Article 9: Is the Current Health Crisis a Global Psychological Experiment?

by Wes Penre, August 11, 2020

There is an ongoing debate over what the C-virus really is. Is there a virus at all, or is it just a big scam, kept alive by the Media and their puppet masters? If the latter is true, why are people getting sick?

The purpose of this article is to look at the pandemic from a slightly different perspective for us all to ponder. Those, who have followed my and Ariel’s work know that we are always looking at a metaphysical perspective of things before we bring it down to the physical.

We are certainly not Hermetic, but there is one phrase that is included in “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth” that is very profound. If we truly understand that phrase from the highest possible perspective, we also start to truly understand how the Spiritual and Material Universes work. The phrase is, “That which is below is like that which is above, and that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracle of one only thing.” Or, “as above so below” for short. It is applicable to virtually everything. Therefore, it is also true in relation to the virus.

Before anything can manifest in the physical 3-D Universe, it first has to be created as an idea in somebody’s mind, and the more minds involved in the process, the faster and more solidly things will manifest on a collective basis.

“The greatest mistake physicians make is that they attempt to cure the body without attempting to cure the mind, yet the mind and the body are one and should not be treated separately!”


The EL-ite knows how the human subconscious mind works—they have studied it in great detail, at least since World War II in Nazi Germany. Their scientists made great progress in understanding how we think and react as individuals and as a group in almost any given situation. This research was then brought to America, who smuggled a lot of brilliant Nazi scientists over to the U.S. so they could continue their research there. This led to MK ULTRA and all its offshoots.

Many people say that 1% of the population (the Global EL-ite) can’t control the 99%, but if we look at this pandemic and its implications on us and our global societies, we can clearly see that they can, and it’s not very difficult, either, if they know how our minds work. As of this writing, they force us to wear masks, they enforce social distancing, we can’t travel, and our children are being isolated, often not being able go to school or have friends over, just to become completely reliant on social media and online services, which is the plan. Also, stores are forced to close, and the world economy is about to collapse. And all this because of an alleged virus, which kills less people than the seasonal flu. Where is the logic in all that, and why can’t people see how ridiculous and inverted this is?

People can’t see it because they are terrified of the virus. And why are they terrified? It’s because they are bombarded with horrifying news about the virus as soon as they turn on the TV or go to the news channels on the Internet. The media are creating memes. Some such memes are, “the new normal,” “the virus will never go away,” “vaccination is the answer,” etc. In addition, we are flooded with false information, such as, “New outbreak! Millions of Americans are predicted to die!”

We humans are creators, and we create with our thoughts and intentions. We can create amazing things that can benefit us and others around us, but we can also create terrible things, such as…a virus!

For a certain virus to develop and “spread,” there is no need for an initial virus. So, let’s play with the idea that there wasn’t any C-virus when the outbreak started, other than the usual flu viruses that we have adopted and believe are real and contagious.

All the Media worldwide need to do is to create the fear of a non-existing virus. They tell us that there is a record outbreak somewhere in the world (in China in this case), and that it will spread all over the world. They add that this is extremely serious, and it will potentially kill millions of people all over the world. Then they repeat this message over and over in their broadcasts, rapidly exaggerating the message, and people will become terrified of a virus that originally didn’t exist. Those who see through the manipulation are censored.

However, as mentioned above, we are creators. If enough people believe in the virus, they will create it on a collective level—not in the physical to begin with, but in their minds and with their intentions.

Ariel and I have often talked about how we humans create thoughtforms, which first manifest in the astral and if strengthened can accrue their own individuated consciousness. It’s nothing different when it comes to a virus. If, let’s say, half of the world population becomes so fearful of an imaginary virus, together they will inevitably create this same virus in the astral, and from there, it will be brought down into their bodies, leading to the same symptoms the CDC and the Media are telling us are the symptoms of the C-virus. It’s also “helpful” for the EL-ite if the symptoms are general in nature, which they are.

Here is a list of current common symptoms:

Fever or chills


Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


Muscle or body aches


New loss of taste or smell

Sore throat

Congestion or runny nose

Nausea or vomiting


What do these symptoms remind us of? They are the exact symptoms of the seasonal flu, or it could be almost any other “virus” that a person triggers within their own body.

Dr. Bruce Lipton is telling us something quite similar to what is communicated in this article[1]. He says that stress is depleting the immune system, which makes us more susceptible to getting sick, and the stress comes from the horrifying news conveyed to us by the Media. Thus, stress and fear on a mass scale creates a collective thoughtform that exactly replicate a virus in the astral, then being manifested in the bodies of those with depleted immune system.

Dr. Lipton gives us a good analogy. If you have a bad stomach bug, you count on your immune system to eventually take care of this bug. However, if you, at the same time are being chased by a saber-toothed tiger, you need to choose. Will you continue using your immune system to fight the bug, or will you temporarily let your adrenaline respond to the outside fear (the saber-toothed tiger) and run away, and in the process halting the immune system from working on the bug? I would bet all of us would choose to deal with the tiger.

The same thing applies to the virus. If we are told that it is a big threat to our lives, and we believe it is, we will do whatever we can to deal with this stress, which depletes the immune system. Then, we put on a mask for 8 hours a day, which makes our oxygen level drop from about 21.8 to the dangerous 15.5, and we are at risk of getting pulmonary diseases[2].

This whole scam is a huge experiment in human consciousness and how to manipulate and control it. Sadly enough, people get fooled by the billions, when all we would need to do is to stop believing in this nonsense. Consequently, the thoughtform would dissipate, and the “virus” would disappear. This is just a tiny example of how powerful the human mind is.

