Q&A Session #2, January 2023

By Wes Penre, January 14, 2023

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Welcome to the second Q&A in 2023! Thank you for your contributions, and please send more questions at wespernre2@gmail.com, and put Q&A in the subject line.

Some of you might know I have now published my new book on Amazon.com, called The Orion Book. Please follow the link and check it out if you haven’t.

Question 1: I’ve been coming across a lot of information on Twin Souls/Twin Flames.  Usually, it is a rare occurrence to reunite with one’s Twin Flame. However, since December 21, 2012, the phenomenon has become more commonplace.  There are now numerous articles, blogs, videos, books, the list goes on.  The information I am reading about Twin Flames is oftentimes contradictory, to say the least!  Is it true they split when incarnating yet share the same soul?  Could you please further elaborate on this?

Comment: There was a time when I believed in the twin flames phenomenon, but after having expanded my research in general, I have discarded the entire idea of twin flames. Some people said it was New Age hocus pocus, and I tend to think that is the case.

It is true, though, that the soul is being split between lifetimes, and before we have a new incarnation, but we are born into this world with a complete blank slate—no memories. So does the splinter. Each lifetime, we develop a completely new personality, and so does our splinters. We would never be able to tell we’re from the same soul-mind because we would have very different upbringings and in different environments. Sometimes, two people feel they are extremely connected to each other, and they may perhaps even think they are “twin flames,” but I tend to believe that such people just happen to be within the same soul frequency, and they find each other because alike attracts alike.

Question 2: Do you have any idea where the Grid “ends”? I have trouble understanding the scope of it. For example, are the planets and sun within it or outside?

Comment: The Grid surrounds the Earth—the planet—and is located very high up in the atmosphere, which is larger, btw, than we have been taught. It forms a toroidal field and is held in place with technology. Outside of the Grid is the rest of the solar system with all the planetary bodies. It’s easy to see that the moon, when it’s full, is extremely close and appears to be within the atmosphere. The same goes for the sun when we watch sunrises and sunsets. The ancients placed most planetary bodies within the atmosphere, but again, because of more research, I tend to think the moon and the sun are projected inside the atmosphere from outside, and they both work as portals in a higher density. The Sun is a direct portal to Sirius A, for example, from which the Sun takes its energy. Thus, the Overlords can regulate how much sun energy should be produced on Earth at different times with help from technology. I discuss this some more in The Orion Book.

Question 3: Where would you suggest are good “safe zones” to explore when we exit? E.g., stars, different species, galaxies, etc.

Comment: I don’t know. What I will do is to return to the Queen, our Cosmic Mother. We are Her, both soul-mind wise and spirit-wise. We are just individuated units of Spirit and Consciousness, derived from Her. All we need to do, once outside the Grid is to think ourselves to the highest aspect possible of the Mother Goddess. I talk a lot more about exiting the Grid in The Orion Book, and you can also get more information about it, and about which commands you can use, in The Exit Handout, written by a friend of mine. Lastly, I have a whole section on my blog dedicated to the Grid and how to exit.

It’s okay just to explore the Orion Universe once you’re outside, but we will be strangers to that environment at first, so if we start by visiting the Queen, She can tell us what we can do next and what we need to learn. That’s just my suggestion.

Question 4: Do you have a Successor in mind to continue your work in the event of your passing?

Comment: No, I do not. In case of my demise, I only have my legacy for anyone to study. And of course, if someone wants to expand on it, they can do that. My only wish is that if someone does that, they separate what I wrote and said from their own research and clearly states what is what.

Question 5: The Namlu’us who were used as slaves in the mines in the second construct, they no longer had the ability to return to Orion after their death, and were recycled again to work in the mines in Africa and elsewhere?   

Were they already in a situation similar to ours with amnesia?  And were their bodies already similar to ours in 3d?

Comment: The answer to your first question is yes. At that time, there was no Grid in the sense there is now, and there was no BLA recycling center. When someone died, they were apparently shot back into a new body, probably at random, without life reviews and other procedures. And there was no soul splitting at that time.

In the beginning of the Second Construct, we were still Namlu’us, but not as tall as on Tiamat. These bodies, however, were too frail to live in the harsh and dense Earth environment, and they could not accomplish the hard work. So, En.ki tried cloning and other means, until he came up with homo sapiens, who were much more sturdy. Then, he put our soul-mind and spirit body inside the sapiens “spacesuit,” and we became quite limited in our perceptions, although not as limited as in the Third Construct, which is the Matrix.

A real human comprises soul-mind-spirit body (a 3-Unit Composite, or a 3-UC, as I called it in The Orion Book). Please see The Orion Book for more information on the spirit body—it’s too much to go into here, I’m afraid.

We had some amnesia already in Construct 2 because of the density, but not as much as we do now. The bodies were Namlu’u to begin with, but later became homo sapiens. Compared to humans today, those looking most similar to the Namlu’u might be the Kenyans, tall and thin. But the Namlu’us on Tiamat were much taller.

Question 6: You stated that we must not go INTO the Grid (as in the Grid itself, not the holes) because we will be electrocuted. If you accidentally hit the Grid and get electrocuted, what happens then? Are you not able to exit and go to Orion?

Comment: I doubt you would run into the Grid when you exit. You need to have an intention to do so. But if you do, you would probably get a super-jolt and the soul fires would start vibrating. You’d be in shock, and it would probably take a while to recover. You will still be able to try again as soon as you have recovered, being able to exit the Matrix.

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    1. @KTB. Great question! We, as Namlu’us in the first construct (Tiamat) were quite infantile. We had all the potentials, and we were born to be creator gods–we had all the setup for that. But we needed to go through the Tiamat construct in order to see if the Experiment to create more compassionate beings would be fruitful or not. When we were kidnapped after the War of the Titans, all we really knew was to be on a planet, trying to evolve. There was a changing of the Guards, from Orion to En.ki, but we were still in a construct, and there was an agreement between Orion and En.ki. So, we kept playing our part, so En.ki had little difficulty keeping us here. In the first Earth Construct (that which En.ki created and which became Atlantis before the Flood), we had more freedom than we have now. The Earth, from scratch, was a 3D construct, while Tiamat was a KHAA construct (Spirit Universe). In the Second Construct, we still could communicate with Mother Goddess, who was embedded in Earth (Mother Gaia), but it was more difficult than on Tiamat, where there was no solid 3D. Then, of course, the Third Construct, the Matrix, in which we now live in, is even more solid, and we have complete amnesia (except for those you are waking up and start reconnecting with Spirit).

      Much more about this in The Orion Book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BM463SZT .

      1. Thank you Wes! I am excited to get your Orion book! I have your first one and will get the others as well!

  1. Hi Wes, will buy your book and maybe have to read that first to make this clear. It is true that the moon seems to be much closer than we’ve learned, but do you still think the moon is real or is it a reflection of the (bigger) earth on the firmament?

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