By Wes Penre, February 21, 2022

“Better late than never,” here is a glossary of common terms used in the videos and articles on this blog. The terms will be continuously updated and are in alphabetical order.

AEONS: The first emanations of Source/All That Is/Monad. A Gnostic term of twelve main spiritual attributes of the Monad. The Monad separated Itself into these twelve units, so It could experience Itself from a perspective outside Itself. Sophia/the Orion Queen, is an Aeon.

AIF (Alien Invader Force): The term I used in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) for the extraterrestrial species, such as the Sirians and Alpha Draconians, who are interferring with our human evolution. See also, ANUNNAKI, KHAN KINGS.



ARCHONS: A Gnostic term. There are 7 (12 according to some sources, which I find more correct) main Archons, and Yaldabaoth is the original Archon. The other 7 or 12 Archons (with a capital A) are “offspring” of Yaldabaoth, each one representing some of his traits, respectively. It’s an imitation of the Monad (All That Is/Source) and “His” creation of the 12 Aeons/Spiritual creators in the Pleroma/Spiritual Realm. Subsequently, we have the archons (with a small a), who are sub creations in Yaldabaoth’s Kenoma, having smaller roles.

ARY: An “Orion” term used by those outside the Kenoma/Matrix, being closer to the original term for Orion, which is merely a word homo sapiens sapiens use for ARY. From here, ARYAN (see this term) derives. The real original term for Orion/ARY is MARY, which is a name for the Mother Goddess Sophia, aka the Orion Queen (see this term).

ARYANS: The more accurate term for the Namlu’u (the original humans discussed in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP). I, Wes, will start using the term Aryans more and more to get closer to the source terms. Aryan derives from the Aryan noun, ARY, which in its turn derives from MARY (another name for Sophia/the Orion Queen. Think Virgin Mary in the Bible). ARYAN is basically two words in Aryan language, ARY.AN, where AN stands for “Heaven” (see also ARY and MARY). Thus, ARY.AN means “Mary’s Heaven,” i.e., Sophia’s Heaven (her being the Creatrix).

DOME (The): Mentioned in Genesis 1 of the Bible, but also in older texts, from which the Bible is derived. It’s most likely a plasma field surrounding Earth, keeping intruders out and isolated beings, like we humans, inside and under the Dome, unable to get outside in our 3D physical body form.

EARTH: Earth is just a very small part of Gaia (see this term). The Kenoma/Matrix (see these terms) is also only 4% of the entire Universe outside the Kenoma, and possibly 4% of the Gaia landmass (see this term).

GAIA: A term we use here on the forum for the greater landmass, where the Namlu’u/Aryans and other races live. The Earth is just a very small, isolated part of Gaia, separated from the rest of Gaia by having been placed under a cupola, a DOME (see this term).

GRID (The): The energetic network that keeps the human soul group connected to each other. This network/web/grid is surrounding the Kenoma (see this term) and held together with Orion technology, stolen from the Mother Goddess, Zoe Sophia.

KENOMA: The Gnostic term for the Matrix, comprising Earth and the solar system, surrounded by the Grid.

KHAN KINGS: A better and more original term for the AIF, Anunnaki, and the Sirians, Alpha Draconians, and other interfering extraterrestrial species in the Kenoma.

MARY: A name used outside the Kenoma/Matrix for the Mother Goddess Sophia, aka the Orion Queen. From here, we get the terms ARY and ARYANS (see these terms).

MATRIX (The): See Kenoma.

MONAD: The Gnostic term for Source/All That Is/The All Encompassing, etc. It is, according to the Gnostics, undefinable and unfathomable–even for the Aeons (see this term).

NAMLU’U: The term I used in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) for the Original Spirited Humans, which are also us, being a part of the original soul group outside the Kenoma (see this term). A more accurate term for the Original Humans is ARYANS (See this term). The term ARYANS will be used more frequently on this blog from now on and replace NAMLU’U.

ORION: Derived from the original word n. ARY (see this term), which is the term for Orion outside the Kenoma/Matrix, even further back derived from MARY, which is a term for the Mother Goddess Sophia. From this, the term ARYANS originates (see this term). Orion/ARY is so much more than a constellation–it’s the original name of our entire Universe. We are the Aryans living in (M)ARY, i.e., Sophia’s Universe.


PLEROMA: Gnostic term for the Spiritual Universe from where Creation starts.


SOPHIA: The Gnostic name for MARY and the ORION QUEEN (see these terms).


  1. Hi, Wes!
    Wow, I did not know Orion comprizes the entire universe. Also, Mary is my first name, now I am glad 😃
    Or not? Does this mean something energetically speaking?

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