It is very important to understand that the EL-ite wants us to be as stressed and fearful as they can, so as many people as possible get sick. Therefore, we must get rid of any fear we might have regarding the virus and the consequences they are trying to impose upon us, such as mandatory vaccines, and even an open dictatorship. You are your own reality—you create it, so you can decide what you want to participate in and what not to. Only fear will stop you from being sovereign and instead be a part of the problem.

It is also very important to understand that this world is run by narcissists, psychopaths, and sociopaths—and that’s not an exaggeration. None of them cares about you the least. We are all disposable. They have no empathy and no remorse.

I will end this article with two thought provoking quotes:

“Imagine a man who forced his wife to stay away from her friends, family, and job. Imagine he also told her she should not leave the house unless absolutely necessary, and to cover her face and avoid people if she does go out. Imagine he threatened her with punishment if she didn’t submit. Would you call this abusive?

It does not stop being abuse when the government does it.”


“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

J. Krishnamurtu




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  1. Hi wes .. i found out lately that i cant post a comment on your FB post.. may i know why? We have the same conversation between you and john best before and i think he deleted tgat conversation because i cant find it anymore …. this article is very fascinating..


  2. At the beginning of all this, I shared videos of Dr. Bruce, along with some other doctors and scientists. I only heard back from two or three people. When I asked the rest what they were thinking, most of them didn’t even watch it. Some didn’t want to talk about it, and others told me that they were surprised that I don’t believe what the media and our government says. In their opinion, our governments care about us and work in our best interests.

    Subconscious programming indeed:

    Today, the Ottawa City Council ordered its employees to wear masks during Zoom meetings even if they are alone. Really? What’s next? Do we have to wear them when we are on the toilet too?

    Growing up in Europe, I remember the countless stories about how Nazi Germany had speakers on the streets, all day long repeating their propaganda over and over. Between the speech, they played nazi marches with lyrics written for the same purpose. We all know that music is much more powerful than talk is. We may forget the words, but we will remember the music for the rest of our lives. – At least we don’t have to sing with the masks. Not yet, anyway.

    I agree with this article fully. Just as the Nazis were applying psychological warfare, the 1% is doing it now on a global scale. They have an easy job because humanity has been programmed to live in fear from the beginning of times. The c-v is just another fear they embraced.

    The masks became part of a global ritual. Like with any ritualistic act or object, in time, people will identify. It took only four months, and people are wearing masks like a hat or sunglasses. I asked one of my neighbours why she was wearing the mask on the street? She said, well I kind of like it now. Many people are driving their cars in a mask when alone. Others running in the park with masks on. To get fresh air and exercise. Insane.

    We are approaching the second wave, apparently, but so far, I don’t know not one person who had the c-v. I heard only from a friend of a friend who had it. I asked many people if they know someone who had it. Them too, heard it from a friend or a neighbour that someone had it. My point is, during flu seasons, I always bump into a neighbour or a friend who had or going through the annual bug. To me, this is statistics 101 that the the c-v is much less common than the flu.

    I always knew that 80% of the global population is asleep, but now it is visible too. I wonder if the rest of the 20% will be enough to turn things around.

    Thank you for the article.

    1. “Today, the Ottawa City Council ordered its employees to wear masks during Zoom meetings even if they are alone.”

      I’m stunned. Those behind the scenes must sit and laugh at the stupidity they are creating, and like marionettes, everybody is doing as they say.

      1. I find this kind of INSANITY totally sickening, immensely disturbing, and very concerning. What the hell is going on and how far will this braindeadness go?!

      2. @Wes Penre
        These were my thoughts as well.

        A day before, the City distributed a pamphlet in everybody’s mailbox, quoting the by-law that requires everyone wear the mask in public places. But they were also relaxing the rules for children under 2, people with rmedical reasons or disability.

        Maybe because they gave some exemptions but at the same time wanted to demonstrate how serious cv is. So they came out with this ridiculous rule.

        What concerning is that when you don’t have the mask on even in my own building (the landlord suggested to the residents to wear mask outside their apartments in the lobby, hallway, and in the laundry room etc), there’s always someone who is panicking and jumps away from you. You are villainized by ignorance.

        Indeed, those behind the scenes did a good job.

      3. I too am sitting here stunned at this, and copied it to paste to fb. Have shared this article to th and Twitter too. Will be sharing it to my tarot account as well.

        I actually got on yr site to ask if any of you have had power anomolies…. We in the past week or two have had electric flickering like as if you were flicking a light switch back and forth….

        I am on east coast of United states

        Ohio is running “power outage drills” …… Like WHAT?????? THE FUCK?is that even????I

        So sharing this with all of you in general to compare notes but also to ask if Wes and Ariel have any clue as to what this is about?

        1. We have noticed some electric flickering recently, but that was in conjunction with a thunderstorm. Other than that, we’ve been fine. We haven’t heard anything about the outage drills. That was new to us.

  3. For those who are interested…We’ve mentioned Sam Vaknin many times in our videos, articles, forum, etc. Read or listen closely to what he says about the effects of torture and how this is related to being treated *as if* we are sick, when we are not. There is a name for this disorder/abuse – Munchausen Syndrome. It’s EXTREMELY abusive to treat others as if they are sick when they are not, and even worse to convince them of it which will create an identity disconnection by the belief that their own body is their worst enemy. It creates a fracture or cognitive dissonance in their mind/reality in which an identity of “I’m sick” must be formed which contradicts the core identity of health. This is a fundamental, mind-bending MK tactic. I’m not saying that people aren’t sick. As Wes wrote in this article, some are really sick. I’ve personally known someone who tested “positive” and they were very sick. However, *everyone* is not sick and yet we are ALL being forced to live lives as if we are.

