Q&A Session #2, July 2022

By Wes Penre

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Questions in this Session:

QUESTION 1: Is the following part about karma still valid? In the next incarnation, do we still need to take the consequences of what we have done in this incarnation? 

QUESTION 2: About the Patrix Quarantine:  Is the grid quarantined by Orion, meaning Enki and others can’t get out into the KHAA?

QUESTION 3: How does one understand that one is a Spirited Soul?

QUESTION 4: If one of the parents is an artificial soul, can their children still be Spirited Souls?

QUESTION 4A: Why is there always something stopping me from developing and awakening? Once I start awakening spiritually, something bad in the outside world happens to me. Examples are: Getting trapped by a narcissist, getting very ill, becoming part of a scandal, losing your job for no reason, sudden antisocial/terrible behaviour from loved ones, etc. It’s not always fire burning deadwood. Is there a reason why this happens to people? Or is it just bad karma?

QUESTION 5: Is there any differences between The Archons, The Annunaki and The Alien Invader Force (AIF) that you coined in your papers? Are they all the same group or are they one and the same?

QUESTION 6: Considering our liberation from the earth matrix, there will be a set of goals that should be achieved by the followers of your research and eventually the way to reach them, while the great reset doesn’t happen and there is still some freedom in the western countries. Is that so?

QUESTION 7: What’s the difference between Tiamat and Gaia?

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  1. The incarnation centre has been taken down last January by the Federation. I suggest everyone do their own research regarding. More importantly we need to free our mind and thinking that we are still in the prison after leaving our physicalities. However, we are still in a cosmic playground that goes upto all the way to the 12th dimension, apparently. How and when we get out from the 4% of the universe/cosmic playground is up to our soul’s journey. The war we are experiencing now is the final battle, thousands of off worlders are involved, malevolent and benevolent. Earth is now on the positive timeline and most reptilians and greys are gone including their Earthly incarnations. There will be some hoops humanity has to deal with but we are demolishing thousands of years of slavery system of the Orion Empire/Dracos/AI. From my understanding and years of research it’ll be a timeline split, one goes on the positive timeline others goes on the machine world, the AI. Those on the positive timeline will experience peace at least for the next thousand year or so. Much spiritual advancement will be made, humans, due to the technologies (medbeds) and their own abilities will be healing themselves (they already have been in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s workshops) and regularly interacting with other star races. At that point they can see the truth for themselves. Obviously none of the planets out there has incarnation systems. Andromedans often incarnating back to their own motherships that travels through universes and time, other Andromedans incarnating either back to their planets or whichever star system or universe their soul journey calls them to. This is how is done in the universe, and Earthlings can do the same. Soon. Once cosmic knowledge and truth about our past is freely available everyone can make up their minds. But even now, by tuning in and meditating on the regular bases true guidance can be obtained. Since we are here and be her for a while, we better focus on the world we want to create day and night and not how to escape something that it is not exist any more because we will create our own prisonment. If you have information from reliable sources that says otherwise, please share. After all, we are here to figure all this out together.

  2. Hi Wes, the question about artificial souls being able to birth spirited family members, is the opposite true as well where a spirited soul can birth artificial soul beings? It just seems hard to break through certain family members about true Knowledge, almost in any form, they just seem to be so dense at times. I really do believe as Christ said you have to have the eyes and the ears to be able to really grasp where we’re at on this plane of existance. Even with this right in our faces now, some people just don’t get it and they probably never Will. I mean who knows, we may also be like Sabaoth and just want to Know and to finally get the true breath of Spirit from Sophia. So really this is the good news for those who always wonder, just keep doing the Great
    Work and working on yourself and developing your compassion whether you think your Spirited or not. Thanks.

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