Gnostic Glossary

This glossary will be added to as we post more articles in this series. We suggest you have this page open in a separate tab on your browser so you can go back and forth between the articles and the glossary. The items here are in alphabetic order.

Achamoth: Zoe Sophia incarnated in flesh.

Ascension: This is a loaded word because it’s frequently used by the New Age movement, pertaining to the ascension to the 4th or the 5th Dimension within Yaldabaoth’s Heavens. The term Ascension is used in the Gnostic texts, as well, but means something different. Instead of “ascending” within the Kenoma, Spirited humans are ascending to the 8th or 9th Heaven and eventually to the Pleroma. It’s not about being “saved” because we need to do the work first, before we can reach those “higher” realms, as explained in previous articles.

Adam: The first human, originally Jesus Christ (see Jesus Christ). This also became the term for the first Spiritual Humans, residing in the First Atlantis (Tiamaat). The word was then hijacked by the Archons when they created their first human.

Aeons: The first emanations of the Monad (see Monad). These are not beings, aliens, or entities, as we know them, but individual characteristics of the Monad. They are 12 in numbers, existing in pairs, and they are androgynous (see androgynous). Each one of them has a masculine and feminine side to them (projecting and receiving, respectively). The are of Water and Light, where Water is the feminine side and Light is the masculine (see Water and see Light).

Androgyny: That of having both a masculine and feminine side. In the Gnostic texts, it has nothing to do with gender–every human has both a masculine and feminine side within us (see masculine and feminine). In the Spiritual Universe–the Pleroma (see Pleroma)–the Aeons (see Aeons) are also androgynous.

Apocalypse: Apocalypse means revelation, i.e. that which is hidden is going to be revealed. The Kenoma will be enlightened and darkness/ignorance will be exposed.

Archons: in gnosticism, any of a number of world-governing powers that were created with the material world by a subordinate deity called the Demiurge (Creator). In the Wes Penre Papers, they are the equivalent ot the Alien Invader Force (AIF), the Overlords, and the Khan Kings.

Archontic: Related to an archon. See archons.

Artificial Soul/Spirit: A mimic of the soul/spirit. This is not the true self, but most humans, being asleep to Spirit, operate almost exclusively from the artificial soul/spirit, which was created by the Overlords, whom the Gnostics call the Demiurge. Not until we wake up to Spirit can we be truly self-determined. The artificial soul/spirit is reactive, while Spirit is active. One could say that the artificial soul/spirit is the False Self that we humans think is our personality/identity when it’s not.

Astaphaios: One of Yaldabaoth’s Archons. His feminine consort is the archontic Sophia, also known as Isis, Inanna, Aphrodite, Venus, and Ishtar.

Athoth: Gnostic name for Thoth/Hermes. He is one of Yaldabaoth’s Archons.

Atlantis: There have been two Atlantis. The First Atlantis was humanity’s first home on a planet between the Seventh and Eighth Heaven. We then descended to the Third Heaven, where the Second Atlantis took place.

Authorities, the: Another name for Archons.

Baptism: There are three different baptisms: 1) Baptism in water. When a person has a vague, abstract idea that they are more than a body, and that having a soul might or might be true, they go to the Fifth Heaven and gets baptized in water. They will then be reincarnated to Earth again to continue their process towards Gnosis. 2) Baptism in fire. When a person clearly understands that they have a soul and the body is just a shell, they go to the Eighth Heaven (lower Orion) and gets baptized in fire (soul), where after they can decide whether they want to stay there or go back to Earth to receive Gnosis. Most souls eventually go back. 3) Baptism in Spirit. When a person receives Gnosis (Spirit), they go to the Ninth Heaven (upper Orion) and gets baptized in Spirit. Then, they can decide whether to stay there or go back one more time and teach others so they can receive Gnosis, too. If they choose the latter, next time they die, they will, if they so wish, return as pure Spirit to the Pleroma and will shed their soul.

