Video 301: The Singularity Timeline Part 7 [Closer to the End Goal]

By Wes Penre, Friday May 13, 2022 @ 7:50 CET

Isolate people with technology, and then charge them money to connect with each other. That’s our benevolent corporations in action.

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  1. I would suggest having a serious look at United network and watch a series of videos of Kim Goguen’s videos. You will be surprised how much further the Multiverse is upon us (not meta verse). She has a good set of news events from April 29th to May 5th in particular that would interest you more than the average person could understand without having watched for a few years. Very revealing how the Good is upon us and the choice of two timelines. Trump timeline is NOT where you want to be for sure.

    1. Kim Goguen is a Fraud, buy the way. She is searching internet than making things up. Been following her for more then 2 year before realized it.

    2. Kim Goguen is a Fraud, unfortunately! She is searching internet and then make things up, very talented in it though! Been following her for more than 2 years before realized it. Now she charging $100 to listen to what Creator sent her to do here.

  2. ‘Consider supporting me on Patreon, Paypal or Venmo’. This is literally the pot calling the Kettle black.

    1. Not getting some form of reimbursement for work is not an option for anyone including Wes. We are all trapped in this construct, and we all have to pay rent, bills and must eat. Thanks to Wes and a few others, we at least have awareness of our predicament.

      1. Did I speak about a construct? Answer No. Did I speak about reimbursement for work? I’ll answer again No. Your response has nothing to do with my initial comment. Wes Penre has caused more confusion if anything.

      1. Maybe you should look at the mirror yourself. Assuming you have a reflection, of course.

          1. A tiny minority of people come here just to argue, and those people have no place here. If you want to argue and create bad vibes, you can do that on forums or in comment sections where those vibrations are supported. We are not engaging in that here.

            So, this is a heads-up, Anonymous. One more comment in this manner and I’ll need to prevent you from commenting further.

  3. Wes Penre. Your Forum is a place where you and your works are to be scrutinised, just as you scrutinise others (existential), when you are ready to. I find you rather hypocritical tbh. I am not creating bad vibes or vibrations (which sounds weird) by pointing out the obvious about comments that are made by yourself (works/pages included). To then speak of other forums who actually encourage dialogue despite opposing views in a negative manner views just shows how undeveloped you are on a mind level/lack of maturity. You like scrutinizing others, but do not like when it is done to you. Stereotypical bully. At least those other forums you speak of actually allow others to scrutinize and engage in dialogue despite their size. You also failed to address the bad vibes that were hurled my way. Nice

    I came here because your works have been presented as something to behold and when looking closer, they are literally a reflection of your current comment, ill-informed. Banning those that oppose you for simply quizzing and stating obvious again displays shows you for the controlling individual you are; and yet on an existential basis, you claim this is something you do not support. To me this is a huge red flag where you are concerned. All you want are people that do not question, and just allow you to do what ever it is you want, pretending to be something (presenting yourself) that you clearly are not. And what is even more ironic is that you have whole lectures on narcissism (leaning towards sociopathy/psychopathy).

    1. I haven’t said anything about scrutinizing. I have no problem with people scrutinizing my work. I have been around for a long time. Don’t you think that has happened before? I am only presenting information I have gathered for people to take, leave, or to take what resonates. I don’t know how many times I’ve stated that. I also state it in the beginning of every video.

      Again, it has nothing to do with being scrutinized.

      Then you mention forums I apparently criticize, according to you, which are encouraging dialogues in all forms, opposed to my own forum (again, according to you). Which forums are you talking about?

  4. To finish off, You’re not genuine when you make that comment before your videos/or your works. What happened before is nothing to do with this conversation and neither myself. I am not one of these resonates people, I was here to read your works from an objective stand point, end of. Your attempt to manipulate information out is myself is transparent and further adds to my general view of you as an individual. Simply put, I do not trust you, and neither do I trust your works.

    1. I seriously have no idea what you’re talking about, but it doesn’t matter. You have made a decision and come to a conclusion, and I’m not going to try to change that. You have the right to think what you will about me and my work.

  5. Nice how you try top brush off what I have written in your response. Anybody who has basic literacy skills can see what I am talking about (again more of your attempts at manipulation). Yeah I know I have that right, no need to for you to tell me that.

    1. @Anonymous.. seriously, why are u still here? As you said before, you are confused about everything what Wes writes. Why are you still here? Why are you still ranting here? Move on. Find for yourself less confused material somwhere else.

    1. I checked it out because I haven’t been looking at Godlike Productions in a couple of years or so. Although the topics this Ghaeleon is posting under are very similar to what I am writing about, this is not me.

  6. Thank you Wes for the information you are sharing! We appreciate it! There will be always people like Anonymous, take it easy. We love your work!

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