A video channel worth watching – sanity fare

There are only eighteen videos, and there will be no more. It is explained throughout as you watch them all. I appreciate this creator, and these videos confirmed some things for me, taught me some new things, and helped show me that I need to let go of a few things. Thank you (you know who you are). ~ Ariel




  1. What a gift these videos are and beautiful use of words. I am so grateful I found this website, only this year. And I have been searching for the last 20 and never knew of this website. I found a youtube channel called Soul Voice this year, only by going through the archives of another video channel, and there is a strong soul presence in Soul Voice and I watched every single one of his videos because I could feel him in each video and I said to myself, this is my brother. In ONE, I repeat ONE of maybe 50 videos that I watched he mentioned the name Wes Penre but he did not credit him in his notes under the video like he normally does he just briefly mentioned his name and THANK GOD I wrote that name down. AND the rest is history.
    I love this quote that Wes included in one of his Levels about death from the Pleidians. They suggest that we banish our fears of dying and fears in general, and die with courage using the same vigor that propelled us into this life. They advise us to leave this world with sweet gratitude and respect for all of our creations. Death is the beginning of a another grand adventure.
    I will see you there.

  2. Soothing, inspiring and a feast for the eyes of the soul! Thank you Wes for these videos. Thank you for your teachings and patience with us! Thank you for courage and for showing us a way out! Be blessed. Namaste! 🙏🏼

  3. ***TO EVERYONE ~ WE did not make these videos. I just want that to be clearly understood. Yes, they are beautiful, thought-provoking, and resonant – I whole-heartedly agree. That is why I wanted to share them. I linked the two sites where I found these videos and their channels so that if you wanted to make a comment to Sanity Fare, you could.***

  4. I want to thank you for your kind words Ariel. I will always hold a very special place for both you and Wes in my heart.
    ~ Sanity Fare

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