    From his book, Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited – The Psychology of Torture; Abuse, Torture, and Trauma and Their Consequences and Effects –

    Listen to Amazing Polly’s great breakdown of this –

    Stay in control of your own mind. It’s the key to *spiritual* sovereignty, in my opinion.

    1. “As Wes wrote in this article, some are really sick. I’ve personally known someone who tested “positive” and they were very sick.”

      Ma’am, I think we should do anything to disconnect any kind of ailment that’s connected to this C.V irrespective of whether we see people that are “pronounced” positive or not–we should do anything to disconnect it with that term(C.V). We know too well what this game is about especially at the level of finding evidence to feed our(the populace) mind with proofs of C.V. thus finding concrete tools to bombard our minds and hence make those still struggling to doubt it or believe it; “give-in”.

      However, I strongly suggest and I’m not humble about it that there’s no C.V. anywhere; if I hear it a thousand times I’ll add the “no” a thousand and one time(at least for now). We’re standing in my opinion in vital position in this chaotic society as we have it today, whether we’re public or not; some of us that see through this whole charade need to know that anything we say in favour of this things will most likely have a catalytic effect. Thus if we’ve to say anything that confirms anything in that regard I strongly suggest we make our stance clear and the point we’re trying to drive.

      It is however good for us to quote that/what people are already accepting (it) if we have to but with a “disclaimer” stressing the dynamics that could make it a possibility. We all know that what comes out of what I don’t know if I should call medical programming and research units a.k.a. clinics/hospitals judging from the look of things thus far, is to be accepted for anything they call it. Even though we know that a lot of the medical practitioners(if not all) are not or may not be wittingly in support of this whole drama there seems to be so much manipulations for us to want to believe anything that comes out from there. I’m saying this, to say we can’t even start accepting already that people’s believe is already making it(C.V.) a reality when it could still be other common or normal ailments badly managed or wrongly tagged.

      Meanwhile, I said all these not to say you believe it but to stress the fact that being an eye witness to or in any way affirm whatever they call C.V. by any of us is quite a slippery ground to thread. And if we have to, we should be very mindful of the implications.


      Meanwhile, I love you both Big Time! I love what you’re doing and can’t thank you enough for your efforts. You(Ariel and Wes) can never comprehend what manner of impact your Light of Love is making… And needless to say, you both are more than a blessing to this age… I wish you more and more Substance for shine. Love you…😘

      1. I feel with my entire being this entire driven agenda is a scam, a hoax, fake, a mocking of humanity’s complete and utter deference “authority” — no matter who claims said “authority.” In other words, there is a vast segment of current human that is completely lost and rudderless unless they can take orders (no matter how bizarre and non-sensical) from a perceived outside “authority.” We live in deranged times with deranged ‘controllers’ and I am SO VERY OVER IT.

  4. The ‘controllers’ have captured the majority of the collective’s subconscious and in so doing the collective have created their own biggest fear. We have created our own depopulation by virus, something THEY are unable – or too lazy – to do. They suggest, we create. Pretty pathetic statement of the state of human consciousness and vibration at this current time.

  5. If as above so below, does this mean that Lucifer and his minions are also afraid
    Of something they cannot see?
    Great article – thank you.
    Dr Bruce Lipton sums it up very well.

    1. @Jack Moore ~ “If as above so below, does this mean that Lucifer and his minions are also afraid of something they cannot see?”

      Absolutely. If something is created from and hidden in darkness then what would it be most afraid of? LIGHT

      1. Hi @ariel.. i have no idea why i cant post a comment on wes FB since i dont support hate speech and i always only posted a relevant question there..

        I have a question regarding lucifer.. ive watch a video from john lamb lash about lucifer and john concluded that the true lucifer is SOPHIA.. have you heard about john lash? I have a feeling that the real lucifer is sophia.. the lucifer which demonized by the archons is the real lucifer… the demiurge/false god always has a very effective trick to fool us.. sophia is on our side and everything is inverted..

        I hope you respond to my question.. thanks

        1. @Ineedtoexit … Have you befriended me on FB? Only friends and friends of friends can post. If you haven’t, and want to sign up, pls email me at regarding what the name of your FB account is, so I can accept you. If I don’t know who you are, I might automatically delete the request. I’m getting close to 5000 friends, which is the limit.

          Yes, you could say that Lucifer is Sophia, in a sense, because the entire Kenoma/Matrix was created by Sophia, if this makes sense. Lucifer/Yaldabaoth is Ignorance. Ultimately, everything here, including Lucifer/Yaldabaoth are aspects of what was once created within Sophia’s mind.

        1. @Anonymous, that is why you need to use an image, characteristics describing that being rather than a word.

  6. Hi everyone, Wes and Ariel

    Very interesting Article👍

    I would like to know if those people who are just complying to the system (wearing 🎭, etc.) but not believing in the sickness or even having the fear can also get sick/infected?

    I work in the hospital, i think i spoke about that before. We wear masks full time, except of course when we are eating. I do often measure the O2 which always 99 to 💯 %. What is your say about that?

    Thanks 😊

    1. @Ntombi. The problem people are having is that they feel they need to comply, or they will lose their jobs, be fined, or be denied access to grocery stores and other important places. This creates a lot of stress and fear in most people, and that’s mostly what makes them sick, IMO. If a person who does not believe in the virus, feels obligated to participate in the insanity around it, and is FEARFUL about it, they can also attract the “virus.”

