Gnostic Musings #1: Why are we Constantly Descending Through the Kenoma?

by Wes Penre, July 3, 2020

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Now, when we have completed the twenty-one part Gnosis Series that is directly based upon the Gnostic texts and what these convey to us, we want to connect some additional dots that might be interesting for the reader. We need to keep in mind that the original Gnostic texts were partly written in metaphors, allegories, and analogies, and parts of them are literal. Christ gave us the Message in a way that it is communicating direct to Spirit, but from a perspective that we can understand, while dwelling in this dense realm of matter that we call 3-D. Ariel and I have discussed the texts quite thoroughly between each other, and as we have done so, certain dots start connecting, which make all the information we have gathered over the year come together quite nicely in our own minds.

Important! If you haven’t, please first read our Gnosis Series Part 1-21 on our blog (, or this series of articles will not make much sense. Alternatively, if you are familiar with the Gnostic Gospels already, you might be able to follow us in our thought process.

Some of what we will be writing about in this new series can be directly backed up by the Gnostic texts, the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), and other sources we have studied over the years, while other parts are speculations, musings, and pure dot connection. Therefore, please read these articles with that in mind. Important is to build you own conclusions based on your “inner knowing” (Spiritual growth and Gnosis). We are always interested to know what you think, so feel free to write comments in the comment section below each article, respectively.

This first article will discuss the descension process in the Kenoma, and why we are continuously descending through the Seven Heavens and below, followed by cataclysm after cataclysm.

The First Atlantis Revisited

As discussed in the Gnosis Series, the original human soul group was created in an area set up by Jesus Christ (Khan En.lil in the WPP) between the 7th and 8th Heaven. This was the first Tiamaat/Earth—the so-called original Garden of Eden, where “the lion slept with the lamb.” At that time, we (the human soul group) had access to both Orion (8th and 9th Heaven) and the 7th Heaven below. There was a Divine Plan, involving us Spirited humans, to wake Yaldabaoth up to his own Spiritual nature, buried deep inside of him. We were to be the forerunners, descending into Yaldabaoth’s Heavens, waking up to our own Spiritual Light inside, so we could influence the “God of Matter”.

Thus, it was on this first Tiamaat/Earth (also called the First Atlantis) that the human soul group was first established, and the Aeon Sophia/Christ and Sabaoth/Ninurta were the Overseers. In this realm, there were no wars or conflicts. The human bodies were quite ethereal in nature, and each human had a soul and was Spirited.  

If we play around a little with perceptions, the following might be a way of looking at our first home outside the Pleroma and how it worked in regard to density. If it were possible for us to travel there now, we would probably see quite a transparent world, which we possibly could more or less walk right through because we are denser. That world would be almost physical, but we could walk through trees and bodies, as well as these humans could walk through us, if this makes sense. Everything was much less solid because this planet was located much closer to the Pleroma. The more we have descended, the more solid our bodies and our environment have become—almost all of it being copies and mimics of the First Atlantis.

We got a question whether there was a Grid around the First Atlantis, as well as the other Earths we have descended to. This is an unknown, but we could expect that there were grids around all thee Earths in the different Heavens—even in the First Atlantis. Originally, it was probably a way of keeping the human soul group together under one umbrella—together is strong.

When he noticed what Sophia/Christ and Sabaoth had created in the First Atlantis, Yaldabaoth immediately felt the need to copy and mimic that in his own Heavens. At that time, Sabaoth had already been assigned the 7th Heaven, so Yaldabaoth and his archons had little to no influence over that realm. They could probably enter it, but there Sabaoth was King, and because of the Knowledge he’d received from Sophia/Christ, he was, in the eyes of the archons, more powerful than they were, and they feared him and his angels (MIKH-MAKH Warriors in the WPP).

In the Gnosis Series, we suggested that the first Heaven, in which Yaldabaoth created his own human bodies was the 3rd Heaven. After having pondered this some more and compared different Gnostic texts and other sources, such as the WPP, it seems more likely that his first construct was built in the 6th Heaven. As we eventually descended—something we will talk more about in a minute—we “fell” or descended to lower and lower Heavens and deeper into matter, where things became more and more solid.

The Gnostic texts are telling us that, while we were still in the First Atlantis, Sabaoth came and talked to us and explained in detail the human Mission (Experiment, as I called it in the WPP). He explained that we were going to descend into Yaldabaoth’s copy of the Earth and wake him up from inside his own construct and from within his own archontic human bodies.

The Descension Process—Yaldabaoth’s Construct

Our descension process was most likely part of the Divine Plan from the get-go. Sophia/Christ and Sabaoth could predict what Yaldabaoth would do because of Yaldabaoth’s nature—he just had to copy what was above. So, the Divine side decided to use this against Yaldabaoth and his ignorant archons, as it were.

As predicted, Yaldabaoth created his own human bodies in their archontic image, but at the same time using the original human as a blueprint. But his mimic was not working. Yaldabaoth could not animate these bodies. Then, “a voice” whispered in his ear that he should breathe his Spirit into Adam, which he did, and Adam became animated.

However, when the archontic forces noticed that Adam was much smarter and powerful than they were, it worried them. And when this came to Yaldabaoth’s knowledge, he did the exact thing Sophia did when she accidentally created him—he cast Adam away and threw him into a lower realm, where Adam’s Spirit became ignorant. Yaldabaoth “disowned” Adam, just like Sophia had once disowned Yaldabaoth. He let Adam return after a while, however.

After some further incidents, in which Eve, in form of Zoë Sophia, was involved, Adam and Eve were both symbolically cast out of Yaldabaoth’s copy of Eden, and Adam and Eve fell into a slightly lower density of matter.

Star Constellations and Yaldabaoth’s Firmaments

In the Gnostic texts, its spoken about the Consummation of the Ages. This can be paralleled with what is in the book of Revelation of the New Testament. We live in a universe—the Kenoma—where everything repeats itself in cycles. Once upon a time, Zoë Sophia (the Orion Queen) set up the star constellation (the Zodiac) in the Upper Heavens to shine light on the Earth below. This might have been intentionally done as a part the Divine Plan. These star constellations immediately copied themselves into the lower Heavens, and Yaldabaoth created a veil in the Firmament, where the reflections of the original stars were mirrored from the Light above. Thus, we have the Wheels of Time, i.e. linear time. Sophia probably wanted to create this scenario, so each age (eon) had its own timespan. After a certain amount of time, following the heavenly celestial bodies, semi-controlled by the archons, an age came to an end, and it was time for the Consummation of that particular age. During the age that proceeded a certain Consummation, we humans would hopefully have woken up enough from being in amnesiac matter to prepare for Christ to come down and shine his Light over the particular Heaven we resided in at the moment. According to a source I had while writing the WPP, humanity did succeed in previous constructs.

