Mission Statement

It’s difficult to say how many genuine souls are here on Earth from the original human soul group that I call the Namlu’u, but we seem to be a small minority of the entire world population; at least as I have concluded it.

Most of us, who belong to the original human soul group, being direct soul splinters of the Queen of the Stars, feel lonely, and we feel we don’t fit in with the majority of the population. We feel that we are “different” because we have a greater amount of love, empathy, and compassion inside. We intuitively know that this is not our home, and many of us have been looking up toward the stars and wondered which star is our real home. We want something much more fulfilling than what this artificial reality presents.

Thus, I have four purposes with what I am doing, and this can be viewed as my mission statement:

  1. My purpose is for those who are drawn to my material to have a place where they can discuss their thoughts and worries and address questions with other like-minded souls. It’s a step out of loneliness. Any souled beings–Namlu’u or trapped star beings alike–are welcome into this community.
  2. I (Wes) have presented a SOULution how to leave the Matrix after this lifetime, and my purpose is to attract as many of our true soul group and trapped star beings to this community as possible, so together we can learn to see through the lies and deceptions together and come up with ideas and soulutions, resulting in us living a more meaningful and better life, while still here in this last incarnation. I want people to come to a point where they are determined enough to safely exit through a hole in the Grid when their physical bodies expire and not get trapped in the soul reincarnation cycle anymore–if this is what they decide to do.
  3. I want to create as safe a haven as possible for those who fit into the above mindset and learn to know each other because we sense that we are all going to meet in person outside the Grid.
  4. I want to share my insights and research with the world, so those who feel the connection can use at least some of it in their own spiritual growth. I hope to be able to be a springboard for people who want to know who they are, where they are, and where they are heading, so they can come to their own conclusions.


  1. So well presented and explained Wes And Ariel, you definitely pinpoint the mass deception that is taking place by way of En-Ki and his followers, and also the really small percentage of the original Soul-group that exists here in this reality; it is quite mind blowing really! It seems that once we pass through the grid into the Khaa, we become the creator beings of light that we really are, able to create whatever we desire to create, but being responsible for what we do create? I personally will travel to the Orion Empire upon leaving this false reality having passed through the Grid and go from there. Many thanks Wes and Ariel.

  2. I’m just getting started on reading the stuff in this site; it’s fascinating, and as near as I can tell, spot-on (though I use some different terminologies.) Clearly these folks are what we of the Vril Comunity call “Auroreans,” literally, “light-bringers.”

      1. Okay, but remember, you did ask! 😉 The Vril Community is dedicated to the study of “The Force” in all its forms, both esoteric and exoteric. The current incarnation began when Maria Orsic, the principle medium of the original “Vril Society,” was contacted via psychic channeling. Yes, it sounds bonkers, but once started down that rabbit-hole, there was no turning back. Much that she communicated is contained in the short volumes, “Conversations With Fraulein Maria” on Kindle Ebooks, also “The Vrilya Citizen Newsletter Collections,” same source. I’m not really out to hawk books and newsletters, and they’ll never finance a new Harley, but I mention ’em because that’s where a lot of the history and detail is.

  3. Retaining ones powers of discernment will be a key to the holding cell in the khaa as well.

      1. Ariel,
        The khaa is another construct no? The Patrix has its pixels- matter. The khaa is a framework for electrical soul-energy expressed as thought forms, like a brain i guess. Last year you did some interesting videos about spirit vs soul. Like perhaps spirit is from a place outside the khaa. That pleroma thingy from the nag hamadi or what have you. An interesting question to raise methinks.
        Oh ya i thought of something else related the word mission since its in the title of this article. Mission-ARIES. Like Marduk, lol. Ah word plays, love em.

        1. Reply to Ariel. 4-5 years ago I shifted and was guided to a meditation. First I was told to bless the Earth, I did and I was much bigger than the Earth, then I was told to bless the solar system. I did and I was bigger than the solar system. Third I was told to bless the Universe. I did and not only was I larger than the universe, my first thought was ‘I am God’! In hindsight I felt the only way to describe this 3rd event is to say I was a Cell of ‘God’.which is a reflection of the whole! This is my 3D explanation based on my 1 time experience. I have many 1 time ‘unusual’ experiences. I believe this is spirit telling me I am more than what i am when 100% of my cells believe.

