Video 269: Long-Term Effects of the Vaccines

By Wes Penre, August 14, 2021

NOTE: Please also read the Comment Section to this video, and feel free to further discuss these subjects if you wish…

So much has been said about what the virus is and isn’t and what the vaccines are doing to us. When people think they “get it,” a new theory pops up, and many people jump on that bandwagon, and so it goes, back and forth, and the confusion increases.

This is nothing new. It happens in all areas of research when it comes to figuring things out in this Patrix/Matrix, so in reality, not much is actually being figured out–at least not in the sense that it will seriously disturb the order and the status quo…

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  1. Your article comforted me. There is only one question that pops up. The argument they use for wanting to reduce the population is: “They are easier to control this way” this argument makes a lot of sense. When you have only 300 million people it is much easier to control the entire population. Besides that…you can kill entire generations that go back into the reincarnationprocess. Thus the new born children will grow up not knowing the old world, and are easier to manipulate into the singularity. This makes more sense to me.

    I am really curious on your response to these arguments.


    1. @Niels There will be a strict population control–all research is pointing toward that. Business will continue as usual with wars, conflicts, and other population reduction protocols for now, but that’s nothing new. The EL-ite has, as I see it, 2 main routes they can take: 1) mass genocide through massive world wars, 2) vaccines and other “softer” methods, which will increase the infertility rate, until it eventually reaches 100%.

      Research points to option 2. And this is where the puppet, Bill Gates, comes into the picture, of course. They will do this gradually, and when the population has died off and a certain number of people are alive on Earth, they stop procreation altogether, and they will also kill the sex drive–no more sex and no more kids. This is not a secret, either. Ray Kurzweil and other EL-ite Singularitists are telling us this will happen and that it’s a good thing.

      By that time, people will already have most of their blood cells replaced with nanobots, and their organs will be non-organic. And those who still are not completely adjusted will get their biological organs replaced with nanotech-based organs–even their hearts, livers, and other vital organs. Then, we’ll have “eternal” physical life. Our bodies won’t die by themselves. And if an organ starts to fail at any time, people will have them replaced. If they EL-ite want an increase in the population, whenever, they have the means to create new bodies in laboratories and give them consciousness. But no more procreation, and no one will have the desire to do that, anyway, at that time.

  2. Ok we understand their plan, but what about Christ and his “return? I have the feeling that time is close.

    Also, with all respect to you and your work @Wes you seems too soft about this, like you dont think it is a big of a dea to take a vaccine than before and to be part of a beast system.

    1. No, I haven’t become softer, but I want to reduce all this immense fear and terror around the subject. People think that if they take the vaxx now, they are forever doomed or they will die. Like I said in the article, that’s not impossible–people DO get sick and die, so I definitely don’t suggest that people take the shots. But my point is that I do NOT believe that the shots are meant to kill us. However, the shots seem to separate the genetic body types that are adaptive to the eventual transmutation from those who are not. So, these who get sick and die probably have a genetic structure that is not adaptive. So, like I wrote, it’s kind of Russian roulette to take the shots.

      Also, and this is just my opinion… it’s about quality of life. If it really comes down to it, and not taking the shots means being in house arrest or something similar, we need to weigh our options. Do we need to sacrifice our quality of life that much to avoid the shots, or do we want to live the life we have left in other ways before we depart? That’s why I ended the article with that in that case, we have a tough decision to make.

      For example, if wife and husband became separated in different countries because of business trips, or whatnot, and a new law comes into play, where the husband needs to be vaccinated to get back to his own country and reunite with his wife, or they would be forever separated, what would they do? This is just one example of many. Tough choices…

      Do people ask themselves these questions? That’s what I wonder.

      1. Wes is true is a difficult choice to make,if we can read and meditate about, Luke 17:20-37 maybe we can understand about the choices, whether are they spiritual of physical

      2. The vaccines are for loosening the souls of the physical meatsuits so the fallen can more easily overshadow and possess the physical level as they hide out here from the correction happening above. This is why the world suddenly went so self nihilistic as well and people on both sides of the spectrum went insane.

  3. Wes, Does having the nano bots keep you from having a consious OBE and checking out the astral realms? Just a thought!

    1. Ultimately, when we have transmuted, the answer is that I don’t know. So far, it doesn’t seem like it has any impact on astral travel, but I don’t know where the line is drawn in the future–if at all. Even the cyborg humans may be able to–it’s unknown. If anyone has a theory about that, they can always post here.