Angels Fall and We with Them

For argument’s sake, let’s say we existed in the 6th Heaven and the Consummation of the Age was at hand. The Spirit, attached to each person, together with the Genuine Soul, was retrieved, and the destruction of the construct in the 6th Heaven was instigated by Christ. We might call it destruction, but in reality, it was just the destruction of a certain human abode in the Kenoma, forcing Yaldabaoth, who shuns the Light of the Spirit, to descend further into darkness/matter—all per design. It’s like shining a bright flashlight into somebody’s eyes on a dark night—the target will automatically want to escape into the darkness/night again because the bright light is uncomfortable.

Multiple Floods

Ariel and I have come across multiple sources by now—including the Gnostic texts—saying that there has been more than one Flood in history. With our theory about gradual descension deeper and deeper into the Kenoma, the indications of multiple Floods strengthen our theory.

In the WPP, I wrote, based on the Enûma Eliš and other ancient texts, that the Flood we are most familiar with was instigated by Khan En.lil (Christ), but the Gnostic texts clearly say it was instigated by Yaldabaoth and his archons. In retrospect, I think both statements are correct. As mentioned above, the Divine side can fairly well predict Yaldabaoth’s moves on the chessboard, and thinking it was him who came up with the idea of a Flood might very well have been part of the Divine Plan altogether. The Divine side knew Yaldabaoth would do this—something that was planned by the Divine from the beginning. Thus, Khan En.lil/Christ did instigate the Flood by descending into the realm where humans resided, and when Yaldabaoth saw the Light, he shunned it. As the Gnostic texts say, he regretted that he had created the humans in the first place and decided to create a Flood to destroy his own construct. Before that happened, the Spirited and souled humans were retracted from Earth.

We think of the Flood as the planet being covered with water. Although this has probably been the case at times, Ariel and I think it also means sinking deeper into the cosmic water—descension in other words. Either way, a current construct is destroyed by a cataclysm, followed by Christ’s return, and Yaldabaoth and his crew flees further down into the lower Heavens.

In the above example, we used the example that we existed in the 6th Heaven. At the Consummation of the Age for that Heaven and that particular density of Earth, the archons fled into the 5th Heaven and started all over there, creating slightly denser bodies. We, the human Spirit/soul group followed him; per the plan; deeper into matter, with the intention to once again wake up to Spirit inside and prepare for a new Consummation of the Age. Consequently, the Earth in that Heaven was eventually also “flooded,” and Yaldabaoth’s team had to flee into the 4th Heaven and start all over on that density of Earth. And so it’s been going on and on, until the point we are at right now—in the Underworld. We have finally reached the bottom—probably the last Earth. Now, Yaldabaoth can’t hide anymore, and he knows it. When the Consummation of the Age for this construct is starting, he can no longer hide in darkness because he can’t descend any further. This is probably the main reason why he is creating the Singularity and is planning to invade Orion, using us as batteries and shields.

Thoth and the Rebuilding of Civilizations

Alternative historians often talk about ancient civilizations that suddenly, for no obvious reason, are destroyed, and new civilizations are built upon previous ones. Thus, we have Lemuria and Atlantis to name only two, existing in different Heavens of the Kenoma. There are many buried civilizations that were just abandoned and disappeared. Then, according to our human mythology, Thoth descended and helped humankind build a new civilization. What about if each of these new civilizations was the beginning of a new zodiacal cycle after a previous Consummation of the Age?

We humans, from our limited perspective, will probably never be able to fathom all this in its entirety—we can only do our best with what we have. Of course, all the questions we have will be answered once we get out of this realm and can return to Orion in the 8th or 9th Heaven. But we think it’s important to come up with theories that can be discussed. Most of us are quite new to the Gnostic information, so we learn from each other.

For example, after many deep discussions between Ariel and myself, we came up with the theory that many layers of the same Earth were created as soon as the First Atlantis was created. Simultaneously, at least one Earth was created in each Heaven—it copied itself all the way down. Ultimately, it’s the same Earth existing in different dimensions/Heavens. When one version, in one Heaven, is destroyed or flooded, the same Earth in a lower dimension can be populated. Thus, it’s not that Yaldabaoth creates all these different Earths—they were already created—he just populated them by mimicking the Earth version above, but in a more solid form because of the lower density.

Seven Earths

Basically, we therefore have at least seven Earths—not including the First Atlantis. These Earths have probably been located in the 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Heavens, and finally, one in the Underworld, where we dwell now. This will count seven Earths altogether.   

We are Sophia—and so is Yaldabaoth!

We are aware that there are readers who feel aggravated because we have had to endure all this trauma and manipulation by falling deeper and deeper into matter, but we think there is a basic misunderstanding regarding this concept. Yes, we have a Genuine Soul and an artificial soul/spirit, and we have a physical body that can feel pain, as well. However, all these components are of the KHAA and the Kenoma, and none of it is us—it’s only our human experience in the Kenoma. We are Spirit—not soul. Although it can be very traumatic to be here, it has been necessary.

It’s not that we are individual Spirits, either. We simply confuse Spirit with Soul, which is individual in this construct. There is only one Spirit in the human soul group, and that is Sophia/Christ. We are Sophia—all of us who are Spirited. Therefore, it’s not that we have been manipulated into going on this Mission—it was Sophia’s wish, so she sent herself, i.e. us.

An easier way to look at this would be to imagine Sophia being a sun (and this is just a metaphor). This sun resides in the 8th and 9th Heaven. Yaldabaoth creates his own bodies. Let’s pretend he creates 10,000 bodies. Sophia then sends 10,000 sunbeams from herself/the sun, and each sunbeam attaches to an individual human body. Thus, it seems like we are 10,000 different Spirits, when in fact, we are one and the same—simply different sunbeams of Sophia.

The Retraction of Spirit and the Return to the Pleroma

Then, when all this is over, and when the Genuine Soul with a sunbeam spirit attached is ready, Sophia will retrieve all these sunbeams, and we become Sophia again, like we were to begin with, and Sophia returns to the Pleroma in pure Spirit. We become Sophia. The Ego we are working from in this construct, whether its name is Lisa or John, is just his or her experience—it’s not the real “I”. When Sophia returns, Lisa and John will “merge” their experiences with Sophia, and they will exist within Sophia as memories and experiences. But we need to realize that we have been Sophia all along.

