Exit Handout (Steps to Leave the Matrix)–Updated May 25, 2023

by Suzaku (posted by Wes Penre, July 21, 2022. Updated on Nov. 25, 2022 and May 25, 2023))

Exiting the Matrix/Kenoma

Latest major update on May 25, 2023.

The following paper is written by Suzaku, who is a friend of mine, and a forum member at wespenreboards.com. This was written with the intention to make the exit from this Matrix through a hole in the Grid as smooth as possible. Also discussing potential obstacles that the soul might encounter in the astral on its way out, this paper becomes extra valuable.

Please read and/or download the PDF file below, so you can have it handy. Also feel free to distribute this paper in PDF to anyone you think should have it. The more people who can exit this 3D Construct after death, the better for the entire humankind.

Wes Penre

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Updated on May 25, 2023

I wrote this paper because I want to share the information contained in this writing with you before I die. I can leave this world with full satisfaction, knowing that I imparted this knowledge to you, gained through years of truth-seeking. I do not desire to force my beliefs and values on you, and I will not be upset if you entirely reject the opinions and beliefs in this paper.

In this paper, I am giving an overview of what we can expect when we are in the astral realm and in the realms beyond. This is information you need, so you can understand the purpose of this paper—how to break the cycle of reincarnation and return to the Greater Universe, from which we originated. Using all that I have learned, I have included the most essential information to become free by exiting this reality forever after your death, going through a “hole in the grid.” The grid is a metaphysical barrier that prevents humans from exiting our physical reality (also called the Kenoma, Matrix, or the Construct). Once outside our reality, you are “free forever,” able to retain your unique consciousness, escape reincarnation, and you will be immortal. My intention is to exit this reality through a hole in the grid as soon as possible, immediately after realizing that I am dead.

Here is a recent YouTube video, “The Soul Net: The “Grid in the Sky.”  It is about the Grid:

The holes in the grid have been corroborated  by several different remote viewers and by Wes Penre (https://wespenrevideos.com, https://wespenreboards.com, and  https://wespenrevideos.com/the-complete-work-of-wes-penre-and-ariel-glad/ ) . Excluding Mr. Penre and the remote viewers, I think all of us lack the personal experiences and confirmed references to undeniably prove the existence of the holes in the grid. So, we must use our own intuition to make the decision whether the holes in the grid exist.

Is there another method to exit our reality than the holes in the grid? Unfortunately, I do not know of any other method. No one has provided a solution, other than Mr. Penre’s source concerning the holes in the grid.

The Exit Out of this Reality

After death, you will be in a different plane of existence than you were in life. That plane is called the “astral”.  Within the astral, immediately after death, any disease, infirmity, or disability that you had prior to your death will be gone. For example, if you in this life were totally blind you will be able to see things clearly in the astral after your death. Do not worry that any infirmity, disease, or disability will prevent or reduce your opportunity to exit this reality.

The Grid is a vibratory energy grid, preventing exit out of this physical reality. At death, look above you and use your deceased body as a reference to search for a hole in the vibratory energy grid. After you’ve spotted the Grid, look for holes. There should be plenty of them, (think of the many holes in a Swiss cheese), and you can focus on any of these holes. It’s like seeing a hole in a texture that is otherwise uniform in the vibrating energy Grid texture. That hole is where you want to exit, and you do it by using thought, intention, and focus.

The astral is thought-responsive, so when you think something, it will happen or manifest. So, if you think (project) yourself to be outside the Grid, going through a hole, you will, in the next moment, be outside our grid. It is likely that you will perceive the holes to be inky black, but they could be of a different color, depending on your personal perception. What is important is to exit through any of the holes in the Grid you may envision. There are no “false holes” leading to disaster.

Passing through this hole will lead to a universe that is outside the 4% visible universe that we can see with our eyes (the spectrum of visible light). When you are outside our grid, all the memories from your past lives will return to you. The restoration of your memories is confirmation that you are outside the grid.

To move in the astral, use your “True Intent”. True Intent is a focused unadulterated pure intent to accomplish a single purpose! The universe responds to a person’s true intent, created “within” the consciousness (mind), then making that intent a true reality (outside the person) that is observed by the senses. The Quantum Mechanics scientific model agrees with this concept that consciousness alters physical reality.

The “True Intent” focus must be more than mere concentration. The focused intent must have the complete exact conceptual design of the object to be created, the teleport destination, or action to be implemented. It is like providing simple exact instructions to a person or a machine. These Pure Intent” instructions must be pure, unadulterated, and unambiguous to understand and complete in concept for the executor (the Universe, machine, or person) to execute instantly. “True Intent” is the original intention that will bring you out of this place in no-time and without any hindrance. No ifs or buts—just do it. And you can do it because your original intention (True Intent) is pure and unadulterated.

To move through the hole, use your True Intent to teleport instantly without the passage of time. Since you lack a physical body in the astral, the speed of light is no longer a limitation on how fast you can move. To relocate in any direction, use your True Intent to imagine (project) yourself at the desired location, and after the intent is implemented, you will teleport to that location.

A Simple Three Step Exit Sequence

1. If your mind is dazed or confused, or due to the violent circumstances of your death, use the pure focused “True intent” to command “Clarity NOW!” to gain mental clarity.

2. Use true intent to show a hole in the grid. The wording suggested is         “Show me the holes in the grid NOW”. Ignore everything other than the search for a hole in the grid.  Alternately, you can use your senses to search and identify the hole in the grid. In my opinion, using True Intent to command the hole to be shown will be faster than taking time to search for a hole.

3. Immediately after the hole in the grid has been located and identified, use the True intent focused on the located hole: “I am going through that hole at the highest aspect of myself where all my memories are restored NOW !” The word at is preferrable to the word to because at means that you are already at the location you desire to relocate. If you use the word “to,” this would imply a passage to the desired location which could take the passage of time.

Note – If for any reason, you have a problem seeing the Grid, or if you are uncertain whether it’s the Grid, you can always use the command, “Grid Clarity NOW!” That will show the Grid.