Those who don’t yet believe they have a soul will go to the Archon’s recycling center and be recycled by them.

Barbelo: Barbelo is the first Aeon (see Aeons), emanating from the Monad (see Monad). Barbelo is feminine in nature and her masculine consort or counterpart is Bythos (see Bythos). Barbelo could be considered the ultimate Divine Feminine.

Belias: One of Yaldabaoth’s Archons, who rules the Underworld, aka the Abyss and Hell. He is also known as Bel, Baal, and Marduk.

Bythos: Bythos is both a name for the Monad (see Monad) and the thought that emanated from Him, which created the first Aeon (see Aeons), merging with Barbelo (see Barbelo) to create an androgynous symbiosis. Barbelo and Bythos (the first emanation of the Monad) became each other’s consorts.

Canonical Gospels: the first four books of the New Testament. the Christian canon, texts approved—canonized–by general consensus in the church. The formation of the 27 books of the New Testament and their acceptance as the definitive body of scripture took place over a period of several centuries.

Christ: Ultimately Sophia’s masculine part, who has the Knowledge of all the Aeons in the Pleroma. It was Christ who funneled Spirit (Knowledge/Light) through Jesus of Nazareth to gave humanity Gnosis.

There are three main emanations of Christ:

  1. Christ: The Aeon in the Pleroma, who has the Knowledge of all the different Aeons in the Pleroma.
  2. Jesus Christ: An emanation of Christ, residing with Zoe Sophia in the Eighth and Ninth Heavens. In the WPP, he was known as Khan En.lil.
  3. Jesus the Man (Jesus in a physical body, i.e. Jesus of Nazareth). The physical man called Jesus funneled Christ’s Spirit through his soul and body to relay the Message to humanity in order to give us Gnosis.

Consummation of the Age(s): What is an Age (Eon/Aeon)? In the previous article, we talked about the star constellations and that the Zodiac changes position, relative to the Earth, every 2156 years—that is an Age, or part of a bigger cycle. Because there are twelve Zodiac signs, 2156*12=25,872 years, which is the full circle around the galactic center, being a full cycle. This is where the concept of 2012 as being the time when our solar system (the Zodiac) have completed a full cycle around the galactic center. Unfortunately, most people have based the full cycle on the Mayan calendar, which is not precise. These days, we are following the Gregorian calendar, which is slightly different. Therefore, the years are a little bit off, but we’re getting close to completion. There are those who suggest that we are actually in “2012” right now. This means that we are at the starting process of the Consummation of the Age of the Greater Cycle. The Gnostic texts sometimes talk about the Consummation of the Ages, in plural. This refers to the end of the influence of whatever Zodiac sign is predominant at a certain time. This signifies a partial cycle. We will address this in more specific terms in an article that is separate from the Gnostic series because to be able to explain this in full, we need to address other sources together with the Gnostic texts, and this series is only an introduction to the Gnostic texts themselves. Important for the purpose of this article is to understand that we are right now in a time-period where we have completed a full circle around the galactic center, which is significant.

Deluge: See Floods/Deluges.

Demiurge: (Demi-urge. Demi means half and urge stands for desire, i.e. demi-light [Spirit] and urge/desire being a characteristic of Sophia as her “masculine” consort) 1. a subordinate god who fashions and arranges the physical world to make it conform to a rational and eternal ideal. Plato adapted the term, which in ancient Greece had originally been the ordinary word for “craftsman,” or “artisan.” He is equivalent to in the Wes Penre Papers 2. The Gnostic term for the collective Alien Invader Force in the Wes Penre Papers, including 3. Another name for the entire material universe. In our articles, we will sometimes, just like the Gnostics did, also use the word Demiurge interchangeably for Yaldabaoth (also see Yaldabaoth and Matrix).

Didymos: means twin

Eighth Heaven: This is the Realm in Sophia’s Creation that was referred to as Orion in the Wes Penre Papers. The lower seven heavens are’s/Yaldabaoth’s 4% Universe. The Eighth Heave is vast and the Heaven in which Zoe Sophia resides (see Zoe Sophia).