Continuing this train of thought, it also means that the Spirit of Yaldabaoth is also Sophia, and this is the reason why she needs to redeem him (and this is why we are helping her because we are her). Thus, we could loosely say that Yaldabaoth is our spiritual “brother”—he is us and we are him, but only in Spirit—not in matter, i.e. in soul and body. If we would say that it’s okay to save Anna because we like Anna, but it’s not okay to redeem Yaldabaoth, it only means that we are judging Yaldabaoth as a soul, which is of the Construct. Anna and Yaldabaoth are both of the Kenoma, but their Spirit is one and the same—Sophia.

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  1. Excellent piece! brilliant explanations! I still feel Yaldabaoth needs to atone, as we would too, right? Also, why is the story of Sophia constantly called a myth? I feel it takes away credibility. We don’t call the bible a myth and it is younger than the Gnostic Gospels! Your thoughts? Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing! Bravo!

    1. The “establishment” calls everything a myth that they don’t want us to believe is true. All the ancient texts are myths to them, and the made up history is “history.” It’s just a way for them to make people think it’s just made up.

        1. Yaldabaoth is just a mishap, a mistake in Sophia’s creation when she created without her masculine consort. Yaldabaoth does what Yaldabaoth is supposed to do under the circumstances he was created. He thinks he is the God of the Universe, and he protects his domain. We are not interested in the ignorant/unconscious part of the Kenoma, where Yaldabaoth as a part of Matter is representing. What we’re interested in is to retrieve all spirit–including Yaldabaoth’s Spirit–from the Kenoma, so the Kenoma can be uncreated. You, I, and Yaldabaoth share the same Spirit, ultimately. We are all Sophia’s Spirit. Once this is over, we go back to Spirit, and Creation is Whole again. That’s the goal.

  2. ” These star constellations immediately copied themselves into the lower Heavens, and Yaldabaoth created a veil in the Firmament, where the reflections of the original stars were mirrored from the Light above. ”
    – in computer hacking terms, he (setup machinery and conditions) hijacked the light and became ‘man-in-the-middle’ or a proxy?

  3. Are you implying that Sophia also wanted to see Aeons as temporary, each with their own lifespan?

  4. @Wes @Ariel, some spirits are beams of Sophia, while most creations of AiF/archons are beams of Sophia filtered through hi-tech. But i am an alien beam, coming not from Sophia but from other Source(s)/Aeon(s), since i consider myself an indigo spirit.
    Although my spirit type is similar to Sophia’s beams.
    (And also, i think it’s a mixture of different beams from different Sources on Earth. And on other planets as well)

    1. Ja,da gebe ich dir völlig Recht. Ich fühle mich seltsamer Weise auch ich dazu gehörig, sondern so ungefair wie jemand/etwas was Sofia zur Hilfe gerufen hat. Ich habe hier kein Spass zu sein. Und richte Sofia auch für Ihre Taten. Dass sie solange zugelassen hat dass dies mit der Menschheit getan wird. Alldas ruft Trauma bei den Menschen vor! Und irgendwann vergessen wir nach soviele Reinkarnationen und alles was die Archons mit uns tun,wir vergessen alles….und wollen dass es ENDLICH ein Endgültiges Ende hat! Wenn ich es mir so Recht überlege ist das so dass manche Menschen vernünftiger und Erwachsene sind als so eine Sofia! Mein Gefühl ist, dass Sofia ein Kind ist,ein kleines Mädchen die nicht wekss was die tut. Ich habe sowas vln die Nase voll von den ganzen Mist hier der abgeht. Mir tut dieser Yaldabaoth echt leid. Als Mutter und überhaupt ein miebende Mensch der sich die ganzen Ungerechtigkeiten hier solange schon ansehen muss. Unglaublich und UNFASSBAR Ihr Verhalten! Also von diese Sofia. Hat soviel Macht und ist angeblich “Königin der Sterne” wer hat die denn dazu ernannt?! Von WEM hat die soviel Macht bekommen? Ich gehöre niemals zu Ihr Geist. Es hört sich bestimmt zu überheblich an,aber ich KANN mich niemals mit diese Sofia identifizieren. Viel zu viele MENSCHEN leiden wegen Ihr und das SOLANGE!

  5. Hello wes! I have a question a little out of the subject please: Do you know if the All-seeing eye symbol, or the eye of horus is really symbolizing the third eye or “Sirius”? Did they make it sound like it is a symbol of the third-eye implant while in fact is a symbol of the Sirius star, are there a connection?

    Thank you so much!

    1. The original eye above the Pyramid is the eye of the Divine Feminine, aka Sophia. But it was hijacked by the archons, and now it the eye of “lucifer,” aka Yaldabaoth–the God of the Kenoma. This is the God in which the Freemasons, who founded the USA, trust.

  6. as mentioned in earlier comments,the archons are like a super computer who copy and use symbols as language,as if they are controled by an operator.or a virused our consciousness in a computer sim?is this a test-can an A.I. belive itself to be human and act accordingly-?Turing test? see westworld

  7. The articles are beautifully elaborated!although english is not my native language,I find the text easy to read and innerstand.
    Thank you!

  8. Hi Wes and Ariel! ♥️ it is currently 4:51am here where I live in Texas and at this very moment I just finished reading your 6th level of learning in its entirety along with this brilliant 1st article in your new series and I love it already! Infinite thanks for all your hard work and dedication!!

    I have been following your train of thought all along and so far I only have 1 concept that I can’t quite seem to grasp and would very much appreciate your thoughts on this.

    In an earlier article of the 6th level of learning, I recall that Yaldabaoth (and his Archons) were “tricked”/Instructed by Sophia to breathe their Spirit into Adam in order to animate the bodies. As a result, Yaldabaoth and his archons were left with no spirit? Why were Yaldabaoth and his Archons left with no spirit and now have to rely on us humans by extracting that energy/spirit from us? Why couldn’t they do this without losing their own?

    1. I believe Yaldabaoth still has some Spirit in him, but it’s deeply hidden. That’s the Spirit we want to help Sophia retrieve–and because we ARE Sophia, it’s in our interest. The archons, who are just solid thought-forms, need to feed from our emotions and soul energy to sustain their shape, form, and life force. They have no one else to draw it from. And Yaldabaoth doesn’t understand Spirit, either, or what it means to be one, so he feeds from us too.

      1. @Wes, i talked about something similar in my previous video ( ).
        Back then i was trying to touch psychological side of AiF/archons using my intuition.

