Video 250: Q&A Session #70

by Wes Penre, March 31, 2021

Here is a new Q&A Session! We have some good questions here, in my opinion. Please submit more questions at and put Q&A in the subject line, so I won’t miss your email. Now, to today’s questions (the answers are in the video and the transcript above):

QUESTION 1: Someone brought something up recently that people who have taken the CV vaccines may be experiencing a “sense of superiority” to those who have not been vaccinated. What do you think about this? If this comes to be true, this must be a big step in the transmutation of humankind you wrote about in your Singularity e-book. Will people that have been vaccinated lose more and more of their “positive emotions”? Will there be an even higher increase of narcissism over the next few years? What impact are these vaccines with nanotechnology in them having on we humans here on Earth?

QUESTION 2: Can you summarize the difference is between ADAMA & ADAPA?

QUESTION 3: The Pleiadians, as channeled in the early days by Barbara Marciniak, also stated that they come from the future to help us avoid what I interpret to be the Singularity. Would you share your thoughts on this?

QUESTION 4: … There was a healer [called] Bruno Gröning, and it was just enough to hear his voice or see his presence to have one’s body healed… It was like a healing radiation from him… How was it possible? Was he an old school hacker, who could hack the simulation/matrix and change peoples’ software (life)?

QUESTION 5: I sincerely believe that there can NOT be a hierarchy system on the ‘True God’ level. If that is true, then Sophia must not be called ‘All That Is’ & especially “The One Without A Second”. It’d only serve a false purpose!

QUESTION 6: Since we learned from the Wes Penre Papers that Sophia is the source of life in every creation then how come She suddenly needed a consort to create humanity? That never seemed to happen with her any/every other creation except humans!

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  1. re: q#1 A bunch of doctors are saying that the vaccine is designed to murder people. In the places I hang out on the internet, these vaccine takers are being slapped around pretty good and laughed at for their stupidity. If the doctors are right, most of them will be dead soon.

    1. Yes, we already see some people die, who seem to have been perfectly healthy before the shot (usually after the second shot, I think I’ve read). Not everybody dies, of course, and they don’t want that to happen, but I guess ‘population control’ works on different levels. It’s what you propose and it’s infertility. These two things would take care of a lot of it for the EL-ite. They are thinking generational, i.e. long-term, rather than immediate effects on many occasions.

      1. Several MDs are saying the same thing, that the mRNA in the vaccines is designed to cause auto-immunity in which the body attacks itself and this eventually causes organ failure and death. It may be similar to what squalene did in the anthrax shots given to soldiers in the Gulf War which killed and crippled a lot of them. An MD from England named Vernon Coleman who moved from YouTube to Brandnewtube is claiming the vaccines may be an extinction level event. (I have no opinion on that, just repeating his words.).

        1. Yes, I think there is some truth in that. Obviously, they don’t want to kill us all, but some will perish, and that’s part of the plan, as I have learned, at least.

          1. Do you still encourage people to go and exit through the hole in the grid to escape? I love earth and the one should exit through the hole are the psychopaths and all the pawns..

            I am praying that all earth inhabitants should change their behaviour and aligned it to the laws of the universe..

            The earth belong to the APES(earth humans) and must be protected against resources exploitation by other stupid races who cant even prtotect their own planet..

            All this victim mindset must be eradicated to the human psyche.. they dont know that they are equal or has the ability to surpass the egomaniacs overlords.. sophia,enlil,enki, etc are not the creator.. they are the colonizer from other star system.. they dont know how to create,, what they only know is to modify and messing the creation..

            I will be here until humanity wake up and reclaim their birthright and true freedom where they are free to express themselves using the 4 immutable laws of the universe..

            Earth belong to us and escaping is only for for those who has no self responsibility..

            1. Try to provoke the 150 million morons in the US who vote for their enemies to fire them instead. They”re too stupid to reclaim theiir freedom. If you come back here into the Singularity, you’re screwed. You will be just like those mask wearing morons.

              1. @bettwice33.. this is voluntary and its my choice to help my asleep brothers and sisters.. if the numbers of awake humans reach the ideal number then the laws of the universe will work.. 3% of earth population is enough to pull the species out from this dilemma. The commitment is needed.. the focus and intention of these volunteers make the law of attraction works .. after the GREAT CHAOS these people will birth the new paradigm.. earth belong to earth humans and if you believe you will be okay living in immaterial world forever then good luck with that… our planet is so beautiful and those psychopaths want us to hate being human and escape this planet so that they can do their resources exploitation and raping our planet continously.. think about the escapism and hating being human propaganda they instigated.. is it really logical to live in pleroma or 9th dimension forever not knowing what is in there? We have earth and we need claim the ownership of this planet and reclaim our birthright as true sovereign and free beings with no need of permission and guidance of the so called higher beings or queen nonsense.. we need to become a galactic citizen.. our borther and sister is there praying for us too to get out of this horrible situation we are in.