Eleleth: An Aeon, being an emanation of Babelo’s masucline side. See Yaldabaoth and Demiurge.

Enûma Eliš: The Babylonian Creation Story. Can be read for free online.

Epinoia: The Monad’s “afterthought.” It’s an intervention in an event that was already forethought. Epinoia spark the Gnosis within us when we are focused, and so it did in the Adamic human.

Feminine: The part of Creation that is receptive and imaginative. The feminine is an inward motion–it’s a receptive aspect.

First Atlantis: See Atlantis.

Floods/Deluges: From having studied the Gnostic material, we recently came to an insight that has led to a hypothesis: when the Bible and the Gnostic texts talk about the Flood, or rather many different Floods, it doesn’t necessarily mean that our planet was flooded by physical water. Atlantis “sunk” in water, which is probably very symbolic. It potentially refers to the Cosmic water, not a literal Flood. In other words, we sank lower into matter, into a lower density/dimension. Atlantis was destroyed, but probably not by a physical Flood. This might be why scientists can’t find any physical evidence of a Flood 13,000 years ago. There could also be a logical reason why Yaldabaoth has been “cast down” to lower and lower Heavens, and we have volunteered to follow him down because that’s how it needs to be done, in order to complete our Mission to help withdrawing Spirit from the Kenoma.

Gnosis: esoteric knowledge of spiritual truth held by the ancient Gnostics to be essential to salvation (knowledge from the Heart).

Gnosticism: Gnostics are receivers of a Divine message from the Divine Sophia (The Queen of the Stars) and Her counterpart, The Christ.

Gospel: means “good news.” The teaching or revelation of The Spirit of Christ.

Grace: In a spiritual sense, grace means benevolence, forgiveness, love, compassion, gift, and healing offered through benevolent mercy.

Grid, the: The “veil” that surrounds our current Earth construct to keep us locked inside this particular frequency. If we want to leave this Matrix, the way out is through one of the holes in this Grid.

Hermes: Another title for Thoth (see Thoth)

Hermetic Teachings: The false Gospels, given by the impostor, Thoth/Hermes, who is a soul aspect, the “son,” of

Injustice: This refers to Yaldabaoth’s Laws. His laws are physical laws that only apply to the Kenoma, and particularly to humans on Earth. It’s his control system. By following his laws, we are limited in our creation and our freewill. Many people might say that the Ten Commandments and other laws are benevolent and logical, but Spirit doesn’t need any restrictive laws—they are of the Construct; of course, not to mention human laws that the Justice System has created to keep humans in check and under control.

Again, people might justify the human Justice System by saying that there will be chaos unless laws are put in place and with them punishment. As of this writing, there are strong suggestions that we should defund the police and get rid of the police force. People in general disagree with this, fearing the consequences—the “law of the mob.” This is true—if we suddenly remove the law enforcement, there would be chaos because we have been subjected to Yaldabaoth’s and human laws for so long that we don’t know how to behave without them in our ignorant state. Thus, so long as we are living in ignorance, it’s a Catch 22—we are restricted by the laws but in a higher state of chaos, evil, and crime without them. Not until we wake up to Spirit do we understand that we do not need laws to keep ourselves from hurting others or from doing destructive things. Instead, it would give us a full range to create within.

Instructor: Christ descending into the Second Atlantis as a Serph (serpent/dragon) to tell Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge.

Jesus (of Nazareth): The soul and physical embodiment of the Christ, so the Christ Spirit could funnel his Message to humankind 2,000 years ago.

Justice: This is a word with stigma to it because the justice system we have here on Earth has a negative connotation. Our Earthly “justice” system is actually an injustice system (Yaldabaoth’s “justice”). In the Gnostic texts, Sabaoth/Ninurta/Prince En.lil/Michael is Justice. It means no judgment or evil—only Grace.

