Q&A Session #1, November 2023

By Wes Penre, November 9, 2023

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Here is a new Q&A. There haven’t been any in a couple of weeks. I have been busy from morning to evening writing the new book, The Story of Isis and the War on Bloodlines. It will be the absolute best I’ve ever written, and it truly puts the pieces together, so we can understand the Matrix and the Overlords’ Agenda much better. So, the Q&A’s may continue being far between for a while.

Thank you for your questions! Please send more to wespenre2@gmail.com, and put Q&A in the subject line, so I won’t miss your email.

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Now to the questions:

Question #1: In “The Orion Book: Volume 2” you have a lot to say about Enki and the religion most people follow in the Judeo-Christian faiths.  One tenet many followers partake in is that of tithing 10% of one’s income.  Isn’t that essentially giving money to Enki and his minions?  What is your take on tithing?

Comment: Yes, it’s basically a way of collecting money that goes to the Overlords’ agenda, and perhaps more importantly, you give money (which is energy) to them, creating loosh for them to digest.

Question #2: I have been reading your material on and off since 2021 starting with the Hidden Hand and more slowly opening my mind to other possibilities.

Recently I read the Orion Book 1 and am finishing right now the Orion Book 2.

In the Orion book in chapter 23 (The Gnostics and The Jesus story) you say that “I don’t believe there was a Jesus walking on Earth 2,000 years ago – its most likely a myth created by a plotting trickster god.”

My questions are the following:

1) Who is the “Jesus” that is talked about in the following sources?

– Thallus 52 AD

– Annals of 116 AD

– Antiquities of the Jews


–  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUmWsPhllAU

2) Who are the “demons” in the catholic church? And why can they be cast out in Jesus Christ name?

Comment: 1) Since I started digging deep into the research for the new Isis book, I realized I was wrong regarding the Jesus. Many think Jesus did not exist because it’s a recap of earlier pagan stories, such as Osiris, Isis, and Horus, but that’s how they do it. They repeat the same, or very similar stories, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t someone here 2,000 years ago, portraying the Jesus figure. There was! I am certain about that now—not because I think that’s the case, it’s because without Jesus walking here on Earth, the Overlords’ major agenda could never be played out. Jesus as a man, with Marduk’s soul inside, was essential to the Overlords. Any reader of the new Isis book will understand why that is when they read it. There is no doubt anymore that a real person was here.

I haven’t had the chance to research any of the names you mentioned, unfortunately.

2) Demons can be many things. Some of them are thought forms in the astral, who have gotten their own consciousness because they are fed and created with our energies. Some demons are also Overlords, e.g., Sirians who possess certain people of certain bloodlines. Why they sometimes leave when the name of Jesus Christ (Marduk) is repeated, I can only hypothesize. One explanation is that the exorcist (often a Catholic), has such a strong faith that he or she is basically mentally stronger than the demon. I think this is the reason. Exorcism doesn’t always work, it depends on the power of the exorcist, regardless of whether he or she is a Catholic or a pagan. Faith can be a strong motivator, however, and we humans should never underestimate our own spiritual power in general—not even here in the Matrix.

Question #3: I have read all your work, and I really like how you handle things.  I have a question: We were born into the spiritual realm as 3-UC,  which means that our spirit-souls are attached to the spiritual body, which is one.  The soul comes from the material kingdom but if it is incorporated into the spiritual body and therefore indivisible, does that make it immortal at all?  Sophia, who is an Aeon, she is made in the same way as us ? Thank you for your answer.

Comment: At one point in time, I would say in the beginning of the Second Construct (Atlantis), En.ki created the artificial soul (mentioned in the Gnostic texts), also called the astral body—the blueprint for our physical body. In there, he trapped the true Namlú’u soul-spirit-mind (3-UC). Through the astral body, he and the other Overlords can manipulate us humans and control us through complete amnesia, etc. The astral body is of the material universe—the Matrix—and when we exit, we won’t bring with us our astral body, our false avatar. Once out of here, we will operate from the true 3-UC, and not the false artificial soul-mind-Spirit body, which are the astral body, lower mind (including the subconscious mind), and physical body, respectively. Remember, En.ki copies everything—he’s a copycat. Outside the Matrix, we shed all the false parts of ourselves, and left are the true soul and mind, and the spirit body, respectively, making up our Avatar. Soul and mind (within the boundary of the Orion Universe) are not immortal. If the Universe ceases to exist, only our spirit body will survive.