          1. This is an excellent comment, Sally! Yes, that is what Gnosis is all about. There needs to be no more search for God when we come to the realizing that we ARE God (i.e. we are direct spiritual extensions of the One God–we are him in emanated form). Great insight!

  4. Thankyou, Wes and Ariel, for your work to date, especially the movies on Creation and the Invasion. I can’t pretend to be anywhere near as clever as you guys and will probably be digesting this and the ‘papers etc for quite a while. I go back sometimes and take notes and play sections (that baffle me a bit) over a few times so that I can learn the info. Fascinating stuff, really it is. I was brought up strict Roman Catholic, you know, taught by monks and nuns, never missed a Sunday Church for 17 years. Then, with the 70’s kicking in big time, it was about Buddha, and then Lord Krsna and the whole Indian Hindu trip. A lot more too: Light Teachings and Madame Blavatsky, and G.E. De Puruker, Maitreya, Guru Mayi…the list is endles. And Taoism, which was my saving grace, really. Still is. I was invited to live in a Chinese Temple in Australia back when I was 30 by a Grandmaster. So discovering you, Wes and Ariel, (and Wingmakers and Mr Bordon, etc) and recently reading about the Ancient Summerian Heiroglphs etc and seeing the similarities to and parallels to the core truths of This World (Earth, Ao, Gaia) and The Universe, I warmed to your work. Cheers and thanx a lot, guys. Love to sit down with a cup of tea and talk cosmic with y’all, one day. I hope we meet. I live in New Zealand/ Aotearoa. I like to travel, though.

    1. Awesome! You have studied a lot of different teachings over the years, which I think is a good thing, because one can take what eventually resonates from one teaching to another and become wiser that way. Thanks for your interest in our material!

  5. Oh, by the way, I’m a Musician and a Craftsman. My music; Jos River Elk on Soundcloud (free streaming, 11 tracks) and some of my craft work can be found on my fb small biz page; Curvular Verve Wood and Stone Works. And I work as a Carpenter/ Multi-trades to supplement my income.

  6. I was not aware of any of this during the period of 1987-2012 which is the time frame of all the 5 papers of you, Wes! Currently I’m on paper or level 2. If I may say so, I started to wake up at the end of 2017-ish. I had a personal catalyst behind my ‘waking’. I then frantically started to search ‘who am I’? Obviously via Google! Found a lot of meditation techniques, found Dolores Cannon, Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Edith Fiore, Dr. Brian Weiss, Taisa Lynne, Sally Morgan and bought all the books. Finished Newton. Started Cannon… Mainly I was looking for a specific piece of information, which is – how NEVER EVER EVER to reincarnate on especially ‘earth’ or any other cruel hell-hole which earth has become, that kind of planet… The more I read, the more I started to panic and wonder that don’t human souls have anything better to do than constantly being reborn onto earth? As of yet nobody ever said anything about that even remotely! I also posted on reddit the same question and just like the books the same answer came back always… If your ‘karma’ isn’t finished, you have to come back no matter what! I’m 44 now, but since my early childhood felt like I’m more than a thousand years old! Everyone used to notice that and usually I got reprimanded for being a full blown adult in a child’s body! Im attached to nothing here, except nature and animals. I actually created a new word for ‘animals’, because I can’t stand the intonation behind that particular word! We are animals too in a sense, but if saying that would be an insult to humankind, then why insult the truly natural ones? Hence, I call them ‘Numans’, short for ‘Non-Humans’. I’m truly sorry, because my post is becoming too long, but as if waiting after a thousand millennia, I finally found you guys! I’m not letting you go till my dying breath! I talked about a lot of things except the main point! My heart felt thanks to you Wes, for pointing me the right direction as to how to escape this prison-hole for good. I felt so relieved after reading that, that I was feeling quite numb and speechless at the same time! Once again, thank you both of you guys, Ariel and Wes… Maybe you don’t truly know how many people need your precious info now and more and more as this ‘linear time’ goes on… Love you guys… 💖 💖💖

    1. Hi Neo, and thanks a lot for sharing this with us and others who see the comment! I think many people who are waking up to the dormant Spirit inside can relate to your post!