Light: The “masculine” side of Spirit, being essentially emanated from the Monad (see Monad).

Hermetism/Hermetic Teachings: The teaching of Hermes, aka Thoth. They are the subordinate truths of the soul and the material universe (labeled the 4% Universe in the Wes Penre Papers), given to humankind from an Archontic perspective (see archons). These teachings are the Demiurgic distortion of the true spiritual teachings that came from The Christ.

Kenoma: The Material Universe, referred to as the KHAA in the Wes Penre Papers.

Khan En.lil: Jesus Christ, the emanation in the 7th/8th Heavens of Christ in the Pleroma.

KHAN.US KHAN.IM: Orion word, meaning “King of Kings,” i.e. Jesus Christ, aka Khan En.lil.

King of Kings: See KHAN.US. KHAN.IM.

Light: Spirit.

Lucifer: Light-bringer. Mostly referring to the Demiurge/ (see these words).

Masculine: The masculine is an outward motion; the part that execute what the feminine, introspective part of us is creating in our minds. Feminine is an inward motion. Masculine is a projective motion.

Matrix: The part of the material universe where we humans currently reside. It’s the part where the Demiurge has placed himself as God (see Demiurge).

MIKH-MAKH: Name for Sabaoth’s/Archangel Michael’s defense force, mentioned in the Wes Penre Papers.

Monad: The Gnostics’ term for the real God, Source, All That Is, Divine Feminine, the Father, the Mother, the Goddess, etc. It’s Spirit that existed before the creation of any universe and encompasses all creation. “Mon” means alone or one.

Mother-Father: Another term for the first Aeon, Bythos/Barbelo (see Bythos and see Barbelo).

Nag Hammadi: Gnostic texts, written in the first centuries BC. They were discovered in Nag Hammadi in 1945 and has since then been translated into many languages, including English.

Namlu’u: The Primordial womankind, corresponding with the Primordial Humans in the Gnostic Texts. They descended from the Spiritual Universe a long time ago and are the Spirited humans, still residing on Earth. This is the name used in the Wes Penre Papers.

Neptune: Possibly Yaldabaoth’s copy in the Upper Heavens of Khan En.lil’s Uranus/Tiamaat in the Upper Heavens.

Nine Heavens: See our article, “Gnosis Part 7: Creation of the Archons and the Different Heavens.”

Ninurta: See Sabaoth.

Norea: See Achamoth.

Ogdoad: See “Eighth Heaven.”

Orion: Equivalent to the 8th and 9th Heavens in the Gnostic texts.

Overlords: The term used for the Archons (see Archons) in the Wes Penre Papers.

Oversoul: What many people call their Oversoul is often their connection with Spirit–their Highest Self (see Spirit and Soul).

Pistis Sophia: The highest aspect of the Aeon Sophia (see Aeons and Sophia). Pistis means faith and Sophia means wisdom, which are Pistis Sophia’s two main characteristics from her feminine aspect.

Pleroma: The Spiritual Universe, expressed as “Dark Energy” in the Wes Penre Papers. The Pleroma was created long before the Physical Universe/the KHAA. It was emanated from the emanation of the Monad (see Monad).

Prince En.lil: See Sabaoth.

Pronoia: The feminine Forethought, i.e. Barbelo, the Divine Feminine, closest in “location” to the Monad.

Poverty: Gnostic term for the Kenoma because if its deficiency.

Reincarnation and Recycling of Souls: See the article, Gnosis 10: Where Souls and Spirits go After Death.

Rulers, the: Another name for Archons.

Sabaoth: One of Yaldabaoth’s archons, who later sided with Sophia, who gave him of her Spirit. He started despising his father, Yaldabaoth. In the Wes Penre Papers, he’s portrayed as Prince En.lil, Prince Ninurta, and Archangel Michael Second in Command.

Sakla: See Yaldabaoth.

