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By Wes Penre, July 30, 2023

This is just a short announcement for those who make comments on my blog posts.

I have had some problems with certain people recently, who have posted in the comment sections. Because I want to create a safe and toxic-free environment, I needed to take some actions. Please continue posting, by all means, but there may be a delay before your post is showing up on the blog because it now needs to go through me before it shows up. I need to approve it.

I’m sorry it has come to this, but it’s quite common on blogs, websites, and video sites. I have been spared from this to a large degree until recently. Not sure if it has to do with the Orion books or not, but regardless, toxicity does not belong here.

I have done the same thing at, where the same people are spreading their toxic comments that are sometimes not even related to the information, but an intent to defame me as a person. Some of these people have stalked me for years as if they have nothing else to do.

Anyone is of course welcome to criticize what I’m presenting, but the criticism needs to be constructive and not derogatory and/or attacking me as a person. That is the only rule on this subject. I understand there are people who now will try to find loopholes in that rule, but then it’s ultimately up to me to decide.

Thanks for understanding.

Kind regards,


  1. It’s everywhere. It’s not so bad than it was five years ago but unfortunately we still have to deal with these issues.

  2. Thank you Wes for stepping and managing your presence on the web. It is so important to keep your contribution (knowledge sharing) available safe and toxic free. Well done!

  3. Hi, everybody!
    Wes, I truly understand your point, and I’d like to take this opportunity to say that I am very grateful to everything you have done. \♡/

  4. well done- possibly long overdue and I guess your kindness must have been pulled to the limits. Your work and your writing is an absolute gift. Please ignore the assholes and let them stew in their own assholness.

  5. Dear Wes,

    This is my all last message to you. I am sorry, for my mistakes that have been done to you and anybody. I can’t longer been so openly, any longer. Reasons, I wont mentions. Plz, do what you feel to do and know do the right thing. I hope you do. Marduk almost catched me. I dont wanna say more about it. It’s none bussiness to been or use energy on it. But I have one message to the human soul group one last time and you wont hear from me ever again that’s my last post ever!. You are okay. But if you would like before going under totally can you plz if you wanna believe it or not, but I know deeply and more to post just that quote, to them.? Writtem by me a few time ago but now it’s time…to do so. Thank you, if you do if not that’s okay too, I wont mingle with your free will. But that’s the last time bothering you. Stay safe.

    “I never asked to been a fighter. But life throw me into the pit and said surive. So, that’s, what I did. I had to fight my way out of every situations and struggles in life. Nobody ever handed me anything for free. So you got two choices, either sit back let life beats you up or you make a decision to get up every day and fight. Let me tell you it’s not gonna been easy, you gonna get tired and gonna get exhausted. You gonna feel like you lost battles but as long as you never give up, you win the war. This is your time, this is your moment. You been called and you have been equipped. Get up and fight.”

    Bless been you who speaks of Orion Queen!


  6. As a new member ,I want to thank you Wes very much. Having taken many paths searching for Truth i was led eventually to your papers, the knowledge series. I already have 3 books.lined up to read when I finish series 5. They are amazingly honest , sincere as truthful. I know I found them at the exact moment I was supposed to.

  7. Okay, you not allowed to write a book about my bloodline at all, plz dont. Reasons is at I losing my bloodline all over. Plz, do not public it. I lost many souls already of mine they are killed espcially O- (redheads)are killed suddenly, and I, do not allow it anymore, I am sick and tired of it. I am so done and have to carry this pain! Plz, find something else to write upon than on my already attacked bloodline! HAVE SOME RESPECT, ATLEST! Ppls of my bloodline are killed and I am a damn 3D body myself, in put myself to feel human soul group their pain. I carrying for always, no matter what. I am at fault and it hurts.

    I am also tired run away from Enki and so more Marduk. I stand ground. No matter, what both wants I am done….so done


  8. Sorry, but I try too saving humans lifes as well, you can write but I know the total truth publishing something, I am not kay with,. I wont longer run anymore, they find me anyways I do not fear Enki but Marduk, I do fear. But anyone gonna kill me well my fahter at end has a say and it wont pretty for them if they did. But they dont cause, my fahter is no a joke with and none wanna mess with him either, so all trust ro him cause he hears me. Wes been carefully. I warn you been very carefully cause Marduks ppls aren’t a joke. I mean it and know, who I am.

  9. Trust hole no, stick to your true self. That’s the nowdays problem, ppl, engery’s is off the “moon” is a actally cloaked mothership. You yourself know the way out, your more powerful than you think you are. Dont fall for it,been you. How I escaped via blending in with nowdays humans looks. That’s the only way to witnesses it all like you all do. I no longer hide myself or run away, tired of it and to no use, I have to stand ground like everyone like you. I wont been a coward, anymore. They kill me image my father Nintura would go crazy and nuts in fully war mode as yess he is the true Archangel Michael! Enki wont touch me, no more but Marduk would try, I met him and had to manipulated the police on him to stay away from me before getting to me I know, my skills and how to use it. Reasons, why I am still here is ti feel the suffer and pain caused once to humanity been part of it and overview it all! I feel the pain happing during middle east wars going on and all souls calls on me, I feel it. Deeply. I am ready for a fight this crazy shit! And I learned from yve best, Nintura, my geandmother etc…Wes watch out plz, take care it will get worse and I can’t protecting you or all awaking souls here! But keep going and about the book, okay write it Dont digrace me I suffer as well remember that! Go ahead. I think that’s the last messages ever. Yeah it is. Always on run from Marduk’s ppls not fun. But I desvered it.


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