About six months after my original writing, Mr. Wes Penre’s “The ORION Book” was published in January 2023.  In his writing, Mr. Penre, has good recommendations how to successfully execute your intentions. I included these suggestions because I believe these ideas will really help people successfully exit.  These recommendations are quoted below:

There are three things you need to combine to get the best result when you execute your commands, and for many of us, these three things will happen automatically. But I still want to mention them:

  1.  Imagination. You imagine the outcome in your mind. For example, you imagine yourself outside the Grid before you are there.
  2.  Intention. You need a clear intention that this is what you want. You cant be in doubt about it, or it wont work.
  3.  Thought. Execute the command in your mind. Some souls dont need to do this; its enough to set the intention and they are on the other side. They think in packages rather than words, and all they need to do is to spot a hole in the Grid, and before they know, they are on the other side. The intention to go there, without a conscious thought about it, will work for some.

– “The ORION Book” – Page 355, Hardback Edition

Some notes about the exit sequence:

  1. Ignore everything other than what is needed to exit from the Kenoma.

2. Use of the word now takes away all confusion, and the only thing that can happen is that the command gets executed in the exact moment the NOW is thought. If the now command is not used, there may be a delay between intent and implementation.

3. Search for the hole in the grid before using intent to go to the highest aspect of oneself because if you use the intent to go to the highest aspect of yourself before finding the hole, you could accidentally go to the highest aspect of yourself within the Kenoma instead and not exit.

4. Freewill. You have absolute free will to choose anything but must accept the consequences of your choice. Without your expressed or implied consent, nothing and no one, guardians, relatives, spirit guides, pets, and friends will not have any power over you and cannot stop you from exiting (you are free to exit). Guardians are beings that through fear and intimidation will try to gain your expressed or implied consent to remain in our reality through your submission or appeasement to their demands.

When you arrive in the astral plane after your death, you have absolute free will and are not bound by any soul contracts or failure to declare sovereignty.

Soul contracts are agreements between you and entities (gods, powerful beings, unseen beings, and others) made pre-birth or during your life. The soul contracts and soul contract amendments are legally null and void (lack power over you) because these entities use fraud, deception, mind control, technology, and coercion to gain your expressed, implied, tacit, or assumed agreement and consent. Astral beings and others will try to manipulate your feelings of fear, duty, obligation, and guilt to gain your consent for obedience, in accordance with the legally null and void soul contract or soul contract agreement to remain within the Kenoma and to follow their directions.

Will a soul contract prevent a person from exiting? No, because once the intent, “I am through that hole at highest aspect of myself where all my memories are restored” is implemented, the person is outside the grid, regardless of soul contracts made in life or at pre-birth.

Declaring Sovereignty is a written and/or oral declaration to break any soul contract, soul contract amendment, allegiance, servitude, duty, obligation, and relationship to any being with whom you may have a relationship. Sovereignty declarations usually specify exact beings (parties) and all potential unknown parties, whose relationships and agreements are to be totally severed, null and void. 

You do not need to declare sovereignty before or after death because you are already sovereign. Sovereign, meaning that you are not a subject, servant, or slave of another, whether it is a god, unseen entity, or some other being. When you provide the consent to obey, you give up your power of free will to the being that was given your consent. Be aware that astral beings will try to use fear, coercion, obligation, and other manipulative means to deceive you into thinking that because you failed to declare sovereignty, you are under their power and control. Ignore these astral beings and their false claims; we are beings of freewill and can leave the Kenoma as we please.

5. The Law of Manifestation. The most familiar of all the laws of attraction, this law states that the object of our constant focus will manifest in our lives, irrespective of whether it is positive or negative. All our thoughts and feelings are mirrored in the world around us, making our minds an incredibly powerful tool. The more positivity we manage to infuse into our minds, the more we get in our lives. The converse is also true, i.e., the more negativity we manage to infuse into our minds, the more of that we get in our lives. Using the Law of Manifestation, you can create an intent that when you arrive in the astral, you will be alone, peaceful, and the holes in the grid will be easily seen directly above you, allowing an uneventful and safe exit. To establish a peaceful arrival: Before your death, regularly visualize arriving in the astral plane that, when you look around, is empty and unoccupied by any being other than yourself; quiet, tranquil, and with the holes in the grid appearing very big, easily seeable within the uniform texture of the vibratory energy grid. However, if you create an intent that the astral afterlife will be filled with scary beings and obstacles, you will encounter these fears in the astral, possibly making your exit difficult.

6. Absolute worst-case situation where a hole in the grid cannot be identified and located. If a “hole in the grid” is not visible, as a last resort use the “True Intent” – “I am at the highest aspect of myselfoutside the grid, where all my memories are restored. NOW. Remember that you need not worry. If you use the Law of Manifestation, in that prior to your death, you manifest the intent that all holes in the grid will be true portals for exit, then the holes will exist, will be visible, and all holes you observe in the astral will be true exit routes. This worst-case scenario should not occur.

7. Communication. Lacking a physical body within the astral and outside the grid within the greater Universe, you will be able to communicate telepathically with others. Be aware that initially you may lack the ability to shield your thoughts from other beings, who can mentally communicate with you and have the ability to shield their thoughts from you. Eventually, outside the grid, within the greater Universe, but not within the short time you are in the astral, you will be able to shield your thoughts from others. Beings you may encounter may choose to use pictograms (pictures) instead of speech to communicate with you. Pictograms are more accurate to convey true meaning than speech sounds that often have multiple meanings.

8. The grid has an effect of blocking the memories that are stored within the Greater Universe to be accessible to humans inside the grid. Once you have exited the grid, the grid can no longer block your memories from returning. Therefore, if your past lives memories start returning, it is confirmation that you are outside the grid. If you are at the “highest aspect of myself” within the grid, you will not regain any memories, but will instead lose the memories of your most recent life the longer you remain within the astral plane, which is within the grid.

