The ULTIMATE Guide to Exit Through the Grid

By Wes Penre, September 17, 2023

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Translation by Adela Kaufmann
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Over the years, I have written multiple articles and made videos on how to exit the Matrix through a hole in the Grid around Earth. I started out by giving very simple instructions because it is very simple. However, I noticed that people must have thought it seemed too simple, so they complicated things, and all these what ifs came into the picture, and they just escalated because of people’s fear. It’s understandable to feel fear of the unknown, but this fear must be transformed into courage and overridden to the point when the bravery is stronger than the fear, or the exit will obviously not happen and you will fall into the recycling trap again.

This article will most likely be the last article I write on how to exit through the Grid, and after having listened to people’s what ifs and addressed these fears in miscellaneous articles and videos, emails and messages continue pouring in with new what ifs. Therefore, it’s time to return to basics. I will end where I started by explaining it plainly and simply because that’s what it is–the exit procedure is ridiculously simple. Please don’t overthink it, or you will become your own obstacle, giving into your fear and chicken out.

If you truly want to exit, please continue reading. This is what is required:

  1. You must get rid of fears until you get to the point when you know you will be able to exit. You accomplish this by doing inner work. You will know when you are ready enough to override the fears. Make very sure you remove abusive people from your immediate life or it will be very difficult to build the courage.
  2. For me, at least, as a healing program, the 21-Day Reprogramming has worked excellently ( It also helps if you have a trustworthy person in your life whom you can open up to, and perhaps can open up to you. There is no faster healing than that–better even than the best therapy with the best therapist.
  3. Make very sure that when you die, you have no attachments to the Matrix, and you are ready to leave everything behind. Don’t be lazy with this one. This applies to friends, relatives, significant others, pets, and material things alike.

That is what you need to work on while you are still here in this life on Earth. If you truly feel you have already accomplish these three steps, congratulations! Then you will read this article without doubting yourself when it comes to exiting–at least not more than you know you can handle your doubt when the day comes.

Here is the simple exit strategy, the one and only I will use. If you don’t see any updates to this anytime in the future, the following will be the workable technique I will use–nothing more, nothing less:

  1. When I die and leave my body, I look “up” in relation to my deceased body on Earth, and I will spot the Grid above me.
  2. I spot one of the many holes in the Grid and I think along these lines, “I am going through a hole in the Grid NOW!” The astral is thought-responsive, so my thoughts will be instantly executed. Therefore, the word NOW! is very important.
  3. Once out of the Grid, I immediately think, “I am at the Orion Queen’s Highest possible aspect NOW!” I will be there in an instant, regardless of where she roams at that moment.

That’s it.

The only couple of things I want to add is that if you encounter anybody at all, no matter who, when you are in the astral, PAY NO ATTENTION to them at all. FOCUS on your task to leave, and no one will be able to stop you. To be stopped, you must agree to being stopped. The other thing is, if you feel you’re lost in the astral for any reason, just start over. “I am at a hole in the Grid NOW!” and you’ll be there. Then repeat 1-3. If things seem foggy or cloudy, think, “CLARITY NOW!” and you’ll get clarity.

This is all there is to it.



      1. Hi wes will you able to sell your books of orion on ebay as well or not?if you have an account there and only if you have the option it will help

  1. Well, Where Do You Go After The GRID?? None of this makes any sense! Have You Left The GRID?? 🤔🤔🤔

    1. It’s in the article. You go to the Queen (please read again). If it is still confusing after you’ve reread it, it’s probably because you might not be familiar with my research. If so, please either go to and read The Wes Penre Papers, or go to and type in Wes Penre. My research, in a more direct form, is in The ORION Book, vol. 1 and 2.

  2. I have both your Orion books and I have read the first one 6 times, (believe it or not) and I’m almost through with the second reading of book 2. You have made it clear as to how we can exit the grid. The many questions that you’ve gotten in regards to the exit strategy are obviously because so many people have lost confidence in themselves. I don’t blame you for getting fed up with endless questions. People have to take charge of their lives and stop expecting others to do everything for them. I’m 72 and I still work out 5 days per week and my routine is quite extensive. I’m not bragging, however it’s disappointing to recognize just how much people have been psychologically damaged to the point where even the simplest of things become a challenge for them. My expectation at body death is, whoopee, I’m free at last. Now follow through on the 3 step process out of this hell hole called earth. I can’t wait. I’m actually looking forward to death, because then I can resume my real life that was given to me by our creator. Thanks again Wes for all the incredible information you’ve shared. I’ve read your WPPs twice and many other books also and the foundational knowledge I gained helped me to realize that you have connected all the dots. I have every expectation that what you have laid out will be proven to be true. Thanks so much beloved friend.

    1. Yes, we have very little time. The Singularity and Metaverse are around the corner, and if we have any sense, we don’t want to go there. People who read this, please take actions in your life to fulfill the pre-requirements to the point where you can override the fear of exiting. It’s easy to sit in front of a computer and say we’re ready. But what will we do when it’s actually time to leave? If that frightens you, and your heart starts pounding faster, please do your homework. Each one of us is very much needed out in Orion.

      When it comes to the Matrix, life is death and death is life. We have been so fooled that we think living on Earth is life and leaving our bodies is death. It’s inverted… it’s exactly the opposite. People are not overly afraid to be in these bodies, so why then be afraid of life (which we humans know as death)?

  3. Ashayana ( Easha ) Deane comments on this. She points out folks plan all year for their vacation. Yet, few plan their next incarnation. I am going to return to my ship, and take a long inter galactic and interdimensional cruise, like I used to. Meanwhile, in this incarnation , I continue to globe trot by sailboat, when not battling the dark side.

  4. You’ve made it so simple and have already answered all pertinent questions. The endless questions you’ve been getting just prove how much people have been psychology damaged.

  5. To add to this, and I have recounted this experience before …I had a near death on Christmas morning in 2018. I had an excruciating headache, like the one I had before my stroke in 2016. It was still dark out, and I was in so much pain I couldn’t move. Then suddenly the pain went away. I was in profound darkness. Then I saw a tube, static colored like static on TV, snaking towards me. I thought “No, I do not want your Heaven, or your Nirvana, or back on Earth. I reject going back or being nearby. I want the Universe!” Then I felt like I was turning around and I was in the Universe. Watching nebula, stars being born, ect. The sky or space was black at first, then all these amazing colors started to come into focus. I looked around and Earth was no where to be found, and my memories were fading fast. I didn’t even remember my young daughter I would have left behind. Just joy in the Universe and getting ready to get off to new worlds. I thought to myself ” Let’s go to Orion!” Then I found myself back in body, headache throbbing, and feeling cheated. I suspect that this was a trial by astral, to see what I will do at death. The AIF know I am leaving and serious. I have something I need to finish here, and when I go, I will do as Wes says. It really isn’t difficult if you are focused. Thank you Wes!

  6. Brilliant! Just wondering if you have read the new David Icke book, The Dream? So much synergy between the two of you…

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