      Regarding the O2 level, I can’t speak on that in your case, but I watched the fire fighter, using the equipment they use during fires. For a fire fighter, the device is a life-savor in a fire situation, and they notoriously count on this equipment. According to his measures, the oxygen levels dropped drastically, regardless of which mask he used. He did it in real time, so the figures he got was correct, according to his device.

    2. All I know is. I comply with the masks out of respect to others and I’ve never been healthier since all this started. Aside from my normal allergies. I haven’t had a single virus or bug or illness. But then also, I’ve been working on my Mussolini and my spirit team has been helping double time altering my food intake, etc…. I cleanse, ground, cord cut and shield on daily basis…but d and c every day, herbal teas…

      ….but… These r things I do normally also, not for C

  7. While I agree totally with the substance of this article, I wouldn’t call this “health” crisis a “psychological experiment.” I would rather call it a global coup d’etat for all the marbles to plunge the entire planet into a technocratic, transhumanist dystopia with the elimination of the middle class and a Hunger Games society. In my opinion, the most detailed analysis and predictions of their precise intentions and agenda are given by David Icke. As a retired chemist, I would bet the farm that COVID-1984 is (at least at the moment) a physical fiction. The virus has **never** been properly isolated and electron microscope photographed. There are some articles in the journals purporting in their abstracts that it has, but when you read the experimental procedures in the body, all the abstracts turn out to be as fraudulent as that notorious Lancet article regarding HCQ which was submitted by an “adult model”. and an MBA. Even if vaccines worked, which they do not, you cannot develop a proper vaccine without the genomic structure of the virus. All the “tests” claim in their inserts that they are **not** to be used for diagnostic purposes, but that doesn’t stop the CDC, FDA, WHO, and Johns Hopkins with their freaking “case” headlines.

    1. I totally agree with you, ell Gallinazo. The way I see it is that it’s all part of the same agenda. It’s definitely a global coup going on with the “psychological experiment” as a part of it. How far and how fast can they move with their plans without too much resistance? Obviously (to me), the can move pretty rapidly.

    2. “a global coup d’etat for all the marbles to plunge the entire planet into a technocratic, transhumanist dystopia with the elimination of the middle class and a Hunger Games society.”

      I could agree with that.

    3. “a global coup d’etat for all the marbles to plunge the entire planet into a technocratic, transhumanist dystopia with the elimination of the middle class and a Hunger Games society.”

      I had not realized this.

    4. I see it as a ‘virus of the mind’ – a complete disposal of, and disregard for, all deep/critical/free thinking and a total abandonment of inner guidance in deference to being ‘one of the crowd’ and abdicating ration, reason,and freedom in order to “play” Monkey-See-Monkey-Do, Follow-the-Leader, Simon Says et al… may goodness, strength, determination and Freedom – and a mega-dose of Internal Voice, help us through, and OUT OF, the mass insanity (and lower functioning) that has swept through the lands and minds of the current humanity.

    5. Very good thoughts there eel Gallinazo! This Ex KGB agent -Yuri explains what’s going on also from 1984.

      The communist (Leninism/Marxism) controllers want to enslave humanity to the point there’s only the ruling elite class and the peasants. Essential workers only and everyone else gets a universal basic income. Religion or metaphysics aside its a war on the middle class. The head of the snake is finance and that is controlled by the Rothschild banking empire that controls nearly every country’s central bank. The purpose for world wars is to take over their central banks thereby controlling the country. Golden Rule. IMF and World Bank deciding winners and losers. I know this info is on the Illuminati news website also.

      The virus is less scary to me than the thought of relying on a government handout that will barely allow people a minimum survival. To not acknowledge Political Zionism as the major threat to humanity is being short sighted. The 2% that make up the population that control the 98% who have infiltrated every layer of government and also the entertainment business. Imo, the longer people do nothing the worse it gets day by day. Sadly too few (even those claiming to be awakened) understand this.

      The world is in a trance watching their fake leaders hand over their citizen’s personal sovereignty. The soulution is to Refresh the Tree of Liberty with the Blood of Patriots and Tyrants like Thomas Jefferson said would be needed from time to time. It won’t happen because people have a release now called social media where they can vent and pretend they did something that will affect the outside world.

      Oligarchs who are Soulless beings or are being controlled by an ISBE entity doesn’t matter-they need to go. The virus is just an excuse to immobilize people to give up enough rights to let them get their foot in the door to justify ENDGAME scenarios. Imo, Trump has neutered the people who call themselves patriots into submission while waiting for his Godly command to hoooollllddd!! for now while he and Q carry out project Bullshit. Disarming the American people’s will and intellect.

      Supposedly 100% of Covid deaths have one thing in common. They all had been vaccinated for the flu virus. The seasonal flu virus. This is assuming the CV-19 actually exist but targets only a small amount of the population. Also, CV-19 could make that grand reappearance or intro (depending on your opinion) on 9/11/20. The 19 year anniversary of 9/11/01. CV being code for 322 and skull and bones who were behind 9/11 with help from Mossad and the Saudi’s. That’s all for now. Btw Sofia=Queen of the Stars?

    6. Ughhh, I just read your reply and you said exactly what I have been thinking for months. I absolutely hate “Hunger Games” because it’s true! It’s exactly what we’re living! The few at the top are looking down in the barrel at the rest while they eat caviar and we scramble for bread crumbs, killing each other in the process. I hate it! All of the stinking reality TV shows make it even more obvious and they are the most popular show on television. The producers and hosts make mega-millions while contestants scratch, kick, fight, and starve for a pittance.