9. The reason for being at the “highest aspect (best version) of myself” is because this location is where you will have the highest abilities (including memory) that are available in your surroundings. The “highest aspect of myself” location is the most desirable (best) dimension, space (location) and safest for yourself, where you will be at the best version of yourself.  If you are at the “highest aspect of myself” outside the grid within the greater universe, your surroundings are the Greater Universe. Therefore, your abilities will be 100 percent of what is possible within the Greater Universe.  If you are at the “highest aspect of myself” within the grid, your abilities will be limited to only what is possible within the grid. Since the space enclosed by the grid is only 4 percent or less of the universe, your potential abilities are much smaller than what would be possible if you manifested outside the grid in the Greater Universe.

10. Feelings of Unworthiness. You do not have to be a holy person, saintly, or a morally perfect person to exit through a hole in the grid. Remember, you are passing through the hole in the grid—not the grid boundary itself!

11. Prior to your death, try to develop into the best version you want to become. Remember that the Universe is thought-responsive; it will use your version to determine where you will be when you use the True Intent, “I am through that hole at the highest aspect (best version) of myself”. Even though you exit through a hole in the grid, if your personal traits need significant improvement, you may not arrive at your desired location. You should avoid suicide. Taking your own life greatly lowers the quality of your personal traits and your version of the highest aspect of yourself.

I do not know the consequences to your version of the highest aspect of myself after successful exit if suicide is chosen when one is terminally ill and when in chronic unbearable pain, and recovery is impossible. This is a personal judgement and free will decision.

You can improve your personality and character prior to your death by controlling your reactive desires within your consciousness (mind), making you react without thinking carefully about the consequences of your actions. To break most personal habits or traits, it takes a minimum of 21 consecutive days of implementing new behavior to replace the undesired behavior and have it eliminated.

Some personality traits and habits take more than 21 days of continuous efforts because the events triggering reactions due not occur continuously over 21 days because these events may be outside your control.  For instance, if you are sensitive to trivial insults, you may not be exposed continuously to insults every day for the 21 consecutive days needed to make a reactionary behavior modification.

An example of the need to control reactive behavior would be if you are very sensitive or petty to perceived insults or criticism, and you may “reactively” respond to the perpetrator, causing undesirable future consequences.  When you encounter beings in the Greater Universe, these beings may lack the range of human emotional intelligence (e.g., empathy), values, bias, and beliefs, and may look entirely inhumanly alien in form. If you reactively respond to an insensitive or trivial irritating behavior from such beings, the misunderstanding can possibly cause you lasting future harm.

You will never become a “perfect” person. Avoid accumulating guilt that can be used against you by astral beings that you may meet in the astral plane. These astral beings can read your thoughts to identify your weakness that can be used against you. These beings will try to use your guilty memories and regrets to manipulate you into remaining within the astral plane and reincarnating back into the Construct to remedy past failings in your prior life.

Instead, when you have a behavioral failing, admit your failing, take corrective action, try to not commit the same shortcoming again, and forgive yourself. You are not perfect. Undoubtably, you will commit the same shortcoming again. Simply do your best to try to reduce the frequency of your shortcoming to get in better control of your own mind.  Just strive to become the best version of yourself that you want to be so you can reach the best possible potential dimension and safest location in the Greater Universe after your exit through the grid.



Fear and feelings of helplessness are the greatest obstacles that will prevent exiting. Anticipated visions of fear and helplessness in the afterlife while alive will become manifested in the astral after death. Since what is manifested into reality (created) “within” one’s mind becomes manifested “without” (outside) of the body. Fear and feelings of helplessness are the greatest means of controlling people. Fear, coercion, intimidation, or deception to prevent humans from exiting would not be required if consent was not needed. No one can prevent a human from leaving the Kenoma without gaining their consent.


Discernment is essential to avoid trickery in form of illusions that will prevent exit. Illusion and reality are not easily distinguishable in the astral. You may see illusions based on preconceived afterlife beliefs such as “heaven”, “hell”, or other afterlife beliefs. Therefore, I think that after death it’s best to consider everything as illusions in the astral, except for the “holes in the grid.”

If you use the Law of Manifestation, to imagine that all holes in the grid will be true portals for exit, then all holes that you observe in the astral will be true portals to exit through.

If due to fear, you use the Law of Manifestation, imagining that only some holes in the grid may be portals for true exit and some false illusions, then some holes that you observe in the astral will be true portals for exit, while others will be false illusions.

The following test is for those who fear that some holes in the grid may be illusions. Remember that you need not worry. If you use the Law of Manifestation, that prior to your death, you manifest the intent that all holes in the grid will be true portals for exit, then all holes that you observe in the astral will be true exit routes.

The test if the hole is an illusion is when you use the True intent focused on the located hole: “I am through that hole at highest aspect of myself where all my memories are restored NOW !” and you do not teleport or relocate.  This means the universe will simply not allow you to teleport through the illusory hole where all your past memories will not be restored. In this case, just pick another hole to exit. 

Be confident that using the True Intent, “I am through that hole at the highest aspect of myself where all my memories are restored NOW“, will not allow you to go through any false destination; the thought responsive universe will not allow it.

The best method is simply to use the “Simple Three Step Exit Sequence” and use the Law of Manifestation that prior to your death. If you manifest the intent “all holes in the grid will be true portals for exit”, then the holes shown in step 2 will always be true and not an illusion.


The tunnels of light, spirit guides, deceased relatives, pets, and deceased friends are means to deceive humans into consenting to remain within the Kenoma. Spirit guides, friends, pets, guardians, and relatives will use emotions and feelings (e.g., love, peace, happiness, acceptance, fear, loyalty, and duty, etc.) to gain your consent to steer you into the tunnel of light. Entering the tunnel of light will greatly increase your danger of remaining within the Kenoma. Remember to consider that everyone you meet in the astral could be an illusion.

You may never see a tunnel of light, or you may see one or more tunnels of light. Be advised that these tunnels can have different colors, such as white or gold. Exit before entering the tunnels. Your teleportation power using True Intent is much more powerful than any tunnel’s attraction power to pull you into the tunnel. Just teleport as far as possible and directly away from any seen distraction. Do not enter any tunnel of light.

