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  1. How can we use the Singularity to our own benefit? That in my opinion is a ridiculous idea! That we can take a contraption built to imprison us by entities far more intelligent then we are in our present form! If this was possible, the Archons would SCRAP the project and start again! It is very irresponsible to tell people that the Singularity can be a good thing if you so choose! As once they choose the Singularity, there is no escaping, EVER! Yeshua told us you can’t get good fruit from a bad tree! I would strongly suggest that He knew exactly what He was talking about! I am a Gnostic, a Christian Gnostic, in that I believe in Yeshua’s Divinity. Lucifer is building a trap that can never be escaped! Why would anyone suggest this could be a good thing?

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