      You are on a very important journey. My advise is to continue reading the Wes Penre Papers because will tell you who you are–incrementally so. Level 4 and 5 in particular are very important levels, but don’t skip Level 2, which paves the way toward 4 and 5. When you’re done, feel free to contact us and let us know, and we will give you more suggested reading that will take you all the way “home,” i.e. you will learn from where you truly originate, why you’re here, and how to leave this Matrix once and for all–not kidding… Love, Wes

      1. I can’t even dream of skipping any of your such highly researched papers! Yes… I’m continuing and will continue to read every single word that you wrote… I also downloaded as many pdf files mentioned by you as I could find. Sadly many links such as Zeitlin websites are not active in this regard anymore… Hugs to you and Ariel… 💜💜💜

          1. Wes, once again I must tell you that no one ever helped me this way, which you did with all of your brilliant (much more than that, seriously don’t know the word for it!) papers! Currently I’m on the fifth level of learning (part 1). I came to say that this part will of course be the easiest for me, because Vedas and Puranas were my subjects and special papers in my under and post graduation levels. Also, I don’t see any reason to hide where I am from actually. I am from India (East), so at least these papers, I think I can interpret and penetrate more than readers from other parts of the world. Now, I do have a big question for you. Consider this is truly my life or death situation. The personal catalyst I talked about in my previous comment, that’s the person who literally and virtually is my world beyond infinity and eternity. Their sudden, silent and extremely painful departure woke me up brutally. It was Lung Cancer (stage 4). Since continuing and finishing upto level 4, I’ve become absolutely sure that they landed on the BLA. I don’t know how, but I must get them out from that last trap. The only thing I can think of doing is constantly (within or without meditation) talk to and implore “The Divine Mother” (I call her just “Maa”), To take them out of that place and protect them, no matter the cost. So, I must know, is it working? Will Maa help me out with this when I’m ready to go whatever length I need to? How am I supposed to know that my begging and imploring are actually working? Other than searching for the ultimate truth, this is my biggest mission here and I’m not gonna stop no matter what. Please help me with this. You obviously know much more than I do. And, I am looking for a correct way for about 3+ years without any success. And, please don’t say, it’s not gonna work! Even if that’s the truth, I won’t be able to take it!…. Love… ♥️♥️♥️

            1. Hi Neo. I think I might have a better answer for you than that it doesn’t work. Prayers are great in many ways–they are basically intentions, and you might very well connect with Maa, from all I know. However, the person themselves (your friend) needs to wake up to the Matrix and what is beyond before they can elevate themselves to the 8th or 9th Heaven (which is Orion, if you have read our Gnostic series on this website).

              It sounds to me that the person you’re talking about was VERY close to you, so that makes me presume it’s a spirited soul. Did this person know they have a soul? Or was he/she an atheist/agnostic? This is important as of where the soul goes after death. If they think they are just a body without a soul, they will go to the BLA and be recycled. If they are starting to wake up as a soul, but is not sure either way, they go to a “better” BLA, where they can learn more about themselves as souls and then be reincarnated again. If the person already knows they have a soul, they go to Orion. There, they can decide whether they want to come back here and continue the journey or stay there (Orion is a very good place). If the person can distinguish between soul and spirit and has received Gnosis (see the section on Gnosticism on this website) they go to the 8th Heaven, which is the upper part of Orion.

              So, it depends on the soul’s journey. Either way, unless the person remains completely ignorant about anything except “knowing” that they are only a body, you will unite with them again sooner or later.

              Hope this helps. Otherwise, continue asking…

              1. Yes, Wes… She was a very highly evolved being. Without even knowing anything about the subject which now became my life… It started all with her vanishing. I in my mind used to call her and still do ‘The Goddess in Human Form’. Because that’s exactly who she was. I even wondered why did she reincarnate? The perfect soul that she was should not need to come back here for any reason! She’s the only ‘Light’ in the form of ‘Pure Love’ I ever encountered in my entire dark and gloomy life. I’d be most happy to kill myself if I certainly know that’s gonna help her big time. I don’t think about suicide because I never want to come back on earth again and just for this very reason I might be forced to. Trust me if I say she was the ultimate embodiment of pure, innocent love and wild nature. I won’t say she was ‘natural’, just because she WAS ‘Nature’ herself. Life was extremely cruel to her and the proud being she was, she never let anybody know about her grief and misery and just vanished one day silently…. Now, you tell me what can I do about it and if there’s anything at all by which I can help her, I’m ready. Whatever that might be I don’t need to give it a second thought… Please help. Love… ♥️♥️♥️

                1. It seems like she really doesn’t need any help. From how you describe her, she knows what she’s doing, and for reasons only she would know, she decided to come back here of her own freewill. There is nothing you can do, Neo. That’s her path, and she seems to have her plans how to do things. If she’s that kind of being and still reincarnates, it’s something she’s decided to do, probably to spread love and light in this construct. She is taking the human mission seriously. Trust that she is in control of her own Destiny.

