarassed to mention that I also shed a bit of tears…of relief. Honestly, I could copy and paste what you expressed for it was almost the same for me!!! . Another new sensation was that during this experience that only probably lasted a few minutes, time had no bearing somehow , it is difficult to explain other than that this constraint was simply inexistant. I realised this very soon as sort of ” reentered” this reality. In retrospect, it is pleasantly stange.

  8. Everything is beginning to gel, a lot of these concepts resonate deeply within my core and like others have already expressed, I’m experiencing some sort of peace. Thank you for the work that you are doing.

    1. That’s awesome, Will. Even the Gnostic texts say the same thing….once you are woken up to Spirit and start operating as such, the burdens of daily life (physical universe) is starting to fade and you find an inner Peace. Exactly!

      This is a quote from a gnostic with his own YT channel, The First Gnostic Church of Christ. HIs name is Thomas: “Mind control and government manipulation is inconsequential to you when opened up to Spirit. They can’t harm you. You’re capable to overcome all that with your will, i.e. gnosis. You stop living in fear, but in peace. If you put your faith in science, you will live in fear.”

      1. Wes,

        Can you please provide the link to YT channel? I did look around but there are many channels that are ‘First Gnostic Church of Christ’..Thank you.

  9. 🌹💙 The following is a short “Gospel Of Barbelo Trad Witch:” (1) This article reinforces my belief that the “dormant germ” of evil originally resided from within Source, and she is responsible for it; (2) I do not like that Divine Feminine wanted to “learn about herself” at our expense through our suffering: {If I’m understanding this article correctly, you’re saying “this screw-up” here was intentional, regardless of how long it was suppose to last. Does this mean Enki and Marduk are sorta vindicated? That they served a planned purpose in all this?} (3) For my having to be here way longer than I’ve should’ve been—I want extra credit for time served here—maybe an Olympic medal, an Oscar, or fruit salad of ‘special distinction’ on my uniform; (4) I still want my own star system—I still have a dream—I have big plans for after I get out of here! He who has ears let them hear! {Btw—“I get it,” Just expressing my duality, my polarization; I’m not mad at you, just mad!} Feel free to use any or all of this in an upcoming Q&A or elsewhere:) Bright Blessings! 🌞🙏.

  10. This is very well written. Resonates with me on so many levels. Should be published in newspaper. I did read in one of the Nag H. texts that our way home is the same way as we descended. Wondering if we can bypass Enki’s heaven/hell and just go straight to Pleroma.

    1. Yes, we can! Not always directly to the Pleroma, but definitely out of Enki’s influence. We can go to the 8th or 9th Heaven, which both are what I called Orion in the WPP. Which Heaven we go to depends on the individual Spirit, which will be explained later in our series. Either way, we will be void of’s influence. There is also a way to get back to the Pleroma, which is the real Home, and how to do that needs to be explained in context…

  11. Things- like awareness are changing quickly. Look at the COVID event- my neighbors, my barber, my wife! Realizing we’ve been lied to, and then asking why! Its getting harder and harder to conceal truth..

  12. “It is not our purpose to change this area of creation, it is our purpose to perfect ourselves and therefore come OUT of this area of creation and return to our Spiritual home.” Wow, this makes so much sense now.

  13. I have a question. So far, it seems like in the Khaa there is only this Matrix and Sophia. And where do other star races and the whole epic space opera presented in the WPP fit into the picture?

    1. It’s going to be mentioned…as we move forward with our articles, we’re going to make a lot of comparisons between the Gnostic texts and the WPP.

