ANNOUNCEMENT! I am Writing a Book–A Novel!

by Wes Penre, November 14, 2020

I (Wes) am currently writing a fantasy novel, which seems to end up being a trilogy. The work title for the entire series is “Ildur’s Journey,” and the first book is called, “The Book of Secrets.”

I have always wanted to get some time and space to write a novel–preferably fantasy or sci-fi; or both. Justin Coleberg, one of our Patrons and forum members, recently wrote his own novel called, “The Man Who Broke Free,” which is at least partly based on the information in the Wes Penre Papers and the Gnostic texts ( ). It’s available on Amazon at . That book inspired me to start writing novels of my own.

My fantasy trilogy is (of course) also based on my work and Ariel’s and my work, including the Gnostic texts and the WPP. I have put the plot in a fantasy world setting, but it’s all an allegory of a few humans’ spiritual journey and struggles inside this Kenoma/Matrix system. It’s set in a fantasy version of Earth, and if the reader looks at the map that will be in the book, they’ll see that it resembles America. 

I am on my first draft, and I have so far written about 50 pages. The first book is estimated to be around 300 pages or so. I will of course keep you updated about the progress.

This will be in paperback, and perhaps on Kindle. My current plan is to put it on Amazon.

It doesn’t mean I will abandon what I’ve been doing so far. Everything will continue as usual–we will post here on the blog, our forum, facebook, MeWe, and other outlets, like we always have. The only difference is that every day, I will spend 2-3 hours early in morning, U.S. time, to completely attend to my book writing, and the rest of the time will be spent as usual.

I am excited about this, and I feel very passionate about the book project. Hopefully, you and others will like it, too.

I will also soon set up a second Patreon page, specifically for my book project, which will be interactive with the members. I will share things about my writing, how I write, how I set up a novel, publish draft excepts, ask for input, and much more. The highest tier will also get a signed copy of the book sent to them when it’s published.

I will also, among the Patreons, ask for beta readers, who will read the book before it’s published and give me feedback and constructive criticism, so I can get an external perspective on my writing. All writers need readers’ input before they publish, so they can adjust what they have missed in their writing and flaws in their style, etc. This will also help me get funding while I’m writing, help me with publishing costs, and other costs that go with publishing a book–something I can’t afford otherwise.

This will come soon, and I hope some of you are willing to join me there…

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this thread.

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  1. That’s great news Wes!! I love your writing-style and very much look forward to that.
    I’m glad ‘The Man Who Broke Free’ inspired you to do this.
    I purchased and read that book…the best thing about it is that is based on some of you & Ariel’s work.
    IMO, good writing it is not )-:
    I’ll watch for your new Patreon page.

  2. This fantastic! As I was reading Justin Colberg’s book I was having the same thoughts. I guess many of us did and so did you. The archetypal consciousness of our group! It will be a hit! Plots add the glue for aha moments! My very best to you both!.

    1. Thanks, Evelyn. Yes, fiction tells the story from another perspective, and depending on the individual, one perspective often works better than other.

  3. You’re a busy man Wes
    How will you mix facts and fiction. These lines can become very blurred, although fact is subject to programming. I wonder if you could include some personal experiences in a way that the general reader could interpret them with some existential thought of their own. Or will it be pure fiction. Is your target reader of a general kind? I’ve read Lord of the rings and I dreamed up all sorts of thoughts, this left me slightly confused at the time, 25 years ago. Of course we are all creators and I wish you well in your endeavour. You are a source of inspiration to many.

  4. Way to go Wes! Looking forward to reading it. Book series done in trilogys are always the best! I’m just asking if you can please make it available on other platforms along with Amazon. Thanks, Good Luck.

      1. 👍It’s so funny when you announced this, I’ve been reading the spellsinger series started back up from my childhood by Alan Dean Foster. I’m a guitar player so I always wanted to finish the series just so synchromystic. Lots of good Truths can be revealed in fantasy books.

        1. That is true, Anon! The Fantasy (and SF) genre is perfect for that purpose. One can really play around with it because in Fantasy we are not restricted to the rules and laws of the Kenoma. We can stretch it as needed to make our point. We can’t do that as successfully if we’re writing a story about the contemporary world, IMO. Although possible, of course, the Fantasy genre is freer.

          1. You got it! The perfect format is a trilogy too, that’s the way I write my songs, beginning middle and end with a message of course every time I can. The True Holy Trinity.

  5. Finally, this is good news. If you want to write histories you’ll need to do a bit of research-which you’ve done already. But if you want ppl to read those histories you’ll need to write it with a bit of style-george martin.
    Good luck wes, and have fun!! Hope your world building is enjoyable!!
    Ya!!!!! Count me in as a reader!!

    1. Thank you! The book as a fantasy trilogy, so it’s not dependent upon our Earth history in that sense. But it does parallel with the cosmic history, our destiny, and our awakening.

  6. Hi Wes!
    I’ve been a truth seeker since the tender age of 9 (I’m a 25 year old female from India).

    The WPP (which I found only in 2018, during the darkest point in my life) has been one of the biggest answers to many things I have always felt as a child (as a more feminine energy oriented being) and the answer to the pain of separation in terms of consciousness I’ve felt since my childhood years and more so since my spiritual awakening which started in 2015.

    I always felt out of place in society. I must not have had many human lifetimes, I guess.

    I also would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your selfless service for humanity. ( This is my first comment on an online platform, actually…I’m glad I commented on your blog first :)! )
    I also have learnt a lot about narcissism and toxic people from your videos…I have realised that I’m an INFJ personality type…and definitely an empath…so your info always seemed to resonate intuitively with me, for some reason 🙂

    I always felt, since knowing of your blog, that you may try to write a novel/story/original concept!…my intuition (feminine trait) was right!!!
    I’m so happy for you!! Good Luck!!!
    I would also like to recommend a Sci-fi and fantasy/adventure Japanese animated series by Nippon Animation, called ‘Fantastic Children’, the original concept story by Takashi Nakamura.
    Please check out this anime series, it’s pretty unique as a story.

    It is available in English dub on Animelog YouTube channel.

    IMO, Nippon Animation’s works really stirred up a lot of insights within me on what life can be…and helped me in seeking out your works as well.

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