Mission Statement

It’s difficult to say how many genuine souls are here on Earth from the original human soul group that we call the Namlu’u, but we seem to be a small minority of the entire world population; at least as we have concluded it. As we have mentioned over and over, the majority of the population appears to be “soulless beings,” in the sense that they don’t have a genuine soul that exists outside of this Matrix. They are of the Construct, and they are En.ki’s “creation,” They only have an artificial soul that can’t exist outside the Construct. These “souls” will never seek true enlightenment.

Then we have souls from different star races in the KHAA/Greater Universe, who have been trapped here unwittingly but are not from our original soul group. They seem to take up a large percentage of the mass consciousness at this point in time.

Most of us, who belong to the original human soul group, being direct soul splinters of the Queen of the Stars, feel lonely, and we feel we don’t fit in with the majority of the population. We feel that we are “different” because we have a greater amount of love, empathy, and compassion inside. We intuitively know that this is not our home, and many of us have been looking up toward the stars and wondered which star is our real home. We want something much more fulfilling than what this artificial reality presents.

Thus, we (Ariel and Wes) have four purposes with what we are doing, and this can be viewed as our mission statement:

  1. Our purpose is for those who are drawn to our material to have a place where they can discuss their thoughts and worries and address questions with other like-minded souls. It’s a step out of loneliness. Any souled beings–Namlu’u or trapped star beings alike–are welcome into our community.
  2. We (Ariel and Wes) have presented a SOULution how to leave the Matrix after this lifetime, and our purpose is to attract as many of our true soul group and trapped star beings to our community as possible, so we can learn to see through the lies and deceptions together and come up with ideas and soulutions, resulting in us living a more meaningful and better life, while still here in this last incarnation. We want people to come to a point where they are determined enough to safely exit through a hole in the Grid when their physical bodies expire and not get trapped in the soul reincarnation cycle anymore–if this is what they decide to do.
  3. We want to create as safe a haven as possible for those who fit into the above mindset and learn to know each other because we sense that we are all going to meet in person outside the Grid.
  4. We want to share our insights and our research with the world, so those who feel the connection can use at least some of it in their own spiritual growth. We hope to be able to be a springboard for people who want to know who they are, where they are, and where they are heading, so they can come to their own conclusions.


  1. I was not aware of any of this during the period of 1987-2012 which is the time frame of all the 5 papers of you, Wes! Currently I’m on paper or level 2. If I may say so, I started to wake up at the end of 2017-ish. I had a personal catalyst behind my ‘waking’. I then frantically started to search ‘who am I’? Obviously via Google! Found a lot of meditation techniques, found Dolores Cannon, Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Edith Fiore, Dr. Brian Weiss, Taisa Lynne, Sally Morgan and bought all the books. Finished Newton. Started Cannon… Mainly I was looking for a specific piece of information, which is – how NEVER EVER EVER to reincarnate on especially ‘earth’ or any other cruel hell-hole which earth has become, that kind of planet… The more I read, the more I started to panic and wonder that don’t human souls have anything better to do than constantly being reborn onto earth? As of yet nobody ever said anything about that even remotely! I also posted on reddit the same question and just like the books the same answer came back always… If your ‘karma’ isn’t finished, you have to come back no matter what! I’m 44 now, but since my early childhood felt like I’m more than a thousand years old! Everyone used to notice that and usually I got reprimanded for being a full blown adult in a child’s body! Im attached to nothing here, except nature and animals. I actually created a new word for ‘animals’, because I can’t stand the intonation behind that particular word! We are animals too in a sense, but if saying that would be an insult to humankind, then why insult the truly natural ones? Hence, I call them ‘Numans’, short for ‘Non-Humans’. I’m truly sorry, because my post is becoming too long, but as if waiting after a thousand millennia, I finally found you guys! I’m not letting you go till my dying breath! I talked about a lot of things except the main point! My heart felt thanks to you Wes, for pointing me the right direction as to how to escape this prison-hole for good. I felt so relieved after reading that, that I was feeling quite numb and speechless at the same time! Once again, thank you both of you guys, Ariel and Wes… Maybe you don’t truly know how many people need your precious info now and more and more as this ‘linear time’ goes on… Love you guys… πŸ’– πŸ’–πŸ’–

    1. Hi Neo, and thanks a lot for sharing this with us and others who see the comment! I think many people who are waking up to the dormant Spirit inside can relate to your post!