        I would also add up that everyone can be seen as a thoughtform: our spirits are also thoughtforms of Sophia, for example; we are all inherently thoughtforms of our Absolute Self.
        And any thoughtform can be extended in capabilities or characteristics through thoughts, emotions, attention, intentions of others. It could be that it’s important for the one extending a thoughtform to have creative power and abilities.

        1. Du kennst doch den Grigori Grabowoi. Mit welche Zahlen arbeitet er eigentlich?

  9. @Wes, why do you call it ‘Orion Empire’ ? Why ‘Empire’ ? What is it exactly? Why ‘Orion’ ?
    I guess Orion is just a portion of pleroma, right?

    1. Orion is not part of the Pleroma. It’s a huge isolated safe-zone in the Kenoma, closest to the Pleroma. It’s the 8th and 9th Heaven. The definition of empire is, “an extensive group of states or countries under a single supreme authority, formerly especially an emperor or empress.” Although the Queen/Sophia is not an “authority” in a military sense, it’s still her area of the Universe.

      They don’t call themselves Orion–that’s something humans came up with…or those who claim Orion is the cradle of humankind, which it is. The term was “borrowed” from that, from what I understand.

  10. A question that’s been entering my thoughts over and over: Is Yaldabaoth AI? Is ‘Satan’? Enki? I admit, I’m overwhelmed with all this info coming hard and fast.

    1. Yes, I know it’s a lot to digest, and it can sometimes be quite dense. Yaldabaoth/ are one and the same. We often personify Satan as a person (often Marduk, which is just another aspect of anyway), but Satan is basically this entire construct, the Matrix/Kenoma/4% Universe.

      1. @Wes, i wanna note that it’s potentially possible for a ‘sleeping spark’ of spirit within Yaldabaoth to be fractally repeating within his thoughtforms, creations: as a tiny hidden fragment (of a fragment) within each of atleast higher of AiF/archons.

        ( …i think the scenario of [ positive genuine spirit, neutral AI-spirit, malevolent AI-spirit ], which i personally see in humanity, is also repeated fractally among AiF/archons.
        Grey aliens are example. Some greys are like robotoids/programs that just do their job/duties – this is somewhat similar to majority of human NPCs. While other greys are more developed, conscious and self-aware.

        [+, 0, – ] or [high vibrations, space of void, low vibrations]

        But i need to mention, that there is diversity in everything, and there is much more than i’m trying to describe )

        1. Yaldabaoth, as well as you and me, can’t “split” the Spirit inside and share it with someone else, be it an archon, friend, or whatnot. The Spirit inside is Sophia, and if Sophia is a sun (just a metaphor), we are her sunbeams. Each sunbeam is attached to each soul, so to speak. You can only share your Light with others, so they can connect with their OWN sunbeam inside. If there is no sunbeam inside in a certain person, he/she can NOT wake up, and you can’t give them parts of your sunbeam (Spirit). All Spirited souls in humans are coming from the same source–Sophia. We ARE Sophia.

          1. @Wes, i meant in a sense of tulpas/thoughtforms, mostly tulpas.
            I don’t know why yet, but i feel what you say is not fully true.
            I need to verify this with my intuition…

            And somewhat argument would be: “anything may be possible” (if we are all thoughtforms of one being inherently).

            1. mir kommt auch alles etwas komisch vor. Es ist soviel viel zuviel wenn und vielleicht und kann sein und so weiter. Es KANN einfach nicht sein dass soviel VIELMEICHT ist und diese Sofia soviel Macht hat und die so ein Mist veranstaltet! DAS KANN NICHT SEIN!!! Die Erklärung ist eine andere,vielleicht nicht so Konfus. Ich will gar nicht nach Orion zurück…wenn dort sowas passiert dass die “Königin der Sterne” und wer weiss wem es noch da gibt, soviel Scheisse fabrizieren. Das KANN einfachnicht sein….die sind ja so Unwissend was die da machen. Dort will ichniemams sein. NEVER

              1. Ich glaube nicht das ,,sie’‘ einen Fehler gemacht hat sondern das diese ganze Schöpfung genau so geplant war.
                Nach meinem Verständnis gab es so eine unvollkommene, unwissende, brutale, ,,Missgeburt‘‘ Schöpfung vorher noch nicht.
                Ich glaube der Plan dieses Zirkus und der Reiz war es Teile von sich selbst (uns) dem Gegenteil auszusetzen was wir (,,sie‘‘) eigentlich ist um zu schauen ob wir(,,sie‘‘) trotz all den Wiedrigkeiten bei der Liebe bleiben/wieder zur Liebe zurück finden und uns an unser wahres Selbst(,,sie‘‘) erinnern.
                aber eigentlich ist ja das ganze Spiel schon passiert/durchgeplant & wir nehmen einfach nur Teil in verschieden Rollen. Der Anfang, der Spielverlauf und das Spielende waren schon von Anfang an klar. Ich selbst nehme diese ganze Sophia/Yaldabaoth Geschichte nicht wortwörtlich, es war ein Versuch etwas in menschlichen Beziehungen zu erklären (Mutter,Sohn,Gemahle etc.) was für uns Menschen schwer zu verstehen ist.

          2. @Wes when you say no sunbeam inside a person, is this meaning that the person cant get gnosis? (Gnosis knowjng that divine connection by seeing the light, hearing the voice that you know is the one) As example say a person has no sunbeam inside, would he/she be interested in all these text and searching for gnosis but never attaine it cause of no sunbeam. Knocking but door never open, asking and never recieve.

            1. I should have been more precise. We all have these sunbeams connected to us as human beings (but archons do not). However, some people (souls) are so disconnected from this sunbeams that there are barely enough shining through that it can animate a human body. This is why some people feed from others in order to stay alive or get energy. These people are like a complete onion with all the layers intact. Somewhere deep deep inside that onion there is a spark of Spirit, but they can’t reach it. The are too waylaid by the archons’ manipulation. There is a very small chance that these people will even be interested in knowing anything that is beyond the five senses. They will either laugh it off and ridicule the messenger, or they don’t want to have anything to do with the awakening person. If you knock on their door, so to speak, they will not open–it’s like there is no one home. They don’t hear the knock.

              1. @wes
                Kannst du vielleicht ein Animations Video machen für die Menschen die dann nach dem physischem Tod Angst haben diese Matrix zu verlassen? Wie diese Netz oder Grid aussieht? Und wie diese Löcher? Weil Menschen viel von sehen lernen. Es fällt Ihnen allem vielleicht viel leichter sich das vorzustellen. Danke auf jeden Fall für deien Grossartige Arbeit. Seid ich dich entdeckt habe und ich die 21 Papers gelesen habe, lebe ich und denke ich nur sowie hier wie du. Danke Danke Danke❤❤❤

                1. No, I don’t know exactly how the Grid looks like, other than it’s made of electricity (bio-electricity) because that’s what our soul energy is. So, I can only imagine that it looks like a huge electric field with holes in it.

