How Confusion is Introduced into the Spiritual Field

By Wes Penre, July 2, 2022

I have reconsidered and decided to post an alert here every time I post a new video on my main video channels.

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Quote from the video:

Back in 1963, the CIA wrote a document called, “KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation,” which described something that was to be called “The Alice in Wonderland Technique.” This was used by CIA interrogators when they wanted the interrogated person to reveal their secrets, and it is being used in expanded terms up to this day.

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  1. Thanks Wes! I for one has always considered this site your main site, and one of which I always go to for your latest information and insight. In my opinion you can never have enough alerts or sites where you can post the Truth during this true time of the Apocalypse. Folks remember in Greek Apo means to take away, Calypse means veil. So the true meaning of the apocalypse is the falling of the veil which we are witnessing in Grand fashion at this time. Thanks Wes and all the others that do this Great Work!

    1. There are probably many people thinking like you that this is my main site. So yes, I think it’s a good idea to alert people here, too, as soon as I post something somewhere else.

      The word apocalypse, in the scheme of things, is an interesting word!

  2. Very interesting video of a lady that met Enki twice aboard a ship and in person, Please share your thoughts on what Enki has told her as This Enki is nothing like what has be told. I MET ENKI – ELENA DANAAN, EARTH EMISSARY – THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF WORLDS SHARES HER EXPERIENCE Enki is back and bringing the original DNA codes to correct and fix the human race back to its origanal state sometime in July according to her info,

  3. Hello Wes,
    I have been watching your videos on odysee….YouTube and Facebook are censoring everyone and everything now. Your work was the starting point of my awakening back in 2013. Keep up the amazing research and work. If it wasn’t for your information….I might still be asleep today. ……

  4. The previous post I made was at 11:11 am……a number I started seeing back in 2013….when I first found your papers…I just noticed I made the previous post at that time… Quite amazing!!!

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