How Remote Viewing Works and a Summary of our Human Experience

by Wes Penre, June 1, 2021

The following video by CryptoViewing’s Dick Allgire is quite interesting. Here, he explains in his own terms how remote viewing works and why, but in addition to that, he also goes deeper and summarizes the human experience on this planet and who is in control. He is discussing this in a very understandable manner that I found intriguing.

He is talking about the “ET” control and how they do it remotely. He explains how these ETs/”gods” overlook what we are doing here on Earth, and how they direct things through specific bloodlines, and how these bloodlines execute the will of these “ETs.”

I don’t think Dick has dug into the Gnostic material, but the way he explains things corresponds to a large degree both with the Gnostic texts and the Wes Penre Papers.

So, Dick is telling us that the “ETs” are watching us and our “progress,” and they feed off our energy, etc. Now, add to this the archontic attachments we all have in our bodies[1]. Each body on Earth has them, which very much makes it possible for the Archons to “monitor” and affect everyone separately if they wish.

Usually, the Archons (ETs) are not particularly interested in following each individual’s progress while we are here on Earth, but technically they have the opportunity to do so. And because each of us humans have a subconscious mind, and these archontic attachments are direct lines of communication between our subconscious and numerous archons, controlling us is a piece of cake because most of it happens on a subconscious level and is automatic programming. Much of our subconscious reactions are due to past traumas, but these traumas, stuck in time and space and within the overall field of consciousness, these traumas can also be used by archontic forces attached to us. Isn’t that how MK ULTRA mind control works, but on the level, human programmer versus human victim?

This is the reason why it is so important to do our “inner work.” We need to take back our self-control and learn what is a subconscious reaction and a conscious action made from making a conscious and well-calculated choice. If we cannot distinguish between the two and constantly react subconsciously to our environment instead of observing it and act after some consideration, we are in the grip of the Archons. Therefore, the only way to break free from the puppet-on-a-string existence is to become self-aware and ultimately receive Gnosis, i.e., reconnect to our Higher Self/Spirit. Gnosis means “Knowledge” in Greek, and we need Knowledge in order to be truly conscious and be capable of connecting with the Spiritual Realm through our “Energetic Heart.” A Spiritual Reconnection is not intellectual—it is felt.


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  1. What happened to that guy that remote viewed the Q Anon psy-op and was “blown away”. Was he proven a fraud?

  2. Thanks Wes I do like Allgire!!! The Farsight institute has a lot of remote viewing information. Their current project is titled “The Domain” which for me has help confirm the matrix and how to escape it ideologies. Are you familiar with Farsight institute remote viewers? Way back Allgire did targets with them.

  3. I love Dick’s stuff. I have two observations: He didn’t catch the siren at the 20 minute mark like he predicted. He usually stops and points it out.
    The other thing he stated was that nature, and the plants in forests in particular, are in a race for survival and competing against each other, but there has been a lot of research lately that says that is not true. The plants are all communicating with each other through the underground fungal network they are all attached to. They are actually supporting each other and shuffling nutrients around to whoever needs them the most. They send signals as to when there is a pest problem somewhere in the forest so the other trees can start making defenses. When a tree is dying, it starts to dole out it’s nutrients to those around it before it dies off.
    Of course this could all be a lie. I don’t even know what to believe anymore in this messed up world. These times are so frustrating.

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