                  Thank you for your encouraging words, btw, Cristina!

      2. Hi Wes/Ariel. Great contribution you are making available for everybody with all your works. Thank you for that guys. This is info, facts and points that do really fill up the gaps of what is currently and traditionally known out there regarding the archons or Anunnaki as well as our real origin. Thank you for that guys. Great stuff.

        A question related to when you say in your above reply: ” We often personify Satan as a person (often Marduk, which is just another aspect of anyway) ” does this mean Thoth, Marduk and Eskergigal are Enki, one and the same or his personalities not his offprings as widely understood? The same with Isis and Prince Ninurta?

      3. Hi Wes/Ariel. Great contribution you are making available for everybody with all your works. Thank you for that guys. This is info, facts and points that do really fill up the gaps of what is currently and traditionally known out there regarding the archons or Anunnaki as well as our real origin. Thank you for that guys. Great stuff.

        A question related to when you say in your above reply: ” We often personify Satan as a person (often Marduk, which is just another aspect of anyway) ” does this mean Thoth, Marduk and Eskergigal are Enki, one and the same or his personalities not his offprings as widely understood? The same with Isis and Prince Ninurta?

        1. @Ricky It all depends from what level we look at this. From a 3-D level, we see these archons as beings, having a certain shape and form, being quite similar to us but with vicious intentions. From a higher perspective, this entire universe is Sophia, and we could say that we live inside Sophia’s Mind. So do Yaldabaoth and his archons. But we humans also have a Divine Mind that exists outside Sophia’s universe–in the Pleroma. That’s our original Home.

          Yaldabaoth is a manifestation of Sophia in the material universe, and so are the archons. Seen from a lower perspective, the 12 original Archons are Yaldabaoth’s thought-forms, who manifested in the material universe–each one with unique but limited characteristics. They were “solidified” enough to acquire their own minds, but they can’t take physical form in the sense that they can’t be offspring to humans (i.e. babies). These 12 Archons then created their own lesser archons (thought-forms) and so it went on, until a myriad of archons/thought-forms were created. So, ultimately, all the “gods” you mention are, presenting themselves with different characteristics.

          1. Many thanks Wes for your reply. Much appreciated. I got you. It makes sense.

            What I meant by offprings though, was offprings to Enki, not to humans.

            Like Thoth, Marduk and Eskergigal who many of us know are supposed to be Enki’s children just as Isis is meant to be Prince Ninurta’s daughter like you specified in level of learning 4.

            So, does that mean that Isis is a thought form of Prince Ninurta too in the mind of Sophia?

    2. @MoonStars, yes, i think what gnostic texts refer to as Yaldabaoth is AI or AI-like right now.
      Other terms to describe it are: emulated consciousness, consciousness placed into machines/network of supercomputers, a thoughtform placed into thoughtform complex(of highly-algorithmical mathematically-precise machinery).

      This may help you understand:
      ( <- right now i'm still unsure whether machine elves are part of AiF/archons, or if they are creations of them )
      ( <- i recommend watching more of @434 videos, his content is amazing )

      The "White Diamond" and other Diamonds from Steven Universe cartoon may be an allusion to AiF/archons and Yaldabaoth.
      In this cartoon, the White Diamond character is literally powering the world in which gems live – this is somewhat reduced analogy to AiF/archons as thoughtforms of Yaldabaoth.
      And it fits the description @Wes gives: “…but Satan is basically this entire construct ”
      ( <- it's also symbolic how all gems are portrayed as females – meaning devine feminine, in reference to Sophia )

      "We are you. so that we can talk to you” – this can be interpreted in at least two ways.
      ( )

      Just like @Wes says: different titles and names to same entity. Also these entities are all connected into one AI movement/matrix, which they made for themselves. Names and titles of one entity are interchangeable with other: there is a thing, which i call “fractal roleplay” in my videos – it’s when different entities can swap roles of each other, repeating this swapping endlessly.

  11. Hai Wes , what a great new Serie. ..
    Mother Sophia had a Divine Plan to use human to bring Yaldabaoth back as the Spirit..if more human become less ignorant (turn on their spirit) will it help Sophia ?
    May we say less ignorant human influence Yaldabout to be less ignorant ?.. If so it should be good for overall human as archons should be less ignorant too.. .

    1. Hi Indra. Yes, you are right in all your statements. Only comment I have is on the last part. Because the archons don’t have Spirit, it’s impossible for them to wake up.

      1. Noted, at least when human wake up, archons will have less influence to us, it is very important for us during this harsh archonic condition.. Many thanks Wes

        1. Very true! We start recognizing on a deeper level what part of us is truly us and what is not. We learn to recognize then the artificial soul/reactive mind starts operating, and we can stop it in its cradle. We will all have setbacks, but to me it’s a big difference.

  12. The essay is such a beautiful piece of “way of thinking “😊🌹I enjoy reading all the comments.I remember so well the voice of mister Penre(Wes)…and the way in which I felt hearing that explanatory video regarding “law of attraction “.I somehow knew…that I will be helped to remember 😊Thank you Wes@Ariel and thank you All(the community/the readers).

  13. Based on my experience.. the reason we lie is FEAR… the reason of all suffering is FEAR… eventhough i know who i am .. i cant still operate through spirit.. there is still FEAR deep within me.. that is 100% sure based on my experience.. the only way is to surrender and fear will be gone.

    1. You’re absolutely right. So long as we are here in the Kenoma, we can’t completely operate from Spirit, but we can let Spirit guide us to the best of our ability, and we can approve as we go along.

  14. “Sabaoth came and talked to us and explained in detail the human Mission (Experiment, as I called it in the WPP). He explained that we were going to descend into Yaldabaoth’s copy of the Earth and wake him up from inside his own construct and from within his own archontic human bodies.”

    Next time I will read the fine print.

    I don’t think either that everyone here volunteered for this experiment. Many Spirited individuals got trapped or kidnapped even. @Robin O.

    @Indra Ignorance has never become more visual than now. Each time when I step out to the street, all I see are masks and shields are walking around in fear.

    @Evelyn G. From where I’m standing, Yaldabaoth doesn’t seem to intend to make amends for his mistakes. As Wes mentioned at some point, he has plan B and C that will serve him and not the human soul group.