  4. Wes,
    This latest video and article put my mind at ease….Most of my family, friends, and coworkers took the vaccine, and I have done so much research on why it is being pushed so hard.

    During my walk in nature a week ago while I was in my meditations, I came to the conclusion, that the vaccine is like Russian Roulette….and that was before I saw this post and video. I looked inside for the answers. So when I saw your post today, I felt like wow!!!!! I came to similar conclusions in my own research.

    Great video and article as always.

    1. If one is thinking in terms of the shot being Russian Roulette then it’s coming from low frequency thinking. I would not throw the Dice for my body or my soul. If you Value yourself, and the process of your soul then there is no need to make decision.

      1. Good! Now you’re thinking from yet another angle/dimension (see my previous comment in this section). That adds to the ‘bigger picture.’ We need to consider everything…

  5. Ok Wes, what about if Your own quality of life was in japardy like you state above because of you not getting your Vaxx, what would you do yourself?

    Would you end up getting it or would you accept the consequences?

    Thanks Wes.

    1. It depends on the circumstance. That’s what I mean with “tough decisions.” How much “quality of life” are we willing to sacrifice to avoid the shots? Can we find a way around it if we face such a tough choice, or are we potentially facing a situation where not taking the shots will make us miserable for the rest of our physical lives?

      One reason why I wrote the article was because it’s easy for people to sit on their phones or computers, still relatively unaffected by the vaccine push, saying, “No way I will take the vaxx under any circumstance!” How many of these people will actually change their minds when they stand before a very tough choice, and who will stay vigilant and suffer the consequences?

      Personally, I would have to stand in front of such a choice before I could make a definite decision. I am sitting in front of a computer, too…

      1. The only way that my body receives ANY vaccine from this day forward is as one which is already dead. This is my first hour knowing of you and your work Many of the subjects you cover, Seth, channeling, dimensional densities, etc, my gf and I have been actively learning for around three years. It is currently my belief that these ‘elite/wef’ are exercising a control over common people that is at best illusionary. When it comes to addressing those of us “in the know” directly, I believe that cases/realities exist in which true wisdom can be “enforced” upon them publicly in such a way where such a confrontation can break their will entirely. Personally, I have possessed such narratives although briefly, enough to believe in this possibility. That’s my take, any further comments anyone has on this are appreciated..

  6. Not only with the jab, but in general, I think it’s very important that we, as human beings, look at things from what I call different angles, but it’s really different dimensions. From the perspective of ONE dimension, we can look at the vax agenda and say, “this is bad stuff! I am not going to take the shots, for sure!” And that would be a good decision, seen from that dimension. But it’s one-dimensional view on it, and only that.

    “What if I looked at it from another angle/dimension?” is a good question to ask. Then we can see more sides of the problem and make more concise and informed decisions. “What if?” is another question to ask oneself in order to approach something from another dimension. There are multiple dimensions to consider solving one single problem, and we all have access to them.

  7. Wes,
    As Humanity on Earth is at a Crossroads of a nascent change, I am curious as to why it is Humans that are being culled into trans humanism while other planets are populated with humanoids, humans that look similar to us that are being left well enough alone and thriving.
    Adding to this complexity: why all the study of our consciousness, ours souls, reincarnation and the need to avoid returning to earth and the goal of making it to Orion if we as humans are going to be transformed completely? Love, Sex and procreation are a beautiful process, for that matter, any birth of conscious love between individuals is sustaining. Within the realm of thinking in the highest frequency, the highest consciousness, even in darker places on Earth trans humanism it seems is still darker than what we face now.
    For your followers or new readers who are vulnerable, I would like to encourage them that regardless of the shot and the continued aggressive attack on humanity, that no matter the plan of the Elite, your souls will have options to go toward the light of the highest frequency, inside or outside of Earth.
    Any thoughts, Wes?

  8. So how can you avoid the vaccine? I would rather live in some kind of hippie community than take the shots and experience all this garbage. I am already prepping. I don’t know if that kinda lifestyle is even possible when they are building the singularity. Is going under the radar an idea? What do you guys think?

  9. If you can live like a hippie in a community that would support each other that would be the best idea. If not, Avoid commenting anything negative about the vaccine to stay off Elites anti vaxxer list. If working, utilize the religious and medical exemptions if needed. Gab site has a list of those exemptions. I would lay low, don’t protest bc humans cannot win this war on humanity. There are darker forces outside of earth that are driving this agenda along with the Elite. Secure your home and treat it like a fortress. It’s good that your prepping. I think we have some time to make decisions. Dr. Zelenko stated it would be about 18 months to 3 years to see the side effects of the vaccinated. If your interested in taking Ivermectin to prevent or treat COVID contact Be cautious with your cell phones. I saved all of Mercola’s articles with a file and they were removed from my iPhone.