Yes, The Orion Queen, i.e., the Aeon Sophia, manifested in the Orion Universe, comprising soul-mind-spirit body, just like we do. We are “mini-copies” of the Queen, one could say.

Question #4: Will we hear more (all there is to know) of Isis’ father and grandfather in the Isis book?

Comment: Prince Ninurta will be very important in the Isis book, and he is mentioned a lot across all the chapters—Khan En.lil not so much. He’s not part of this particular story to any significant degree.

Question #5: The Wes Penre Papers has a lot of material to be read, the average person is not evolved enough to assimilate so much information, it is difficult almost impossible to find someone who is interested in researching to find the truth, so I would like to know if it is absolutely necessary to read the Wes Penre Papers to get out through a hole in the grid, or is just reading the Book of Orion enough to enable someone to get out of the matrix?

Comment: I think that’s individual, but if I would have to suggest, I’d say, read the Orion books first, and then go to the Wes Penre Papers. The books fill two purposes: 1) They simplify the essential parts of the papers, without altering them, and 2) they expand on them. They are more condensed than the WPP, but for those who want an expanded picture, more nitty-gritty details, the WPP are definitely a great source of information.

Question #6: Is Homo sapiens a mixture of the apes existing at the time of Atlantis and the human race called Namlú’u, as described in level 3 of the Wes Penre Papers?

Comment: En.ki experimented a lot with different races, even Reptoid races, before he created homo sapiens. Yes, he tinkered with the prehistoric apes, changed their DNA, and eventually came up with a homo sapiens that would work to host our 3-UCs. I will explain much more about how that worked in the beginning part of the Isis book.

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  1. You said in one of your comments that if the universe ceases to exist, only our spirit would survive. So, I would conclude that we would lose our self awareness and identity and ultimately would no longer exist, if the spirit is just a vessel that contains our soul and mind. So, in further contemplating this issue, I would think that eternal life for us is not a sure thing but would depend on the Queen and however long this particular universe lasts. Am I correct? One of the axioms of Scientology is,( The cycle of creation is, create, sustain, destroy. Would you please comment on my statement?

    1. Hi Gregory. Maybe think of it like this: Would Sophia, i.e., the Spirit Sophia cease to exist if the Universe was destroyed? The soul and the “universal” mind are of this Universe, but Spirit survives. Sophia would not cease to exist, and neither would her “personality.” There would be no Sophia before the Universe was created if it would. We ARE Sophia, in that we are constructed the same way as she is, and of her.

      1. Thank you for taking the time to answer me. You have said that our soul and mind are not eternal. So, if those parts of our beingness were to cease to exist, then how would that affect our perception of ourselves. What you said in your answer to me, if I am understanding properly, would indicate that our perceptions of ourselves would no longer include the memory that was accumulated by our present minds, therefore our identity would change, I would think. What I am trying to say here, is that you haven’t stated how our perception of ourself would be after the loss of our present soul and mind. Again, thank you for taking the time to answer me. As I have stated before, your work and info that you have shared with all of us is in my opinion absolutely priceless. After 30 years of research including your WPPs and your Orion books 1&2, I see how you have connected all the dots and your conclusions seem to me to be the only logical conclusion. I marvel that such a person as myself understands your information, however the greater major of mankind is oblivious. I oftentimes think, why me. I never manifested genius level intelligence throughout my neatly 73 years. If I can speak for all those that follow your work, everyone of us appreciate you more than words can say. Thankyou beloved friend and brother.

        1. This is how I see it:

          Our soul and mind are primarily what make up what I call our Avatar in the WPP. The Avatar is a composite of trillions of tiny, nano-sized fires (bioelectricity). Electricity is of THIS Universe (Matrix and Orion). Electricity does not necessarily exist outside the Orion Universe. Therefore, the Avatar, made of energy, is not immortal. We need this composite we call soul in order to move around in THIS Universe, not necessarily in other universes, which may be constructed differently and souls might be obsolete. Maybe some universes are not even built with energy.

          The mind, as we know it, is a construct of this Universe, as well. It’s multidimensional and works on different levels. Here, in the Matrix, for example, it works on one level, while it works on expanded levels the more access we have to the KHAA. Those who are not spirited will cease to exist if the Universe would be destroyed because they ARE of this Universe. Human soul-mind would also be destroyed and we would cease to be human; but Spirit is storing all our memories and experiences in this Universe, so even if this Universe does no longer exist, we, as Spirit, would still exist with full memory. Of how life would be outside this Universe, in Spirit form only, we can only guess and imagine. Perhaps one day, and maybe after having left the Matrix, we will gradually understand how it was when we were all Sophia before this Universe was created.