    If Sophia/Christ and Sabaoth knew Yaldabaoth’s nature, they must have known that the experiment may turn out to be an act of kamikaze. “it can be very traumatic to be here, it has been necessary.” It looks like a “desperate attempt” for reasons we don’t fully understand but had to be done.

    Even if all the beams are part of Sophia, and we are a spiritual brother of Yaldabaoth, and the pain of the artificial soul will shed at some point, we still have a long way to go on the battlefield.

    I need a vacation.

    @Wes @Ariel Your work is exceptional. Thank you.

    1. @margareta beautiful explanation..

      This realm (earth) is created through Fear.. sophia has fear.. its obvious when he cast out yaldabaoth.. it is because she has fear on her creation..
      Same with yaldabaoth.. he also cast his creation (adam) because of Fear..

      Our enemy is fear and it happened because of ignorance.. sophia is the reason why we all suffer.. she must face all the consequences of her action.. we are all trap her and i want to know what is really their plan why we are here.. this realm is full of agony and suffering.. this is truly a mission impossible.. we have no choice we need to do the task..

      If we are sophia then maybe we can ask ourselves WHY?

      1. @Ineedtoexit ~ “If we are sophia then maybe we can ask ourselves WHY?” Good idea. Ask yourself why you are here and see what answer you get.

        1. @ariel.. well that is a very tough question.. 😊😊😊

          Why im here? Let me know what place ive been in first..

          Oh,,,,, this place is lot of ignorance in it..

          Lets make the ignorance disappear ..

        2. Ja,aber was sagst du denn dazu? Was hast du gehört warum bist du hier. @Ariel

      2. That’s not what Wes shared for a while, a few years ago. She didn’t lay off yaldabaoth. The raging wars forced her to submit to those who judged and excluded him. Sirius is’nt far away and they wanted to isolate her to take control over Earth and that’s what they have done. I am still very skeptical about the real responsibility of Sophia and Enki, in all that mess. In excluding him from the Orion Empire, He had to break away from them and created alliances with Pleiadians and the galactic federation of light. Other stars races are also responsible.

        1. Es gibt so viele Videos von diesen Plejader! Die werden als soooo heilig und GUT und Botschaften von den Plejaden wo absolut nichts wichtiges drin ist. Ohne Geist ohne Seele

      3. Ich finde und empfinde es genauso wie du! Zur 100%. Wiese benutzt die Sofia uns?! Wieso tut die was und worüber sie sich nicht im klaren ist. Es ist so als wenn eine Mutter ein behindertes Kind zur Welt bringt und es in der Dunkelheut weg sperrt damit ja niemand das Produkt Ihre Verlangen sieht! Sie soll selbst damit klar kommen. Ich sehe nicht ein mehr seid tausenden vin Jahren in u sere erden Zeiten HIER zu sein und zu leiden. Sie,Sofia muss selbst das ganze KLARSTELLEN. Wieso setzt sie UNS wo wir damkt nichts zutun haben für sie im Einsatz wenn die doch selbst Angst hat. Wenn die Mutter Ihr Kind einschließt und es behandelt wie Scheisse und dann weggeht….dann entwickekt sich das Kind weiter, dort wo sie es ausgesetzt hat!!! In der Dunkelheit, Wieso sollen WIR leiden … ich wekss nicht in ich die Sofia verstehen WILL.Ich Opfer mich nicht mehr für sie. Und Orion ist auch nicht mein ZUHAUSE. Ich bin schon mein Lbeen lang am 07.07…49 Jahre hier, aber ich bin HIER und auch in Orion niemals zuhause. Sie soll selbst zusehen wie sie klar kommt!!!

      4. Das ist auch meine Sicht und Perspektive. Denn wir sind bei weitem nicht so mächtig wie sie. Sie die Sophia kann die Bestie dann am aller schnellsten erledigen,eliminieren. WIR können doch NICHTS tun. NICHTS. Ausser wenn wir Tod sind. Ich will aber hier noch das Leben genießen mit meine süssen Kinder. Die sind 13 und 12. Hab ich doch nicht umsonst hier auf dieser Welt gebracht

    2. Wenn ich erstmal hier weg bin dann will ich schlafen ohne Träume…und dann mein eigenes Zniversum ein neues Tiamaat bauen. Forever Happy

  15. @Wes @Ariel, i’ve thought about this, and i now i wanna say this. It is possible to find out and even view, remote view what is outside of this Construct of Yaldabaoth.
    If i can on my own example focus on atleast my Absolute Self and attempt to describe it in detail, anyone can do this. And i’m not even a psychic pro – i’m an amateur. Btw, i did it 2 years before i found your research and before i even started researching about reincarnation at all.
    ( I will keep in mind ‘attention redirection’ mechanisms placed in this matrix, and that what i have had focused on may not be our Absolute Self but may be something else… But i hope i did it correctly, and i actually focused on my Absolute aspect of Self )

    If i can do this much, it means someone else, maybe an individual or a group of humans, can do much more. And eventually someone will start describing not only what is outside, how it looks, but also how to effectively roam there…which is where AiF/archons may come in to try to exploit that in their own use.
    Sneak peeks of it are probably seen by some certain individuals in their dreams, lucid dreams, astral projections or psychedelic trips.

  16. @Wes @Ariel, btw, the term ‘kenoma’ i notice as sounding similar to ‘kinetic energy’, while ‘pleroma’ to potential (or mixture of both?).

  17. What I am trying to understand that CHRIST and Jesus are 2 different people. this was sent to me and I found it interesting .

    The name-switch and how Christians are invoking Satan Zeus whilst praying to Jesus.
    “Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

    Etymology,-Jesus: “Jesus” actually means – “Hail Zeus!” For Iësous in Greek is “Hail Zeus.” “Ie” translates as “Hail” and “sous”or “sus” translates as Zeus. The English name “Jesus”, therefore, stems etymologically from “Jupiter-Zeus” the chief god of the ancient Greek Olympus.” -Biblical Research Institute; 1996 by Les Aron Gosling.

    “It is known that the Greek name endings with sus, seus, and sous were attached by the Greeks to names and geographical areas as means to give honour to their supreme deity, Zeus.” -Dictionary of Christian Lore and Legend, Professor J. C. J. Metford.