Second Atlantis: See Atlantis.

Seraph (pl. Seraphim): Angel of the Highest Order, normally dwelling in the Seventh Heaven and under Sabaoth’s control.

Seth Bloodline: The Divine, uncorrupted bloodline that was meant to be kept pure from archontic pollution, so it would still be strong enough to hold the Spirit of Christ when he descended. The bloodline died out with the Flood and the Destruction of Tiamaat. A new Divine Bloodline was started after the Flood in our current Earth construct. This is the bloodline of Shem, which became the bloodline of Jesus of Nazareth.

Seven Heavens: See our article, “Gnosis Part 7: Creation of the Archons and the Different Heavens.”

Shem Bloodline: The bloodline of Jesus of Nazareth. His mother Mary was of the Shem bloodline that ran through David, his son Nathan, and further down to Mary. See also Seth Bloodline.

Sophia: Sophia is a spiritual essence, originating in the Spiritual Realm, beyond both Orion and the 4% Universe. Parts of Her is descended into the Upper Realms/Heavens (Orion) and the Lower Realms (the 4% Universe). She is the creator of the Material Universe. In the Wes Penre Papers, she is described as the Queen of Orion, the Mother Goddess, and the Queen of the Stars.

Soul: The soul is not the highest aspect of a true human. It’s like an “intermediary” between body and Spirit, which is our Highest Self. Through the soul, we can obtain Gnosis (see def. of Gnosis above). The soul is also an instrument for us to navigate in the material universe. Spirit is immortal but soul is not.

Spirit: The absolute highest aspect of humans.

Syzygy: 1. a conjunction or opposition, especially of the moon with the sun;”the planets were aligned in syzygy.” 2. a pair of connected or corresponding things. In the Gnostic texts, syzygy essentially refers to androgyny, where there are masculine and feminine counterparts in the creation of life.

Tartaros (or Tartarus): The Underworld, i.e. the Realms beneath the Seven Heavens, also called Hell. This is where we humans reside since the Flood about 13,000 years ago.

Thelètos: An Aeon (see Aeons), being Pistis Sophia’s (see Sophia) consort/counterpart.

Thoth: a soul aspect of In the Gnostic texts, he’s the son/soul aspect of Yaldabaoth (see Yaldabaoth).

Tiamaat (or Tiamat): A term for the Mother (Zoe Sophia) as she descended her Spirit into one of Jesus Christ’s (Khan En.lil’s) worlds between the 8th and 7th Heavens. This world (Tiamaat) became the first home of the Namlu’u, the first emanations of Sophia’s/Christ’s Spirit in human bodies. The Namlu’u are us, the Spirited Humans in our current Matrix.

Titans: From Greek mythology, pertaining to the Divine Forces from Orion and emanated Aeons from the Pleroma.

Trinity: Jesus Christ–the Christ emanation in the 7th/8th Heaven–(Khan En.lil) is the Father, Sabaoth is the Son, and Zoë Sophia is the Holy Spirit.

Uranus: The original Uranus was probably the original Tiamaat in the Upper Realms–humanity’s first home.

Water: Water is the feminine side of Spirit, originally emanating from the Monad (see Monad).

Wes Penre Papers (WPP): A series of papers, written by Wes Penre between 2010-2015. They can be read and downloaded at

Word: here synonymous with Thought, which first originated within the Monad (see Monad).

YHVH/Yehovah: Originally a title for Sophia, but it was copied by the Archons. The biblical YHVH (YHWH) was a combination of different Archons, such as Yaldabaoth and Belias ( and Marduk).

Yaldabaoth: The entity that Sophia accidentally created when she created the material universe, also referred to as the Kenoma in the Gnostic texts. In the Wes Penre Papers, Yaldabaoth is referred to as Lord The Kenoma is equivalent to the KHAA in the Wes Penre Papers.