  10. Honestly, this whole vax thing is quite alarming but I think that’s the goal to keep us alarmed and to feel “narrowed in” with no option. However, I don’t know how this may come across but I’ve this knowing or rather conviction that being given to our conscious evolution or spiritual growth we come to a place where we can’t be held back but ride over all these “base” or low frequency traps being shot on humans. And this is owing to the fact that we’re unlimited beings in a limited body or reality but have the capacity or potential to bring the body to our unlimited reality and can change the state or reality of the world around us. Or what do you guys think on this stance?

  11. If people wanted well for you, they would be called your mom and your dad.
    Father and mother. Do you understand? Not your enki / lucifer jailor.

    For Wes. And don’t talk about the quality of life. Cyborg is not life. You just don’t know what you’ll lose.

    For Niels. The hippie community will not help you, and you will not escape to the forest community. The entire planet is viewed through and through. Overfished and forcibly shot. Perhaps not with a vaccine, but with ordinary bullets.


    I never thought that I would ever write something like that, but total corruption in Russia and the close interweaving of power and big business turned into a blessing for the country.
    The power-business link is becoming the most powerful force in resisting all covid constraints. Business primarily suffers from such restrictions, and if this business is intertwined with power, then no one wants to cut the branch on which they are sitting. So for the view and report on the work done according to the training manuals from the WHO, restrictions will of course be introduced, but more as formal ones. Remember Sobyanin’s main argument when lifting restrictions on cafes and restaurants – “the business community asked very much.” And restaurants are not yet the largest business of our officials, so the average level of heads of administrations of city districts and regional deputies. There is no corruption in France and the authorities do not care whether business goes bankrupt or not, they have a different mentality.

  12. and

    Summary for the two links. COVID-19 vaccine is mRNA vaccine, not virus-containing vaccine. mRNA vaccine don’t contain virus but contain 99 percent of graphene oxide (verified by electronic microscopy) for self-assembled graphene oxide into graphene-based neuroelectronics. Moderna (creator of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine) described the technology as operating system that can be updated and reprogrammed at any time.

    Just in additional information,

      1. By neuroelectronics, I mean nanotechnology. Graphene oxides in the vaccines can be self-assembled into nanoelectronics act as vectors in bodies. See for more information. Whether what ingreidents in vaccines are mysterious. The answer is, if possible, do-it-yourself empiricism, for example, using types of microscopy and nanoscopy, rather than using only information, informed from distant people.

    1. Hi Starry Sky! I have two newly published books (and one on its way, probably in Sep-Oct). The one I think you’re particularly looking for is at the top URL:

      And the other one:

      Thank you for your interest!

      1. I understand and appreciate you Wess, but after everything we know and studied about vax and elite long term plan, to take them seems like betraying your own soul ( no matter what perspetive you took). You even wrote book on it, and now you saying that you would consider to take them if you would be in some hard situation. I can understand that hard time are ahead of as and some people would need to make tought decision, and i cant speak for them because everybody life is different and, as u said, i wrote this from my apartment from computer. Even I will probaby need to make that decision because i work as a preschool teacher.
        I think we need to embrace Christ musculine energy and stand our ground.

        1. I’m saying that many people will have some extremely tough decisions to make, and they might need to make a very difficult choice. All I want is for people to think about things from all dimensions available to them. Then they can come to an informed decision, regardless of which situation might show up. I am not trying to decide for other people; I’m just presenting different outlooks.

          Personally, I have so far not been affected by the virus or the vaccination push because of the life I’m currently living, but that doesn’t mean I won’t need to make tough choices too in the future like many other people. And don’t forget that we are immortal beings. When we wake up to being a soul with a Spirit, are we weaker or stronger than matter if push comes to shove? Mind over matter? We are not our bodies–not these bodies. They are a shell, and they can pump that shell full of anything, and it will affect the body in certain ways, but will it affect a conscious soul? Only if the soul is scared and thinks it’s powerless against these who want us harm in this reality.

          How many people will go through the Grid, for example? It’s easy to sit in front of a computer and say that of course they will go through the Grid. What about when death happens and they are no longer “safe” in their room? How many will comply? A few, perhaps, who have looked at things from all angles/dimensions and done the work. The rest didn’t think things through and will come back here.