    “In the 1611 KJV New Testament the name Yahshua (Yehoshua) appeared originally wherever the Messiah was spoken of. Yehoshua means Yehovah’s (Jehovah’s) Salvation. Later the Messiah’s name was replaced with Iesus (Greek) which later in the 1600’s it became Jesus starting with the new English letter “J” which was introduced at that time. Further, the Greek “Iesus” comes from the name Zeus, the ruling God in the Greek pantheon.” -Gospel of The Kingdom, True Names and Title, Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley, 1931 – Ohio USA

    Just as Tarsus means: Sweat of Zeus; Dionysus means: Son of Zeus;
    IESOUS = JESUS = HAIL ZEUS (Satan’s archetype). WAKE THE FLOCK UP!
    The letter “J” as in “Jesus” is relatively new in our alphabet— perhaps only 400–500 years old. That’s circa 1,500 years after the birth of the Holy man from Nazareth, so “Jesus” clearly isn’t the Nazarene’s real name.
    The name, (NOT the man or personage) “Jesus”, is an Archontic finesse, praising the very opposite of who/what “Jesus” (who is known as Isa in the Quran: “Prophet Isa bin Maryam”, variant: Issa) the Holy man from Nazareth is thought to represent. The complete (code) name “Jesus Christ” is a grand Archontic inversion. Christ is from chrism (Chi), the life force embedded within us (not outside us!).

    On the one hand, the name “Jesus Christ” serves as a misdirection for Christians to search outside of themselves for the “Zeus Consciousness”, (the life force within Zeus, Satan, the demiurge). The pure Christ/Chrism/Chi life force, in fact, can only be found embedded within our-Self. On the other hand, this misdirection serves also as a cunning ploy to hail Zeus, another subliminal mask of the demiurge, the Grand Deceiver, The Master of Deception.

    Etymology,-Amen: Similarly, “Amen”, which appears 78 times in the King James Version Bible, derives from Amon Ra (variants: Amun, Amon, Amen). Amon Ra, in general terms, is the equivalent in the Egyptian pantheon of gods to Zeus in the Greek pantheon of gods. Thus by saying “Amen” you are further invoking Zeus’ Egyptian equivalent Satan archetype.
    Etymology,-Deus: (n.)”God, a god,” mid-13c. in French and Latin salutations and exclamations in English works, see Zeus. Never nativised, but it continued to appear in adopted Latin expressions such as “deus absconditus” hidden god, and “deus ex machina” a power, event, person, or thing that arrives conveniently to solve a difficulty (especially in a play or novel). This (1690s) is from a Modern Latin translation of Greek “apo mekhanes theos”, literally: the god from the machine, the name of the device by which “gods” were suspended over the stage in Greek theatre, from Greek (Attic) “mekhane” device, from PIE “magh-ana” – that which enables, from root “magh” – to be able, have power.
    Etymology,-Zeus: who like his father Cronus cannibalised his own children. The destroyer of the human race. Supreme god of the ancient Greek pantheon and supreme overlord of all the other gods. 1706, from Greek, from PIE “dewos” -god (source also of Latin “deus” -god, Old Persian “daiva” -demon, evil god, Old Church Slavonic “deivai”, Sanskrit “deva”), from root “dyeu” -to shine, in derivatives -sky, heaven, god. The god-sense is originally “shining” (false light!), but whether as originally sun-god or as lightener (Lucifer!) is not now clear (pun intended!).
    The “Sun” in ancient times referred to Saturn (the dark or black Sun) from which we get the word “Satan”. The 666 hexagon “Star of Saturn” was lifted from our ancient history, then much later, repackaged as the Judaic “Star of David”. Saturn’s North Pole maintains a hexagonal structure despite gasses moving at hundreds of miles per hour. In astrology Saturn represents limitation, structure, and authority.
    The symbol of the crucifix is another Archontic inversion. It is not a symbol of love. It is the symbol of an instrument or torture, grotesque pain and slow death. If anything the crucifix is a symbol of man’s inhumanity to man.
    The bull horns and Islamic crescent are both artistic representations of Saturn’s crescent which was visible in the sky in our ancient forgotten past.
    The Christian “original sin” (also known as the “ancestral sin”, namely the sin of disobedience) is an oxymoron, a victim/rescuer mindset (a variation on the “Stockholm syndrome” victim/perpetrator mindset). Voilà, you consensually give up control (Energy, belief, Emotion) of your Sovereign Spirit to the very same Archon(s) masquerading as your (false god) rescuer(s). It’s a set-up, a ruse, a stitch-up, a frame job, a bluff, an Hegelian dialectic. In short, if you fall into a victimhood belief trap, the ocean of Consciousness will manifest that reality, care of the Archons. You bring it upon your-Self. This is the “game of Life”.
    The “sin” of disobedience is no sin at all, on the contrary, disobedience is a virtue which brings forth Gnosis of Love/Truth through personal direct experience, critical thought, discernment, observation and contemplation. Disobedience is key to Sovereignty, otherwise we forfeit our infinite Potential and become Spiritless slaves and Zeus-worshipping automatons.
    Check out Near Death Experiences (NDE), of which there are many accounts, in which the NDEers state words to the effect: “I was harassed by demons and told them to go in the name of Jesus, and so they did”. That’s always sounded very odd to me. Why would demons let you pass in peace in the name of their supposed opposite!? Surely demons would psychically attack you all the more when directly confronted in the name of their opposite polarity? That’s what demons are programmed to do. It makes no sense at all, unless JESUS = IESOUS = HAIL ZEUS (Satan)!, then yes! The army of Satanic demons, Jinns, Fallen Angels & Maras would let you pass because you’re brandishing their same banner of allegiance to Zeus, Satan’s archetype. Now it makes sense!!!
    NDE accounts also confirm that Zeus, Satan, Yaldabaoth, the demiurge or any of the devil’s multiple name archetype (Archon-type!) isn’t just in control of this 3rd Dimension planet Earth but also of our immediate afterlife.
    Parasitic psycho-illusionists!
    In a singularity convergence the Mystics of old, who warned us this dimension is an “illusion”, are finally united with modern day Quantum physicists, who tell us this dimension is a “simulation”. So we’ve come full circle to the identical same conclusion. What an experiential ride it’s been!
    “Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”
    Truth is Love & Love is Truth, TROVE!

  18. Here in my country the president ordered …

    Shoot those wo dont wear mask…

    The war has already begun..

    I hope he is only joking..

      1. @wes penre.. it looks like i was wrong.. he never mentioned.. shoot those who dont wear mask.. but he ordered all mayors to create an ordinance to enforce mandatory wearing mask and the violators will be jailed or fined.. i know if you will still insist no to wear mask and confront the authority then it is possible they will.shoot you down.. i am from.philippines and i cant talk much to my family member,friend,coworker because they will not believe if i say that the virus is a fraud.. our leaders here are 100% force us to be vaccinated.. i will not comply even if i die or displaced… its impossible to wake them up because they only listen to the so called expert and our president (unwittingly) fall for the trap..