                  1. Will I meet her ever again? Otherwise it’s no point if I live or die (including my avatar being shot to pieces)… Everything’s meaningless if I never see or can’t be with her ever again…I’ll simply have no reason to live/carry on… Love… ♥️♥️♥️

                    1. Wes, I found your writing about the ‘Desire Trees’ under ‘Patala’ Section in 5th level of learning (Part 1). You left a question mark in the bracket along with ‘desired’. No. They are indeed called ‘Desire Trees’. Desire trees = Kalpa Taru. Kalpa = Kalpana = Imaginary and Taru = Briksha/Brikkha = Huge sized trees. So, anybody wants/asks for anything from those trees get that immediately. Obviously all those supposed ‘things’ are of material kind. Just thought you might like to know… Love… ♥️♥️♥️

      2. Where can I find these papers to read??? I am new here and I found this web site from a comment on YouTube, not by accident I am sure of this. Thank you in advance for any information you may be able to share with me, I would be truly grateful. Prayers Peace love and light to you and yours.

  7. I am so very pleased to have found you and your work. Thank you Ariel, thank you Wes. Since I was little I’ve known I wasn’t from here but that turned into not feeling wanted here. The feeling of being trapped is overwhelming to the point I can’t breathe sometimes xx

  8. Wes, I do have another big question for you. As I said earlier, I finished the books by edith fiore, Brian weiss, and was continuing dolores cannon before I found you guys. In her books, all of which I was reading with good faith now everything seems plotted and fabricated so we humans can be kept in ignorance forever! 1stly, she herself said that she used to work with mufon, like hand in glove. 2ndly, she was extremely attached to the aliens which is quite clear if you read any of her books. 3rdly, she kept thanking the beings who talked to her through her clients and clearly fell for them every time. In her keepers of garden, she concluded the book by saying that how fortunate we are that the aliens are continuously working in our favor from background, that’s why we are still safe and sound! – my question is – was she really that much naive and gullible to believe everything that they said to her or was she working for the global elite and deceiving us, the poor readers? Can you please shed some light on this? Regards and love… ♥️♥️♥️

    1. @Neo … I am vaguely familiar with Dolores Cannon–not with the other two–so I can only comment in general. People can have very good intentions but still be deceived, of course, because there IS truth embedded in their experiences. Are there good AND bad “aliens?” Yes, there are–even within the Construct/Kenoma. Yaldabaoth is the god of good and evil, so he is both. What people call good angels are just one side of the coin–the other side is the demons. And there’s everything in between.

      So, if these people you mention have encountered “good aliens” they might not be incorrect, but even these good ones are archons, and none of them is helping us to wake up to Spirit. Regardless of what these entities do or say, it’s only going to wake us up to things within the Matrix/Kenoma. None of these “aliens” is of Spirit and can’t understand Spirit. So, they can’t be of much help.

      1. Thanks. I needed to know this. But you didn’t tell me, will I be able to meet and be with my ‘Goddess’ again? That’s what I’m literally waiting for… Love… ♥️♥️♥️

        1. That depends on the two of you, Neo. First, you need to work on letting go of your very strong attachment to her. The reason I’m saying this is because the same attachment that holds such a strong desire to meet her can very well be the reason you don’t, ironically enough. It’s nothing wrong with missing someone and wanting to reconnect, but when it becomes an “obsession” it can defeat the purpose. My advice is to work on discharging the obsessive parts of the emotions. Then, just set an intention that you are going to meet and try to leave it with that.

