The Orion Book is now Published on Amazon!

By Wes Penre, January 7, 2023

I am happy to announce that “The Orion Book” is now available on and on different Amazon platforms around the world. I thought I would not be able to post it until Monday, but I was done faster than expected.

The book is available in hardcover, paperback, and in Kindle.

If you decide to read it, PLEASE leave a review on Amazon afterward. This helps tremendously when it comes to promoting the book. More people will be able to take part of the information!

Here is from the back cover:

This book is based on more than a decade of intense research but is at the same time a philosophical work. When we take a spiritual path, we start out with an urge to do so. After that, we need to gain KNOWLEDGE (Gnosis in Greek), and we start researching what is out there.

Still, picking up on Spirit around us is every truth-seeker’s goal, whether they are aware of it. It’s the journey toward self-rediscovery: who we really are, where we came from, what we’re doing here, and where we’re heading. That’s the whole purpose with truth-seeking in the Third Dimension.

Life is so much more than what we see with our physical eyes, hear with our physical ears, smell, touch, and taste. Real life begins beyond the limited five senses, so let’s explore life as it was meant to be. Let us explore how we can return to our natural state of existence—for real. Let us reconnect with Spirit!”

I hope you like it!



  1. Hey Wes. It’s Leo. I don’t know if you remember me. But I’ve been trying to message you on Patreon. Do you still use Patreon?

  2. I look forward to your new book! Thank you for all you do and have done my friend 💚 You have assisted me much in understanding things across all my time here and there and in between.. 🗝

  3. Hi Wes,
    just reading the back cover brought tears to my eyes – I’m going to order it right now. Bless you dear, Brigitte

  4. Thank you, Wes. I have been waiting for this. I purchased the Kindle version and looking forward to reading it. Though I am a star seed and have never been particularly connected to Earth but because I came with amnesia, I have become an avid researcher of our origin and the work of scholars/researchers with a different take on it. I’ve read your papers so I am curious a continuation of your saga.

  5. Wow, that was really fast. Thanks Wes for giving us this opportunity. We have also purchased so fast the Kindle as we were very curious. We have started reading, so far very interesting. It is even more interesting because the WPP is not new for us. It’s easy to relate back.
    I am sure the Queen is aware of your great work. Thanks again.

  6. Can’t you find another sales- platform or alternative for Amazon? You should know that Amazon stinks.

  7. Dear brother in Spirit,
    thank you for all your great help (for us) through your work, which I highly respect, follow and read from the beginning. I also bought The Orion Book and I’m very, very glad to have it. Alll the best to you, and see you and others on the other side.
    Love & peace

  8. Been following you for a while. I want to get this book but first I have a question about it. Did you make an index of orion words? Sorry I’m a big geek for that sort of stuff. A while back you said you thought about it. I’m wondering if such an index is included in this book? Thank keep writing…you’re awesome!!

    1. Yes, I am giving examples of the Orion language in the book. And I think you will have some insights because that language makes a lot of sense. I’ve had it confirmed by some scientists that this is indeed a language more ancient in origin than any language found on Earth–all based on tracking. I am certainly not fluent in Aryan language at all, but I’ve been taught the basics, and from that, it kind of develops, because it’s logical.

  9. Hi Wes, almost finished reading the book, high precise linguistic standard reads fluently and is easy to understand, good sense of humour – and many answers – I’ve fully enjoyed it. As most of us, I had vast experience with narcissistic relationships and made my way out successfully! So I was able to “digest” what you write about the topic in relation to “above” with quite factual distance. You write that nothing is being revealed without them having planned it such; would this also apply to this Orion-Book of yours? What is their goal, then, letting us know such details? (“you create it for the programmers … not for yourself”, p. 281). Thank you again, Brigitte

    1. @Brigitte … You wrote: “You write that nothing is being revealed without them having planned it such; would this also apply to this Orion-Book of yours? What is their goal, then, letting us know such details? (“you create it for the programmers … not for yourself”, p. 281). Thank you again, Brigitte”

      I can see how that can be misinterpreted. I was more referring to more “practical” things we create in here that are enhancing the environment and the Matrix in general. It doesn’t mean it’s wrong to enhance the environment because it makes it easier for people to live here, but we are still playing the game when we’re doing that. It’s like when you’re enhancing a video game you’re playing. It benefits the programmer and the avatars in the game–not the Player who is playing the game. His or her life is not being enhanced. I agree this could have been explained better in the book.

      1. Hi Wes, thank you for your answer!
        What I’m having difficulties with – even though it had been well explained in the Orion Book (p. 284 ff) – is the creation with the help of technology. There’s a great reluctancy even and up until I started reading the WPP, creation – in my „concept“ – was done by intention, sound, (as we know, many still present on earth buildings have been created with sound-frequency), imagination, order = mind – so how did this come into use then, in Orion? (Sometimes, Enki ist said to having used Orion technology.)
        Another question I’ve been pondering: All science in this contruct has been inverted, falsified, so how can we take it for granted that psychology could be an exception?
        Regards, Brigitte
        Here’s a beautiful overtone piece by Michael Vetter (I guess you may know him):

  10. I bought your Orion book Wes and I couldn’t put it down. I read almost to the halfway point in the first sitting. I am nearly at the end and Wow! This is a fantastic work. I read the WPP years ago and this has been such a help to go over things that were in that work and then the added information is so interesting. I feel like things I couldn’t grasp the first time through in the WPP became so clear in this reading. I thank you from the bottom of my heart Wes. Much Love, Julia

    PS I will for sure leave reviews for both your books when I have finished them on amazon.

  11. Hi Wes …having read all of the Wes Penre Papers we really appreciate your overview and additional insights and observations. We sincerely believe that you are on the right track with all of this and are being guided accordingly. Thank you for all of your effort in getting this material out there. We are spreading the word as far and wide as we can.

    …all our love.

    Thanks! Rick & Barbie

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