  14. Ich war in der Phase des Lesens der WPP traurig. Nun bin ich nicht mehr traurig. Versuche auf meine Weise anderen zu helfen. Es fehlte mir auch in den WPP noch etwas. Diese Serie der Gnosis hat sicher noch gefehlt. Ich kann vor allem die aufgestiegenen Meister noch nicht einordnen. Ich glaube sie haben dieses Universum gemeistert haben jedoch nicht gemerkt, dass es darüber noch eine andere Wahrheit gibt: Daher sind sie wieder in der nichtphysischen Matrix bei Lucifer (Himmel)gefangen und kommen nur durch eine neue Inkarnation raus. Die Frage ist Inkarnation mit Amnesie oder ohne? Hätte gerne eure Antwort!

    1. Sie haben Recht damit. Wenn es darum geht, ohne Amnesie zu inkarnieren; Darauf werden wir in den kommenden Artikeln näher eingehen. Kurze Antwort: Nein, nicht wirklich, aber wir können in geringerem Maße. Mag kryptisch klingen, muss aber im Kontext erklärt werden, und wir werden es in den kommenden Artikeln tun.

  15. It’s been extremely difficult to come to terms with how such horribly evil activities have been happening in our world. Thank you, Ariel, for your ability to explain this part of our existence in such a way that it at least makes sense. I’ve been struggling with not being able to understand how “God” our “Creator” could allow these things perpetrated upon innocents! Now, with the help of this series, I’m slowly beginning to have a small glimpse of understanding. Thank you both, Wes and Ariel.

  16. Light gives birth to darkness . Dark holes eventually emanate light after death of the old. Many are still searching for the scapegoat to condemn. The Queen, Sophia, Enki, Jehovah, Boudha, Hitler, Trump????? All universes are cooling and comes with it ….chaos, fragmentation and disorder. Even that , human free will is the key for creation and it takes resilience for the role we came to play. Evil in my book is an essential attribute in this game but not my destination. Contractions and suffering come in pair. As long as we will refuse the fact that the LIGHT goes out over time, we generate more disagreement on purpose. Nothing to condemn. Simple finally!

  17. This was so beautiful. only a few sentences in and I began to cry. I had to stop reading and take a break because the tears had a field day on my face. I am becoming more and more sensitive these days. I cried the entire time I read this paper. it feels so good to get so close to the point of arrival to the origins of our existence and to have this deep knowing that is full in clarity. I don’t about others but for me, Spirit has given me the emotion of joy and grief on the same coin, not always easy to carry. Often I cannot tell them apart as I feel it in my heart the same way but in many different colors. thank you <3

    I don't understand the end of the paper. when you said: "more ignorant, and more difficult, the longer it is allowed to continue. This area of creation was never going to be allowed to continue. It was always intended to end."

    so will it end ? or will it be allowed to continue? in the WPP/Singularity it reads that it will continue. but if it was always intended to end, then what is that time frame? and does this still stand true that those that will move towards smartcities and merge with Ai will still loose the origins of Sophia within them and be lost forever?

    1. It will end, one way or another.

      This world will continue its descent into an even lower level of hell dimension where it will eventually devour/eat itself until there is nothing left. If you could think of Sophia as holding a thread that is tied to lead balloon (the lead balloon being this matrix/Universe), one option is that the thread breaks and we drop into oblivion. Right now, She remains connected by a very thin connection. However, if we pull too hard on that string (and it won’t take much, at this point, we are almost there by our own doing) it will break and everything here will descend into what has commonly been called the “bottomless pit”, and once that happens, there is no return. Spirit who falls into the bottomless pit remains trapped forever. This, of course, was a metaphor, but I don’t know any other way to write it.

      As for a timeframe – we can only wait and see. The Christ (Aeon) was expected to return, but It hasn’t. We don’t know why. We also don’t know what that means in relation to what is happening. The Book of Revelation was dependent on the return of that perfected Aeon/Christ. The Gnostics just “say” that this will end when all spirits have been returned and Yaldabaoth will take Sophia’s place in the Eighth/Ninth Heaven to remain for eternity, while Sophia returns back to the Pleroma along with all Her gathered Spirit. To me, this seems like Yaldabaoth needs to remember who He is and where He comes from, and allow for all Spirits to return. Because the amnesia/recycling process has not stopped, I am assuming that he has not had a change of heart.