  8. As to what’s causing the illness. We live on a planet which has an electro-magnetic field. Our cells communicate by means of electricity. Do you not think that any disruption in the Earth’s magnetic field such as over 20,000 satellites directing a new energy (5G) at the Earth would not have a detrimental effect on the body and the way it’s cells interact? This has happened before. In 1918 when the so called Spanish Flue struck it was the first time that Radio waves had been introduced to the planet and human bodies reacted, also in 1969 when the so called Hong Kong Flue struck, it was the first time satellites had been put up in orbit on a grand scale. The virus’s are just a cover story for the adverse effects of a new energy (dirty electricity) on the planet and peoples bodies.

  9. “To be in the world and outside it😊”…is a way of dissociated living…It creates a certain stress.
    We could say that this remains the only option to consciously live in a destructive dictatorial system.
    Aeon Sophia(the last emanation ) is the only Aeon that has the characteristic of self reflection.
    All other Aeons are reflected in the “Monad”.
    Dear Wes@Ariel I have this questions : can we say that Heaven 8 and 9 (Orion) is the only perfect realm in the Kenoma(Matrix)in which the Spirit can choose to Be and Create having an avatar( Soul = a perfect balanced mind)? Heaven 8 and 9 would be the self reflection of Christ/Sophia, right?
    On the other hand : Tiamaat although beautiful and majestic…was not a perfect balanced realm as it was only the Sophia reflection…from here the attack and the “ lost battle”. Kenoma is a mental realm.
    Is my understanding correct?
    Would be extraordinary to share with us your thoughts regarding the Human Mind.
    I always thought that the worse illness is the mental one.You cannot see an immediate physical damage but a person mentally disturbed can affect an entire environment( can make sick those around ).

  10. Today Earth , to me, looks like a big psychiatric hospital.In order to find my equilibrium I need to periodically isolate myself from the others once in a while.It is advisable to stay away from hospitals if possible.😊Thank you both in advance!

  11. Just wanted to add : the covering of the face also has a psychological impact on the image(imagology).I am sure that you all are aware of this.To me the mask is the european burka😊

    1. What they are doing when they force us to wear masks and enforce social distancing is that they split our minds, just like they do with sophisticated individual mind control. Now, it’s on a global scale. This is very dangerous when it comes to mental health. Consider the following quote from an unknown source. I find it brilliant:

      “Imagine a man who forced his wife to stay away from her friends, family, and job. Imagine he also told her she should not leave the house unless absolutely necessary, and to cover her face and avoid people if she does go out. Imagine he threatened her with punishment if she didn’t submit. Would you call this abusive?

      It does not stop being abuse when the government does it.”

    2. @ anamaria “To me the mask is the european burka”

      That occurred to me as well.

      In his latest interview, David Icke pointed out the subconscious programming not only for the adult populace but for young children as well. He had a point, I’m paraphrasing “when children are wearing masks in the school, and parents pick them up wearing masks, seeing faceless humans becoming natural. And because they are the next generation, to grow up and accept the machinelike world is natural.”

      My thoughts:

      The Jesuits were well aware that the first seven years is the best time to indoctrinate a person for a lifetime belief. “Give me a child until he is seven, and I’ll give you the man.”

      It’s an easy next step from faceless human to become a cyborg.

      1. If they want to live their lives wrapped up like mummies in the name of their ideology should be their business.Here where I live they come after you on the street and ask you why you don’t wear a mask.I refuse to wear it and I have a vivid imagination in avoiding this(inventing reasons not to wear a mask ), a good sense of humor and a beautiful smile.For the time being I was lucky.In stores you have to wear it because otherwise you don’t have access to food.I don’t know how to eat much (I was trained not to eat much – I hope you hear my sad laugh … )… but I consider those who implement these measures criminals and I admit that I have compassion for those who are obedient but no mercy. I take the opportunty to tell you that I really appreciate your posts. Wish you ALL a beautiful life in FREEDOM.In FREEDOM!

          1. You are a beautiful woman.I am sure of this.You should smile to the world!

            I have a small fragment from one book who is very critical of some of those from where I came…You know….It is sometimes good to roll them in pitch and then in goose flakes…The author does this.
            I do not want that the entire world experiences that level of pain.
            Embrace you!

            Here are his thoughts :
            “I did not know”.
            “I did not know “- the answer of those who are told about torture, camps, prisons, total confessions of accusations, political hospitalizations in insane asylums – is not a valid excuse.
            No one is forced to invent gunpowder or discover quantum theory. Otherwise, elementary cleverness is a duty. Especially for a Christian, who must always be alert to temptations. And stupidity is a temptation. But not only for the Christian – and this because of an objective experimental finding: no one knows anything, but everyone knows everything.
            Ignorance, indulgence, blind passage through life and things, or careless passage, are from the devil. The Samaritan was not only good but also careful: he knew how to see. ”
            (Fr N. Steinhardt, The Journal of Happiness)

        1. I, as well, refuse to wear a mask and I’ve even gone into our local international airport TWICE in the last month, all the way up to the very end at boarding/departing (transferring kids – ‘tweens, also maskless) I will NOT self-suffocate nor will I contribute to my grandkids slow suffocation.

          I heard a good while back that ‘they’ were going to pull off another 9/11 type terrorist attack, only much bigger, and I believe this is exactly what this phony, fraud of a ‘deadly scamdemic’ is…an illusion, a forced fake illusion in order to traumatize the herd. Why are we all still allowing this insanity? None of the muzzled people want to break rank so clearly the scamdemic is a smashing success… the population is now afraid of their own shadows…cool. Get me outta here!!

      2. YES! So True and the whole twisted, malevolent agenda is rolling out now at lightning speed unfortunately for us yet especially so for the kids.