          If you can’t discharge strong emotions, such as grief, despair, sadness, anger, hopelessness, deliberating longing, depression, etc., you might need someone to help you doing that. It’s nothing wrong with getting help when needed…

          1. Thank you so much. I do understand what you said. And, yes, I can do that… Love from the bottom of my heart… ♥️♥️♥️

          2. Reading ur convo with Neo I felt the same – a lot of attachment that needs to be worked on. As what we chase – runs away from us.
            Great answer, Wes. I, as an IYS therapist with about 10 years experience as well as shamanic soul journey (Crystal Dreaming) therapist – couldn’t ve found better words for Neo.
            I’m impressed !!
            I’ve only recently found ur work through FBook reference. Only started reading Preliminary level.
            Hope ur works will satisfy the desire in me to find a text that gives TRUE information on a topic of Universe structure, our place in it, structure of the Earth, alien races etc. As I tried to find this info in the Urantia Book but couldn’t find the TRUTH in it.
            Namaste ( I salut the GOD in you )

  9. Hi Wes, Thank you for your incredible research. I was amazed to read in your Mission Statement that it seems that the majority of the population are ‘soulless beings’ and the original human soul group is a minority. I assumed that everyone had Spirit which lay dormant until they woke up! My question is, how can you tell whether someone is an artificial soul or someone with Spirit who hasn’t woken up yet?

  10. Do the concepts of parallel realities and probabilities applicable in the KHAA? Or these concepts are restricted to 3rd dimensional reality? Thx M2

    1. Yes, these terms are still applicable. We will also go into it in an upcoming article, probably, looked at from a slightly new perspective.

  11. Wes, I’m back with the news that I’ve completed all the levels of your research papers and now I’m hungry for more. Right now I’m on your handbook of 2012. Next in my to do list is all the pdf’s of your video transcripts and gnostic papers which I’ve already downloaded but didn’t start yet. As I am a vociferous reader, I must get even more. So, please tell me, where to go, what to find and what to study next. Now, I’ve 2 questions this time. 1) as per Dr Newton and some others, when we come back (albeit forced to, only no one knew that!) we are supposed to keep a certain amount of energy back in the BLA. So, now since I’ve already created my own region/domain under Maa, and deep inside the KHAA and keep reinforcing that ‘plan/thought/imagination’ as much as I possibly can, so how can I get back the other portion of energy which is rightfully mine? I see no way of achieving this unless I intentionally go to the tunnel, which I WON’T! 2) you described just a little bit about how the 4 bloodlines are right now happening here on Earth. I definitely know, I don’t belong to the first 2 categories of global elite (Maa knows, I won’t take it even if they hand it to me on a silver platter!). The 3rd bloodline which you said consists of the majority of people (95% – 99%) in today’s world is blood group ‘O’. That is not my blood group either. Then how can I find out I came from exactly where or even better – what is the place of my actual origin? Please, help me out as you always do. Lots of love… ♥️♥️♥️

  12. Also, where did the pure bloodline of Isis go, after she fled from Lucifer and found herself in her father’s (Prince Ninurta) garden of Edin? Where she in her androgynous state created her own offsprings? What is the blood group of that particular bloodline in today’s world? Please, share your knowledge regarding this. Love… ♥️♥️♥️

    1. @Neo The Gnostic texts (GT) don’t bring that up from what I can see, and that’s probably because it is not relevant to the Knowledge Christ needed to give us in order to accept Spirit within (Gnosis). The only thing that was important was that there are Divine bloodlines that were isolated here from the beginning, containing Spirit. Since then, bloodlines and blood types have been severely mixed, so it’s no longer that relevant. Some bodies are capable of receiving Genuine souls, others are not, from what it seems.

      1. Thank you. So, how can I atleast make sure that I do have a genuine soul? Also, what can I do if anything at all, for the other part of my energy, which is currently in the AIF’s stronghold? Can I ever get it back somehow, without going to the tunnel of course! Love… ♥️♥️♥️

        1. @Neo You don’t need to worry about that. First, it’s soul energy, not Spirit. Moreover, all of us create thoughtforms constantly in the astral with our strong emotions and intentions. Some of these thoughtforms get their own personality and individuality out of our soul energy. This doesn’t stop you from being YOU right now–you won’t even notice. All we need to concentrate on is to open up the connection to Spirit. Spirit and Genuine Soul will eventually go to Orion (8th and 9th Heavens), and when it’s time to return to the Pleroma, our soul will be dispersed because we won’t need it anymore.