If you should enter the tunnel of light or any place after passing through the tunnel of light, use the True Intent, ”Show me the holes in the grid. NOW. This intent will teleport you where you will see the holes in the grid and allow you an opportunity to execute an exit intent.

Here is a video, explaining the tunnel of light:  “REINCARNATION IS A TRAP – The True Purpose of the Tunnel of Light,

I recommend that you should never enter any tunnel of light under any circumstances. Why take chances to lose your exit?


Curiosity, ego, and sentimentality may lead to failure to exit. If you think too much with your intellect, willpower, and discernment to separate illusion from reality, you will fail to exit. Illusion could cause you to make a decision that will prevent you from exiting. Curiosity and sentimentality (attachments) to your former life could cause you to remain so long in the astral that you forget how to exit and about the dangers of astral beings.

Eventually, in the astral you will lose your former life memories, including the memories of how to exit. Here is the problem: we are incarnated here in our bodies, and the brain and the physical cells in the body store memories from our current lifetime; memories from childhood and up to present age. The brain and body cells keep our memory reasonably intact throughout our lives. However, when we die, at first, we still have memories from the life we just finished, but within a short time, the memories start to fade in the astral, and we forget about the life we lived. Memory loss has been reported in many Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and during regression therapy.

There is no long-lasting safe refuge or shelter from harm within the astral. For safety, you have to get completely out of the astral, which is within the Kenoma. Remember, you will gradually lose your memories in the astral. In a short time, you will begin to lose memories of your past life. In time, you will forget about how to exit and the dangers of interacting with astral beings.

Even though you will have greater and new abilities within the astral, astral life will not provide a better life or a true alternative escape from the physical world in which you departed as a living person. Astral beings can be extremely deceptive, manipulative, and seek their own best interest, and not what is best for you. These beings will seek to manipulate your thinking, beliefs, and values for their own self-interest. Remember, the astral is still within the grid and as long as you are within the astral, you are not free and are exposed to many obstacles.

Keep your curiosity under your conscious control. I think it is best to exit as soon as possible, abandon your ego, and all attachments to this physical reality.


A compromise to one’s curiosity is to travel to an identified “hole in the grid” so that one can “sight see” (observe) the astral on the journey to the hole. The concern is you may encounter astral beings, who will try to gain your consent to remain. Humans have a weakness for “worship”, obedience, and submission to supernaturally powerful beings. Although the astral beings cannot force or capture you without your consent, they may use your subconscious fear, weakness, and cultural beliefs to gain your consent, agreement and submission to their desires and goals.

Remember that words have power. Word selection and choice can make a great difference. Many common words used today have precise ancient occult meanings in addition to the modern cultural meanings.

It is for this reason I advise to avoid using the word “to” in your intent to exit through a hole in the grid. For example, if you use the intent “I am going through that hole to the highest aspect of myself where all my memories will be restored now”, this intent will mean that you are traveling to the hole which will allow time for astral beings to intercept you and delay your journey to the hole. Remember, ignore everything except what is needed to exit. Using “to” in your intent implies a passage of traveling time. You do not know how long this traveling time will take.

However, if you should use the word “to” in your intent erroneously, you should simply use the intent, “at,” immediately after you realize your error. This intent is “I am going through that hole at the highest aspect of myself where all my memories will be restored NOW !” Alternately, a much worst choice is to use the intent, “Travel to that hole in the grid, faster NOW!”

An important note is that if you use the word “to” in your intent to go to an identified hole in the grid, you still must create another True Intent to exit through that hole.  Using toonly moves you adjacent to the hole in grid that is located on the inside of the grid within the Kenoma.  Remember, you must go to the highest aspect (best version) of yourself that is outside the grid and our reality. Using the word at” in your True Intent will teleport you through the identified hole in the grid and outside, within the Greater Universe, where all your memories will be restored.


The “mind” is an enabler that will allow people to comprehend truths, to perform great acts or can prevent persons from seeing and understanding truths due to strongly fixed rigid beliefs, emotional attachments, or fears. We can block our perception of what is possible by our own bias of what we think is possible. Once our perceptions of limitations are gone, possibilities and opportunities that we previously thought impossible become available. If a person, while living, does not believe that “holes in the grid” can exist for true exit or does not create “holes in the grid” within their minds, after death, they will not see the holes in the grid and will instead be trapped within the Construct.


After death, you may meet astral beings within the astral. Astral beings may appear to be guardians, relatives, spirit guides, pets, and friends.  Spirit guides are entities that include “Ascended Masters,” relatives, friends, religious belief beings (Buddha, Jesus, Valkyries, saints, gods, etc.) and others. These astral beings can imitate and impersonate even more convincingly than today’s artificial intelligence computer emulations. Remember, nothing in the astral is for certain real; everything is most likely illusion, and only the holes in the grid are real and true exits. The astral being(s) that you recognize are usually imposter(s), using illusion to deceive you.

I also need to mention that there is a reasonable chance you will meet no one on your way out—particularly if you exit without delay and keep focused.

What do you do if you get distracted or stopped on the way out the Grid by the guardians, who appear to be so powerful that they can force us to remain without our consent? The answer is that they will NOT stop you–the guardians will let you go unless you give expressed or implied consent to stay. Without consent, guardians, relatives, spirit guides, pets, friends, and all others have no power over you – you are free to exit.

Why the astral beings can not prevent humans from exiting without consent.

Remember the difficulty of trying to oppose a person who is unafraid of death and has nothing to lose. To successfully exit the Kenoma, one must be fearless and discard all their Kenoma attachments. The mental mind and determination of a person who does not fear death and has nothing to lose is the same as the person who is fearless and has lost all their Kenoma detachments.

If a person is unwilling to remain within the Kenoma, what can the astral beings really do?

Astral beings can not kill or destroy a person. Since people have an immortal spirit with a unique consciousness, humans can not be killed or destroyed by astral beings.

Astral beings can not capture a person for the purpose of holding the person, until they forget how to exit. Simply, without consent, capture is impossible because the person through intent can teleport far away from the hostile astral beings.

If astral being(s) could unconsentually force you to remain in the Kenoma and prevent your exit through a hole in the grid, why would they seek your agreement and consent to remain?