  12. Some thoughts : The subconscious mind per se is an innocent domain. It has only a repetitive function and “believes/TRUSTS” the program. The conscious mind is the one that programs.From my understanding the deficiency is found at the level of the conscious mind.The subconscious mind does not/cannot betray. It listens, executes and trusts the conscious program.You cannot create from the subconscious.It is said that this universe is in fact the mind of Sofia.
    Is it really Her Mind?An Aeon has both perfect halves so to speak.
    What was Her self reflecting exactly?
    It’s still dificult for me to understand (grasp) why an Aeon knowing perfection decides suddnely to ….”create in an imperfect way”.
    Why would a Perfect Emanation choose this path?Did Pleroma accept creation outside of it?

    1. @Ana maria Bujenita… I love it when people are pondering things very deeply, like you are doing. This is exactly what we hope people will do, who read and listen to our material.

      It’s a complicated subject, and we need to bring it down somewhat to a human 3-D level in order to get the basics understanding of it, although from a spiritual point of view, it’s more complex (or simple, depending on how we look at it). To get a picture that’s understandable, let’s “divide” the mind into three sections; the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, and the Divine mind. The two former, we could say are operating in the Kenoma/Matrix. The subconscious mind is the mind that exists in most darkness/ignorance–even to such a degree that it’s amnesiac. This is where trauma is built and stored–often on an unconscious level. The conscious mind is the part that is supposed to operate in the physical universe, in order to make decisions and make conscious choices in life. However, even this mind is in ignorance because it lacks Knowledge, i.e. the masculine part of Spirit (Christ). It exists in Darkness.

      Because both these minds are operating in the Kenoma, they affect each other. Because the subconscious mind is reactive, and based on trauma, it reacts to our environment, affecting the conscious mind, which then often makes non-survival decisions, not understanding the subconscious mind and its effects on our decisions.

      The Divine Mind is Spirit. Once we have achieved Gnosis, we start operating more and more from the Divine Mind and bypass the other two. The Divine Mind becomes more and more in charge and can distinguish between the three parts of the mind. We become more rational, loving, compassionate, and empathetic. We learn how to stop the influences from the other two minds because we can see the difference between all the minds. We become connected again with the Spiritual Realm.

      Sophia’s Mind is her Spirit. We humans create with our minds, and so does/did Sophia–no difference there. When we say that Aeons are Perfect, it doesn’t mean they are all-knowing or “flawless.” It only means that they are perfect from the perspective of the Monad/Source because they were created exactly the way the Monad intended them to be. The Aeons are NOT all-knowing–each one of them has different aspects/characteristics of the Monad, but they don’t have all of them. If the Aeons were perfect in the sense we humans might consider perfect, there would be no reason for them to exist. Their task is to expand on the characteristics they were given by the Monad, so the Monad can learn more about Itself from different, separate angles and creations.

      Sophia was the last Aeon that was created by the Monad, and she wanted to know the Monad and understand the Monad, which is virtually impossible because the Monad is incomprehensible. Sophia decided to do this from her feminine perspective–without her masculine consort. IOW, she did it inside her mind, just as an idea and in her imagination. When she noticed what happened when she only created with half of herself, she became perplexed and tried to shun her own creation. She “cast it away” from herself in an attempt to make it go away. Instead, the physical universe was created, and Yaldabaoth took form as a substitute for her masculine side, as I see it. But Yaldabaoth is NOT her true masculine consort and he was created in ignorance and became ignorant as a result. So, an ignorant “deity” is now ruling an ignorant universe (the Kenoma).

      The Monad emanated the Aeons in order for them to Create. Any creation (even this one) is a creation, and the Monad learns from any creation, whether we consider it bad or good. It’s still an experience.

      I hope this makes sense….

        1. The subcounsious and counscious mind are just tools to rise above the chaos. Essential’s components for the few who understood even if Wes paint them as the Sophia’s MONSTERS, (Mirror, mirror, who is that wrong) Most of you are still WAVING IN THE INTELLECT FAR AWAY FROM THE REAL PLACE, trying to define which inner parts or entity disconnected us from the truth. Not my trip! Hope that one day you’ll all realize the damages you caused to human kind in proclaiming and fighting to be THE REAL GOD. You are still denying and escaping the beauty of our 3d world. There is beauty in this world and you dont deserve to be here if you buy the lie . Leave the place in peace and I wish you the best in your Orion kingdom .Sincerely thankfull for your work. We will deal with the challenges ahead without you all. Good travel everyone. I cannot support Wes anymore because polarization serves the false GODS not humans . Why are they sticking here obsessing with humans who simply wish to face their destiny without them playing the KING (IN CAPS)-the smaller queen game.

          1. I am drawn more to the way you’re thinking.. I feel once we’ve woken up to the maipulations that are at serious play here in society, that it’s ALL ON US…not some elusive, ambiguous, untouchable “bad guy” (Satan, Marduk, Enki etc)

  13. This article was great wes and ariel. I work in healthcare and took care of 25 c-19 positive patients by myself. A lot of my co-workers got sick but nothing ever happened to me. I know the real story behind this plandemic . I watched David Ickes interview on London real and it was great. I agree with everything he was saying about the so called virus. The elite want to start a hunger games, technocratic society. It’s basically the machine kingdom, and orwells 1984. Most patients recovered that I took care of, but others looked like they were suffering from altitude sickness…which is a symptom of 5g. It’s a grand psychological experiment.
    I like the end of the article which says it’s abuse, because all of this social distancing and separation and loss of freedoms over a so called virus that’s no more dangerous than the flu. It’s abuse by the elite.
    Wes and Ariel your earlier articles on c-19 as well as David ickes information really put my mind at ease last spring when everything went into lockdown. I never had any fear at all of this virus.I worked around it so much and my meditations kept me healthy. Thank you for all your great information.