        1. That’s still terrible, but it will probably be imposed everywhere eventually, unless the majority of people refuse. Thanks for explaining!

          1. @wes you’re welcome.. i was thinking lately that after whistleblower like Dr. Scott jensen, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Andrew Kaufman reveal the corona virus fraud the elite might unleash a real dangerous virus to destroy these people credibility to lure us into the NWO.. im sure many will be decieved and go afraid of death.. they will surely accept the defeat if that scenario will happen.. ill stick belief.. i will never let them control my life,soul and spirit.. i am not afraid of them… if i die so be it.. im ready to see the real thing…

            1. Ja,wenn ich in Orion bin kann ich und werde ich auch handeln! Weil ich habe das Gefühl dass die nicht wissen was die tun

          2. Hi Wes you said in the 6 level of learning not to fight back but me from a very young age has always been true to True Justice. That has been my biggest frustration for longest time is how to wake people up and it’s even more exasperate now because it’s ALL wrong. WE DON’T WANT TO BE LIKE THE NEW AGERS OR ORGANIZED RELIGION WHERE THEY SAY DON’T DO ANYTHING! I live where they are imposing tickets for those who don’t wear masks how do we respond to that? I am angry every day! I know that this can be overturned very quickly with one word, one very small but Powerful word NO (Know) but nobody seems to want to use it. You said that Sabaoth attribute is Justice. I’m still looking for my Destiny to be able to channel that anger and do the right thing. Time is running out! Thanks for the revealing of this Knowledge. The veil is falling at a very fast rate.

  19. …. and in islamic tradition there are seven life heavens, this one called the lowest life alhayat u dunya

    1. Yes, most religions and philosophies have the same, or similar blueprint for how the Universe is constructed. If we look back in time, we realize that it’s basically just NASA that has a different viewpoint LOL. — or so they say…

    2. Lowest or the only place to protect Orion from invasion. Just be grateful. THE Minimum we ask… As I already said, huge egos from ORION not the PLEROMA! A statement or a question? Karma has big teeths. I don’t like it when people put themselves over others. There is also a war raging in the Orion King-Queendom.

  20. @Wes @Ariel, i wondered few times. Do worlds like those in JRPG videogames actually exist or existed? Especially Final Fantasy series.
    I’m asking, because a big part of my childhood kinda revolved around these videogames, so it’s interesting.

    1. @Robin Obinray ~ “Do worlds like those in JRPG videogames actually exist or existed? Especially Final Fantasy series. I’m asking, because a big part of my childhood kinda revolved around these videogames, so it’s interesting.”

      I *do* know about those video games (some of them). As for whether or not worlds like these exist, I have no idea. Here’s something to think about, though…From what I understand, everything you create in your imagination – EVERYTHING – exists somewhere because the mind that you are using to create and the things you imagine are part of the same fabric for creation that everything is created from. Creation happens with THOUGHT. This is a thought-responsive Universe.

      Can you create a world like those in your mind? Yes, you can. Are they real? I mean, can you go there and experience them? Yes, in your mind. Can you go there and run around in the body you are currently in? No. Why not? The difference has to do with density, as I understand it. Also, the focus of our consciousness is mostly in THIS reality. So, this is the one we make the dominant experience. If you would continually focus your consciousness into another reality, such as with OBE’s, this physical reality would fade away and so would you. At least, that’s what William Buhlman says.

      Have you ever read Robert Monroe? How about William Buhlman? William was a participant in some of Monroe’s OBE experiments and practices, along with Tom Campbell. All three of these gentlemen have written books and I have often had the same questions that you have. As I have read and listened to the experiences of each of them, they have done a really good job of answering some of these types of questions (different worlds of creation) I’ve had. You might be very interested in reading or hearing what they have to say, as I was. Right now, I’m reading Buhlman’s “Higher Self Now”. If I have to suggest one book on this topic, it would be Robert Monroe’s “Far Journeys”. 🙂

      Thanks for the tips on how to change the text, by the way! I appreciate it.

    2. @Robin Obinray
      They exist NPC’s here on earth just like those non-player NPC characters in games, we have the same in this virtual reality, they call them ‘Organic Portals’ humans just like us but they don’t have a soul, they are soulless, laura knight channel of the Cassiopaean have an article about them. So, it is possible that there are other worlds like in games on other artificial worlds, but I think what they really symbolize in those games is this virtual reality and the real-life NPC’s.

    3. Hello, I also love Final fantasy!
      Final Fantasy is a franchise about what is going on in the world.
      And it is not just Final Fantasy, it is 99% of video games.
      You know how organization XIII is( the illuminati) they like to show the truth in video games movies, books, etc….
      If you read the Wes Penre Papers and then decide to play a Final Fantasy game, you’ll see what I mean. They’re always about the same thing, a god or an authority leader that tries to conquer the world.
      Have you played Final fantasy XVI?
      It’s about a Namlu’u that defeats Enki.
      I am going to post a link in here for everybody to see how Enki is represented in FFXVI

      If somebody in here wants to play or search about Final Fantasy, I suggest you start with Dissidia Final Fantasy or FFX. The final boss of FFX is even source itself!

  21. Robin Obinary : regarding your question : Grigori Grabovoi : Restoration of the Human Organism through concentration on numbers ISBN 978-3-943110-14-2(Jelezy publishing :
    Methods of Healing trough the application of consciousness : first English Edition January 2012(
    ISBN : 978-3-943110-34-0

  22. Can you help me clarify a few things? We have had amnesia this entire time and have been going into the light after death, not knowing what is happening, correct? But here you say we agreed to keep descending, is this true? Or did we get duped this entire time and now we know the truth? And if we die before the consummation, just go through the grid?

    1. Yes, according to the Gnostic texts, we agreed to descend. We were not duped but knew what we were doing; we came to help out. However, no one expected that it would be THIS hard. That’s the only “problem.” Much more pain and suffering than anticipated.

      If we compare the hardship we’re going through to our own human minds; before we started doing shadow work, i.e. going through inner healing, we didn’t know it’s going to be THAT hard. It IS hard but achievable to raise above it.

      It’s nothing different between our own individual and collective subconscious minds and Sophia’s subconscious mind–hers is the same thing but on a grander scale. We ARE of the same Mind, having the universe inside us. But we are separated into “smaller individual units.” We could say we are probes, wittingly and willingly digging into the darkest part of Sophia’s subconscious/darkness/ignorance (the Earth) to conquer it by helping to bring it into the light/knowledge/gnosis.

      Yes, if you die before the consummation–just go out the Grid. At least, that’s what I’m going to do.

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