                They cant help us if we cant help ourselves.. if they help us it would be not as saviour/victim kind of help.. the help is more about helping you to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE…

                1. You’re going to have your memory erased again, as usual and there is not going to be anyone here to teach you. Censorship will eliminate everything worthwhile from the internet.
                  We have to stop the abuse right now because there is no tomorrow. If humanity won’t unite and defeat the elite within the next few years, forget about it.
                  Almost all of them wear their masks and they’re taking the suicide shots called “vaccines”. You can’t achieve the 3% we need. There are too many morons and too much censorship. I still try but when I croak, I’m going as far away from this galaxy as I can get.

                  1. @bettwice33

                    If we unite and defeat the elite?

                    Will i am not here to support protest in the street and declare war with them.. i am here to tell those who are willing to help to focus their intent on birthing the new paradigm where humanity has no ruler and become totally free to govern their planet.. we dont have to go to war or go with physical war. Its impossible to defeat them that way.. your unbending intent to free the planet from its colonizer is the most neccessary.. fighting without fighting so to speak.. let the law of the universe do the rest.. if humanity failed, the earth will cleanse itself to avoid extinction .. and if that happen the self appointed overlords will again build another form of slavery using their CHOOSEN PEOPLE .. the door is slowly closing now .. its now or never.
                    . i will focus my intention to liberate our planet and all its inhabitants from slavery..

                    1. What you meant to say is that you don’t support UNITY. But you tried to lie by misconstruing my words and claiming I said something that I did not say. You are trying to ensure that humanity loses with your lies. Don’t try to lie to me .

                  2. @bettwice33

                    Uniting humans to protest is futile.. how many wars and protest that has changed humanity for the better? NONE if you ask me.. uniting our focus and intention is much more necessary for me … we can do it individually without protesting in the street … fighting without fighting.. i reccomend the book titled ” handbook of the new paradigm trilogy..

                    1. Look, I don’t believe any human can possibly be as stupid as you’re acting. So if you won;t stop your feigned stupidity, then please don’t ever respond to my comments again. Thank you very much.

                    1. I didn’t call you a moron. I said you are feigning stupidity. That means you’re a liar and you prove with every dishonest comment you make. Are you being paid by our government to lie?

                    2. These personal back-and-forth reactive arguments have no relevance to the videos that are supposed to be discussed, so please keep those outside of this comment section.

    2. Curious what you think at this time about your comment and whether it is now true that vaccinated ones are paying any ill consequence for having taken it.

      1. Based on history and current reports, it looks to me like one million Americans have been murdered by the vaccines so far.

  2. Is there a possibility that anti vax people and pro vax are a distraction to their hidden agenda? Based on my own conclusion using my inner knowing the vaccine is useless since covid has small fatality rate.. that is why i wont take the vaccine.. everything here on earth is a RACKET ..

  3. Dear Wes,

    Is the best plan still for people to go and exit through the hole in the grid to escape? Has anything changed that we should be aware of?

    I’m afraid I won’t be able to locate the grid, I know you said look above where you deceased body is, is that correct still?

    Thank you

    1. Right, nothing has changed regarding the Grid. The best thing you can do is to train yourself to stop worrying about it. Fear always creates doubt, and doubt lessens your intention significantly. Just count on that it’s there and you don’t need to search for it. Instead, set a strong intention that you’re going through the Grid and you’re leaving the Matrix and go to Orion, if that’s where you want to go. You will notice that the universe is thought responsive, and without a body, you move instantly with your mind (nano-travel). As within so without/as without so within. Ultimately, you’re just penetrating your own mind that is manifested on the outside (what we perceive as the Universe). If you set up your own barriers, you might bump into them. You’re leaving and that’s it. Don’t let counter-intentions stop you. Every time the doubt comes up, reset your intention, but without fear…just a quick intention: “I’m going through the Grid to Orion,” for example. Train yourself by repetition to override the doubt. It might take a few weeks of constant practice, but if you’re persistent, the doubt will go away.

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