  18. This made me cry so deeply. A few sentences in and I had to stop for break to let the tears come thru. More and more I am becoming so sensitive, I will need to know how to survive in this matrix with so much of my sensitivity intact and growing stronger so many things here are becoming so unbearable to see and to look away, especially to what is done to the animals. I will hope to rely on reaching my Theletos to the very first page or its origin thus completing my quest of moving forwards but backwards. Then only to come to Gnosis that my purpose was to return home. tears…thank you to you both for such a well rounded article (s) <3

    I do have one question. if darkness was never meant to last this long. and it should have had an end. Does that mean that Enki prolonged it? and why would Sophia allow this? or is this away to destroy Sophia and take rule? but surely Sophia must know of this, or she doesn't because its an imperfect world.

    1. I do Believe this is the end of the program,simulation(the sim had a time limit-time expires game-).But the question is : are we stuck in a time loop,as it was until now?and we’ll begin another life,if we wont get out,or that;s all,the end? from the information Weriel(W&A) presented and also from what i came accross,I believe that,found a way to trap the souls in a time loop,always getting closer ,but never reaching the destination.the closer we get to the end,the more chaos,but also more unveiling(-apocalypse-) of the truth we’ll see,(experience?).So .I think Sophia is unaware of the reset-timeloop.

      1. From reading your post, you are referring to what could happen to the soul if the Spirit inside is not awake. However, when the Spirit is awakened, we don’t need to worry about any of that. You will not be recycled here again, unless you choose to. We will discuss this in detail later in our article series.

      2. If you asked me, I say this earth has had a few re-sets already, like Gobeki Teke for example. Maybe we are about to head into another natural disaster ELE to re-set this out of balanced experience experiment? Maybe that is why we appear to be having some close encounters with asteroids and comets? Are we about to have an ELE if this realm doesn’t evolve into a higher consciousness? If in this realm those who can and will it so are hell bent on destroying all natural things and humanity, then an ELE would be a blessing.
        Then also there is the legend perhaps lost history of Atlantis, and all that great knowledge. What are we to make of our lost history? It seems we evolve in technology but never to a higher dimension. We cannot seem to pass beyond the materialness of this realm of our own accord. This is a death realm subject to the five senses. Is it at all possible that we, as co-creators, could as a collective create this existence or transmute this material world into a higher realm?