      You are on a very important journey. My advise is to continue reading the Wes Penre Papers because will tell you who you are–incrementally so. Level 4 and 5 in particular are very important levels, but don’t skip Level 2, which paves the way toward 4 and 5. When you’re done, feel free to contact us and let us know, and we will give you more suggested reading that will take you all the way “home,” i.e. you will learn from where you truly originate, why you’re here, and how to leave this Matrix once and for all–not kidding… Love, Wes

      1. I can’t even dream of skipping any of your such highly researched papers! Yes… I’m continuing and will continue to read every single word that you wrote… I also downloaded as many pdf files mentioned by you as I could find. Sadly many links such as Zeitlin websites are not active in this regard anymore… Hugs to you and Ariel… πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  2. Oh, by the way, I’m a Musician and a Craftsman. My music; Jos River Elk on Soundcloud (free streaming, 11 tracks) and some of my craft work can be found on my fb small biz page; Curvular Verve Wood and Stone Works. And I work as a Carpenter/ Multi-trades to supplement my income.

  3. Thankyou, Wes and Ariel, for your work to date, especially the movies on Creation and the Invasion. I can’t pretend to be anywhere near as clever as you guys and will probably be digesting this and the ‘papers etc for quite a while. I go back sometimes and take notes and play sections (that baffle me a bit) over a few times so that I can learn the info. Fascinating stuff, really it is. I was brought up strict Roman Catholic, you know, taught by monks and nuns, never missed a Sunday Church for 17 years. Then, with the 70’s kicking in big time, it was about Buddha, and then Lord Krsna and the whole Indian Hindu trip. A lot more too: Light Teachings and Madame Blavatsky, and G.E. De Puruker, Maitreya, Guru Mayi…the list is endles. And Taoism, which was my saving grace, really. Still is. I was invited to live in a Chinese Temple in Australia back when I was 30 by a Grandmaster. So discovering you, Wes and Ariel, (and Wingmakers and Mr Bordon, etc) and recently reading about the Ancient Summerian Heiroglphs etc and seeing the similarities to and parallels to the core truths of This World (Earth, Ao, Gaia) and The Universe, I warmed to your work. Cheers and thanx a lot, guys. Love to sit down with a cup of tea and talk cosmic with y’all, one day. I hope we meet. I live in New Zealand/ Aotearoa. I like to travel, though.

    1. Awesome! You have studied a lot of different teachings over the years, which I think is a good thing, because one can take what eventually resonates from one teaching to another and become wiser that way. Thanks for your interest in our material!

  4. Retaining ones powers of discernment will be a key to the holding cell in the khaa as well.

      1. Ariel,
        The khaa is another construct no? The Patrix has its pixels- matter. The khaa is a framework for electrical soul-energy expressed as thought forms, like a brain i guess. Last year you did some interesting videos about spirit vs soul. Like perhaps spirit is from a place outside the khaa. That pleroma thingy from the nag hamadi or what have you. An interesting question to raise methinks.
        Oh ya i thought of something else related the word mission since its in the title of this article. Mission-ARIES. Like Marduk, lol. Ah word plays, love em.

  5. I’m just getting started on reading the stuff in this site; it’s fascinating, and as near as I can tell, spot-on (though I use some different terminologies.) Clearly these folks are what we of the Vril Comunity call “Auroreans,” literally, “light-bringers.”

      1. Okay, but remember, you did ask! πŸ˜‰ The Vril Community is dedicated to the study of “The Force” in all its forms, both esoteric and exoteric. The current incarnation began when Maria Orsic, the principle medium of the original “Vril Society,” was contacted via psychic channeling. Yes, it sounds bonkers, but once started down that rabbit-hole, there was no turning back. Much that she communicated is contained in the short volumes, “Conversations With Fraulein Maria” on Kindle Ebooks, also “The Vrilya Citizen Newsletter Collections,” same source. I’m not really out to hawk books and newsletters, and they’ll never finance a new Harley, but I mention ’em because that’s where a lot of the history and detail is.

  6. So well presented and explained Wes And Ariel, you definitely pinpoint the mass deception that is taking place by way of En-Ki and his followers, and also the really small percentage of the original Soul-group that exists here in this reality; it is quite mind blowing really! It seems that once we pass through the grid into the Khaa, we become the creator beings of light that we really are, able to create whatever we desire to create, but being responsible for what we do create? I personally will travel to the Orion Empire upon leaving this false reality having passed through the Grid and go from there. Many thanks Wes and Ariel.

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