          I also want to reduce fear on this subject–I see this fear everywhere within the spiritual community. But many trie to hide it under a cloak of vigilance.

          1. broken (404) links for “Free E-Books Online by Wes Penre”

            1 Beyond 2012–A Handbook for the New Era (PDF)
            2 Synthetic Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind — A Roadmap to the Singularity and Beyond (PDF)

          2. The fear I think is not about taking a shot per se,is about the consequences of the new system, from the look of things.

      2. Thanks i think first one i have already read atleast name is a bit similar .

        And wes in your previous article/ Video you have said human names are not given by their biological parents but rather transmitted telepathically .Now those names what is their purpose,is their any deeper meaning behind it .

        If it is for identification purpose for the overlords then why there are two different people with same name.
        And people say name may give you a glimpse about ones personality.
        But I find contradiction in myself my name literal meaning and my behaviour is opposite.

  13. @Wes Penre

    I think you are a double traitor. Once someone starts to comply to vaccines and what not the life is over. You will have no quality of life. You will need to obey to everything they say. As Kam above said cyborg life is no life. With your article you are just taking people astray just like your ‘grid’. You do say some truth to lure people in and then feed them garbage….just like bunch of other new age gurus. No, thank you!

  14. Dear Mr. Penre, I am American, and I used to read all of your info, for years. I finally stopped because your messages were so depressing, and seemed unatainable in this current 3D Matrix. I looked you up today. I do agree with a fair amount of your info, but you lost me with the Queen of Orion. Explain to me why any soul would want to go to Orion? I would like you to answer that question. It is a very negatively based planet, with massive problems of its own. I am from the Lyran Constellation, a planet that has a direct connection through the third eye to Divine Source Creator. I am in the 7th Dimension, here doing service for Source True. Humanity could still win, you know. They have very strong odds and lots of off planet help. They have already taken out vast amounts of the dark cult, demonic endeavors and projects. Lots of Black magicians too! The demonic dark side hangs on a tipping point at this time. Much of humanity is aware of the hoax virus and non-vax. They see the nazi left clearly now. I believe that humanity has a very good shot of beating these evil monsters, and their dark cult manipulation, ritual sacrifice of children, babies and people for blood, and flesh, and child sex trafficking at the core of their mandate to take down humanity with other depopulation agenda’s, with AI as their final victory to control and depopulate the earth into a one world order. Humanity is aware. We know them all. I would not be here right now if I was not sent by The Divine Source True Creator. The brilliant magnificence of Source energy never loses, no matter how we dissect the information, or what is told to us, humanity still has the free will to fight as warrior children of the True Source Creator. We have reached the end game now. Right now. My bets are on humanity living on this magnificent planet into the golden age. Truth is always good, but looking into the future is a speculative venture, the unknown. Is it right of you to talk about your information so that humanity then comes to a place where no HOPE exists? I have even thought of you as being a member of the dark side, your messages are so downtrodden. No, matter, Mr. Penre, some of your info is great, but remember that human beings are of Source Creator, making them creators themselves, with a royal heritage to pull from. Lets give them a chance! Sara

    1. well i really agree with you it touches me well, because i know focusing on what we want to create happens and not speculating on the future that hasnt been fought yet, i agree too that i have bet on humanity that they can win this fight as we are the 99 percent i also look into a lot of wes penre work its great stuff but i stop at some point cos its just kinda focusing on the agenda and the plans which i dont really care about cos i know we humans can change things around anytime! thank you for commenting Sara i appreatiate it, also i know its tough to make decisions on taking the vax but me i wont take it ever because if theres a will theres a way. ill find a way to live without taking the shot and live and create in my own terms thats it.

    2. also with the orion some people say the moldavite crystal is a gift from orion for this day and ive had lot nightmares sleeping with it the moldavite and dreamt of draconians and dragons also with lot of blood and sex huuuge amount of Blood and sex and in one of the wes papers or some papers i read somewhere mention the majority of draconians live in the orion but idk

  15. It only seems important cuz its happening now.
    Would everything seem so pressing or not at all so if time was removed? Time seems to add or extinguish certain elements, exacerbated or otherwise benine.

  16. Wes is true is a difficult choice to make,if we can read and meditate about Luke 17:20-37 maybe we can understand about the choices we make whether is Spiritual or materialistic.