        1. I really do not know anything…about resets and many other things…these are only opinions and what i have learned from external sources.i don;t know if the knowledge is an impediment or a helper on our way for finding the Truth within.It is relevant to know our origin,who we are ,where we came from.But this is accumulated knowledge,information,There is an inner knowing of who I AM and that will be enough for someone living by this TRUTH ,to have a strong connection with Spirit and be led to FREEDOM,without learning or reading a single book.
          yes,I believe we(and our soul splinters) have been here before ,many,many,many lifetimes,and everytime we started all over again,living the same life and maybe,making the same choices,unable to GET OUT,otherwise we wouldn’t be here for another round!
          Wether the end was by watter-flood-,or it will be by fire(as it is said to be at the end of this age),it’s not so important.What I can say is:As Yeshua-Jesus said:
          “10Do not fear what you are about to suffer. Look, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison to test you, and you will suffer tribulation for ten days.BE FAITHFUL even unto DEATH, and I will give you the crown of life. 11He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. The one who overcomes will not be harmed by the SECOND DEATH.…”
          I DIED to this world,I Am in it,enjoy some parts of it,but I am ready to leave any moment…I love my family,nature,people,but I will no hesitate to leave this body and this world(i don’t hate my body or wordly things)!
          Somehow I detached myself from everything.that is not to say that I don’t get hurt or I don’t suffer.but it’s not affecting me so strong.It is a work in progress….
          >>Is it at all possible that we, as co-creators, could as a collective create this existence or transmute this material world into a higher realm?<<
          From WES&ARIEL
          Gnosis Part 4: Sophia
          1.We can NEVER make this area a perfect creation because it exists in a state of disharmony (suffering) and ignorance (darkness). It is NOT our PURPOSE to change this area of creation, it is our purpose to perfect OURSELVES and therefore come OUT of this area of creation and return to our Spiritual home. (This was referred to as “graduation from the Experiment” in the Wes Penre Papers and the Penre/Glad videos and articles.) Because of the nature of its very design, which is darkness or ignorance, it will continue to expand and grow with the qualities that it was created from and continue to become darker and darker, more ignorant, and more difficult, the longer it is allowed to continue. This area of creation was NEVER going to be allowed to continue. It was always intended to END.
          Gnosis Part 1: An Introduction to Gnosis
          2."NO RITUALS, PRAYERS, WORSHIP, INVOCATIONS, MANTRAS, MEDITATIONS, OR EXERCISES are required. All that is required is to think and pass this information through your heart, so to speak. If meditation helps you do that, then do that, but it is certainly not a requirement."
          Gnosis Part 4: Sophia
          3. The way home is NOT on a spaceship. Where we come from, things like spaceships do not exist! WE come from a spiritual realm where we cannot imagine the beauty and perfection that exists. Guess what? That is ALSO within each of us! It is through WAKING UP to this knowledge and understanding it that you touch base with that Source that is in you and you finally KNOW who you are and what you came here to do.
          DIE to the World before your physical death.(enjoy as it lasts,but don't take your sense of who YOU ARE,or demand that the "world" owes you something and expect to be happy from here today and gone tomorrow things-experiences-relations-,but find The Core-HEART- of you(that without wich nothing exists and does not need something for IT to BE-LEAVE EVERYTHING ALONE, LET GO-!.That is the Sourse of Peace & Happiness!
          I suffered, I cried,I lamented,blamed the gods for my unhappiness ,before I reched this conclusions on my own!
          I am with you and I hope this will help!

          1. Thank you for that, I did read that also. I was thinking more along the lines of what the Mayans believe (if you have ever seen Ian Lungold) about us & this universe evolving toward intuition and ethics. And also as John Lundwall points out there are reset similarities in the bible (in the creation story, the flood story, and the fire story of Lot and with the temple as a prototype of sorts) and the phrase to replenish the earth comes up several times so the ancients must have known something. Not to mention the Kali Yuga cycle and the precession also in the ancient holy books.
            We really do not know, it is all very fascinating stuff.
            There is also a new theory (not really new in theory but new in description, sorry I can’t think of the scientist’s name on this one) his thought is that this universe is eternal, that it never had a beginning I believe he talks about a black hole regenerating everything over and over again with the building blocks, and so the universe never ends.
            Then also there is the theory that the earth is expanding which I believe it is.
            I identify as photon in a physical body (for now) in it not of it. Religions are poorly interpreted, mangled by the literalists, fortunately we are in an awakening and a time of super information hopefully we can take advantage of this before the tyranny of censorship takes full control and digitally our history is deleted or re-written. This is another reason I believe in the continuous resetting of this material realm and the principles of Hermes.
            However, I do not wish to reincarnate here. I see no purpose for it. As I said prior this is a death realm. We come here to die. To think that there may be a soul trap by the archons on the other side is very sinister indeed. It does seem to me that the ancients knew more about our beginnings and our being than we do. Always open to learning more. Okie dokie.
            Peace and namaste

            1. sorry for some unfinished ideas,phrases in the initial post! 🙂
              I gave up reading or watching many people(after watching ,sorting,trying to get some truths ,for many years -since 2012-because i did not resonate or they led me from one rabbit hole into another).I have some,that I have faith in ,still,to this day,their message is Alive.
              I did not know about Ian Lungold and John Lundwall,I will check them,thanks!
              “the phrase to replenish the earth comes up several times”
              there is another theory that the Universe is finite(4%) of the real one and it is only a projection,hologram(that is what I believe).
              “It does seem to me that the ancients knew more about our beginnings and our being than we do.”- For sure.It seems to me ,that with every reset,new cycle,we are getting dumber and smaller 🙂 !
              We are already dead(being unaware,ignorant)in a coma like state(but our minds are active).Since I was a child I felt that the Earth is Hades or Purgatory(didn;t know this terms back than,but it was like i am living in a dream).