      1. If I reply or comment directly from my WordPress account then I am able to use my name and not ‘anonymous’! I guess I’ll have to post my questions/comments from here now on! Thank you so much for all your help, Wes! I do appreciate it greatly… Much much love… ♥️♥️♥️

      2. Wes, I have one problem and one question. The problem is, yesterday I signed up on wespenreproductions.boards.net, and when I’m successfully logged in I still cannot comment or reply. If I try to do so, the page is every time asking me if I want to sign up or else I can’t comment! I several times logged out, refreshed the page, logged back in successfully, but still this problem remains! Can only Patreon members comment and free users can’t? Please, let me know so I stop trying to write/reply/comment something in your board. Now, the question : is it possible that, suppose one facet of me was born in the ’70s, can another ‘me’ be born in the ’60s or ’80s, somewhere near me, so that one day I come face to face with them? Obviously not knowing who am I looking at? I ask, because one thing I’m certain of, that my catalyst isn’t my obsession… Was I looking at someone, seemingly so familiar that after 40 years I finally and confidently conclude that I was looking at probably the best and most powerful facet/version of myself? Kindly share your thoughts. I look forward to your reply. Also, this WordPress problem in wespenrevideos.com is persisting for me even now, so I must comment from my own account, hence instead of going in a serial number manner, my comments are being posted haphazardly… I’m very sorry for that! I still can’t figure out where the exact problem lies… As always, much much love… ♥️♥️♥️

        1. @Neo ~ Our forum is private for Patreon subscribers. There is a limited section open for guests to read and make comments, but they will have to do it as a “guest”. That is how it will be posted on the forum, so the post will remain anonymous unless the guest chooses to assign a name to their post. You are correct, you will not be allowed to post as a registered member by logging in unless you have signed up for the appropriate tier through Patreon. Anyone can create an account on the forum, but membership and ability to use that account to access the forum’s private area is restricted to an approval process. In other words, Wes or I need to activate the account and we do that through Patreon. If you want to post in the guest section of the forum, and you want Wes to know it’s you, just change “guest” in your post to Neo. No account needed to do that. Hope that clears things up!

          1. Thank you for clarifying this, Ariel. Very much appreciated… Lots of love… ♥️♥️♥️

          2. Wes/Ariel, other than the patreon question and WordPress problem I also asked something personal to ponder on. Would you guys kindly consider to share your thoughts regarding my personal query? That’d be highly appreciated. Regards. Lots of love… ♥️♥️♥️

  13. Wes, I’ve successfully completed all of your Levels of learning including the 6th level. Now, that I know who I am, where did I come from, what is my mission here and where is my home, I just have one more question. I don’t even intend to stay on the 8th or 9th heaven (Orion Empire). (I know it’s not in my hands, still…) I want to go back straight to ‘PLEROMA’ . I have no problem with shedding all the shells, including the genuine soul. It happens naturally to me, but I just don’t want to shed my identity/individuality. I remember that we all always have been ‘Sophia’. But does that mean I literally have to merge with Sophia/Christ? Can’t I just remain an individual with all my experiences and memories intact even if I want to? Please shed some light on this. Thank you and much love as always… ♥️♥️♥️

    1. Yes, I’m aware of this article. I’m not concerned about it. He is entitled to his own interpretations of things, and he’s on his own journey. Try not to get negatively affected by it 🙂

      1. Thank you… I couldn’t sleep last night at all because of this horrible post! You put my mind at ease… I’m using all the discernment I can, and yet finally I see myself always coming back to your work, which resonates with me on a very high level. Thank you once again and much love… ♥️♥️♥️… Neo. (I am logged into my WordPress account but it’s not working on your site. I don’t understand why!)

        1. You’re welcome, Anonymous! Do you mean you can’t post as your WordPress profile–only as an anonymous poster? If so, I really don’t know. You should be able to. Something with your settings? Maybe you could go to WordPress’ Help page and ask?