    1. Thanks for sharing this! Yes, the abuse they subject people to is literally splitting their minds–it’s extremely traumatic and sophisticated. In WW II, Josef Mengele experimented on individuals (and twins) to fragment their minds–he and other Nazi scientists/psychiatrist. They were then brought over to the U.S. through Operation Paperclip and continued the experiments here. This became MK ULTRA and all its offshoots. Still, it was mostly implemented on separate individuals. Now, they apply the same techniques on a global scale–same results. They know how the human mind works and how to split it.

      1. Hi wes, i have a question and this is not connected to this article.. it is about the wingmakers. Are james mahu and dr. Neruda has the same thought on the wingmakers? Are they the same person? Its seems to me that one of them is an misinfo agent..

        I am so curious about this material..

      2. As to Wes’ comment on mindsplitting — Yes James Casbolt has a mindlowing online manuscript/book about this subject “Agent Buried Alive,” a fascinating, shocking, compelling read.

  14. @*, i wached this ( ), and now i have weird questions.
    Is the sun we see in the sky like an AI/high technology that can communicate somehow? Was there a sun that was living conscious being? Why do Maori tell it like Maui was communicating with the sun while capturing it? Possibly telepathically? ( )
    ( )

    After watching more…
    ( )
    ( )
    …i wonder, is the sun close? Is it the way i described in my previous video?
    ( )

  15. This is how our ‘beautiful’ 3D world is transforming in front of our eyes. Below is an expert from the text I received from a friend this morning.

    “My husband got into an accident and I’m not allowed to see him.
    He mountain biked and crashed 
    Punctured lung, fractured face and wrist 
    Needs a plastic surgeon for his cuts on his face I have no legal rights to see him
    They never called me to say they transferred him by ambulance to the specialist. Nothing.
    I have no rights, I haven’t seen him since the accident.
    Even if he died, I wouldn’t be allowed. 
    He was full of blood and want to know what the ER asked?
    His face cut open blood in his eye, do you have a cough or fever?
    I screamed at them when they told him to put a mask on his bloody face 
    I told them i couldn’t be paid enough to separate loved ones when they took him away from me 
    He couldn’t breathe and they sent me away because I didn’t wear the mask.” 

    This is in Canada beside the capital.

  16. @* , this is somewhat interesting. The author is reading her notes of Q&A channeling of Galactic Federation on the topic of New World Order. …the entity she contacted says AI-based socialism is planned to be rolled out.
    Some of it sounds exactly like @Wes described it in the WPP.

    Yeah, these entities she contacted might be imposters. But maybe not.

    1. Re YouTube link: (New World Order Agenda from Galactic Federation.)

      Thank you for this video – this is truly a spiritual war.

      I don’t think the Entity is an imposter rather a honest AI agenda for humanity. The channeler lady said: “This entity is a very low vibrational entity.” Simon Parkes once mentioned that the insectoid group broke into different factions, some continued to serve the AI (very low vibration) while others chose a higher vibrational path.

      She also started channelling a being what she described as piercing eyes and Pleiadian like. George Kavassilas once described those beings with long blond hair, blue piercing eyes. If this was the same being, George said, “They are beautiful as angels but evil as can be.”

      Galactic Federation. Hmm … I’ve never resonated with it. Then I came across the WP papers, and my unease was confirmed.
      George Kavassilas has a similar insight into the Galactic ETs.

      Wes also mentioned once that the channelers that he’s aware of are from the 4% of the Universe. After reading the Gnostics articles and drawing on my research, I tend to agree.

      – The AI plan is to transform humanity into a full AI society in 100 years.
      – They’ll change the human physiology in two ways.
      – One, they’ll remove the lower “competitive chakras,” which will not be necessary in the automaton world. – They are condescending and make it look like that humans can’t handle themselves, they need help an organization. Many humans are not competitive already but supportive. I can see that in the online business communities etc. Dr. Bruce also talks about this in many of his videos.
      – Two, they’ll gradually integrate cyborg technology into the human body until we become Borgs. Just like on Star Track.
      – They’ll leave the slavery system intact and rename capitalism to AI socialism.
      – Trump is in their way for many reasons, and one of them is because he is supporting the Mom Pap brick and mortar small businesses, which doesn’t align with the AI economic principles.
      – At present, the Entity was showing much chaos, burning buildings etc. — This is nothing new. We already know this is coming from the David Icke interview. And we can figure it out ourselves. Indeed, when the stimulus check, unemployment, and credit cards run out, and people realize there will be no jobs to go back to, food shortage on the top of it, it’ll be chaos.

      In some European countries, portions of the ex-middle class had already lost their jobs and homes. They have been living in parks with their families for months. Winter is coming. Yes, there will be chaos, burning buildings etc. And this is when ‘they’ will offer the solution we don’t want.

    2. Robin, that’s what Marciniak has been channeling as well: the plan is for humanity to be ‘managed’ by AI.

  17. @Margareta, [this does sound like i’m debating to protect my worldview…]

    …not sure about Trump. I think it’s a somewhat strategy. And he’s part of or serving the local AiF/archons (illuminati). Plus, there are videos showing him as highly influenced by (immersed as a physical manifestation of) a reptilian entity. Or it’s possible that he might be reptilian possessed…Either way, whether you belive it or not – it’s not always him who take/initiate the actions ( imo, there are two types of consciousnesses in his physical avatar. One main dominant, another – main recessive… ).
    Plus, i remember some people talked that the president is not the one who decides, he/she just makes it look like he/she is deciding. There is always a group of people(or beings) behind him and what he say, what he does.
    And another thought i heard, is that presidents of the world are just here to make an immersive show – they are puppets of something and someone, some system.