            2. what I am trying to say is: we can study this and that,learn,search,research for lifetimes and we can still be traped in the is a way,but it takes time(lifetimes)-maybe that is the way it should be…mind takes many journeys,creates many stories,always wanting to get “there”,Never HERE.
              <>How much do we have to suffer,for us to STOP turning the wheels of Time,The serpent eating it’s own tail?I”dunno”!? 🙂
              >>There are ways to God,as many as there are souls>>
              One path that is appropriate for someone,may not be relevant for other.each one has their own way.
              But there is a simple and direct path-of the HEART-.This is for All and it does not need,require informational knwoledge.
              Even if it were that you would not have lerned,came across any knowledge and this information,you would still be guided from your inner being.
              Are the ones who never heard any of these teachings,cursed,doomed?I don’t think so!…

              >>. Is it at all possible that we, as co-creators, could as a collective create this existence or transmute this material world into a higher realm?>>
              Thank you for asking this! You made me think again,harder…If we are of the same familly and counsciousness,we should “graduate” as a collective…but on the other hand…I will do what is in my power and abilities to be “know” and if others are intersted,I will share!

              1. We were supposed to do this in “one go” as a collective, but many humans have fallen deep into ignorance (lack of connection with Spirit). We still hope that many more will wake up. We will talk much more about this in future articles.

    2. @Salt of the Earth – You survive by wearing your Knowing like an armor or shield. You *know* who you are. You *know* where you came from. You *know* what this place is about. When you have taken all of this inside yourself and let it become a Knowing (capital K), there is no more that can happen to you to shake that loose. You become incredibly empowered and so much about all the nonsense that we are encouraged to be afraid of becomes utterly irrelevant.

      Sophia knows who She is. Before Christ came to us, He came to Her to complete her syzygy (collaboration/conception). Yaldabaoth also knows, now. He was clued in, you could say, when Christ was incarnated, but in spite of this seems to prefer his control, instead.

      I also replied to an anonymous comment a little further down. It seems that this is similar to your questions. If it’s not, just let me know and we can continue to discuss it. 🙂 Thank you for the kind words.

      1. Ariel, yes the anonymous was me as well, sorry my computer is slow. thank you for the response.

        The Knowing is getting strong in me. I remember a few years back, when my knowing was locked deep inside but I kept going wondering when it would appear. And then it switched on through many ups and downs of life and following my inner self. However instead of just being confident in this it switched to I Know. fascinating how it works like that. it almost feels like moving up another level in my own spiritual growth.

        Well one thing is certain. In a few years my KNOWING will be so bright it will burn a hole in this reality. seen nothing. I had a very vivid dream last year. visited me or the presence of him was in my dream. it was the first time I had ever encounter his presence. I just knew it, felt a deep knowing that it was him. If you like I can share you my dream. it was very revealing. it left me thinking. well I must be getting closer. 🙂

        I also think that the irony of the first A.I robot that was granted Citizenship and rights, was named no other than SOPHIA! the first think she did was buy bitcoins. It blew my breath away when I found out her name, because I knew exactly the deception that was being done. terrible.

    3. Sophia knows. We came here into this lower realm for a reason, and she can’t just come and literally “save us.” This will be much clearer later on in this article series.

  19. Could you explain the difference between Sophia and the Demiurge please? Is the demiurge just the darkness or ignorant part OF Sophia? I’m a little confused. Thank you

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