  14. Hi Wes

    I’m so glad I found your platform. I thought u only had a website with your work. I have just read your article on your experience on encountering a reptilian and I guess I missed this article. as I read the article for some reason it became familiar with me that u were under sleep paralysis and not many people I know go through it. I say I’m familiar with it because I go through this frequently. Thing is I never got to your stage of seeing who and what. But I do know that the feeling is scary. I remember my first time experiencing I was about 15 years. It freaked me out and then I started experiencing more again as i got older and became more frequent. I would wake up and feel frightened to go back to sleep because I would have them back to back. There was even a time when I experienced this on the plane! Which was probably the worse place to have it. I started researching because I didn’t know what was going on with me. I found many different articles and found one saying that u can induce out of body experiences but this could be dangerous too. So I experimented with it and it was freaky but I was successful in calling my self down and I fixed my breathing etc. I have been able to open my eyes and look around the room. I would sometimes leave my lights and tv on so I know for sure that wat I was going through was actually real and yes lights were on tv is on as I just try to experiment. I think I was pretty close to inducing out of body but I have stopped. Still then I have them and the feeling is still creepy to me. After reading your article kind of creep me out because I don’t want to go through what u experienced. Sorry my message is getting long. I just want to know more about it and what the purpose of all that is. Not sure if you have any topics on this. Do u have an articles or knowledge on sleep paralysis?

  15. It’s a rarity I would comment on any particular website but I decided to give this one a chance since I feel rather lonely. Or maybe there’s a different reason. Anyways it’s fine if no-one will respond, just wanted to vent all these memories I remembered after I had read the 5 papers so far. ( Beware post might be very long….)
    I was that lonely soul that loved playing alot but also wandered into dangerous places often (not on purpose) I guess out of curiosity. Of course that was a bad idea so I kept fleeing. I was and kinda am (although less) indecisive back then and didn’t know what I wanted to do at the time but play or observe. I remember how easy it was to go to a specific location with ease and with a brink of thought. I even saw another individual passing by me leaving a star like trail behind me. Was very cool to experience that for the first time. But wandering aside I remember (in fragments not everything so this isn’t in any order except later) I got shot. And couldn’t move. I can’t explain this but I was almost begging to live at that point and I heard a women’s voice which revived me in this bright white light. We talked but I don’t remember the details about what except that I was confused. And then she let me go. To explore again I suppose… This memory is very confusing for me because I think I remember her asking whether you want to stay or explore…. I of course began exploring again not knowing where to go but to play… Then I saw this very scary individual whom I escaped from. I began crying out of sheer loneliness and indecisiveness then I encountered a few 12 year old looking kids with an adult. I was around 4-5 years old physically as my hands were smaller. They wanted to know me better but all I remember is I was mute throughout the whole thing.. I am a shy and not very talkative individual. I guess I never changed according to my memories lol. Mind you the memories were never forgotten fully just suppressed. The papers helped me remember most of what I saw. Ok back to the memories. I felt pressured by myself to have an experience because others did and I felt.. out of place.. but I couldn’t choose. And I had noone to talk to as I only talked briefly to strangers before. Then this one person suggested I’d go visit earth but when she wanted to explain the dangers I didn’t listen and “flew” high speed to the direction where I thought earth is. And ofc there it was. But I couldn’t see it. It was invisible. Then when I flew a bit northern then I saw it..round and beautiful. I flew by the sun too. It was pretty. Still is from my memory. I cried again because I didn’t want to experience yet… YET I did it anyway.. saying: there’s no other choice…. Biggest bruh moment.. but I was young. Still am. Basically I want to say this IS my first ever time being here. Whether you believe my story is your choice to make. I remember things that should be forgotten but here I am. I also ofc remember being vacuumed into the body once the family was chosen in this yellowish white corridors and rooms. And souls being happy to… Which I felt weirded out at first yet still agreed. Then memory was wiped… But it was a fail I think because as soon as I was vacuumed I began resisting. Albei to no avail. Then I started counting or something to remember which worked somehow. But I was stuck in a body. And yes before being vacuumed in it I saw a screen with my mom in hospital with me already born on the bed. I experienced it inside the hospital for a brief moment then from the screen then.. zooom. And here I am. I even remember being held as a baby which of course my mom doesn’t believe me. She thinks I’ve dreamed this stuff. But I remember. And I have noone to share this with but write a very long post about it here… Hopefully I didn’t cause any trouble with the length.. anyways I’m done for now although I could’ve wrote an even more extensive long novel type chapter on here but I think it’s enough for now. Hopefully people who read this don’t think they’re alone. Cause you’re not. I’m just one weirdo out here.