The great “Truth” is, if the mental mind and determination of a person, desiring to exit through a hole in the grid, is the same as a person who does not fear death (fearless) and has nothing to lose (lost all their attachments to this physical reality), the astral beings and all others can not prevent that person to exit without their consent.

Inside and outside this Construct, it is possible that astral beings may follow you for the purpose of keeping you within the Construct. Once you give implied consent (e.g., implied consent – if outside the grid by moving back inside the grid) or your expressed consent, by your expressed words or actions, you may have permanently ended your opportunity to exit after your immediate past life!

I do not know, after providing the astral being(s) your consent to return to the Construct, whether you can successfully withdraw your consent through express declaration and continue your exit out of the Kenoma forever. If you are in this situation, you have nothing to lose by trying!  If you are unsuccessful, your situation is the same as if you did not try.

In this after consent situation, immediately withdraw consent through express declaration, and if within the grid, exit through a hole in the grid, or if outside the grid teleport away.

My opinion is, why take any chances risking everything through interactions with astral beings? Ignore everything and use “True Intent” to teleport far away from these obstacles.

All the beings you will encounter in the astral can be extremely narcissistic, psychopathic, untrustworthy, deceptive, manipulative and have the objective to manipulate you into remaining within the Kenoma. The longer you remain within the astral, the greater these obstacles will increase for you. Exit the Kenoma through a hole in the grid as soon as possible!


In the astral, you may meet relatives, friends, spirit guides, and pets. Even when these encounters are not illusions, you cannot save anyone you meet. One of the reasons is, those you encounter in the astral must have gained the knowledge about how to exit prior to death to allow passage out of this reality. If they do not know about the “holes in the grid” and did not create the “holes in the grid” within their minds in life, or do not believe that the holes in the grid exist as a true exit, they will never see the holes in the grid as a true exit in the afterlife. Therefore, you can save no one except yourself. Ignore everyone you meet in the astral.  Do not linger to talk with anyone because it will waste valuable time. Leave as soon as possible.


The best time to exit is as soon as possible, immediately after you realize that you are dead. The second-best time is before interacting with distractions (the tunnels of light or astral beings). There will be a short time immediately after death until these distractions appear.


Do not trust any astral beings, because they can be extremely deceptive, manipulative, do not have your best interest in mind, and may even temporarily follow you outside the grid. These astral beings seek in their minds what they think is best for themselves and for you. The goal of the astral beings you encounter will be to send you back within the grid.

Exercise caution: Non-astral beings that you may encounter outside the grid are not all trustworthy. Even these non-astral beings may be self-serving and may not always seek your best interests. Remember, until you can shield your thoughts from others, exercise caution in your interactions with all other beings. It’s a learning curve, but you will learn rather quickly once you are there.

Use your intuition that is part of your consciousness (thinking) to protect yourself from foreign minds entering your consciousness to mislead and manipulate you. People say that they can sense (outside their bodies) through their intuition whether something such as articles they read or whether videos watched are true or false. People often claim that their intuition can assess people to determine whether that person is genuine and of their true nature.

To be able to discern one’s true thoughts from a foreign entity within your mind, your intuition outside your body must be the same as that inside your mind, and your intuition inside your mind must be the same as your intuition outside your body. Rely on your intuitive feelings to avoid later regrets.

You must use your intuition to determine whom to trust. If your intuition provides warning signals, do not allow your rational mind to provide reasons to override those intuitive feelings. You can teleport away from those your intuition does not trust. Do not allow fear or feelings of helplessness to sway your judgement and actions. Fear and feelings of helplessness are the greatest means of controlling people. You already have everything you need to be successful in exiting this reality and in the universe beyond the grid—there are no tests to pass, certificates to be shown, or accomplishments to be proven. Your intuition will guide you to whom you can trust as friends. Through your own abilities and power, you can remain independent, free, and successful outside the grid.

We must change our thinking and bias to be successful in the Greater Universe outside the grid. Like nonjudgmental, sincere, truthful, innocent infants, we must be able to gain friends among beings who are alien in appearance. People are “pure”, “sincere” and “truthful” when born, but become corrupted through trauma and suffering as adults. People later in life show insincerity, deceit, and “duality”, meaning two sets of behavior (English idiom, meaning “two faces”) to different parties or situations for manipulation. Do not allow cultural bias, beliefs, and insecurities gained during your life to harm future relations with those who will be your true friends. The beings that you meet, like yourself, can sense insincerity, deceit, and hidden agendas through observation, or possibly by reading your unshielded mind.

In this world, there is a familiarity of bond that passes even between generations, between those holding strong common cultural values and feelings. When people holding such values meet, there is a familiarity, a closeness, and “bond” amongst individuals who have never met before. However, when two people meet who do not strongly share common cultural values and feelings, even though they are of the same ethnic, racial, generational, and geographical location, there is a lack of closeness, and no bond. The lack of bond means that even though these two people share physical, genetic, generational, and geographical location characteristics, those two people will feel they are strangers to each other.

Outside the grid, the familiarity of bond concept will guide you to those whom you can trust as friends. Your intuition will reveal that these beings share your values and feelings. Shared values and feelings are the foundation of true companionship and friendship. You will meet trustworthy friends, where you are accepted, welcomed, valued, protected, safe, and with those who share your values and seek your best interests. Your intuition will confirm whether those you have met are trustworthy friends. Know that these true friends will educate and help you with your new life and abilities outside our reality.


What you will see outside the grid is what your preconceived bias, beliefs, and feelings will allow you to see. If you abandoned all beliefs and expectations, you would see the true reality. You will regain many abilities that you thought were not possible for a human in our physical world, such as flying without using technology.

Where to relocate is your choice. My recommendation is to use True Intent to relocate to where you will be accepted, welcomed, valued, protected, safe, and be with those who share your values and seek your best interests.

Simply focus: “I am at where I am accepted, welcomed, valued, protected, safe and with those who share my values and seek my best interests. NOW.” Make sure not to use “I will be where I am accepted…,” because that implies the future. “I am where I am accepted…,” implies instantaneous, which is what you want.