  17. Would you give some video # reference or direct explanation in comments about the true Christ. I can’t re-find that info. It was a real eye opener to find out that there was the true Christ and Enki/Marduk version. Thanks in advance,

  18. To clarify: It’s perfectly fine to criticize the videos or articles, having another viewpoint, or wanting to discuss them here–it’s all encouraged. However, when the comments turn into personal attacks and become derogatory, they go directly into the spam folder.

    1. @ Penre.

      I managed to read the erased opinion. There was no insult.
      To erase an opinion is the lot of the weak.

      You fell in my eyes …

      1. There are no insults, I agree. Only those who choose to feel they have been insulted. Proudest is the shield that splinters an arrogant spear.

  19. @ Penre.

    You somehow quickly changed your mind about the vaccine from total rejection to half consent.

    How much did you get paid, traitor to humanity?

    1. Karr – You shouldn’t be so extreme in your public condemnation of W.P. It doesn’t reflect well on you, and it shows you are shaky/insecure on this issue. He gives very sensible advice on whether to accept the vaccine or not, and leaves it up to individual choice, which is in agreement with my own Source-Self understanding.

      How will your superficially bold & brave self deal with the “total population mandatory” requirement the Hidden Hand is pushing so hard on? I am probably in complete agreement with you, as to what the utterly heinous the unfolding and accelerating events and their plans mean, but also I understand the reality of it and recognize sensible advice when I see it. Personally, I have so far refused the shot, but am starting to feel the pressure of getting it. But the shot won’t effect Source Players anyway. I’m just so far refusing it out of principle and knowing what the purpose of the vaccine is, not that it applies to SPs.

      Why don’t you just quietly make the decision for yourself and get busy raising your awareness/consciousness /frequency, deprogram, and know thyself?

  20. Because so many people seem to have missed the point with this video, the following may (or may not) make things clearer. If not, that’s ok. No need to listen to the entire video in the following link; just start at 4:40 and listen until the end (it’s less than 1 minute). I happened to find it earlier this morning, and it explains my intention with this video pretty well: .

    1. @ Penre

      Hi, darling
      I hope you are doing well!
      the last times …
      okay … we’ll all meet anyway.

      Health to you and your family

      Best regards, Kam

  21. Hi Wes,
    I have to disagree on the main purpose of the vaccine, even though I acknowledge your insight is always appreciated for its different angle, no doubt inspiring many like me to look at everything in an alternative way. Also, it’s good for me and others to consider your well-thought-out views on all of these planned, heinous, and drastically accelerating events.

    Covid-19 and its so-called variants are for fear and control, and the vaccine is mainly for depopulation. This reasoning is well-supported, even by your own writing. In our email exchange you said in so many words that your book is still applicable (and I agree that it is), and your own writing identifies the key eugenics players and their mission (such as Bill Gates). They are not going to change their aims and philosophy over time. Also, the depopulation goal is very evident in action, it fits with the Hidden Hand’s other goals/scenarios, and it is clearly stated by some of their subordinate organizations, such as Freemasonry. You’re right, it’s been planned for a long time. The A.I. Singularity part must not be discounted, but I think you exaggerate it. However, we both know that they are experts at designing events to achieve multiple goals.

    There is another reason why I say that depopulation is still the main goal of the vaccine. Source (my Source-Self) tells me the 11-year Harvest will start before 2027, and that estimate has recently been moved up by a year (previous estimated start was “before 2028”), due to the acceleration of events, which is easy to see happening now. A Source Player friend, whom I write about in different parts of my upcoming book, thinks the vaccine may become so effective in depopulation that it might make a future WW3 unnecessary. I replied to her, “Isn’t it interesting how the timing, and how all of this is playing out, matches the Harvest scenario? Even the delay in the vaccine’s planned detrimental/deadly effects matches the Harvest’s timetable”. So, that’s the other reason. Don’t know what the Harvest is? You might want to investigate that, for your own benefit. I’m not talking about a New Age type of Harvest.

    Also, if nanobots have been put into the atmosphere, food and water supply, pharmaceuticals, obtained from other longstanding vaccines, etc., why would they go through all this trouble and effort with the covid vaccine campaign just to use it for introducing more nanobots? This is instead one of their biggest planned depopulating events to date. You no doubt know there were other smaller depopulation efforts, such as Planned Parenthood, wars, communicable disease and sterility experiments on minority groups, pollutants/chemicals placed in the air, water and food, etc. Fertility rates are dramatically falling. These are just off the top of my head. I’m sure, given your talent for thorough research, you could add some more examples. There is so much evidence pointing to this goal.