    What is “Mom Pap Brick and Mortar” ?
    If all small businesses will be destroyed, we will rely on only corporations(and companies?) serving government. In Information Technology terms it’s like everything is going from open-source to proprietary. It’s just like majority of humans rn are using either Apple or Android/Google smartphones. Although there are always some alternatives that exist…And this is where our freedom of speech can be exploited by denying food or resources, services to those who question the authority and act accodringly – fight against or refuse, organize other people to do something about it…?

    1. I agree with what you are saying Robin. I simply listed some of the main points of the channeled material in the video.

      I know that politicians are sitting in their positions by the powers who wanted them there. Thus they’ll work for the powers and not for regular people like you and me.

      Just because some of them are utilizing vulnerable points in their favour like, brick and mortar that represents middle class and the old economic model, it just means they are moving slower with their AI agenda.

      People on this forum know that at the end of the day, as you and David Icke also pointed out,”the two hands will meet in the favour of the powers and not us.“

      In the video you linked us to, the Entity / AI doesn’t like “President Trump’s approach or energy” because is slowing down the AI agenda” with the brick and mortar / old economic model approach. They want to move faster.

      As for the Galactic Federation and other star races in the video …

      George Kavassilas describes
      how other star races are looking at and manipulating humans here:
      mark 1:46 – 3:35

      The Galactic Federation really is the same as United Nations on Earth. By no means is united, it is there to control. As above so below.

      Mark 3:36

      Sounds like the 4% where Enki and Archons created most everything.

      Even if humanity wakes up and win, as George is hoping in the video, we are still in the 4% Universe.

      Mark 7:28

      We have a long way to go

      mark 9:18

      My final thoughts:

      Until we’re here, we can contemplate on stay or go once we leave our physicalities.

      To me that’s what it comes down to.

    2. I agree with you, Robin. First, like you’re saying, Trump is not in charge–he is just a very useful tool for ONE side of the EL-ite coin. He is narcissistic, which can be useful for the puppet masters, and he’s a businessman. As I see it, there are two factions (at least) of the EL-ite. There are those who support the Old World Order and want to keep things more or less the way they’ve been for many decades now. Then, we have the New World Order, which has to do with globalization and artificial intelligence and our new future. Well, both sides want globalization, but they are in dispute how to implement it.

      It seems to me that Trump is trying to get rid of the OWO to ring in the NWO. To do this, he needs to get rid of the old dinosaurs in power. But because he’s narcissistic, he believes he’s above everybody else, which can be an obstacle that both the OWO and the NWO might have to deal with. Trump tends to sometimes go his own way on certain issues, which might not be appreciated by either side.

  18. Thank you so, so much for your work. You have thoroughly described my feelings, worries, thoughts, ideas, perfectly. I absolutely hate the movie “The Hunger Games” because it so perfectly describes real life and people don’t see it. I am so sick of the media I can’t stand it. I hate feeling manipulated and that’s all I feel when I listen to it. Thank you for this great post.

  19. This is the best description I’ve yet witnessed,. Enjoy.

    Thanks for what you do Wes. I heard Mr. M.L. Hill in an interview a few years ago say “I gave all my stuff to Wes Penre”… and that helped me understand where some of the pretty obscure pieces of information you possess may be rooted.

    Re: Mr. Hill – I see how being connected to ARBordon would produce extraordinary insight. Although, I’m not convinced AR, or even Hill, have our best interests at heart. I think it’s possible any changes to the original Wingmakers material is a cover up or controlled disclosure – whereas the OG ancient arrow material resonated quite strongly with me. I’m almost completely certain that was the closest I’ve felt to knowing the truth of our/your cosmogenesis.

    1. Good post! It’s true that Michael Lee Hill told his personal story to me, which I posted in the Wes Penre Papers–most of it in Level 1. I was also in connection with A.R. Bordon. However, already then (which can be viewed in the papers), I didn’t agree with their conclusions and loyalties. Both of them are (were…Bordon is supposedly deceased) Enki supporters, i.e. Yaldabaoth supporters. They might not have realized what they are into, and Hill still doesn’t, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they are/were leading humanity in the wrong direction–intentionally or unintentionally.

      Regarding WingMakers…the stories he’s published are deliberately not literal–they are metaphors, allegories, and analogies (most of them, at least). This is the reason why he changed his story around the year 2000–it’s just a story that is supposed to trigger some profound truths in people who read them. So, I see no problem with that part. Neruda Interview #5 and the Sovereign Integral interview at Project Camelot are more straight forward. I don’t resonate with everything the WingMakers tell us, but it’s close enough, IMO.

  20. 2020 has been the best year of my life. Most productive, personally satisfying, and lucrative year ever for me.
    I “don’t see” what the big deal is.

  21. it’s not fear that prevents the masses from seeing that the govt. actions are blatantly deliberately destructive. IMO, they are a different species: lemmings. And they follow the herd in ALL matters regardless of the gravity of the matter and whatever the evidence presented. In the 80s we could smoke in high school – at 13 yrs old – we had smoking rooms – Today if you hand smokes to a 13 yr old, many people would call the police or want to. This shows they are just a programmed mass; I believe they are congenitally deficient and unable to hold an opinion at variance with the herd – I also suspect that the Demiurge created billions of these entities to totally swamp the trapped souled beings, rallying them here at the end of the age as an unstoppable army as they go for the kill. Note that the elite are totally harmless – all the energy is in the masses. The elite are a voltage, the masses are the current – current is what kills.

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