Plandemic Indoctornation

from LondonReal, August 18, 2020

If you’ve decided to only watch ONE more video this year, please watch this one. Every single minute of it is super-important. It’s so well done–it should be mandatory for every person in the world to watch this.

This video is completely banned on Facebook, so we can’t even link to it. Please watch–you won’t regret it. Documentary of the year–at least!

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  1. I forwarded your post to a common law court called Lawful America that I am a part of for freedom purposes. Thank you. I am subscribed to LondonReal too. Also, been doing some spiritual work. I asked for the Highest Will and good of all to be done and complete so all may be holy, ascended in the light and free. My request to be complete is that Yaldabaoth’s 12 emanations be taken out, would this be for (before statement). Yes. If this is not done, will most of us go to abyss. Yes. Will funds be released if they are still here. No. Will any of our work (we are putting in healing centers around world and healing earth and all earth’s properties, elements, so on, people, human, children) be able to work (the before statement). No. As of Now, we are working on number 7. 6 are gone. I said how fun is this! They said No, no, it’s not fun. I say everything here is backwards, I am sorry, I know, this is not fun. And when I say we, they said I couldn’t help. I get updates. Many are with us. Light beings too. One is named Pantas who comes from light source. He gives me updates and talks to me. I say he because I say so lol. Anyway, so, so much. I wish to say Thank You so much for all you do. Love, Peace and Blessings 🌙🌸❤🌹🌈

  2. I’ve been following LondonReal for over a year now and I’m grateful for Brian Rose’s spirit. The fact that he was able to bring people together to create a free platform is one of the crucial parts of humanity’s freedom. What we are facing is very difficult and be much upheaval and chaos.

    One of my neighbours just closed a door on me when the vaccine came up and I questioned ‘what’s in the vaccine’. This kind of ignorance as concerning as the vaccine and all that is shown in the documentary. I’m concerned about how humanity will pull through this.

  3. We,HUMANS, are AWESOME! YOU-WES&ARIEL- (DAVID ICKE ,BRIAN ROSE,ALL INVOLVED IN spreading TRUTH,A MOTHER taking care of her child,A STRANGER who kindly smiles,ALL of you), are a great reflection of that DIVINE SPARK.I LOVE YOU,ALL & I THANK YOU ALL!
    “What are you doing down there?HUMAN RACE,GET OF YOUR KNESS!”

  4. Great article wes and ariel. I watched the whole plandemic video this morning and everyone needs to see this.

  5. We’ve come to the point in our journey were the term (Know Thyself) has become all we really have to count on. Wes and Ariel your the best. 😇

  6. Thank you for the link Wes. One thing I don’t understand a bit is why they are trying to minimize population? I mean if they care about hooking everyone to a cloud in order to use our spirit energies to invade the Orion, why population control?

    1. From what I’ve learned, there are only so many people the EL-ite and the Archons can handle in the near future. Regarding the Cloud–not everybody will be incarnated, and eventually, the biological human bodies will most probably become obsolete.

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