          1. Thanks so much for the greater explanation. By the statement you made it appears to me that you believe that we exist outside the boundaries of matter, energy, space and time. I have wondered about this possibility, but do not have sufficient knowledge to be totally convinced. I am in no way claiming that I am the authority on this topic and appreciate very much being permitted to pick your brain as the saying goes. Do you have any sources or information that would confirm that we indeed are a consciousness that is not energy based? One might go so far as to say that we are a self aware nothingness, if that is true. I got to admit it mister Wes, I feel like a kid in a candy shop having this conversation with you. I’m not looking for sympathy, but, I live by myself and have noone that is as advanced as you are that I can ask these questions to. I find the sharing of spiritual knowledge to be positively energizing. Thanks again.

  2. I’ve been searching your site finding information on the ascension into the 4th/5th density.

    A lot of people I know are talking about this, saying it will happen in the next 6 months.

    They say that we will be able to see mythical creatures again in nature and be more interactive with it.

    I take photographs of nature and I have noticed already a change. I do live on a leyline and I’m noticing different areas of the mountains where I live now visible and I haven’t noticed these areas before. I see etheric looking energy around certain mountains as well, it’s hard to explain. I’m trying to photograph some of it.

    Nature is more embracing, I feel it reaching out more. Some people I know are experiencing depression, this may be do to electromagnetic radiation, like you’ve said before.

    I just wanted to share.

    1. Hi Vibe Whirled. I agree that we are children of Nature, that’s why so many of us feel better in the countryside, for example. Humanity will take two directions: against nature and spirituality and towards matter and the Machine.
      If you’re subscribing to the New Age movement (which you might not be, but in case…) please at least consider discarding the 4-5th density/dimension ascension program. It’s a huge trap set up by Marduk (equivalent to the Biblical Satan). It’s a dangerous route to follow. Consider reading my “The ORION Book” volumes 1 and 2 for detailed information about what the Overlords are planning for us and the 5th Dimension. Just search my name on amazon.com, and you’ll find them. This needs to be studied in context, and it’s crucial that people know.

  3. In a previous Q&A session, it was stated :
    “Anunnaki” is all based on Sitchin’s work, which is not reliable. Sitchin got a lot of things wrong.
    Can you say what things in particular he got wrong?
    The Sumerian tablets clearly indicate that Enlil was the bad god, while Enki was the one who created and protected the humans. Marduk, Enki’s son, was a loose cannon, but unlike Enlil, Marduk did not want destruction of humanity. Enki got the bad publicity of being called Satan. It seems your sources have put Enki back into the ‘bad god’ camp. How is this justified?

    1. Hi Anonymous. I think you have not read my papers and/or my books. If you had, you wouldn’t ask these questions because you would know my answers for sure, and how I came to my conclusions. Please read in context:

      The Wes Penre Papers: https://wespenre.com

      My books: https://www.amazon.com/stores/Wes-Penre/author/B08W3VYKCX?ref=ap_rdr&store_ref=ap_rdr&isDramIntegrated=true&shoppingPortalEnabled=true

      Regarding Sitchin: If we throw out babies with the bathwater, we are never going to find the truth. Sitchin was way off the mark, but he had some valid points, and these points are important. We must train ourselves to separate the wheat from the chaff. Sometimes, we can find very useful information from a source that is generally disregarded by most. So don’t listen to others, who say Sitchin (or anyone else, for that matter) has been debunked. Find out for yourself. The same goes for my information… find out for yourself. At the end of the day, it’s YOU who must make your own conclusion, whether it corresponds with the majority or you’re alone in the world with your conclusions.

      It was Mark Twain who said, “If you find yourself being on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

      1. A really big thanks for you replying so quickly – I truely appreciate it!
        I have indeed read up to level 3 of your papers, but this was many years ago.
        It seems I need to do some revision and then get up to level 5!
        I assume this will then explain why Sitchin was way off the mark? (similarly, with Dan Ward and Lawrence Gardner, who tell a similar story).
        You have mentioned you have received information via a channeled source. Can I ask who / what this source is?

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