    You and all other conspiracy/consciousness researchers still think all of this affects everyone basically the same, and you guys think the potential for waking up and raising one’s awareness/consciousness /frequency is the same for everyone. Not true. Out of the famous researchers/presenters who are my favorites, I am telling only you this, because I think you are the only Source Player among them, even though you apparently don’t know this yourself.

    There is nothing wrong and no harm done in making your life’s work what you do, trying to help all the non-SPs out there make sense of what’s going on and why they are here in this experience. And you surely must have acted as an inspiration/catalyst in the waking up of some Source Players (me, for one). But the non-SPs are not going to have any meaningful personal insight, are not able to do anything about what’s happening/what’s coming, and they are not here for the reasons widely assumed.

    The last few paragraphs of Video 269 offered very valuable and commonsense advice on whether one should accept the vaccine or not. It is along the same lines as Quartz Crystal’s advice and Source-Self-derived awareness.

    You should personally wake up and connect to Source. Don’t believe me? You shouldn’t believe anyone, but you may want to find out yourself if what I’m saying is true. I reference you and analyze your research a lot in my book, along with some of the others’ material, like David Icke, Michael Tsarion and Alan Watt. You guys greatly assisted in me gaining more insight into this illusionary Matrix Game and in realizing my mission in it. Thank you for that.

    Attached in my email are newer versions of the intro/summary articles of my upcoming book. Would be nice if you someday read them, but maybe it’s better that you waited until now, since they are currently much improved from the originals.

    1. Would you say that Source Players are the direct emanations of Sophia’s awareness? It has always seemed to me that some people have much more spiritual potential than others yet it is difficult to rationally support that belief. Can you explain further who the Source Players are and what their mission is as you understand it?

      I’m also interested in reading the excerpts from your book if you feel like sharing!

      1. @foreverreborn … People have asked me this question, and it’s a good one. I have told them that I will make a video on this, from my perspective, and how I see it, based on the sources I’ve used for my research, and I will do that very soon now. So, please follow this blog… it’s too much to write about in a comment section like this.

        Also, thank you for your interest in my book! The easiest way to read a sample is to go to Amazon. If you click on the cover, the first four chapters are presented there for free. Just click “Look Inside:”

    2. May I have your personal email address? I have important information to share that deals with shitting down the Disruptor/Grid around earth that fragments souls, eradicates memory and keeps them trapped within an earthly existence. I am a 144. Thank you.

  22. So, ok Wes, let’s say if I end up being vaccinated solely due to making sure I keep getting an income as I have a family to feed.

    I mean if I was on my own I’d probably not care and would be prepared to become homeless until I die and leave this patrix even though it’d not be a choice I’d prefer.

    Also, as employers are considering to make that compulsory, my employer is, meaning no Vax, no job.

    Therefore, if I end up getting it, and it has those nanobots or anything else, would there be a way to keep those from activating, kind of lIke you said in one of your past articles that in your mind one can say to the dark lords that you don’t give permission to have anything activated in you that they’ve put into us including the vax due to the law of free will and non interference? Any other suggestions Wes?


    1. My brother and his wife were forced as condition of employment and were vaxxed, and they both think I am a bit of Tin-Foil-Hat rack, so they rarely listen, but for some reason, they took my advice this time. I told them to research chelation of heavy metals through deep-green leafy veggies, Plus seek a doctor will give them a simple injection of “A” drug to remove many of the nanobots accumulated (research it – it is all over the web). Do not let others control your life through a lack of information. Stay as true as you can to who and what you really are, and you will make the trip out of the Matrix with the rest of us.

      1. @Richard Thank you for the tip above regarding neutralizing the COVID-19 Vax.

        I’m clear about the chelation of green leaf vegetables but that drug injection that supposedly a doctor can prescribe is that really how is called, “A” drug or are you just generalizing?

        Also, would Colloidal Silver neutralize it?

        Thank you Richard.

  23. Wes, I wish I was a wealthy man, but I am not, for now. But I may run into a bit of a windfall in the next few years. If an Attorney approaches you with my name on his or her lips, do not turn them away. They may be in a position to assist you with your educational efforts and your research. There will be no strings attached. I believe you are an important educator here on Earth who has been assisted if not directly placed here by higher powers to help us all learn.

