Video 299: The Consequences of Total Freedom and Freewill

By Wes Penre, Friday April 29, 2022

What are you thinking about right now? Is it something positive about something you want, or is it something negative that you do not want? Are you even thinking about what you are thinking about, or is it all just an automatic process beyond your control, and you believe that what you’re thinking are your conscious thoughts?

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  1. Great job Wes very insightful! I would also add that those of us that do know the Truth and really what this realm is about need to help others and give others a hand up with that in-formation. It is so key to spread the Truth in this time of deception, I would say this greatest time of deception. Remember they only got half the population in at least America to accept thier bio weapon injection. So it does make a difference. also I would like to add that I think most people missed the spiritual allegory in matrix 4 resurrections. Always about the True Holy Trinity and the power that has once you wake up to it. Mark passio also does a great unraveling of the spiritual allegory on his site. God bless folks

  2. I eat onions and beats. I can run 5 miles or longer. Yes its gross but wow what an exercise buzz.

  3. Thanks Wes for this red light sort of alert. No doubt that all of us should be really cautious of our thoughts because, finally there’s a lot of rubbish which we are downloading in our minds unnecessary. It only takes/wastes our golden time and, at the end someone out there has benefited from it. It is so strange that until now we have not learned so much from all the deceptions, manipulations that those who are in power have imposed on us. But, finally there are those who have genuine souls, who are here to open our eyes. It is a great moment to just grab the opportunity and make use of it.

  4. Basically, Wes doesn’t really know anything concrete, which can be seen in past comments on previous videos.

    1. To make your statement, I presume you have read the Wes Penre Papers and gone through a number of videos on this site. With that under your belt, if that’s your conclusion, that’s your conclusion.

      1. Yeah my conclusion based upon what you have written. Nice how you tried to isolate what I had written as if the issue is with me alone. No the issue I have is the fact that your writings are presented as a guiding tool, when in fact they cause a lot of confusion. I am sure there are others that are just as confused as I am hence your Q&A sessions.

  5. Wes isn’t some sort of Guru, nor does he claim to be. He has done years of research and is sharing it with others. It is up to each person to do their own research and come to their own conclusions. Confusion is totally normal when researching our history and where we are going. I can tell you from my own experience that dark times and frustration as well as confusion are part of the process and it’s not fun sometimes. I hope you find the information that helps with your confusion and know that we all have this same issue when searching out the truth. I wish you the best finding yours.

    1. Your response does not negate the fact that his works are confusing to sift through. Whilst he may not claim to be a guru, the manner in which his works are presented suggest other wise (guiding tool/sharing information/research). Doing years of research doesn’t mean credible, and neither does it mean concrete, which is what I was looking for when reading his works. My main gripe is how his works have been presented as profound and insightful, when they suggest the latter. Yes people can research themselves, which is what I am doing in this instance. When reading his works I was very disappointed. As for wishing me hope, thanks all the same.

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