About six months after my original writing, Mr. Wes Penre’s “The Orion Book”, was published in January 2023. In his writing, Mr. Penre recommended immediately after exiting the Kenoma to meet the highest possible incarnation of the Queen of the Stars. Sophia is the Queen of the Stars, who will provide you with knowledge, safety, assistance, and security. My opinion is meeting Sophia is the best choice immediately after exiting the Kenoma.

Immediately after successful exit, I recommend using command intent, “I am at the highest aspect of Sophia, Queen of the Stars, NOW”.

Use the word “at” instead of “with” because “at” is a more precise word than “with”.  The word “at” is precise because it expresses location or arrival (within Sophia’s immediate presence), time (immediate after using the word, “Now”), object of an intent (“Sophia, Queen of the Stars”), and state or particular point on a scale (e.g. “Highest Aspect of Sophia”). The word “with” within the intent context indicates only to be “accompanied” and not necessarily the immediate presence of Sophia. Clearly “with” is not as precise as “at” for implementing the intent, “I am at the highest aspect of Sophia, Queen of the Stars, NOW”. ” Since so many of the multiple meanings of the word “at” fit the intention of immediately meeting, the highest aspect of Sophia, I believe “at” is the best choice.

The greater universe, outside the grid, is filled with stars, planets, and space. Using “above” and “below” as a spatial reference will be difficult. For example, what if you see two mountains that are connected to each other and whose peaks are facing directly opposite to each other in the Void. If you can stand up with your feet on the mountain ground on either of the mountain peaks, which mountain is “up” or which mountain is “down?” Therefore, “above” and “below” concepts must be abandoned. Consider space is “all there is” and not divided into “above” and “below”.

You will be able to shape shift outside the grid and in the astral plane. Do not spend valuable time trying to shape shift in the astral because of the astral plane lingering obstacles. When you shape shift, you can regain your human form through True Intent. Just use the True Intent, projecting an image of your desired human form within your consciousness into reality by the intent “Human form, NOW”.

Parting Thoughts

What you are: You are a spirit and a unique consciousness that wears a “soul” as an inner garment, and a “physical body” as an outer garment. Your true origins to where you may choose to return is not in this physical world but far beyond the grid in the spiritual heavens. Your purpose in life is to develop and manifest “good” character traits and to successfully leave this physical world to your true origins. Good character traits are benevolence, mercy, forbearance, courage, kindness, love, integrity, honesty, forgiveness, trustworthiness, magnanimity, justice, honor and not being “petty”.

Our world is ruled by a psychopathic alien intelligence (Overlords or Archons) that is hostile to humanity. These Overlords control the world through Elite human minions for the total enslavement and exploitation of all humans. This world will always have corruption, cruelty, exploitation, death, illness, and wars. The Overlords have made every effort to render humans powerless through a shortened life span, memory impairment, disinformation, lies, corruption, fear, greed, and technology.

The Overlords and their minions have infiltrated all religions. The Overlords can use one religion to appear to have protective powers against evil. Using religion against an evil influence is a deception because both religion and malevolent influence are two branches of the same organization. I do not recommend seeking a “High Priest,” Shaman, Occult master, astral being, Ascended Master or religious official to combat malevolent unseen entities, or for help with exiting this Matrix, because these adepts and the malevolent influences in this life and after death are two branches of the hostile alien intelligence’s organization. We can “save” ourselves through exiting without help from gods, aliens, high priests, religion, etc., but we cannot save anyone other than ourselves.

The holes in the grid exist and are a true exit out of the Construct.  Exiting through a hole in the grid is only available for a short time on this timeline. Although the holes in the grid will continue to exist after the next one to three generations, exit may be impossible for humans that are trapped within the Singularity’s “immortal” cyborg transhuman bodies. These immortal transhumans can not leave their physical bodies to exit through a hole in the grid.

Our consciousness can change reality. This consciousness “within” our minds, (creates) an intent that manipulates the energy waveforms existing outside (“without”) our bodies in the universe into the actual physical reality that is outside our bodies (“without”) that is observed by our senses. This ability of consciousness was proven in the famous Quantum Mechanics Double Slit Experiment (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-slit_experiment). The first three parts of the Holographic Universe Workshop explain how consciousness creates reality. https://holographicuniverseworkshops.com

Our focus should be where we will be going. We lack the resources, abilities, and time to learn the truth about our past. The powers controlling this world remove, exclude access, hide, and lie about all tangible confirmable artifacts or places that would undeniably publicly prove our true past and history. The old publicly available histories may be corrupted, mistranslated, have missing texts, or are simply untrue. Just because a writing is older does not mean that it is more accurate or truthful than a more recent writing.

In the end, no matter how much information we seek to make a rational cognitive consciousness evaluation, something will always be missing to prevent a conscious logical decision based on a complete set of proven mutually supportable confirmable facts. The Overlords’ minions have withheld public disclosure of the truth from the public through destruction, concealment, corruption, whistleblower condemnation, and lies concerning physical evidence and writings. We must use our intuition (gnosis) to decide what to do and what to believe, Unfortunately, this intuitive decision making appears to be similar to “religious faith”.

Gnosis is intuitive self-knowledge and an ability to make decisions using our intuition. Gnosis is gained through a life changing experience, not a mere accumulation of facts. A good explanation is, “Gnosis Explained,” given by Stephan Hoeller in the video link below:

Summary – Three Step Exit Sequence to Exit

1. If your mind is dazed or confused, or due to the violent circumstances of your death, use the pure focused “True intent” to command “Clarity NOW!” to gain mental clarity.

2. Use true intent to show a hole in the grid. The wording suggested is “Show me the holes in the grid. NOW! Ignore everything other than the search for a hole in the grid.  Alternately, you can use your senses to search and identify the hole in the grid. In my opinion, using True Intent to command the hole to be shown will be faster than taking time to search for a hole.