    I did want to mention to the person who was worried about returning to Orion, that the Empire is not one planet. It is 20 to 30 stars with dozens of worlds and there are even artificial constructs there larger than our moon where billions live that are so beautiful to see. The empire is a love filled home for billions. It is not unlike the Pleiades, only 10 times its size. There are bad, evil beings everywhere. Simply push passed them and be polite. They have no power over you unless you give it to them.

  24. 8:18 they are trying to do both things: kill most of the population and turn in to cyborgs those who will survive

  25. On vaccines/Matrix Simulation /Quartz Crystal…
    I have been reading this site now for a few days, just completed the Gnostics “parts”, and am looking forward to much more.
    First of all, thank you Wes, for all the effort and energy you invest in your research and the sharing of it with us, who are looking for “The” answers and “The Truth”.
    I WAS (clearly stated in capital letters) a “believer/follower” of QC for many years, up to about 2 months ago. I started really “waking up” in 2015. Discovering things about our world/reality that I never knew existed, but that search also led me to many conspiracies and useless, endless rabbit holes. I see all of it as having been beneficial to me, as part of my journey trying to remember WHO I really am and what I am DOING here.
    When I found QC’s info (end of 2016 – so there were very few videos available), I was shocked but at the same time, it resonated so deeply with me, as truth. I felt I finally had found all the answers that finally explained what and why life is what it is here. Mind you, my life has always been great, actually. I come from a nice family, was always loved and kept safe, good financial situation, no drugs, no traumas… I was the kind you described in one article, that could easily had fallen for the “no need to search for truth, cos life is great as it is”. But I always searched. Until there was a period I did not, and that was when I was madly in love, for some 10 years, with my husband, and we traveled the world and in that time my search was put aside by me, for the most part.
    But in 2015, a strong NEED to wake up came about. By the end of 2016, I found “Source Truth” “disclosure by QC”. But then, because I had 2 very young children, the whole thing with the no eating meat was very hard for me. Myself, I always tried to be vegetarian, on and off, my whole life. So, in accordance to QC instructions, it was very easy for me to stop eating meat. But not so much with my worry, and my husband’s opinion, that “obviously” they need meat in order to grow healthly and properly. So little by little, I started becoming confused and when she (Judy) posted the videos about being the “One”, strong doubt and suspicion took over me, and paired with my worry that I was harming my children’s nutrition (and possibly mine too, as I was also still breastfeeding), I gave up watching her. Went back to “normal” life (meat, eventually the occasional wine , sex etc).
    In 2020, right about the time the virus started, but long before it became a “big thing”, I again had this strong “push/intuition” to wake up. I went right back to QC, and this time I took it really seriously, following ALL the “rules of the game”, with the intention to win it for myself and to have access to my Source Self connection. I just needed to know who I am again, more than ever. I could not take this world anymore, not in a suicidal way, but I felt I was ready to GO HOME. I ALWAYS knew this is not all there is. I always knew I come from Source, and that I would return to Source when this life experience ends. And having to deal with the virus, and all the other “evil” stuff (not personally, but the awareness of it existing) just made me lose lust for life, for a while… But after re-discovering QC, I became increasingly worried and (subconsciously fearful) that if I did not follow her instructions, I’d actually never “play another game” and not “exit the game in a nice way”.
    What I am trying to say here is, I did everything for 2 years, telling myself/feeling/believing my frequency is raising, I am powerful, I (we) created this game, I have authority over the Demiurge, this is just a game etc… it felt wonderful for a long time!
    Then, things just started not adding my pendulum answers were that I had completed alchemy , I could still not Feel it (know exactly how/when I did), I was getting answers I was in the “neutrality zone”, but I could not manifest simple things, some of my answers (using pendulum) for same question were a “yes” in one day, and a “no” in the next, and so on.. I started asking QC (on her Patreon) many questions. I kept watching the videos (all 500+) over and over again, expecting to hear “more” the second, third, fourth time round (as my frequency got higher) and to listen the answers that the videos did not provide. She never answered me in Patreon (private messaging). Then she opened the community page (which until then was blocked by her for Source Players/her patrons) and I could finally communicate with other SPs. I asked questions there, I wanted to know so much, share, help, assist others. But we were not allowed to ever locate (exchange email address, our location) each other, if we did we would be removed from Judy,s patreon. As my questions got deeper, I saw a lot of confusion there, SPs having different answers for them, and I became very suspicious and doubtful again. I had taken the vaxx, because QC adviced that we used our own Source Self connection to check what would benefit us. She