Zoë Sophia: Pistis Sophia is the highest aspect of Sophia, residing in the Pleroma (see Pleroma). Zoë Sophia is a descended aspect of Pistis Sophia, residing in the Eighth Heaven, also called the Ogdoad (see Ogdoad). The Ogdoad is referred to as Orion in the Wes Penre Papers, and Zoë Sophia is the Orion Queen–a manifestation of Sophia in a lower realm.


  1. Wes, what can you say about the Leonine race, there is not much writen about them. Thanks

  2. Dear Wes and Ariel, thank you for your work! I feel that the upcoming articles are really important, that’s why i want to understand the principles and definitions correct.

    How can it be that the Christ is the counterpart of the Divine? Shoulden’t that be Thoth?

    It seems as if the two definitions below contradict each other or not?

    Gnosticism: Gnostics are receivers of a Divine message from the Divine Sophia (The Queen of the Stars) and Her counterpart, The Christ.

    Hermetism/Hermetic Teachings: These teachings are the Demiurgic counterpart to the true spiritual teachings that came from The Christ.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jochem! These questions will be covered and become clear in future articles. Just keep on reading in the order they will be released 🙂


    2. Thank you, jochem! I changed it to “These teachings are the Demiurgic distortion of the true spiritual teachings that came from The Christ” for clarification.

  3. Newbie: wasn’t sure where to post this – does your view on Gnosticism include the concept of a rescue of trapped beings by the light? And what are all these fleets of ships being seen? rescuers? predators? spectators? black ops projections? Seems in a short time all the sane people will be genocided when they don’t take the vaccine/mark. Where is this all going? is there any escape coming from this hell hole? I would off myself in a minute but I have 8 cats to look after. Thanks

    1. @James ~ No rescue that I am aware of.

      I haven’t seen any “ships”, so I can’t comment on what they might be. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet. If you’ve seen them with your own eyes, then you’ll have to figure that one out for yourself. There are no ships in my skies.

      Re: “Where is all this going?” Most of what is being promoted now is propoganda, either for or against – both sides – to provoke people into choosing a side. While people are fighting about and afraid of which option will win, they are being distracted by the only choice that offers peace – NO SIDE. Turn inward instead of outward and stay in the calm eye of the storm rather than allowing yourself to get pulled out into the spinning winds of destruction and chaos/confusion.

      No, there is no escape because we can never outrun and escape ourselves no matter how fast we run or where we turn. We will always, eventually, have to face that mirror and what we see in that mirror of ourselves is reflected back to us as our own reality and day to day experiences/relationships. Who can save you from yourself? Only you, right?

      You might get a new perspective from the video below. These are very good messages (in my opinion) from a man named Steve Olson (WSO YT channel). He’s looking at the skies, frequently too, but his messages about self-love are what hit home for me. I hope this helps. 🙂

      Thanks, Steve. Much love to you even if you never see this post. <3

      1. Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I will watch the video. meantime, just a couple points to respond: My (limited) understanding of Gnostic concepts is that

        1) this universe is a cosmic error run and by a false god, the evil demiurge. That there are immortal beings trapped here from the true universe and that they used for energy exploitation to ‘power’ this fraud universe. In other words, ‘god’ and the universe are parasitical because they have no energy of their own – its all stolen. The movie The Matrix is the closest analog in modern culture.

        2) the majority of humans are either demons or ‘counterfeit’ – children of the demiurge.

        This resonates with me because its apparent that the vast majority of humans have no truth in them, they are simply reflections of programming, living stereotypes. I feel this situation with the fake pandemic is exposing them for what they are – tares, if you will. So I understand the statement to “look within” but if Gnosticism is truth then our core problems are coming at us from without – from continual demonic attacks meant to exploit us of energy.

        If you have read any of the works of Joseph Chiappalone (or seen his video, it’s on youtube with a simple search). He explains this cosmology thoroughly. I don’t know quite what to make of him – much of it resonates, but I fear that he may not be all he claims – as is the usual case in the world, nearly all the heroes turn out to be frauds or working for the other side.