3. Immediately after the hole in the grid has been located and identified, use the True intent focused on the located hole: “I am going through that hole at the highest aspect of myself where all my memories are restored NOW !” The word at is preferrable to the word to because at means that you are already at the location you desire to relocate. If you use the word “to”, this will imply a passage to the desired location which could take the passage of time.

Notes – For any reason, you have a problem seeing the Grid, or if you are uncertain whether it’s the Grid, you can always use the command, “Grid Clarity NOW!” That will show the Grid.

Suggestions to consider when trying to execute your exit intent:

  1. Imagination. You imagine the outcome in your mind. For example, you imagine yourself outside the Grid before you are there.
  2.  Intention. You need a clear intention that this is what you want. You can’t be in doubt about it, or it won’t work.
  3.  Thought. Execute the command in your mind.


The purpose of this writing is to provide you with a choice. If you in your mind create (visualize or imagine) that the “holes in the grid” are all true exits out of this Construct while alive, after your death, all the holes in the grid that you observe will be true exits out of this Construct. Whether you choose to go through a hole in the grid is your decision. You must make the decision using your own free will to do what your intuition tells you is best for you, so that you will have no regrets. Do not make your decision to please or gain acceptance from anyone. I strongly encourage you to focus on exiting this reality as soon as possible, once you realize that you are dead. Ignore everything, except what is essential to exit.  I wish you the greatest future happiness.

Updated May 25, 2023                      Best Wishes,

Updated Nov 23, 2022                                     
Original Writing July 20, 2022 


                                                            (Also known as Guy and  浦田  雅意)


  1. This was such a bonus! Precisely what you have conveyed, Wes. Today has been a wonderful day. This on top of two other lessons I’ve received in the past 48 hours. I am in a very joyful state. Thank you, Wes, for sharing this!!♡♡♡

  2. People who are used to do astral travel can it helps after death to go through the grid and in the KHAA in terms of focus , intent, teleportation , telepathy , deal with astral beings ?

    1. Yes, for a person who is not easily swayed and manipulated, astral travel can be quite helpful, and it also usually takes away the fear of death.

      1. Thank you mr wes

        I’ve puted this question in odysee and bitchute but it seems didn’t get your attention , the question is really important to me I hope you have time to answer it .

        does it working with ars goetia demons and getting blessed by lucifer and doing magic and getting demon’s companions binded to my spirit /Soul body has an impact after death if i want to stop reincarnation and go through the holes in the grid to the KHAA ?

        1. I must have missed your question completely–can’t recall it. Anyway, I would NOT dribble with Goetia and the demons and entities you can revoke there. They can easily stick to you as attachments, and that could prevent you from leaving–yes! Moreover, these demons and entities, when they are not thoughtforms, are directly connected to the Invader Force I wrote about in the Wes Penre Papers, and Orion (the Greater Universe outside the Matrix) does not want the Archons and their Minions to escape and get outside the Matrix. At best, if you are infested, you would probably need to go through quarantine after leaving the Matrix. No one wants the Archons outside the Matrix. I strongly advise you to stop working with these sigils.

  3. Hi Wes, thanks a lot for this handout. If it’s alright with you, I noted this sentence below the video: “The holes in the grid have been collaborated by several different remote viewers and Wes Penre.” From what I understand, the correct term should be ‘corroborated’ not collaborated as written. It may have been overlooked.

  4. A few years ago I had the most vivid dream. Something woke me very gently into the dream. They were waiting for me to “get there”. I think it was my subconscious that was given the task of “getting me there”. I was seated. Three very tall humanoid creatures stood before me at a blackboard. Behind them was endless space.
    Ever since this happened, I have viewed my subconscious as my enemy. It works for them.
    The one at the blackboard was superior to the other two. In a very cajoling manner, he showed me an equation on the blackboard. The equation was in four levels. He told me that the top equation was the foundational mathematics that operates our realm.
    I must say, it was beautiful. It was a slowly rotating translucent cylinder that contained these interactive forms. The nearest I could describe is hieroglyphs.
    He said that every detail of our world comes from that top equation. From that equation, it went down three levels. The lower level equations were not as beautiful as the top. He pulled this one small part of the equation to show me that my life was to be one of suffering and abuse. And that I must constantly go around seeking out the abuse. This was my life until I decided several years ago to give up on people and keep to myself.
    Once the scamdemic happened, I really just hunkered down and kept even more to myself.
    He then informed me that the equations were beyond human comprehension. The physical construction of the human mind cannot understand them.
    He was quite worried about me because I had agreed to this in order to come here. I was breaking my agreement and I had to get back to being abused. He asked me to agree to go back to the way things used to be in my life.
    I said “How can I agree to this situation when I don’t even have the ability to understand the very equations you say controls my life? Explain them until I understand. Only then can I give informed consent”.
    The cajoling nature immediately stopped. His subordinates looked at him with concern in their eyes. It seemed they were a bit scared of what the reaction would be. He stood straight up now and I realized just how big he really was. The equations vanished from the blackboard followed by the blackboard itself.
    He just looked down on me with the concentrated stern blank stare. A god that could destroy me 1000 times over but he just couldn’t get at me.
    After a few seconds of staring at each other, they all vanished. My eyes slowly opened as I woke.

    A few months later I heard a NDE story of a man that was not feeling well and went to the emergency room. When the medical team came in to ask him questions, he died. And they began trying to revive him.
    He said he immediately found himself way above our realm. He had no fear or pain, just confusion. He said three figures approached him. One was in charge. The one in charge said that this was his realm. He explained to him that it works on a balance of positive and negative. He pointed to a place in the realm that had too much positive. He needed him to go back and suffer. He said that his negative existence would help the realm survive.
    The man said that he was about to agree because 1) he was confused 2) he wanted to help 3) suffering didn’t have any meaning to him. Put before he could agree, they got his heart started.
    He wants to warn everyone about those creatures.

    If seems like he and I met the same folks. I find their existence pathetic. Imagine being that brilliant to build a realm of existence but it needs you to run around lying to spirits to get them to suffer. Sounds like this place is a sh*thole.

    I wonder why they came to pay me a visit? Are they that desperate? They have nothing to offer.

    Anyone else experience this?