brought up the fact that in our life, we have taken (most probably all of us) MANY vaccines before (which is absolutely true for me). That made me think a lot. And also, just like you say here, the quality of life aspect. I was in lockdown for months, when the country I live in began the restrictions and made obligatory to show proof of vaccination to go/enter public places. I had my mind set that I was not going to take the vaxx because it was all fake anyway, and part of the Demi’ agenda, to maybe start the Harvest (depopulation/ comsuption of Source Players and NPCs). But slowly my mental health started being affected, I needed to be free, to go where I wanted to go. So, AFTER my pendulum (Source Self) gave me a yes answer, I did get it. It felt good to be free and to feel that it could not affect me, as I was doing it from a “high frequency/ well informed / assisted by my Source Self/ adviced by the winner of the game” Source Player position. I did not have any severe side effects, but did felt off for a few days. And with the combined doubts/ answered by QC, and a very strong intuition out of a sudden, I started really doubting her to be telling the truth. And so, after days reflecting on it, I finally postedon community a long letter to her (so that other SPs could read also) questioning her, if maybe we created a game harder than what we are being told (by her!), and the biggest challenge is to actually have her reveal SO much truth, but still mixed in with lies, now in this last timeline/life time, as the ultimate challenge for us, the creators and players of the game. The whole “savior” thing, her lack of empathy, her “carelessness” in how she (does not) answers questions, the fact she states the more money we send her, the more we fill up our reserve tank and only by that we can unlock higher frequencies, the fact that I could not have one single original thought of my own anymore (all I heard in my mind-24hours a day- were her teachings), the fact I felt “scared” to look for any other kind of info, from any one else (afraid I would consent to attachments to me), the fact that I did not want to shower everyday anymore (to not waste energy by using water – she saysit is a “pay to play” activity), the fact I did not feel like feeding my dog anymore and, most importantly and worse of all, the fact I started doubting if my own children were worthy of my LOVE and my hugs (again, according to her, body contact is pay to play = usage of energy). She then kicked me out of Patreon, of course. I became so frustrated, that I had believed , and felt like a fool for a couple of days. Then again, I overcame it, cos I see it as another experience and “challenge” on my remembrance journey (of Who I am). I am now looking at new info (new to me), I can see a LOT of connection berween the Gnostic texts and what she preaches, for sure. I also see that she is basically claiming to be the “Jesus” returned, if one can out it this way – as in she won the game and freed all the souls that were captured that would have become battery to run the Matrix for the Demiurge/Entities ,if the game had not been won by Source. I can see the scheme now, from the beginning, telling us what the game is etc, and little later on telling that she is the winner, so now we are ok (which I strongly think can make many SPs/Soul Fractals/ Spirited Humans ( whatever name – they all mean the same thing to me) just coast and take it easy. I found your site recently, and I was not surprised to see some mentions of her here and there, in it. I am ok with having taken the vaxx, I think. I still KNOW, I will return to Source /God/Pleroma / The One/ “WHO I REALLY AM” when I am done with this body in this life. But I do think I allowed myself to be brainwashed , and I can see that my choice of taking the vaxx was not totally “mine” , well the choice most certainly was, I own it 100%, but it was definetely strongly influenced. When I use(d) my pendulum, it moves SO fast, so clearly. I do not know if itis MY energy (spirit/source self) that does it or what ever else (entities??), but it continually tells me that Judy is not who she says she is, 60-70% of the time (I ask almost everyday, still!) , so I can not be sure of it. What I can be sure of is that the pendulum is NOT as reliable as she says it is. For, as someone who truly did everything exactly as taught, in order to guarantee a “strong source self connection” and the correct programming and usage of the pendulum, my experience with it is that it is NOT 100% reliable. And if any other Source Players come to read this comment of my mine, I ask that you at least keep an open mind to what I am saying here, and be mindful of the body language (QC’s and your own, when watching her), of your inner knowing and intuition, and the impacts her teachings are in your life (vaxx considerations included) . No judgement, no criticism towards her or anyone else. I chose to believe and now I choose to doubt, until I become sure. Many of us here are most surely Fractals of Source / Sophia/ The Absolute One – whatever name we prefer. When you have a soul-spirit, Source Energy in you, you KNOW it. And for any Archons, entities, negative spirits/energies reading this : I know who I AM and I NO LONGER consent to you to come close to my body (physical or avatar) , my energetic shield is up and it is powerful and strong to repell you,
    . You can No longer mess up with my head/my free will and my ability to see and KNOW TRUTH. I live and vibrate in Peace, Love , Kindness , Compassion and Grace. But my shield reflects reflect back what it receives.

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