        Lastly – in terms of what we should do to advance ourselves… it seems a moot point because with this pandemic they are going to murder most of us with forced injections. I think we have a year or two left. If they are mandatory then there is literally nothing to do – except at least getting the satisfaction of going out Bonnie and Clyde style and taking out as many of them as possible when they come to inject us.

        Thanks again.

      2. forgot to mention – ‘self love’ – that’s a tough one. I have observed enough that I believe such feelings are deep set in the psyche in infancy. Those who were genuinely cherished by sane parents tend to love themselves. Those who were not, do not. For example, I recall the kids at school who had low self esteem, nerds, if you will, had parents that were fucked up and made them wrong – “personally wrong” ,not just that their actions were wrong ; or the parent was too dysfunctional to be emotionally available. The kids who were winners (true ones, not popularity seeking frauds) – their parents indeed cherished them and the tone of the household was happy. My parents tended to use the guilt and shame method – when we had a puppy that pooped on the rug, my mother would smash his nose into it – this was “teaching” in her book. The day my dad picked my mom up with me as a baby from the hospital, his first words were “let’s make sure this does not happen again” – then I was molested as an infant. Suffice to say I have never shed a tear for either of them passing. Positive self messages as an adult can only penetrate so deep. Indeed, this is so true that organ transplant recipients often take on feelings and thoughts of the donors (though they did not know them) – so this self hatred is literally woven into the flesh and we have no technology at this point to remedy it that I am aware of. Thanks again

      3. in reference to what I said about Gnosticism – a few lines from the Apocalypse of Peter:

        ….”for not every soul is of the truth, nor of immortality.”…

        ….”But the immortal souls are not like these, O Peter. But indeed, as long as the hour is not yet come, it (the immortal soul) shall resemble a mortal one. But it shall not reveal its nature, that it alone is the immortal one, and thinks about immortality”..

        1. @James ~ “in reference to what I said about Gnosticism”…

          Whether or not every person on the planet embodies a Divine spark of eternal essence, I don’t know. Some think they do, and some think they don’t. I’m in the “don’t” camp. Based on what I’ve experienced and observed in my life, I do NOT think that every human walking on this planet contains that spark of spiritual essence which helps them navigate and overcome this reality of suffering. I can’t prove it, and it really doesn’t matter what I believe. That’s just for me. I can also be wrong. So, there’s that…

          HOWEVER, I know that I DO have this. Whether other people do or don’t isn’t my concern. That’s THEIR issue or not. Because I DO have that eternal essence within me, I know I can be better. I have the ability to learn, to improve, to become better, to do more. To look around me and cast judgement on what “they” are doing is completely neglecting what *I* should be doing and that’s all I really have control over, anyway. Anything else is just giving away my energy and my attention to things that shouldn’t have it. When I bring it all back into my center, where it should be, I stop waiting for others to change so that I can feel better about what they do, and begin to change within myself (which is all I can do), so that I feel better about me and what I do.

          1. You’re right. I am not concerned with ‘being better’ than anyone else. My sole motive is the distress at all the lies – and only because they threaten the world. I don’t want to see the old world go nor billions killed with a vaccine, famine, etc. God I miss the 70s. I would even settle for the cheesy 80s. So innocent and life was still ‘local’. I guess you know about Agenda 21, the Great Reset, etc. Thanks again for your time. Best wishes.

            1. @James ~ I don’t mean be better than others, I mean be a better ME – be a better person today than I was yesterday, kind of thing.

              Best wishes to you. 🙂

              1. I understood. Just adding that I am not on a narcissist trip intimating that some people don’t have souls. I want to be a better me for sure. One thing that is stopping so many people – our physical health as a society has gone to the dogs for many reasons, the poison modern diet being key (in USA at least). I watched a documentary on Woodstock and I could leave the music, but the footage of the young people. God, they were sooo much happier. Today’s kids, I feel very sorry for them

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