    1. Precisely!…This paper is interesting and may be useful for some people…
      It is, however, IMO, complicating the process of exiting with verbal nit-picking of the Magick variety…unless you get the spell right, beware,LOL
      Intention is the primary key, rather than complicated formulas, caveats and rituals of procedure…

      1. I think the handbook is valuable for people who want to have all angles covered. Personally, I work differently. I just decide what I want, and then I do it. I don’t need commands. I spot the Grid and silently think my self to the other side. I will talk more about these things in the Orion Book I’m about to publish.

  5. Wes, you truly are a gift. Thank you for all your efforts and countless hours of dedication to the truth for humanity. I will see you on the other side. 🙂

  6. Wes,

    I have been reading about the firmament in earth’s atmosphere. According to writings it is made of a hard substance that cannot be penatrated. Above the firmament is waters. If there are holes in this firmament wouldn’t the waters above rain down? At death are we trying to penatrate the firmament, which would free us from this closed construct?

    1. There are no holes in the firmament that I know of. The firmament is different from the Grid. The firmament is physical and the Grid consists mostly of our soul energy. So, after death, there will be no problem penetrating the firmament barrier.

  7. Thank you for such clear instructions. My only concern is feeling intimidated by these entities I may encounter and by the guards of the grid not allowing my exit. Need to work on my fears and attachments.

    1. Dear Evelyn. This is a common “problem.” We feel intimidated because we are stuck in these 3D spacesuits, limiting us to the 96th degree. These lofty beings seem so powerful and above us in most things. This is not true, though. It’s like saying the Queen is much less powerful than the En.ki crew. We are the Queen, both soul-wise, mind-wise, and spirit-wise. She invested herself in this Construct through us. We are the ones who are powerful, and En.ki and his team are afraid of us. This is why they keep us ignorant.

      However, this is nothing you need to be concerned with. All you need to do is to follow the guidelines how to exit through the Grid. If you do, there is no force in the Universe that can stop you, and I mean that literally. Because you are in control of your own mind. And like I wrote in the Orion book, the only way the Overlords can control us is to manipulate our minds and making us like them. If they no longer can control our minds, they have nothing. They don’t have creative powers of their own because they were stripped of them. We have them, and we refuse to be used and abused anymore…

      Don’t worry about the Guardians. They can only affect you if you let them. Ignore them, focus on your task of getting our of here, and you’ll be good.

      We all need to take these “gods” off the pedestal. We have been manipulated big time, thinking “God” and his “Angels” are omnipotent, revengeful, judgmental, and selective. Yes, they are (except omnipotent), but if they did not fear us, they would not need to manipulate us. They would just do what we do with sheep and cows, put us in a cage. It doesn’t work with us. And look at what is happening today. Despite all the efforts from the Overlords, we still wake up.

      1. Thank you Wes for your comforting words. I’ll keep reading this like a mantra! Thank you for all you do in truth seeking!

        1. No problem, Evelyn. I don’t know where the old authors go their information (most of them from being initiated into secret societies),but the entire novel that L. Frank Baum wrote, the Wizard of Oz is brilliant (a forerunner to the Matrix series, we could say). I’m sure you know about it. Everybody was terrified of the Wizard (En.ki). Then, when it was revealed that the Wizard was just a scared little man behind the curtain, the entire Oz fell. That’s how it is. It’s all in our minds, and it’s all how much we manage to wake up from the hypnosis of the Wizard.

          1. OMG! This is exactly what I’ve been telling myself! Once you discovered the little man in theWizard of Oz or The Brain in Pinky and the Brain, One feels empowered!
            Now the issue becomes what to do once I’m outside besides going to Orion. I guess if one has all past lives’ memories, one might be able to discern better. It’s just this new world outside the matrix, getting to understand it and develop the necessary skills and knowledge to continue to be empowered. Fortunately, we are immortals so we have time on our side! Lol!

            1. This is my personal advice, Evelyn. Once you’re out of the Grid, no matter where you find yourself, utter the following command in your mind, “I am going to the highest aspect possible of the Queen of Orion NOW!” Or something similar that fits your personality.

              If you do that, you will connect with the Higher Aspect of yourself. She will help you from thereon, telling you what options you have and how to proceed from there.

              1. Hi Wes, thank you very very much for such precious information! This is the first article of yours I’ve read till now and I’m going to read the others. Meanwhile, I have a question: Who is the Queen of Orion and why should we go to Orion once outside the grid? (I read somewhere that entities coming from Orion are not good to humanity)

                1. Hi Mary. I have an abundance of material published, starting with The Wes Penre Papers, which I wrote between 2010-2015: https://wespenre.com. It’s about 2000 pages altogether, but I would strongly advise you start with my comprehensive book, published in the beginning of this year, “The ORION Book.” That also gives the answer to your question and so much more. If you’re interested, you can get it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3 . Once you’ve read it, you will have so much more insight into my work. And thank you for your interest.

  8. Has anyone translated this into Spanish? I’d like to help my wife understand it better, as well as some relatives. Thanks!

    1. Hi Bert! Not yet, but I have a person I want to ask about it. She might be able to do it… I will be back with more info about that on this blog.

        1. I contacted this person, and she said she will be able to translate it in a couple of days, or something like that–give or take. I will announce on the forum when I have posted the Spanish translation.

  9. Hi ! I would like to have your opinion about something. A few years ago I got tricked into signing a letter with my own blood droplet through a ritual in which I recognized en.ki as my “father” , “ancestor” , “god” … (Long story) and It was horrible. A few days ago I’ve encountered a lady online who claims to be a reincarnation of a goddess who have access to hidden knowledge , she told me that I have actually “sold my soul” and there’s no going back and there’s no redemption. What are your thoughts ? And how can I undo that bc this actually terrifying ? (I regret it )

    1. Hi Lara. No, you have not sold your soul. If I were you, I would revoke that contract in my mind and render it invalid. Then, when it’s time to leave the Matrix, you just do it like everybody else. You can use the Handout above as a guideline, if you wish. Once in Orion, all contracts signed within the Matrix are void.

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