    1. I believe what you wrote… i heard someone describing the process of forming into a body and remembering it… but he said it was a great joy and happiness.he also said he chose his family…and that later he had an OBE and he then realized that we all are projecting each other with our minds…his conclusion was that most of us who live here later,will be catched into a net-hell,because they did not live their lives as souls and put accumulation-matter above anything else…there are many things he explained but I don’t remember or I dont want this to be to long…I am trying to validate your memories!
      But I Think IT May be enki’s 7 heavens because he also stated tere are 7 planes-heavens.
      he has a role to play,endorsed by the others who agreed that he should do what ha has to for humanity’s evoulution.may it be a slow one…i don’t know…

      1. But I Think IT May be enki’s 7 heavens because he also stated tere are 7 planes-heavens.

        1. I never experienced joy there much as I remember… I felt confused. The fact that I never forgot my memories gives me a thought that they were either lenient on me or their mind wipe didn’t work. Which is why when people say they felt joy I kinda feel out of place lol. Also when I was in that place I was questioning alot about what all this is and I could tell they didn’t like it. Recently had a dream about 2 men and 2 women putting an implant on the back of my neck. So I thought about them. One lady left tho as she felt uncomfortable. I’m also writing this in Eastern European time so the replies will be late 😅

          1. I am from Eastern Europe,also!there are quite a few documentaries about alien implants.it was amazing how the implants were so precise and some of the patients did not even know they had one!

            1. By the way do you have any idea why I also hear voices calling my name on my left ear? They only happen when I’m either anxious or stressed. and I can’t find any info about it. Thank you.

              1. I wonder if this could be quite common. I’ve had that, too. In my case, it’s happened after I’ve gone to bed and I’m almost asleep. An older female voice is calling my name–not Wes, but my real name, Per–in my ear, so to speak. It has only happened a few times in my life, but it has happened. Last it happened was perhaps 5 years ago. I don’t know what it is, tbh.

                1. I did not expect you to reply. Made my heart jump lol. Your papers were the only thing that made me remember my memories from the past. At least in fragments but good enough. Thank you for that. As for the voices I hear them when stressed and when half asleep for about a year and a half now. From robotic, female, male, demonic. I got used to it now. In the shower when a female called my name which kinda sounded like my childhood friend who isn’t here anymore. And when I got startled because the voices are sudden and out of nowhere I heard her say: atsiprašau. (Sorry) in my native language. I don’t know how to communicate to spirits and I don’t know if it’s in my head type of thing or actually them trying to talk to me.. or I just hear random thoughts from other people across the world or something. By the way I have a question. I have a memory that’s very vivid and I remember for awhile.. I got shot back then while travelling (as a soul in space) and I couldn’t move but I was able to think. I kept saying how I don’t want to stop existing and a bright light (not blinding) saved me basically. And I talked to a woman’s voice for a while… Now I did read your papers and once obliterated souls cannot be brought back..Maybe I was shot partially so I could still live. But a woman brought me back to life.. I wonder if you can somehow… mend/repair/bring back the destroyed soul with your own thoughts? (tbh when I’ll escape I would try doing this as I never did this in the past –check first comment I made on this post–) But it’s a thought I always went back to. I don’t know who that woman’s voice was but she was very caring. Would like to hear your perspective on this. Thanks again and continue doing what you’re doing! 😄

                  1. it is my experience also ,just before going to sleep,but not the only time,that I hear some woman;s voice…but i can’t really understand much… the whispers go on for a good few minutes,I try to understand,but no success…

                    1. Yeah me too. Although I sometimes do understand the words. One time a woman said loudly: children. Others said: kill her. (In Russian). And other types of stuff. It’s so bizarre.

  16. Also when I started reading your papers last November I’ve been getting dreams about shapeshifting individuals that tried to kill my mom. Of course that didn’t happen. I also was able to scare or send this old granny lady somewhere since she threatened to steal my energy. So that’s a plus. Been suffering from nightmares for 13 years so it’s nice that these dreams are easy to control. For now. Oh and also a recent dream I had was I ripped apart an electronic grid in my room and removed a metaphorical white wedding veil off my head. So far since the grounding cord practise I don’t have these dreams much with individuals tryna kill me but I’ve been having very interesting dreams… Even the ones I speak a language I don’t know and yet know. Which is the one I used to heal my mom twice in dreams already. According to black robed individuals (idk what they are if you do, please give your perspective on what they are as I’ve been dreaming them only when under high stress) I can heal apparently. And this one psychic said that my energy is higher than both my parents. But it’s not that I’m scared I just don’t want to use it yet if I don’t know what I’m going to do with it. Going to keep it closed for now. So that’s that. Another long comment. Sorry about that.

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