Video 258: Q&A Session #75

By Wes Penre, May 29, 2021


QUESTION 1: There is a lot of talk about disclosure these days from the official and alternative media. Some subscribe to the belief that all ETs are good and some believe there are positive as well as negative ET’s. Logically I would think there are good as well as evil ET’s just like humans/beings on this planet. My question is: based on the Gnostic texts, it appears ALL ETs are archons, and if so, would they then be of negative influence for our birthright to ascension?  

QUESTION 2: In a previous article, you mentioned that there are some MIKH-MAKH warriors who are also trapped in the Patrix. While a majority of people, who follow your work to make sense of the own paths, likely identify as Namlu’u, what would you say about those who feel they are in fact MIKH-MAKH warriors? Could you be both and would the MIKH-MAKH warriors still become creator gods after leaving the Patrix?

QUESTION 3: If the Singularity takes effect, and a human consciousness is duplicated in digital form, what does it mean for the digital “soul?” Is a digital “soul” really a soul, considering that it was created in the 3rd dimension? What are some reasons for why I should be concerned if the AIF has a digital copy of my soul?

QUESTION 4: Do you believe there is an objectively high-vibrational action and an objectively low-vibrational action? Or are actions deemed “high-vibrational” or not depending on how we feel because of making that action?  Could a murderer, theoretically, live a high-vibrational life if killing invigorates him? Could a narcissist live a whole and fulfilling life? Or are they bound to a low-vibrational one due to their nature?

QUESTION 5: Through Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians we learn that we humans as cyborgs will go to the Pleiades and meet with those that added their DNA to the mix of humans through genetic engineering a long time ago, but this impending “meeting” will result in a war and create a tyranny there as conveyed in the WPP (Wes Penre Papers). In that timeline, do you think that Marduk decided to invade that part of the constellation and take over for himself or does want us humans to choose nature over technology to help him avert what happens in our future (the Pleiadians’ past) creating this new timeline for them? Isn’t all of the Pleiades under the Demiurge’s (The AIF including control or most of it is? Didn’t Marciniak say that is their teacher as well? I know that Marciniak’s group says that is their teacher, which I found out from reading your papers. Is it one of those things where the rabbit hole goes very, very deep? I know’s manipulation here on Earth is extreme, and he has billions under his spell and has his propaganda, so what about this story with the Pleiadian timeline?

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  1. Wow, the answer to the 5th question opened up more questions! Orion is high vibrational and archons shouldn’t be able to access it, so Pleiadians as archons wouldn’t be archons. Now if they are in a similiar or same diminsion, it would make sense if we would cross paths in this lower vibration, and quasi human cyborgs would be destructive slaves, destroying another race’s civilization. Just my take, Wes….

    1. So what i can make sense of everything i know is that these world earth belong to one
      Of the seven heavens .so if one want to go in 8 and 9th heaven one need to perform additional work to reach there .

      And wpp is metaphorical verson of real story where gnostic texts more inclined to literal one.

      And lastly is all the sevens heaven under the control of yaldabaoth .If that is the case what someone will do if they don’t want to go in 8th and 9th and dont want to live in the heaven controlled by yaldabaoth either of course five hell is out of question is it even possible to completely leave everything behind all this insanity .

      Apart from nine heavens and five hells of abyss again pleroma is also out of question then it seems there is no place for me to go.

      Guess I will just have to shatter my soul and I don’t know how to that but if it can give me relief from all of this why not just die .A lot of people will chose many paths but these may be the least chosen one of course I dont want to die but if there is no choice maybe it is only one .

      The only place I can live is within my imagination.

      1. It sounds to me that you are depressed in general. First, all of us–no exception–will go SOMEWHERE. It all depends on the soul and what it is ready for, but there is no such thing as ‘nothing will happen.’

        If the way you feel right now is temporary, it can happen to anyone, and we’ll pop out of it. But if it’s chronic, you most probably have something or someone in your life who is dragging you down and feeds on your energy. If so, spot who it is and take action. If you need to disconnect from that person or persons, do so. Then, you can continue prospering. But not so long as you have such people in your life and get affected by them. This is where the term vampirism comes from.

        If nothing helps, there are some good therapists out there who can help, and there is no shame in that. I’m saying this because if you get out of that state/mood, your future–both in this life and beyond–will improve exponentially, and that’s what we want, right?

  2. Never liked those sneaky Pleadians. They always seemed to be having too much fun explaining stuff to humans. This gave me pause when listening to them. So they’re arcons in another heaven or part of the captured 8th/9th. Blah!! Their half truth stories are whats interesting. Ill bet my left nut humanity does go to the pleadies in the future as cyborg soldiers. But I won’t wager my right that the pleadians are trying to stop this.
    Probably a Stargate or portal to onions upper realms that they would like to use humans to unlock.
    That idea you had was a good one wes.

    1. Interesting post poster. ‘But I won’t wager my right that the pleadians are trying to stop this.’ Exactly what I’m wondering, If they live in tyranny, they can hardly speak out against their leader just like us humans since the pandemic crisis.We can’t count on them to help us. I feel that some have the desire to help us but they cannot because trapped by their trackers .It is a possibility but they are so constrained they cannot even admit it to us. I prefer to believe this in my moments of sadness when confronted to the fact that our fundamental freedoms are softly eaten up by them . How to stop the tyranny?

  3. Hi Wes, you mentioned there are other star beings, along with archons, and us, the human Royal bloodline (coming from Sophia). And we know us humans are Spirited albeit some of us very deeply, and the archons are not. Would you say then that part of these other star beings are humans like us just in different realms at different points of their cosmic development? Just trying to see if we have more brothers and sisters out there. Thanks.

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